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Bags Under Eye (both)
Kind Attn: Sir, Kind Attn: "" Dr kadwa pls advise "" Yes I am bengali I am 57 years ol
dassanjay44 2016-03-12
2   Moorty2015 2 years ago

face, scalp, back sweating
[message deleted by kalyan24 on Mon, 14 Mar 2016 15:39:05 UTC]
kalyan24 2016-03-14
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Lax Les,Antral Gastritis,Prepyloric healed ulcer
Hello, I am suffering from severe Acid Reflux since last 2 years.I had endoscopy with sho
ajinkya123 2016-03-14
2   ajinkya123 2 years ago

Bronchitis is not getting healed by allopathy, asking for help from telescope sir
sir, my wife has diagnosed bronchitis few days ago by local allopathy doctor n he gave her

aguy123 2016-02-12
33   telescope 2 years ago

Dr. abid ali sir...plz help!!! l4/l5 disc bulge, l5/s1 disc protrusion (lumbago sciatica)
Dear Sir, I am Moin, 28 years old. I am living in Bangladesh. Present Problem: While si
moin_1710 2016-03-14
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Systemic/Intestinal yeast overgrowth
Dear doctors, I have recently joined abchomeopathy and didn't realise until now that
Anushka1 2016-03-14
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sabkamalik1 2016-03-14
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Forum manners
There has been a bit of venom spitting about on the forum lately. One or two members accu
moderator 2016-03-14
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4 years old restless behaviour
Hi Dr, My 4 year old daughter has always been very restless, don't like to listen to

Padma1 2016-03-11
14   xxxyyy 2 years ago

fitness just don't try to fool everyone here
Hey fitness, I was silent after your last disturbing post in a thread.. as you said t

sabkamalik1 2016-03-10
15   xxxyyy 2 years ago

can't remember talks
DearFriend dr. I am male70years of age,I can't rememberthings if I am talking on some
rcmangla46 2016-03-11
7   xxxyyy 2 years ago

remedies for parkinson
my father 53 year old, deceased with Parkinson for last 8 to 9 year. first of all Left han
gsdaghnot 2016-03-12
8   xxxyyy 2 years ago

cysts Problem
One year ago my wife, 35 years old Non-working, developed cysts in right side under Breast
HARI_DELHI 2016-03-10
5   xxxyyy 2 years ago

lameness in dog do to arthritis and hip dysplasia in the making
My dog has been diagnosed with degenerative arthritis and hip dysplasia in the making. I
emiashby 2016-03-05
6   xxxyyy 2 years ago

about Antimonium crudum 200
I am 32 year old man and I have warts on my fingers. I saw treatment on internet many medi

a.rahman83137 2016-03-10
23   xxxyyy 2 years ago

Excellent Remedy for Coughing...
This is my own discovery that a homeo remedy "Justica Adhatoda Q (Mother Tincture)" has be
mitesh1 2016-03-14
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constipation, gas, uneasy
my father 60yrs old he had some severe acidity and he get relief when blenches come out th
jhony1 2016-02-05
7   kadwa 2 years ago

Creatinine level in Blood 1.59 help me to treatment
I am Patient of High Blood Pressure Last Month Medicon I Use for not working and Blood Pre
Suhail2 2016-02-03
5   kadwa 2 years ago

Cavitation Bone
I have complication from having five molars extracted. Seven months ago. Not healing. C
victoriaroz 2016-03-14
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Dizzy for about a week
Hello, Could someone help me with the dizziness? I have it already for 6 days, do not see

koshka 2015-07-15
39   koshka 2 years ago

Arthritis Rheumatoid
My wife age 44 years has been suffering from artheritis since long. pain in fingers joints
surender 2016-03-13
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How can nse lycopodium cm
Please tell me about this medicine and how can i use it
Amir shahzad1 2016-03-13
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Lubar compression
My mother is ages 65 years. She is having gall bladder stone so basis advice she is having
Ashley1 2016-03-13
1   mitesh1 2 years ago

Regarding Spigelea remedy
I am suffering from neuralgia problems so I took spigelea 30c three times a day and I feel
ansarishoaib 2016-03-13
1   Mahfoozurrehman 2 years ago

