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Mental Hang-ups and Fear Inhibiting Work!
Iím writing on behalf of my husband who is struggling with a lot of mentals at the moment.
aspen 2005-12-28
1   last decade

fungus on nails
love to get rid of this 25-year-old problem and have tried all sorts of natural remedies.
darliance 2005-04-27
4   last decade

Three Year old with recurrent tonsillitis
Hi,I have never used homeopathy before, my mother in law suggested that I try it. I have
NewfieMom 2005-12-19
7   last decade

Deafness due to ear blockage
A week or so ago I found that my hearing had diminished. As I am already hearing impaired
maya_hari 2005-12-09
8   last decade

help me
in the year 99 i have tested hbsag positive that time i did not know what is this. later i
ahmed_ahmed 2005-12-27
1   last decade

Fever with Giddiness
Dear,My daughter aged 16 had fever for the last 2 days. Was giving her Bell 30C 3 times a
pimathew 2005-12-22
5   last decade

Leg Cramps, Heart Disease
I would like to reverse problems with severe leg cramps, I have had problemssince being p
blessme44 2005-12-22
4   last decade

Internal /Knot underneath ear
Dr. sajid, I forgot to mention that the knot just underneath my ear in internal not on the
edaja 2005-12-27
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severe sleep apnea -can't find answers
I am wondering if homeopathics might help my husband? He has what I believe to be severe s

wendypape 2005-11-22
15   last decade

Hyperactive Thyroid
I live near St Louis, Missouri and like to find an homeopath. I have an hyperactivity of m
monique lanz 2002-09-25
7   last decade

Help for mother's Palmo-plantaris Psoriasis
Greetings.I just joined the forum hoping to get help from its members' experience, re
zfrizvi 2005-12-26
no replies yet

having severe pain in left knee
I banged my left knee against the desk and having severe pain in left knee while I am walk
sarada 2005-12-26
1   last decade

Bodily inner vibration & land slipping feeling
My wife cought cold during Navratri and she also had tonsilities problem too. So we went t
yeshumeshu 2005-12-26
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Merry Christmas
May I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.
maya_hari 2005-12-25
3   last decade

glue ear grommets for a 2 yr old?
my 2 1/2 yr olds speech has not been developing well, he has failed lots of hearing tests
libby 2005-04-06
8   last decade

x_linked ickthyosis
AM trying platanus rite now hoping tu hear from some 1 who has tried this and what tu ex
teklord 2005-12-25
no replies yet

Hi all, I often notice white spots on the collar of my blazer. I have tried alot to get ri
gazz67 2005-12-24
3   last decade

earlier post on Miracle neutralizer
I read a much earlier post on curbing sugar cravings. I visited the globallight website. T
suzee 2005-12-25
no replies yet

All suffering from acidity.. try this
I used to suffer from severe acidity with headache. By 12 noon my head would get unbearabl
Nkjaya 2005-12-25
no replies yet

sexual weakness
i have due to excess of masturbationmy body remains very mich tired every timepenis is sau
ayyaz 2005-12-08
8   last decade

I have a friend who has a blighted ovum and is waiting to miscarry. She has been waiting
binks 2005-12-23
3   last decade

I am a type 2 Diabetic. I take 850mg of metformin once per day, I have low energy is there
cortelyou 2005-12-23
2   last decade

bone growth
I am writing on behalf of my niece who needs help with her little five yr old boy.Her boy&
elainesmyth68 2005-11-17
7   last decade

Mr Joe, Mr Kuldeep or Mr. Passkey, please reply
Mr Joe De Livera,Thanks for the reply to take Arnica as a medicine for my ailment. Now i h
ganesh2280 2005-12-24
1   last decade

is elicina available in india?
am suffering from severe acne..pitting and scarring,i have oily skin too,am from india,ho
mistygirl 2005-12-23
1   last decade

13 year old cat very very thin
My 13 year old cat is extrememly thin. You can feel her spine when you pick her up. She on
samnbudsmom 2005-12-23
3   last decade

cold and exzema
I have an 8 year old that has been fighting a cold off and on for several weeks. He'

gurly 2005-12-22
17   last decade

Me and my 2 children
Hi everyone,I'm new to this forum but very interested. I live in hong kong ( where th

mother2 2005-04-14
18   last decade

Preventive cure for Arteriosclerosis
Dear DoctorsIs there any help we can get from homeopathy regarding prevention of arteriosc
hisam 2005-12-22
8   last decade

effexor need help
Hello again. Please feel free to email me with any suggestions or your experience with ef
Online 2005-12-23
1   last decade

How to control dandruff and immensely reciding hairline and greying hair at 26 years of age
Please suggest on the above topic. Living in USA and diet has now improved with vegetables
chinu201 2005-12-23
1   last decade

I have problems with asthma,I wne tto a homeopth,unfortunatly he was more concerned about
danceonclouds 2005-12-23
7   last decade

Stomach Aches
I have been plagued with stomach aches for years. They typically start about 4-5 hours af
zigzag 2005-12-12
11   last decade

How is Parkinson Disease different from Essential Tremor?
Essential tremor (ET) is the most common movement disorder. ETís often called Benign Essen
shamid 2003-10-20
3   last decade

