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Remedies discussed in multiple threads for vulvodynia:
Lycopodium Clavatum2

Vulvodynia in the announcement 6

Hi. I will try to explain my symptoms as short as i can. Im suffering from 2008. starting with condyloma accuminata on my vagina’s walls,specially around cervix. I was removing th...
Remedies: Arsenicum Album, Medorrhinum
Started by mmiliyanna. Last post: 2013-08-23

Vulvodynia 53

I'm 23 years old. I have vulvodynia for 6months now and I'm very frustrated with it - nothing is working - just wanna be healed.. The symptoms is burning,stinging and red...
Remedies: Sepia, Calendula Officinalis, Mentha Piperita, Zincum Metallicum, Lycopodium Clavatum, Trichophyton Rubrum, Aloe vera
Started by zizimcdonald. Last post: 2013-03-20

Vulvodynia please help 20

I am a 36 year old married mother of 1 and was diagnosed 5 years ago with Vulvodynia. I was in bad shape for a little over a year and then the Vulvodynia died down for the last 4 y...
Remedies: Sepia, Sulphur, Berberis Vulgaris, Staphysagria, Magnesia Carbonica, Kreosotum
Started by Candece13. Last post: 2012-11-18

Vulvodynia 4

Hola, my name is Ana Maria, Im hispanic, I read how Dr Andres help peoploe with my same problem, will be better for me, if i can express my self in spanish, so Im wonmdering if Dr....
Remedies: Colibacillinum cum Natrum Muriaticum
Started by Anamaria228. Last post: 2011-04-18

Vulvodynia due to HSV1 1

Hello, I have been suffering for 14 months now from vulvodynia. It all started after my very first genital herpes outbreak. Ever since then I have been going to one gynocologist a...
Started by purplebutterfly. Last post: 2011-01-05

Interstitial cystitis and vulvodynia 0

I am a 44 year old woman who has had interstitial cystitis for 20 years, and swollen vulva after intercourse, for 10 years. Can anyone offer me homeopathic advice? Main Suffering...
Started by Hopesprings. Last post: 2009-03-30

Vulvodynia 0

i was wondering if anyone that has vulvodynia here, if they also only have pain on the outside... down the legs, up to the lower stomach, and wherever there is pubic hair present. ...
Started by mustardseeds. Last post: 2009-02-19

Interstitial cystitis and vulvodynia help 5

I am a 39 year old woman with a history of hormone imbalance--not enough progesterone. In the past few months my cycles have become normal--used to be 14 days bleeding, 14 days st...
Remedies: Lycopodium Clavatum
Started by endomine. Last post: 2008-10-16

Vulvodynia &constant PAIN 2

Hi I am a 38 year old female suffering from Vulvodynia for 2 years (non stop). I have genitla Herpes also. I suffer from PAIN all the time it is exasperated upon sitting and tight ...
Started by sadpussy. Last post: 2008-09-07

Vulvodynia 2

I am 60 yr old woman and 5 years ago (post menopause) I had a bladder infection leading to vulvodynia, with varying degrees of discomfort. The condition eventually resolved itself ...
Started by topsy. Last post: 2007-09-09

Herpes and vulvodynia 0

Hello, 2 years ago I contracted herpes, it developed into vulvodynia.I also manages to rub my eye and got the herpes in my right eye. Horrible! 1, eye, swollen, dark still after 2...
Started by malibumaiden. Last post: 2007-03-05

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