Bags Under Eye
Sir, Kind Attn: vk804 I am 57 years old man I seek your help for remove my "BAGS UNDER E
dassanjay44 2016-03-09
7   dassanjay44 2 years ago

Excessive pain above stomach and in abdomen while taking deep breaths/sneezing, coughing.
Dear experts, hope you all are doing well! This is Mitesh from gujarat, India. Age 31. It
mitesh1 2016-03-11
3   mitesh1 2 years ago

ongoing eczema condition
Seeking assistance with ongoing eczema condition which varies in intensity. I am a 59 yea
Weena Girl 2016-03-13
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burning mouth syndrome
I am 20 years old girl.I am suffering from severe burning sensation in my mouth for the pa
lakshana 2015-05-13
5   FireFly1 2 years ago

Work big days
Sometimes I just need help to get though a big day at work, generally pretty healthy. 40
Lis101 2016-03-13
1   sabkamalik1 2 years ago

hypothyroidism. Lycopodium? I would appreciate any Advice
I haven't checked my TSH hormones yet but I'm pretty sure that they are low. I&#
Happy ladybird 2016-03-12
1   telescope 2 years ago

Reversing of beard hair from white to black
Hello, I am 30 years old and getting my beard hair white slowelly from last 3 years, now

9336rj 2015-09-02
13   9336rj 2 years ago

Blood in stool
Sir i have problem of constipation but from 3-4 days i noticed blood in stool but today so
Chandan Sourabh 2016-03-08
7   Chandan Sourabh 2 years ago

dr akshay mohl.plzz suggest
Dear Dr Akshay Mohl, I used to be shy & low confidence guy doesn't like to talk
Akki03 2016-03-12
3   Akki03 2 years ago

tearring pain behind upper shoulder with left arm pain
i am suffering pain in my left arm starting from neck to in 2 finger tips from shoulder t
asiantex 2016-03-12
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Help needed Lumber spondylosis
Respected All, I have been diogosed lumber spondylosis 4 years ago. As per MRI report the
Kumawat 2016-03-12
1   telescope 2 years ago

Anyone with success stories of neurogenic blader treatment.
Good day freiends, I am very new here and i have been suffering from neurogenic bladder f
tokunbo 2016-03-12
1   telescope 2 years ago

Male breast treatment
My age is 24,male and I am from India.I am under the treatment of premature ejaculation(us
homeopathymedicine16 2016-03-12
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High Fever with severe bodyaches
Hello Dr's Can you please suggest a remedy for high fever (102'C ) , bodyaches
venus0743 2016-03-11
1   venus0743 2 years ago

Piles nd fissure treatment
Hi,i m 33 yrs old married female wt 80kgs,ht5.1,non diabetic, b.p-130/80 suffering frm thy
Erefiab 2016-03-10
3   nawazkhan 2 years ago

boil below the lower lip
Small boil redness pain below the lower lip Given belladonna 30 every 2 hour 60 percent re
dkpateria 2016-03-09
2   dkpateria 2 years ago

Joint pains - Any doctor please help....
i have been suffering from joint pain since past six - seven months. (now only i have re
Yoorgia 2016-03-11
2   lbakley12 2 years ago

Azoospermia - No Sperm Count
Hello I am 45 years old and me and my wife is trying to have children but no luck, I did a
Rizwan99 2016-03-11
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Dr Nawaj khan Plz suggest
Dear Dr Nawaj, I used to be shy & low confidence guy doesn't like to talk too muc
Akki03 2016-03-10
1   Akki03 2 years ago

Endometriotic Cyst : Seeking help from Dr. Nawaz
Hi Sir, Myself Priyanka from India! I am 34 yrsold and have a 4.5 years old daughter. For
Priyanka1 2016-03-11
1   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Dr kadwa Plz suggest
Dear Dr Kadwa, Let you brief my case. I was low confidence guy. I took baryta 200 n gelsem
Akki03 2016-03-05
8   Akki03 2 years ago

Weekness by over Mastubration
Hi, I'm from india I have masturbated for a great count no's since 15 old age an
Rakesh742 2016-03-09
1   kadwa 2 years ago

lameness in dog do to arthritis and hip dysplasia in the making
I posted on March 5th about this problem of my dog. And I can't find my post????? P
emiashby 2016-03-08
1   kadwa 2 years ago

mustache loss
Hi, I am male 22 years..from past 2 months i am losing mustache hairs and some also from
crown1 2016-03-10
3   crown1 2 years ago

