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I woke up about a month ago feeling mildly depressed. Today it is much worse. Are there
Jazmina 2017-09-03
4   akshaymohl 2 years ago

Adverse Effect of Maturbation
I'm 32 years Old Weight: 74kg Height: 5 feet 8 inches Going to be married after two
John_09 2017-09-04
1   akshaymohl 2 years ago

Extreme aggressive behaviour, talk foolish stuff
My brother is 30 years, single. He does nothing serious but very rarely helps his
Meera1 2017-09-04
3   Meera1 2 years ago

Beard and mustache
Hello doctor I am Alex I am kerala age 27 male my beard and mustache not growing thick
alex2518 2017-09-04
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Hashimoto and hot flushes
I am taking NT for thyroid, WP 81.mg , I have hashimoto's and also being 53 yrs
Artloft 2017-09-02
3   ArifMalik1 2 years ago

High Esr, acidity reflux , constipation , licoria, week liver
Hlo sir I m 34 years. I have a surgerian baby of 7 years. I m from Patiala. I have
supreetbawa 2017-09-04
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Tinea cruris
Hi got fungal infection of tinea cruris have been advised Bacillinum 200 one time What
Kamlesh1 2017-09-04
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Overmasturbating at 46 years old still AND looking for info on Natural Herbs and Remedies
Hello Doctor, I came across your forum today accidentally and I have been looking for
johns1 2017-09-04
1   kadwa 2 years ago

continous burping
hello doctor, My son of 12 years of age is suffering from continous burping since 18
Prahlad1 2017-09-03
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Hi I am getting constipation problem. The bowel moment was hard and getting low amount of
Mayankraj 2017-09-01
2   kadwa 2 years ago

Rheumatoid arthritis Anti-ccp
My age is 29 years. I am suffering from rheumatoid arthritis since 2013. It was started
Nabila2 2017-09-01
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Kind Attn : Dr. Kadwa Please advice a proven treatment
Please advice a proven treatment for my mother Age : 60 years Sex : Female
SM24 2017-08-31
1   kadwa 2 years ago

Mental weakness
My age is 32 years Weight 85 kg height 5 feet 10 inch
pulkit1 2017-09-03
1   Reva V 2 years ago

Preventing tooth caries, cavities.. Fellow doctors please share your experience
I request every fellow doctors to share their experience in treating young children to
Reva V 2017-09-02
3   Reva V 2 years ago

Cystic Acne & Excessive Oil
Hello everyone. Sorry to post again. I cannot access my earlier posts. I want to tell
MTaimurG 2017-09-02
1   MTaimurG 2 years ago

Probable scabies in 10-month-old infant
My husband was diagnosed with scabies 10 days ago and was treated internally with
ttflutegal 2017-08-16
2   ttflutegal 2 years ago

Dr Kadwa,can i take lycopodium after 2 months of taking sulphur 1000?
i m 35 yr old unmarried woman. i m suffering from absolute constipation and bloating
monny82 2017-09-03
4   monny82 2 years ago

schizophrenia, please advise if you can
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN, THANK YOU my brother has had schizophrenia with
maryam 2017-08-25
2   maryam 2 years ago

For Dr Zady, bacterial vaginosis again
I am female 50, on menopause but with periods quite often. I never had BV before, i dont

Sun11 2017-08-25
15   Zady101 2 years ago

Dr.simone71 plz guide
HI to all . I am suffering anxiety, high bp, Heart arrhythmia, sleep disturbance IBS
saml 2017-08-31
10   simone717 2 years ago

Sciatica Pain.
Hello, My Mom (age 63 yrs, with no health problems) is suffering from pain aagin after a
Nikkie 2011-07-04
11   kiranmayiyeluri 2 years ago

One eye glaucoma with nerve damage
I have been taking phosphorus 30 c daily in addition to drops . How long can I continue
tiwanaameeta 2017-09-03
1   Reva V 2 years ago

Immediate sex desire for 2/3 hours
Any homeopathic medicine name to increase sex desire in my wife 2/3 hours only please
PRAKASH4 2017-09-02
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Hashimoto and Hypothyroidism
Hi I am here looking for homeopathic treatment for Hashimoto and Hypothyroid issue I am

nitzcha 2013-04-29
15   Artloft 2 years ago

Tinnitus Treatment
It caused severe and continuous tinnitus for last 5 days when used berberis vulgaris
Ali25 2017-08-24
3   jawahar 2 years ago