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under eye dark circles

i am having severe dark circles under my eyes since last 1-1.5 yrs. I use to travel a lot in sun and spend 2-3 hrs daily on pc. I am 27 years old, Male. I have shown it at clinic and under going glycolic peel sessions since last 1 yr (22 cmpleted).
But the effects are not showing any more and the dark circles are still there. At kaya i started with Malalite15 for 3 months and later was told to swithch over to Hyclean and Glyco 6 on alternate nights.
But since last 2-3 months i dont see any effect and dont know where is the right treartment. Do you have any treatment for dark circles in hameopathic?
Please suggest me any treatment possible.
  usman_mohdd on 2006-11-12
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
what other problems do u have in your body.

do u suffer from lack of sleep.

how is you digestion, assimilation etc.

describe your general mental set up, dominant emotions etc.
rishimba last decade
Do you masturbate?

If yes, how many times in a week?

Dear Rishimba

It may look a bit far fetched,but, all the people who have permanent dark circles under the eyes, to whom I am close enough to ask this question, confessed to this fact.

gavinimurthy last decade
I have no other problem..im fit and healthy other wise..

I slep avg 6-7 hrs in a day
digestion is fine i eant veg as well non veg.

Other wise also im some times busy in work, but relaxed at home.it just statred appearing when i statred working in door in AC envirn. (before i use to travel outside)
usman_mohdd last decade
Hi Murthy.

Yes i do..some times twice or soem times once a week...but does this in any way affect dark circles?..
usman_mohdd last decade
These are some possible causes of dark circles under the eyes.
Persistent eye rubbing
Sleep difficulty .
stress, depression.
Hay fever
Allergic shiners
Dust allergy
Mold allergy
Eczema - i.e. eczema in the skin under the eyes.
Pallor - the paleness of the skin may accentuate the dark rings.
Inherited eye blood vessel condition - dark circles under the eyes run in families.

sajjadakram635 last decade
Hi Dear sajjad,
I am very fair in clour may be it could be the reason but the ark circles are very intense..please give me a solution or medicine..it started on 1.5 yrs back and it was not there earlier. Im haelthy i dont fal sick so often. im unmarried and weigh 62 kgs. height 5'6'. What could be the remedy...
plese any one help...i have tried alomost evry thing...so finally im lookin for solution in hameopathy...

i dont know about eczema.cause the docs at kaya told me its hyper pigmentation...plz helppppppp
usman_mohdd last decade
Face, discoloration, dark, dusky, eyes, below.

Chrysan.Ser-ang.Adam.Fago. Enal-c. Mangi. Musa Latex.Cimici,Ph-ac. Phos.
Please read carefully all these medicines in the materia medica available in this site one by one and decide which is more similar to your condition.i hope you will get the right remedy and then you will also be able to discuss with us.Thank you.
sajjadakram635 last decade
If still you are not satisfied then fill this questionarrie carefully.

Please indicate a normal condition of health by writing ’N’.
1. A moderately experienced pain, by putting one plus (+); a severe one by two pluses (++), and a very severe one by three pluses (+++).
2. Where two opposite conditions are given together (e.g. tall/short), strike off the one which is not applicable.
3. Put a cross(x) against questions not applicable to the patient.
Name; ----------------------------------------------------------------------.
Sex; M/F. --------------------------------------------------------------------
Occupation. -----------------------------------------------------------------
Address. ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Married/Unmarried. -------------------------------------------------------
Height: Tall/Medium/Short.
Build: Thin/Normal/Obese.-----------------------------------------------
Age. -------------------------------------------------------------------------

A. (A) Please state briefly the serious complaints the patient has suffered from since childhood.
B. Nature of complaint. Year of occurrence. How long did it lost. Any recurrence thereafter.
C. Any history of Asthma, T.B, Cancer, Psoriasis, Insanity or any other disease.

2. Present (Chief) Complaint. Please state all the disorders patient has latterly suffered from---even if he considers any of them unimportant, or not related to his main complaint.

Part of the body affected.

Sensations and complaints.

Modalities. Aggravation/Amelioration.

