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constitutional type?

how do you find your constitutional type?do you jyst look at personality and not really the symptoms?for example i think i`m ignatia as i`m suffering after a relationship,regretful in love,oversensitive...but my symptoms go first with others .
  mollydalton on 2006-10-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
as far as possible both should match.

There are 2000 plus medicines in homeopathy. One or the other will match.

the help of repertory is required in such cases.

To refer the repertory all symptoms are to be told.

To elicit all symptoms, a proper case has to be taken.

For a proper case to be taken, a competent homeopath is to be consulted.
gavinimurthy last decade
This is an involved question and it takes some answering, but certain physical, mental and emotional characteristics may predispose a person to certain types of imbalance within a particuar 'constitution' picture, but just because you show symptoms of that imbalance does not necessarily make you that constitutional type! Similarly, even if you are not Ignatia, you may still respond well to the remedy. It's big rememdy following any kind of grief and bereavement..

I like Philip M Bailey's book 'Personality Profiles of theMajor Constitutional Remedies' ... He says that the majority of cases he sees are Nat Murs, and that Ignatia is not a very common type, but any const. type can enter an Ignatia state following a bereavement. Nat Mur and Ignatia share some characteristics. Others of his Ignatia observations:

Emotional intensity - all emotions are felt by the Ignatia with a degree of intensity not seen in any other type, and when emotions open - they come out like avalanche (Kent:'She is unable to control her emotions or excitement). Her emotions are very changeable.
Ignatia individuals are very black and white - either love you or hate you.
Insecurity expressed as moodiness.
Ignatia women make a habit of falling for men who cannot return their love.

From Anja Heij:

In fact, frequently sighing is a keynote for this remedy. And there is a lot of fear, fright and anxiety in this drug-picture. Ignatia-characters have a highly sensitive nervous system, so it is not surprising that during stress their bodies react with twitching and spasms, a nervous constriction of the throat, trembling, nervous head-aches, nausea, sleeplessness and palpitations. Their mood changes quickly in opposite tempers and they react corresponding with paradoxical symptoms, like a nausea that disappears through eating, or extra urination with at the same time oedema (holding on moist in swollen parts of the body) or laughing at sad occasions like a funeral. The usually friendly Ignatia can change into an unreasonable, demanding and dictatorial person when ill or stressed.Another important data is, that Ignatia's tend to depend their own wellbeing on that of their loved ones. 'If only he does well.' The other one seems to be more important; there is a tendency to sacrifice their interests for the sake of a loved one. And in case of an unanswered love their whole world collapses.
carlotta last decade
Molly, if you can fit the description 'Never Well Since...', my understanding is that points more to a layer to be removed than a constitutional. You are supposed to focus on the most recent layer and work your way back in time. The cause can be the most important aspect in selecting a remedy.

Ignatia did wonders for me when my beloved cat died, but on a very temporary basis. I wish I had known about it the last time my heart was broken.

Good luck!
Daisy43 last decade
yes thsnks all.i am looking at layers adn trying to work back.i did have a big trauma about 8 years ago that started off palpatations,trouble breathing,sleeping eating,just unable to cope.this lead my immune system to collapse hence chicken pox.these days things that make me nervous or confrontation with anyone brings on panic attacks to point of bowels opening.in a usual state i have no desire to go,but this cannot be usual..
mollydalton last decade
Hi Molly
The reality is that finding ones own'constitutional 'remedy is virtually imposible. We are probably all Sulphurs Ha Ha .

Ive looked through your posts a bit and I think if you wanted a bit more solid help try and post your major complaints, details on your current situation and any emotional sx you may have particularly anything striking-what makes you unique and so on? Generalities etc. we may be able to prompt you and get some solid rubrics and thus prescribe a good match. One remedy. On paper construct a timeline of major events in your life(evn childhood) ,traumas, childbirths,mental emotional upsets consider how these things gave contributed to your overall illness, you may be suprised .

