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Ear ache and eustachian tube inflammed 5

My little girl (3 and 1/2 year) has problem that she had very pain on left side of ear and pain radiate to head. I go to ENT specialist and he said that she had wax in the ear and ...
Started by arvinderji. Last post: 2014-10-01

Ear ache in left er 2

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a new symptom? I can tell I'm getting better, because in the last few years, my symptoms have gone mostly from the mental sp...
Started by nature_girl. Last post: 2013-03-27

Ear Ache and Breastfeeding 1

I had a soar throat and head cold that has left me with a mild ear ache and congestion, going on week 3. I am breastfeeding and would like to know what I may be able to take and ho...
Remedies: Ferrum Phosphoricum
Started by 1stTimeMom. Last post: 2008-05-03

Ear Ache after flight 5

Had this for aprox 2 weeks and am desperate to find a cure!This is long-So here goes:- Started when arrived in Thailand after flight. Itchy and a hot feeling like a flame was near ...
Remedies: Anthrokokali, Pulsatilla Nigricans
Started by Sarebear. Last post: 2007-08-08

Need advise for ear ache 0

I've had a head cold for about a week now. Last night I blew my nose and my right ear clogged up. This morning it was still clogged and started to throb. My ear is also sore t...
Started by ccchristoffer. Last post: 2006-12-23

Ear ache please advise 7

hello..for the past three days i have had a very bad headache and the back of my neck has been very sore and stiff. the head ache and stiffness has been constant. i get very hot ...
Remedies: Belladonna, Chamomilla, Arnica Montana
Started by thistlewish. Last post: 2005-09-04

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