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inviting telescope
Sir, I have invited Anuj, Kaps, Maheeru, and all to join my threads on CONSTIPATION, and,
rajukmar 2022-05-09
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Hello Kaps
Hello Kaps, I (depression 1) created a new thread with a different ID Can we

Sound Mind 2022 2022-02-09
88   Kaps last week

Need Help Overcoming Severe Reaction to Thuja
If a homeopath could please help me, I would greatly appreciate it. I started seeing a

magicandmiracles1 2022-04-24
30   telescope last week

Toddler coughing
Hello everyone, My daughter is two and has an on again off again dry cough that goes

Anayabharta 2022-03-20
26   anuj srivastava last week

Rectal bleeding
I am 70 years aged low weight woman. For last three days I am suffering from rectal
Sadhana Singh 2022-04-17
13   anuj srivastava last week

for Mr Kaps
Sir, you are treating a case of an 11 year old boy with speech problems. And you have
rajukmar 2022-05-07
2   rajukmar last week

Flu and cough with runny nose
Hello All. My daughter is suffering from flu and chest infection. Age 15 months. In this

likewin 2022-02-10
87   rajukmar last week

Constipation 65 year old lady, please help
Hi Dr, My sisters mother in law has been having constipation for few days now , tried Nux
gudiyachettu 2022-05-04
3   rajukmar last week

Women - Genital Herpes cure - HSV 2
Hi, I'm really hoping homeopathy can cure this for me? Has it been cured a lot of
Gabslb 2022-05-06
10   rajukmar last week

MS and Receding Gums
I am thinking of starting the Banerji Protocol for Multiple Sclerosis, so I would be
Bamp 2022-04-08
16   rajukmar last week

Homeopathic Remedy Codeinum? Prescribed to me for Vallium/ other psychiatric medication withdrawal
Thank you sincerely for taking the time to read this and offer support or information, it
liminal_j 2022-05-03
19   Kaps last week

Question on how aggravations work
So when the remedy aggravates your condition, or there is a proving of it, has the
sbchic1999 2022-05-07
1   Kaps last week

Dr Maheeru only, stuffy nose only at night time
10 year old boy stuffy nose at night time and dry nostrils including sneezing throughout
Derfla 2022-05-07
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Can 1 or 2 doses of an antidote multiple doses of a remedy?
Hi there Question, my daughter was given many too many doses of fairly high potencies
sbchic1999 2022-05-07
4   sbchic1999 last week

for Mr Anuj
Sir, please consider sharing your views on constipation on new thread "everything
rajukmar 2022-05-07
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what happens on homeo forum abc:
An excellent platform being used least usefully! Share your views if you
rajukmar 2022-05-02
6   rajukmar last week

for Moderator
Please consider providing a navigation button "GO TO TOP" & "GO TO
rajukmar 2022-05-07
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External Piles
I have piles since 4 months till then no bleeding but now it started bleeding at the time
pguri 2022-04-27
12   rajukmar last week

everything on Constipation etc
This will help you. Of course there are so many experts already. I invite you to expand
rajukmar 2022-05-06
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Anuj and telescope (The CULB)
I usually keep Kent’s repertory in my one hand I don’t think anyone can even
Kaps 2022-05-05
1   telescope last week

lumbar pain L5 S1 disc bulge
My age is 38 unmarried female recently did MrI it shows L5 S1 disc bulges i have severe
Marie22 2022-05-04
2   rajukmar last week

There are so many helpers with very long experience in prescribing on this Forum. Some
rajukmar 2022-05-05
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Telogen effluvium
Can you please recommend a remedy for this? It's either from post Covid Or EXTREME
Pclune 2022-04-30
2   rajukmar last week

Hi, Anybody here having experience with handling an active diverticulitis issue (colon
Banjara 2022-05-04
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hands (palms) and fingers shake
Dear Experts. Can someone look at this and guide with some remedy. My
Subsuksub 2022-04-10
11   anuj srivastava last week