Probable cause.

3. Any disorder of senses of Taste/Smell/Hearing/Vision/Touch.-----------------

( Appetite/Hunger; is it normal? ---Excessive? ----Deficient------, Capricious (At unusual time)? ----- (Waiting).

Does he feel filled up after a few morsels of food---------------Abdomen bloated---------Flatulence (Gas)/------Heartburn/-------Eructation.----------

©.Food items for which patient has a craving of aversions and which disagree with him.

Food Items. Cravings. Aversion. Disagree.
Salty things.
Sour things.
Potatoes/Starchy food.

Fried things.
Drinks, Warm/Cold.
Drinks, ice cold.
Raw vegetables.
Juicy, refreshing things.
Alcoholic Liquors.
Any other.

Thirst. Please indicate the intensity of his thirst with suitable ticks.
Thirsty (Drinks a lot in a day).
Thirst less (Drinks comparatively little in a day):
Quantity and frequency: Thirst for large/small quantity and at long/shorts intervals.
Stools. Please indicate severity with plus marks:

Nature of stools. Soft, Hard, Bloody, Slimy, with urging, Must strain, No of stools.



Bleeding; ----Blind; ----Protruding; -----itching----Burning, -----Fissures, ----Painful, ----Fistula.

Aggravated by; -----------Ameliorated.


Profuse/scanty; ----Frequent, -----Dribbling, -----Burning, -----Involuntary—Day/Night,
Colour, odour, painful, deposits, sugar, stones (Kidney/Bladder).
Position in which urine passes easily.

Any complaints: ------
Bronchitis; Asthma, Rapid, Oppressed, Rattling, Wheezing,
Difficult Expiration/inspiration.


Taste, Odour, copious/little., watery, Tenacious.

Sexual. Male.

Desire: strong/weak.
Emission. In sleep, during stool/too early.
Coition, any complaint during, or after.
History of venereal diseases.

Side of the body Affected.(Please name the anatomical region, also stating right or left side of the body)
Complaints first appeared in ------Right/Left.
Complaints then extended to-------Right/Left from.
Complaints shift from place to another.

Cold or Hot (Burning) Sensation.
Cold/Hot (Burning in:Vertex/Eyes/ears/Face/Stomach/Abdomen/Back/Palm/Soles.Any other.

Sweat. If excessive.
Where/When/Odor of sweat/Does it stain clothes/Color of the stain.
Very little sweat (Dry skin)
Partial Sweat on; Head/Face/Soles or others.

Skin, Glands/Bones.
Nature of disease.Where/Dry/Oozing/Itching/Moist/Watery/Viscid/Bloody/Pus/Burning.

Normal/Sound/Disturbed/Difficult/Too sleepy/Sleeplessness/Unreflecting.

Position in sleep.
Lies on back/on right/left./lies on abdomen/Head rose.
At which time the complaint is aggravated/Ameliorated.
Under what circumstances the complaint is aggravated/Ameliorated.
In what season the complaint the complaint is aggravated/amelioration.

Mental attitude.
Ball or plug/burning/heat/benumbing/bruished/bursting/splitting/chilly/cramps/constricting/contracting/dizziness/vertigo/emptiness/fullness/itching internally/tingling/lethargy/itching/scratching/hammering/neuralgic/hammering/numbness/restlessness/scraping/sinking feeling/jerking/twitching/stiffness/rigidity/stinging/sprained/dislocated/throbbing/pulsating/trembling/quivering/tightness/tension./any other.

Any other complaint anywhere in the body.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Hi Usman

Once or twice is o.k. It is not excessive. Don't worry, about it.

gavinimurthy last decade
Not more than twice!!