Treating Alopecia- Please respond swiftly
Hello friends,I have a question on Homeopathy in relation to treating my alopecia. I have
TonyC 2005-12-23
1   last decade

thank you drsajid : knot behind ear
thank you so much.....i really don't have any symptoms, however it seems as though it
edaja 2005-12-23
1   last decade

psoraisis growing rapidly - please help!
My husband's psoraisis lesions seem to be growing rapidly and he is in great pain. He

goldcoast1 2004-12-27
18   last decade

high blood pressure
will arnica 6c in dry dose at night reduce high blood pressure the same as wet dose , as i
whitts99 2005-09-04
7   last decade

Chronic watering eyes
I also have a chronic watering eye condition that recurs frequently. It feels like somethi
mmaxx 2004-12-23
3   last decade

miasmic remedy for lachesis is:?
anyone know what is the closest remedy to lach. m.?worked instantly in high dosage but not
redandreder 2005-12-23
no replies yet

penis shape
hi, i have a curvature in my penis and i think it is due to the fact that when i used to m
aldo12 2005-12-22
1   last decade

Hair loss .. pls help
I am 25, my hair loss started when I was 19. I had acute sinus at 19 which triggered sudde
desiguy 2005-12-19
5   last decade

To Dr Rajiv Prasad
Would you please like to comment on sperm maturation arrest already posted?
s2005 2005-12-22
1   last decade

Knot Behind Right Ear
Does anyone out there know what to take for a knot directly under my earlobe. It doesn�
edaja 2005-12-22
1   last decade

Little Bubble not Abscess on Gums
Hello Everyone!I am so glad I found this site it is great!This is my problem:I have a litt
edaja 2005-12-22
no replies yet

How can we lower cholesterol without alopathic drugs
My partner's cholesterol and triglycerides are very high - she was on lipitrol -- but
Buchworm 2005-12-21
1   last decade

Attention Joe
I am from the post,I need help so bad. I received my Arnica today. Do I hit the bottle onl
wacky 2005-12-20
7   last decade

Kitty jealous of her step-brother... aggresive
Hi,My kitty is about 5 or 6 and was rescued in 2002 after a hard life Elderlu woman w/ abo
Ann05 2005-12-20
4   last decade

inflamed ganglia in throat
Hello,I wonder if you could help me.I am experiencing some trouble with my throat since la
La bamba 2005-12-20
4   last decade

Remedy for food and chemical sensitivities
I have been successfully treated for systemic candidiasis. As is common with a severe case
Lisalj 2005-12-21
2   last decade

Thank you Joe for Arnica eczema remedy
Dear Joe DeLivera,I just want to thank you again for your recommendation of Arnica for ecz
Pradyumna 2005-12-21
1   last decade

homeopathy school
Hi everyone. I am looking for a full time homeopathy school. I know there are many schools
tatyana1111 2005-12-17
8   last decade

Genital Warts
Female, 40 years in age. Sexually inactive since last 10 years. Developed cauliflower like
homeo40 2004-11-15
2   last decade

sperm maturation arrest
Dear doctors,I am 41,suffering from this type of azoospermia.I have anti sperm antibodies
s2005 2005-12-08
5   last decade

perplexing problem - with extremely swollen legs
Dear Everybody,I have a very unusual problem. Just turned 47 yesterday and have been suff
Buchworm 2005-12-21
3   last decade

7 year old with Strep throat
My 7 year old has begun contracting Strep throat from last winter. His throat has the typ
rectian 2005-12-19
5   last decade

3 yr old with lichen sclerosus
need help with natural alternatives.
dips_taa 2005-12-20
1   last decade

Need any help that can be offered!!!!!
I would like to know why I feel the symptoms listed below and any medication that can be r
taniya26 2005-12-20
1   last decade

HelloNot sure if the above is spelt correctly. I heard it was the homeopathic steroid. I
ninab 2005-12-19
3   last decade

Dark Circle Under Eyes and Dark Lips
Hi,I have very dark circles under my eyes and also have dark lips. They were very pink fi
monashafi 2005-12-20
1   last decade

Weak Memory
Weak Memory of a 7 year old boy...forgets learned school lessons easily...very shy, but en
shaikh47 2005-12-17
9   last decade

Cough & Chest Congestion.
I am a male 52 years old. For the last eight days I have had sever chest congestion and s
faqir 2005-12-12
8   last decade

Confused in finding Asthma Remedy
I have found many remedies that seem indicated for asthma. I can not be sure which is corr
samnbudsmom 2005-11-22
11   last decade

Chronic Pain - Very Difficult/Complex Case
Hi All!Don't know if there is anyone out there who can help or not. I have been treat
Herbalguy451 2005-04-20
6   last decade

Infant with reflux
I have a 6 month old(born 3 months premature) with diagnosed reflux. Although he does not
gurly 2005-12-18
11   last decade

I have been experiencing tinnitus for the past couple of years. Looking back, I think I&#
guestuser 2005-12-19
2   last decade

Hair Loss+Sexual Debility+Coryza
Age: 28, UnmarriedSex: MaleBuilt: Athletic with fatness on abdomen & HipsHeight: 5'6&
indiana1000 2005-12-19
4   last decade

3 yr old coughing with gag and vomit
My 3 year old has a cough for about a week and is deep down in chest and when coughing, it
jtlaharder 2005-12-19
2   last decade

This Homeopathic Acne gel works!
I found one with Arnica as others have recommended. It cleared up my sons acne in one week
curious123 2005-12-18
1   last decade

gluten intolerence
i am allergic to gluten.i want to know if its curable or not?
muskan2005 2005-12-18
1   last decade

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