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L M potency question

Hi,can anyone help me with this.
I want to know while taking LM potency with what potency should one start with.
say Diluting 6c,30c,or 200c& when should one move to higher potency with what frequency.
also if i m taking LM potency
os Silicea prepared from 30c remedy then is 200c of the same remedy a higher dose than Lm remedy prepared from 30c.or LM prepared from 200c is higher.
  agupta on 2006-11-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The use of LMs is advanced homeopathy and are a completely different scale.(can not be made from 'c's )
Sycotic last decade
LM's are not made from either a 6, 30 or 200c. They are prepared in a VERY specific manner, which should ONLY be performed by someone experienced in doing so. They should also never be taken by home prescribers, because as stated above, they are very advanced Homoeopathy and should only be used/prescribed by a competent Homoeopathic Physician.

Reckless prescribing with LM's will do nothing but screw up your entire system, and weaken the vital force, in some cases for life.

DO NOT use them unless you are a fully experienced Homoeopath.
JCS2006 last decade
Dear Sycotic/Jacob

Where do LM potency stand in terms of power (high, medium, low). Further why is it so dangerous to use them inappropriately?

Please explain


sazim last decade
The LM's are the very highest, deepest acting, and most highly refined of all remedies. Used appropriately they will cure the patient in a fraction of the time of the Centesimals, and without any aggravation. Used inappropriately/incorrectly prescribed, they will do grave damage to the vital force, due to their strength and depth of action, and are most definitely not something to be played around with by amateurs or home prescribers.
JCS2006 last decade
Dear Jacob


sazim last decade
hi JCS2006,Sycotic,
please clear my misunderstanding about LM's & split dose method. are they the same.
split doses can be prepared from 6c,30c,200c then how are LM's prepared.
As you rightly said it has screwed my entire system.for
home prescribers is using split dose advisable.
agupta last decade
In my opinion split dose method would be a better way to go for home prescribing because these centesimal potencies 6,30,200 and so on are more readily available and used properly still give you that elevation in potency that is important. Starting say with a 6c would be the safest of course: take a potenized globule place it in a 4oz glass bottle , add distilled water and some vodka as a preservative. Succuss before each time use say.. 10 times. Take one teaspoon from this bottle and add it to about 4oz of distilled water take one sip as a dose. This still should not be done in a mechanical way and must be stopped given any aggravation or noteable amelioration. This is one of the many differences from the Lms in which the patient continues the remedy while improving. Lms are prepared with a dilution of 1to50,000 parts where centecimals are 1 to 99 parts. Big difference.
Sycotic last decade
hi sycotic,thank you for your reply & clearing my doubts.

again i want to ask you can we take health supplements like calcium & vitamin D tablets& antioxidant capsules along with homeopathic remedies.are they safe?will they help or viceversa.
i m diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis.
agupta last decade
Homeopathy seems to operate on a dynamic or energetic level and therfore may be used along with supplements, but id probably avoid herbs while on homeopathy. Just how effective the use of such supplements is fo such a condition is debatable i suppose.
Sycotic last decade
Hi Jacob,
I was reading your reply regarding LM potency and its really scary to know that it can destroy the vital energy. Do you mean vital energy as self healing system in our body? Is that it damages permanently. Are andidotes not effective to stop its effects??
What about 1M and CM potencies?? Please clarify my doubts.
Dipika last decade
Dear Ones,
I am but a student and have great respect for many that help here. I have been assisted here myself. I only want to have further discussions on the LM's here.
My understanding is that LM's can be used with greater confidence than other higher potencies. I have used them on myself with great advantage over others.

For example, when I used LM/1 Sulphur the first time, I can tell you it was like no other experience with any other remedy. It was if I had been half asleep my entire life and was awakened that day to a bright and shining world filled with joy and possiblities. I had read that Sulphur was a pre-eminent 'clearing' remedy, but had no sure understanding of what that could mean. I do now. I told no one about my experiment. However, that evening my husband remarked that I looked 'brighter' and 'different' and was even a little suspicious of my appearance. (He is not by nature a suspicious person and his remarks surprised me, given that we worked together all day and I did not go out without him.) Since he introduced me to homeopathy, I explained my experiment and he was pleased and said it looked good on me! : ))

I have studied under Robin Murphy and have before me his published study guide, Organon Philosophy Workbook, 1994. He maintains that Hahnemann was not in favor of machine succussions or the higher C potencies in his later practice and the 6th Organon.

Murphy advocates putting remedies in water nearly every time. I have seen this work very well myself. My father recovered from heart surgery with no allopathic pain meds, with LM's in water!