(This post contains an image. To view the image, please log on.)

sajjadakram635 last decade
Thanks Sajjad,
I will the form in detail and get back to you give me a day and does masturbating more than 2 times can cause dark circles also? just wanted to know..
usman_mohdd last decade
Twice or thrice a weeks has nothing to do with dark circles however in some religions it is consider as a sin though the proof is insufficient.

sajjadakram635 last decade
Dear Dr Sajjad

What is allergic shiners, and how can we cure dust allergy and mold allergy.
Further isnt continous loss of prostatic fluid a cause of dark circles under the eyes

I hope Usman completes the questionairre and follow your advice, and get rid of these circles


sazim last decade
Hi Sazim,
I have seen ur responses earlier and i will definatly send filled qusetinare t sajjad. In the mean time what is prostatic fluid??....
Plz help me in this..
usman_mohdd last decade
Allergic shiners is the name given to the condition'dark circles under the eyes'caused by increased blood flow near the sinuses.

sajjadakram635 last decade
This is the list of symptoms given by various authors caused by dust.Please select the symptom from these and i shall you know the remedy.

[Complete ] [Eye]Inflammation:Sand and dust, from:
[Complete ] [Nose]Catarrh:Dust, from:
[Complete ] [Nose]Itching, crawling and tickling:Inside:Breathing and dust agg.:
[Complete ] [Nose]Sneezing:Dust, from:
[Complete ] [Larynx & Trachea]Dust, as from:
[Complete ] [Speech & Voice]Voice:Hoarseness:Dust agg.:
[Complete ] [Respiration]Asthmatic:Dust, from inhaling:
[Complete ] [Respiration]Asthmatic:Dust, from inhaling:Coal dust:
[Complete ] [Respiration]Asthmatic:Miners asthma, from coal dust:
[Complete ] [Respiration]Difficult:Dust, from:
[Complete ] [Chest]Tuberculosis pulmonalis:Miners, from coal dust:
[Complete ] [Extremities]Nails:Complaints of:Thick:Toenails:Disintegrating into white dust when cut longitudinally:
[Kent ] [Eye]Inflammation:Sand and dust,from:
[Kent ] [Nose]Sneezing:Dust causes:
[Kent ] [Larynx and Trachea]Dust,as from:
[Kent ] [Respiration]Asthmatic:Dust, from inhaling:
[Kent ] [Respiration]Asthmatic:Miner's asthma, from coal dust:
[Kent ] [Respiration]Difficult:Dust, as from:
[Kent ] [Cough]Dust,as from:
[Kent ] [Chest]Phthisis pulmonalis:Miners,from coal dust:
[Allen ] [C]Cough:Dry:Trachea, irritation in, as from dust, after dinner when washing himself:
[Allen ] [C]Cough:Dry:Aggravated:Close air or dust:
[Allen ] [C]Cough:Dust in throat, as from:
[Allen ] [C]Cough:Hacking:Aggravated:Dust:
[Allen ] [E]Eye:Biting:Dust, as from:
[Allen ] [E]Eye:Tickling sensation:Dust, as from:
[Allen ] [E]Eye:Eyelids:Lower lid:Margin:Pricking as from dust, right:
[Allen ] [L]Larynx:Dust, sensation of, 11.30 a.m.:
[Allen ] [L]Larynx:Scratching:Dust, as from:
[Allen ] [N]Nares, posterior:Mucus:Aggravated:Inhalation of dust:
[Allen ] [R]Respiration:Short:Dust, as from:
[Allen ] [T]Throat:Internal:Dryness:Dust, as from:
[Allen ] [T]Throat:Internal:Dust, sensation of:
[Allen ] [T]Throat:Internal:Irritation:Dust, as from, morning:
[Allen ] [T]Trachea:Dust in, sensation of:
[Allen ] [T]Trachea:Tickling:Dust, as from, causing cough, evening, after lying down:
[Allen ] [V]Vomiting:Effervescing, on coming in contact with dust:
[Boenning ] [Respiration]Impeded by:Dust, (of feathers) as from:
[Boenning ] [Respiration]Aggravation:Dust, stone cutters:
[Boenning ] [Aggravation and Amelioration]Dust, inhaling:
[Boericke ] [Respiratory System]Modalities :Aggravation:Inhaling dust:
[Boericke ] [Respiratory System]Cough:Cause, occurrence, aggravation:Tickling:As from dust, feather:
[Boger ] [Condition of agg & amel]Dust, feathers, etc. Agg.:
[Boger ] [Generalities]Dust feathers, etc, as of:
[Boger ] [Respiration]Dust, Agg.:
[Boger ] [Supplimentary references]Respiration:Dust Agg.:
[Gentry ] [The Eyes]Dust:Inflammation of eyes from sand and dust:
[Gentry ] [The Eyes]Dust:Pain in eyes from dust:
[Gentry ] [The Eyes]Inflammation:Of eyes:From sand and dust:
[Gentry ] [The Eyes]Pain:In eyes:From dust:
[Knerr ] [Throat]Throat:Tickling:Dust, as from:
[Knerr ] [Throat]Throat:Tickling:Dust, as from, causes deep, wheezing cough:
[Knerr ] [Voice Larynx, Trachea and Bronchia]Trachea:Tickling:Dust, as from, or feather down:
[Knerr ] [Respiration]Asthma:Dust:Dust, from inhaling:
[Knerr ] [Respiration]Asthma:Dust:Dust, from coal:
[Knerr ] [Respiration]Breathing:Short:Dust, as from inhaling:
[Knerr ] [Cough and Expectoration]Cough:Deep:Wheezing from titillation as from dust in throat:
[Roberts ] [Respiratory Organs]Inhaling:Dust:
[Special ] [Asthma]Asthmatic:Dust,from inhaling:
[Special ] [Asthma]Difficult ailments from:Dust:
[Special ] [Asthma]Difficult:Dust,as from:
[Special ] [Asthma]Difficult:Dust agg.:
[Special ] [Asthma]Difficult:Dust of stones,inhalation of:
[Special ] [Asthma]Difficult:Coal dust:
sajjadakram635 last decade
Noting down the physical sign and symptoms caused by mold we can easily find out the proper remedy.I do not know the specific remedy.sorry sazim.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Dear Sajjad

