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A different kind of PCOS
Hello, I am 24 yr female. Suffering for PCOS for 15 years. Started to develop chin hair
alias4life 2017-10-20
2   healer21 last year

request to prescrible homeopathy remedy for my problem
My age is 60 years, weight 72 kg. I am diabetic since two years. My TSH record is as
pervez adil khan 2017-10-10
6   healer21 last year

Ongoing bleeding from vaginal granulation
I had a total hysterectomy via csection 5 months ago and I’m experiencing some
Braveroad 2017-10-24
1   healer21 last year

Spine issues/rib/liver since falling
I fell and had pain in my liver for 30 mins. It went away for 2 weeks somewhat but I was
wendimurray 2017-10-24
1   healer21 last year

Diagnosed with Depression. Don't want to take anti-depressants.. Please help with Homeopathy
Hi, I am recently diagnosed with depression and the psychiatrist asked me to take
Shamim2 2017-10-24
1   healer21 last year

Skin pigmentation and losing elasticity
Hi, I am 31 yrs female suffering from pcod, weak liver,ulcer.My appetite is very weak.I
Noor5 2017-10-24
1   healer21 last year

Nasal polyps and chronic sinusitis
Hello, I have nasal polyps and chronic sinusitis, was wondering if I might get some
Saltydog143 2017-10-23
1   maheeru last year

Anxiety from Arnica? How to stop it?
Hello I read about a treatment for acid reflux (wet dose of Arnica 30c and Nat Phos 6x

freestyler1 2017-10-16
14   maheeru last year

Piles medicine in pregnancy
Hi, My wife is 2 months pregnant. She has pilesproblem and she used to take homeopathic
Emizai 2017-10-21
3   Shamim2 last year

severe depression/anxiety
Hi, I have depression/anxiety. I was taking Bach flower medicines which was working
Orgearpaurd 2017-10-24
2   Orgearpaurd last year

Help needed.
Can anyone help me ?
Sweety3 2017-10-21
2   healer21 last year

GERD - Healer21 Can you help me?
Hello I am starting this new post as I need some help . Was diagnosed with Grade b
Sweety3 2017-10-18
7   healer21 last year

Proptis on optic nerve
I got operated in jan. 2014 for meningomia on sphenoid bone in orbit. After 6 months of
vijaybhutda 2017-10-22
1   healer21 last year

Talk to myself
I'm 35 female, single. I sometimes talk to myself at night in particular and smiles,
Meera1 2017-10-23
1   healer21 last year

Hypothyroidism And ED
Hello ! I'm a 27 year old male. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism about a year
Frainporvie 2017-10-21
8   akshaymohl last year

sexual weakness
Dear concerns and experts : I have been facing issues with precum flooding due to which
Zuif 2017-10-22
2   Zuif last year

Masturbation habit
I am a 27 year old unmarried male.I am doing masturbation from the age of 14. It is

aries27aries 2009-12-08
29   Nasirkhanjan last year

Argentum nitricum/ silver nitrate
Hey I just began taking this product specifically for anxiety and stress and wanted to
Drairsiarc 2017-10-23
1   simone717 last year

Motor Neuron Disease
Hi all, does any of the homeopaths know of a remedy to help treat motor neuron disease,

elainesmyth68 2006-08-18
14   maheeru last year

Inguinal hernia can cured with homeopathy medicine???
I've inguinal hernia on bothsides. whether i've to go surgery or homeopathy

vijaywithhernia 2009-12-23
24   xceptional88 last year

How to cure side effects of masturbation
HI, My name is khan and i m patient of over-masturbation.Dr i m 17 years old and i have

Eagle shines 2013-05-11
37   sagarshinde78 last year

HELP Digestive Problems, Waking at 3 am, Lump in lower right Abdomen HELP
Turning to this because I have given up on the pharmaceutical world and don't know
bickaroo 2017-10-06
6   bickaroo last year

dr Kadwa help.. female hair loss
age 27 unmarried 60 kg weight and 5.2" height. female hello i am a patient of female hair
jiya 2017-10-17
5   jiya last year

Mole on the body
Dear doctor, My wife has moles in her body at the breast and backside of the area under
Xekie 2017-02-01
3   azamdufin last year