Sycotic last decade
i am certain that my bowel and stomach problems are related to my state,when nervous i get diarrehea and otherwise have constipation with bad lower back.
as a child i suffered panic attacks when asked to read,i have always blushed very easily,even if i just see someone i know.i am somewhat better as an adult.i have had 2 easy normal childbirths.i live in spain and my family are in ireland,i do miss them but go twice a year.i don`t get colds often.overall i am easy going and have lots of friends.my back is very bad today so going to rest it but hard with a one year old! x
mollydalton last decade
Dear Molly,

Which weather makes you feel better?Are you a warm person (hate hot weather) or a chilly one (hate winters)?How about the things that you crave?Do you like salty things or sweet?Hot food or cold?Do you suffer from stage fright?Always anticipating the possibility of the worse event happening in a situation and hence taking precautions for such situations all the time?

I will help to identify your constitutional remedy.

rajivprasad last decade
thank you very much.
i live in spain but hate hot weather but it`s very hot here,i like it warm.in the winter i feel the cold especially hands and feet.i prefer cold weather than hot.i like salty more than sweet,i sometimes eat chocolate but not much biscuits or cakes.when i get a fit of burping(worse after train journeys)i usually eat something small to relieve it,usually carbohydrate.some times i crave alcohol(glass or 2 of wine or pint of guiness),its make me feel better.
i don`t act!but i think i would get stage fright,i recently have learned to drive and every time i have to go in the car i suffer a type of stage fright.i`m afraid i`ll get lost,won`t find parking,do something wrong...
mollydalton last decade
Dear Molly,

That is very interesting.Can you explain that worried feeling in the car a bit more with more examples from other parts of your life.For example, how do you feel in crowded places?In narrow closed spaces?What about tall buildings?Are you scared when you are at the top of a tall building?If yes, what kind of thoughts you have in such places?

Do you like to be prepared for all future catastrophes before hand?What happens when you have an engagement with someone?

rajivprasad last decade
well,when i have to take the car and i do make myself for the practice i will be going to the toilet all morning,fluttery stomach,basically not relaxed but i look relaxed from the outside.i drive well and carefully but am tense and sweat alot on the journey.these feelings come if i have to face anyhting nasty or negative,or stick up for myself.my self confidence is poor.my memory for facts is poor also therefore i don`t know much about current affairs or history..
i love and empathise alot with people,i can become very upset by sad movies.
crowded palces not such a problem,don`t like people who speak loudly so don`y really like noisy places but i do like listening to music loudly.
for an engagement with someone - depends,with friends i go happy and relaxed,with a boss or business thing- nervous,leave early to get there. x
mollydalton last decade
Please answer the other questions too.

rajivprasad last decade
ok.tall buildings -do you mean inside one or outside standing at the edge?i have never really done that but ni i don`t think i like big heights,i suppose i think i might fall.
future catastrophes?not sure what you mean-like a storm?don`t think i prepare for these things.
crowded places ok.
narrow closed places possibly clostaphobic but doesn`t pose an immediate threat.
mollydalton last decade
Dear Molly,

I think by now i know which remedy you need.But before telling the remedy's name i would just like to confirm the remedy choice.Can you give a slightly detailed history of your life in a timeline starting with as far back as possible and then following chronologically.Give all the important events that affected you mentally and emotionally.Describe your childhood, your parents, siblings, your dreams, ambitions, hopes, aspirations etc.How many of those things have been fulfilled?Also the history of illnesses and if any of your chronic symptoms developed after any of those illnesses.The two or three happiest incidents of life as well as the sad ones.