I have used LM's on my youngest daughter as she has grown up, with excellent results.

Careful application is key with administration of any remedy. I am more cautious of giving dry pellets in 200c, 1m, 10m or such as this. With the LM's in water, diluted out to even 1 teaspoon to a 1/4 c. of H20 TWICE, work wonders when aggravations happen with a 30c or 200c given in dry pellets of the same remedy.

Sure, ANY remedy not properly given or taken can suppress the vital energy, but to scare people with LM's seems a little over the top to me.

Now, all that said, Sulphur has helped me not to want to engage in philosophical debates or arguments much any more!! ; )

But I did want to add MHO about LM's and my experiences with them.

I am eager to know about any one elses experiences with LM's as I have not often seen that discussed here.

jadeshade last decade
Thank you for sharing that Jade.
Sycotic last decade
I too received the deepest and most expansive healing from a one dose dilution of
Nat Mur LM/1. I am in agreement with you Jade as to their efficacy.

This is an incredibly profound and, at its most effective, gentle, potency range BUT I see exactly what Jacob is saying -

He too is endorsing these benefits but emphasising that the LMs MUST be handled in the right way and under the right guidance. Such wonderful results are down to the 100% correct choice of remedy and administration. The LMs are not to be experimented with, and I think Jacob is right to advise all to exercise the caution and respect for this most profound potency range.

Jade, sounds to me like you were proving Sulphur to an extent (MIND: '...esp. if one turns everything into beauty, as an old rag or stick looks to be a beautiful piece of workmanship; everything looks pretty which the patient takes a fancy to.' CLARKE) .

Very interesting debate though.

Where are you Jacob? ; )
carlotta last decade
Thanks for sharing your experience with LM potencies. I would like to hear more about the use of dilution of Sulphur LM. In many places i read the dilution method worked very well. Why is it so? I used to think if we dilute .. we actually raising the potencies randomly. Is it not so? Another question ...when should one decide to go for LM.
Is it for chronic cases ...lower potencies like 30 c can not work or it won't show any difference?
Best wishes,
Dipika last decade
Jacob .. where are you? We want to see your reply too !!
Dipika last decade
Hahnemann devoted his life to homeopathy and the LMs are as far as he was concerned was the ultimate.
Sycotic last decade
I see how you might say I was proving the remedy a bit from my description. However, I don't think this was the case. I guess still need to learn to choose my words more carefully with all these good homeopaths observing! I tend to get a bit flowery in my writings sometimes. ; ))

I meant to say that my vitality was up, I felt clearer, alive, energized. I had been working on several issues and getting nowhere for a while. I had read that Sulphur could clear the way if you were 'stuck', which is where I believe I was at that point. Afterwards, I was able to overcome those things I was working on, my mind was sharper, many other positive things happened after taking that one dose of LM Sulphur. This is what Murphy describes as do others I have read.

My understanding of dilution is that it is a gentle, safer method than taking a dry 'static' dose, if you will. That water is more easily absorbed and dispersed into the system. Generally, I would say that LM's should be used in chronic cases, as the dosage can be adjusted more readily and easily or for sensitive people, like children or the elderly.

Anyway, isn't that what homeopathy is about? The minimum dose, getting the right remedy, experiencing the cure? I just think that's what happened to me. This is partly why I know it works. Experience, and reading the works of masters.

Thank you all for your comments. I look forward to more input.

jadeshade last decade
Please explain ' as the dosage can be adjusted more readily and easily or for sensitive people, like children or the elderly'. How do you adjust dose in LM potency. I'm sorry if i sound too stupid.
Also if you can briefly tell how from minimum dose ...you decided to reach LM potency. I'm asking this because that will help me to get the correct potency when i have to choose one among many. I have to start with lower as the remeding suggesting more than one.
Dipika last decade
I hope I can explain...and, no, I don't think your question is stupid. I certainly am not that experienced nor am I certified as a homeopath. I just know what I've learned over time and using it on myself, family and friends. I do use 6c dry more often than any other potency, perhaps a 12c. But I do put these in water too, but take them without further dilution, as compared to LM's.

My understanding on how to adjust the dosage in an LM is this: put ONE poppy seed sized pellet in 4oz of distilled water. After the pellet dissolves take one teaspoon from this bottle (the remedy solution bottle or RSB) and put into about 2oz of water, then take one teaspoon of this. To further adjust the remedy, succuss it in the bottle or stir it in the cup.

