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Dulcamara - single homeopathic remedy

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Edema, stiff toes left foot, pain in left knee disappeared with Dulcamara X30 4

1. Age,sex,weight,country,occupation.  53yo, female, legal translator 2. Main complaints and other associated troubles.  a)Where is the trouble; The exact locality of th...
Started by sappho. Last post: 2019-01-21

Warts and dulcamara 2

Hi I have ongoing issues with Warts-mainly flat warts. I went to a homeopath two years ago with no results and tried thuja through guidance on here with no resultS. The flat warts ...
Started by anxious88. Last post: 2015-05-12

Dulcamara for flat warts 0

Hi I have a lot of flat warts all over my body, as wall as two caloused warts on my fingers. I tried a homeopath last year and we weren't successfull. Through the guidance of ...
Started by anxious88. Last post: 2015-05-11

Colocynthis + D. Villosa + Dulcamara (I may have got adverse effects) 28

Hi everyone! I have a question for you, if you could be so kind to share some info with me. I took Colocynthis for about 3 weeks, concentration level was 'D6' and I used ...
Remedies: Colocynthis, Silicea, Bioplasma, Colostrum, Camphora , Dulcamara, Nux Vomica, Tuberculinum, Ignatia Amara
Started by JackMG. Last post: 2013-07-19

Dulcamara 5

At the risk of sounding ridiculous, can a small remedy specifically Dulcamara cure a sycotic miasm?...
Started by maryo. Last post: 2008-07-23

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