This will help me to understand you better as a person which is important to be sure about the remedy.

rajivprasad last decade
ok,here it goes!-i am the youngest of 4,i have 3 older brothers.we ahve a great relationship now but when i was small the brother next to me treated me badly,lots of fighting,tesing,hurting,he is very sorry avout that now but i encourage him to laugh about that now.people think i should be spoiled asthe only girl but it was the opposite,very little toys,new clothes..
my parents are both alcoholics,not abusive or violent just dependant,over the yearts their drinking has started earlier in the day so by the eveing you can see they are drunk.i have a very good relationship with them.as a teenager had quarrels with my mother and her drinking annoyed me very much,when i came home from friends out would rather go to bed than chat as i could see she wes drunk.
i suffered excema on backs of knees and elbows as a kid bit grew out of this.i had very bad measles too when i was 8ish.
started with aboyfriend in university - my father felt jealous,didn`t like the guy and stopped talking to me for months,this hurt me very much,i became thin and sad,we made up and we were very ggood then.he now is 77 and abit cranky!i smokedalot of marijuana with that boyfrieng.with him 5 years,loved him alot but he was strnge,no social skills and bad for me,i tried to finish a few times but couldn`t.he broke my heart badly and thats when i suffered panic attacks,couldn`t eat,sleep... then chicken pox.
then moved to spain,finished with him but he is still in my dreams and mind.contipations and acid sterted while working in a pub,drank alot of alcohol.
now i am with a man 7 years and have 2 great boys,i love my partner but find myself comparing him to my first love alot.feel i don`t get enough affection sometimes.find my mother-in-law overpowering and she brings out feelings of resentment.
my latest symptoms are bad lower back every morning worse,constipation,no desire to go for days,burping,tired.also my uterus in bigger than usual but don`t know why yet.
i`m artistic ,i love photography and have sold some photos,would love to have exhibition.full of ideas but no confidence to go ahead with things.i have a degree in geography and sociology but don`t remeber much.i spaek spanish and catalan very well,i play an instrument.am very ahppy when igo home to ireland and all the family get together nad have a sing along.sad if anyone hurts my family,very sad when my partner upset my mother,don`t want her to think he is a bad person.as i said i am very sensitive.
mollydalton last decade
my mother has just been diagnose with cancer of the stomach,she is 67.my father has an irregular heart but good for 77,had an anurism about 10 years ago.
mollydalton last decade
p.s physically i`m tall,64 kilos,very fair skin,freckles,blue-green eyes,long red hair x
mollydalton last decade
Dear Molly,

I notice from your case history that your constipation started after the work in pub where you drank a lot of alcohol.So, the cause of this constipation seems to be the excessive and continued consumption of alcohol.

Though there are other remedies that you will need later, i suggest that you start with Nux Vomica 1M one dose every week for the next 3-4 weeks.Report after 15 days of having taken the first dose of Nux.

Also, i noticed from your other thread that you are taking Nat Phos and Arnica.You will have to choose whether to contiue with that or to start Nux as i suggested.One should not take more than 1 remedy at a time.

rajivprasad last decade
thank yoy rajiv,i have never spoke so much about myself! firsly i see no change or improvement with the nat phos so i will stop with that.i also took arg nit 6 one day.
can you explain a little better the dosage,one dose every week -is that one time only every week,the same day?
thank you for your interest and effort.i will try to get the nux vomica by early next week and will report my progress after 15 days xxx
mollydalton last decade
hi,finding it hard to get 1m,is it unusual?
mollydalton last decade
You should get Nux Vomica 1M quite easily.In fact from the abchomeopath itself.


[moderator comment: that's right; it's here: Nux-v" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">http://www.abchomeopathy.com/shop.php?abrev=Nux-v ]
rajivprasad last decade
Dear Rajiv,

In USA, Canada and Europe....off the shelf you cannot get potencies higher than 30C...in normal circumstances.

Best wishes
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
abchomeopathy don`t deliver to outside uk!i will ask my local pharmacy to order it. x
mollydalton last decade
ABC does deliver outside UK I think. See moderators comments:

[moderator comment: that's right; it's here: Nux-v" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">http://www.abchomeopathy.com/shop.php?abrev=Nux-v ]
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
i tried 2 weeks ago and was waiting a week and decided to check the delay and it said somewhere`we can not process this order ,we do not deliver outside the uk...
i am in spain.
mollydalton last decade
neither do they seem to have the potency i need -1m
mollydalton last decade

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