Or one can go another step to this method IF you get an aggravation (and only you can tell about this or consult a homeopath that you can discuss it with face to face) then put the teaspoon from the 2oz cup into another 2oz of water and take one teaspoon of this cup. Or even dilute it further in this method.

My brother in law is sensitive to a couple of well choosen remedies that aggravate him except in this way. This is why Hahnemann used LM was to prevent aggravations and alleviate suffering.

I decided to use LM because this is what I have been taught, was given by a homeopath, read the Organon, and practiced on myself and my daughter when she was ill as a toddler, and found effective.

I hope that this is useful to you.

jadeshade last decade
Dear Jade,

Thanks for sharing your experiences with the LMs because there are some people here who think that Hahnemann had gone 'senile' by the time he wrote the 6th edition of the Organon and hence the LMs are the product of a 'senile old man'!!I wish that you would participate more frequently on this forum.

rajivprasad last decade
Thank you for your kind jwords of encouragment. I am often intimidated if you must know, or saddened by some of the 'debate' that takes place here. I have no wish or the slightest desire to be involved in any such 'debate'. I only wish to help others understand and use homeopathy to heal.

I really am a student. There is much I do not quite 'get'. I do firmly know a few things, simply because of my personal experiences and have applied what I've read to myself and family.

Im my opinion, I do not think Hahnemann was senile. I've seen senility unfold and it cannot creatively intuite the way LM's work. I've not heard this about his later work and would be deeply concerned about one who harbors such notions.

I am reluctant to suggest remedies in many instances here because people do not provide enough information or will not give it. There are many threads here on which no wants or is informed about homeopathy as a solution to their health concerns. I find this somewhat alarming.

I also realize that LM's are not sold on this site and that is what I use the most often. I am unsure if I can provide the name of the pharmacy I use, even though others do that.

I do not want to be flamed or have to defend my ideas at length as I am a wife, mother and grandmother with two jobs (one affords me some time to spend online and study). Homeopathy is my passion, saving my youngest daughters life when she was a toddler.

There once was many that posted her often that seem to have slowly disappeared in the last year or so. I'm somewhat disappointed to see this transpire, but not surprised. But, I'm happy to help out in some small way any time I am able to share.

jadeshade last decade
Thanks for your detailed reply.
When you chose Sulphur for you ... were you very sure and directly you took LM or tested with smaller potency first?
The way of dilution you did with LM ...can i do with CM too?
Taking one sip from that will consider one dose and wait till shows some result or we finish the whole amount of dilution through out the day.
After giving that if i feel its proving instead of helping ...what should i do?
Please write me everything ..its very important to know for me.
Thank you so much for your help.
Dipika last decade
To All of you in this forum

Please write me sites here where i can learn more about potencies to choose. I will be greatful

Best Wishes,
Dipika last decade
Dear Jadeshade.

Play around with the LM's and you will see just how 'over the top' the warning really is.

If you have not used them that extensively, then this would explain the flipant attitude to their use.

As already stated, when properley prescribed and indicated, they are the most amazing scale we have, but incorrectly prescribed/dosed, you will leave the patient in a state which may take many, many years to recover from.

I have studied and used the LM's exclusively in clinical practice for 8 years, and a large section of my forthcoming book is dedicated to this subject. I certainly wouldn't recommend their flipant use, especially not by a beginer/student.
JCS2006 last decade
QUOTE: 'Hi Jacob,
I was reading your reply regarding LM potency and its really scary to know that it can destroy the vital energy. Do you mean vital energy as self healing system in our body? Is that it damages permanently. Are andidotes not effective to stop its effects??
What about 1M and CM potencies?? Please clarify my doubts.

Dear Dipika, yes, the I refer to the vital force. Destroy, no, but very greatly weaken. If the vital energy of the patient is very weak to begin with, then yes, this can be permanent, although this would be rare. More often they will just supress this energy to the point where the patient may no longer react to anything, and this can last many years, I have seen this happen many times in clinical practice where patients have come to me from other so called 'Homoeopaths' who play around with LM's without any respect for their power.

This doesn't really happen on the Centesiml scale, except in VERY sensitive subjects (although I would still be careful when using very high potencies), as the Centesimals do not even approach the depth of action of the LM's.

It is said that the Decimals affect the physical aspects, the Centesimals also the mental, but only the LM's affect the 'spiritual' (for want of a better, non 'hippified' term).

There is no other way to affect an organism more deeply than with an LM potency, and naturally this has the same power t oharm as it does to heal.

To everyone, do NOT play around with this scale. It should be reserved only for experienced and fully competent Homoeopaths ONLY.
JCS2006 last decade

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