Emotional, angry child...
I'm trying to work out what remedy would be best for my 7 year old. She is extremely
Nikky10 2016-02-16
3   jamesandange 2 years ago

Autistic Meltdowns (high copper, aluminium, suspect candida overgrowth)
Hello, I'm in desperate need of advise. My 12 year old daughter has hour long screami
jamesandange 2016-02-16
2   jamesandange 2 years ago

belladona- autistic child
friends, after giving belladona 200c single dose to my child ( dx d with autism),t
mamsnu 2007-12-21
8   jamesandange 2 years ago

Motion After having breakfast
Dear, I get motion after eating breakfast. I am much worry as i used many remedies like he

DO DO 2016-01-28
17   DO DO 2 years ago

depression and infertility
Please help me. I have been trying to conceive for almost 2 years. Since 3 days ago I am
bluesky77 2016-03-09
3   bluesky77 2 years ago

Got punched, swollen lip and cut
Hello, i got punched in the face last night by a robber. My lip on the left is swollen a
rahman_hope 2016-03-09
3   fitness 2 years ago

anal itch and a small bump
Hi! i am 29 years old unmarried female.I am suffering from anal itch for over a year.im un
sana zia 2016-03-10
2   nawazkhan 2 years ago

I am suffering from sinusitis
I have suffered long term with sinus problems . I don't know which remedy to try as m
Masud2 2016-03-03
5   0antivirus0 2 years ago

I Really Need Help for Sexual Weakness.
I am 35 years old and married. I started masturbating in the ate of 17/18. I am used to ma
Simant 2015-04-26
8   henri 2 years ago

overall growth
Hello Doctor, i have only son and his DOB : 28/12/2012,he is now 3 years and two months,he
kachhawa 2016-03-10
1   kachhawa 2 years ago

urine & cervical problem
respected doctors...please help me for my mother she is 43 year old and she has cervical s
mariz 2015-09-11
8   mariz 2 years ago

Good homeopath in Mumbai
Hi there, Could anyone suggest a good homeopath in Mumbai? I'm new to homeopathy,have
Anushka1 2016-03-09
4   Anushka1 2 years ago

Num vom 200 overdose
I am facing nuxvom 200 overdose side effects. From last 2 months having breathing problem
Sandipan 2016-03-10
1   telescope 2 years ago

Piles Problem
Hi, I'm 31 Yr old and doing sitting job. I'm have the doubt about the piles p
drai05 2016-03-09
3   telescope 2 years ago

High cholesterol -doctor please help
Hello, My name is Simram and I am almost 40 years old. I started having issues of high ch

Simran25 2015-10-09
15   akshaymohl 2 years ago

My kid suffering from chronic cough for 4 years
[message deleted by bzohara on Wed, 09 Mar 2016 17:12:08 UTC]
bzohara 2016-03-09
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undigestion, vry heat and burning frm tracheas(blood on gargile) to stomach, teeth yellowish,painful to bitter
25y&M-whn i eat burning frm tracheas to stomach, to anus...longsufer whn i motion,cons

jhony1 2016-02-08
26   0antivirus0 2 years ago

[message deleted by radhey1504 on wed, 09 mar 2016 09:46:22 utc][message edited by radhey1
radhey1504 2016-03-09
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I have been diagnosed DVT in my left lower leg last year in Jan'15. I use to work in
skumar1 2016-02-07
8   homeo_helper 2 years ago

CSR with earlier problems of Neck pain and UTI
Dear Kadwaji, Namaste. Hope you are doing well. I took Dr Kadwaji advice way back in 20
speddiraju 2016-03-09
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Problem with Baby Finger due to Diabetes
Hi Doctors Recently my father got some injury on the Left Hand's baby finger. Pain i
Soumick Basak 2016-02-14
2   Soumick Basak 2 years ago

Dear Doctors Plz look at this case
Dear Sir my wife have a problem of itching all over the body, and cough and ear jam proble
Nitesh Kamal 2016-02-26
7   Nitesh Kamal 2 years ago

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