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Zincum Metallicum2

Hairfall, balding 1

Hello. I am 27 years old, i was having very silky, headfull of hair. even my barber used love to trim my hair but from past 4 years hair started falling. at the beginning hairfall...
Remedies: Gaster galli
Started by ahmed39. Last post: 2017-03-22

Low Testosterone levels & male pattern balding 4

Hi There I am a 43 yr old bachelor and am facing low testosterone levels which has resulted into low libido and ED and my hair line has also receded, typical male pattern balding ...
Started by Homeoman1. Last post: 2016-06-10

Chronic Constipation, Insonomia and hair balding 3

Dear Sir, I am 36 years old. I have been suffering from Chronic Constipation for the last 21 years.it took almost an hour to pass stool even after, i dont feel that my bowel is cl...
Started by mumbailad. Last post: 2015-09-28

Hair thinning and spot balding from past year 5

Hi I am from Mumbai.Working female. Age 32 years. I have one kid and from past one year I am facing hair loss in on-off mode.I had a natural bald spot in middle of my hair line.No...
Remedies: Filix Mas
Started by lamisleandra. Last post: 2014-06-13

Balding at the age of 18! 1

Hi..My name is Supriya. I am 18yrs and I was recently diagnosed with Androgenic Alopecia.. a form of 'male pattern baldness'. I have already lost a lot of hair and its dist...
Started by worried_girl. Last post: 2011-07-31

Balding young man! Only 28! 0

I hope someone can help me which medicine would be the best for him. Hair loss occurs in the front with quite visible now receding hairline. Visible hairloss when combing hair. Whi...
Started by Mag889. Last post: 2011-07-21

Hair Loss and Balding 2

hi Joe De Livera i am using your Arnica 30C water therapy since one month, till now i have not observed any results. how many days i need to use this to observe results. i obse...
Started by p_balu999. Last post: 2010-09-28

Can anyone suggest some good homeopathy doctor for severe hair loss and balding problem in Bangalore India? 0

Can anyone suggest some good homeopathy doctor for severe hair loss and balding problem in Bangalore India? Please I need it too urgent....
Started by hi_amit12. Last post: 2010-09-27

Balding 1

i took a cycle of accutane when i was a jr in highschool. 4 years ago. Just began losing hair this past summer... now very thin front hair and keeps thinning. I sometimes hav some ...
Started by dudes. Last post: 2005-12-01

Scalp and Face acne & balding 9

Hi!I am 30 years old female and have been suffering from hair loss and acne problem (earlier mostly on my face and back) for last 4 years. Lately, I have realized that acne is incr...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album, Kali Chlorosum, Zincum Metallicum, Tuberculinum, Camphora , Mentholum, Tabacum, Calcarea Carbonica
Started by simoune42. Last post: 2005-08-17

Balding & premature grey hairs 1

Iam Vivek.V from Bangalore, India. Iam 28 years old Iam suffering from premature grey hairs for the past 5 years & also Iam balding in the right side of the forehead. Please sugges...
Remedies: Zincum Metallicum
Started by vivek_v. Last post: 2004-11-27

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