I live in Abudhabi. The rooms in my apartment are covered with carpets, and we have central airconditioning unit to keep temperature under control.

Apart from a 45min walk and some outdoor errands, most of the time is spend under artificial conditions (carpets and airconditioner)

I am the only chronic sneezer in my family, and i have running nose in the morning, specially when I am passing stool (thuja).

My question to you ? are my thyroid and prostatic conditions due to some chronic allergy that I have and dont know about, interestingly when I go to Karachi on vacation, my sneezing drops down considerably, and homeopathic medicines have more effect on me there as oppose to here (abudhabi).

I have spoken to an allergist in USA, who want to do some tests on my urine, blood and spit, and then he will make some allergy shots (injections), which I have to take for several months, and which will make me immune to these allergies

Should I explore the allergy ?

Currently Nesha is treating me, and I am just exploring different avenues to tackle my problems, if the current treatment fails.


sazim last decade
What is your main problem? is it sneezing when you get up early in the morning.Write in detail all your physical problems with grading of each symptom.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Grading of each symptom is necessary.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Dear Sazim,
Instead of givin a solution to my problem you have started discussiong urs on this post. You should have opened a new discussion. Sajjad Plz give ma a solutions..asap.
usman_mohdd last decade
Dear Sajjad and sazim,
I have shown it to a hamepotha nd he has given me theis medicine and told its pigmentation and not dark circles.
I got the full name and im taking plumbum metallicum and sulphur, 4 times a day alternatively afetr every 4 hrs. Is this medicine ok or any other medicine u reccomend. What is the role of the above 2 in reducing pigmentaion.
usman_mohdd last decade
alternation for cases like this will create more problems. 4 times a day, alternately, for how long?

I will call these prescriptions to be irresponsible prescriptions to say the least.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Murthy,
The doctor is having 30 yrs of experience and own of the renowned in mumbai. I can not comment on his method as im just following what he said. He told it will take 4-6mth to show some effect. why dont u just throw some light for my knowlege what could be the negative effect of alternation. i also wanted to know r these chemical prescribed usually for hyper pigmentation.?..plz help
usman_mohdd last decade
To start with please read

Dr.luc's article on psudo homeopathy' thread.

It is available on the main page of the forum.

gavinimurthy last decade

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