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Hello Dr I am adnan age 26 married in 2016 hieght 5-8 weight 67kg color brown ... I exp
Airlureffoath 2019-03-21
2   Airlureffoath last month

Return of symptom after 2 days
After two doses of a remedy, the symptom went away. It was gone for 2 days, and then toda
shorestl 2019-03-21
5   simone717 last month

Leg/Foot swelling/Protein in urine
Hi, Recently had a cold cough Fever and hence consulted general physician. He administered
ramesh_krs 2019-03-15
7   Ibrahim3 last month

About bhaang
I have taken almost all homeopathic medicines through homeopaths and this forum. My head s
shatrughnavyas 2019-03-06
1   Kapsdquack last month

Erectile problems
Hi, I had a very minor injury to the nerves in my left eye when I was born causing my eye
sweetflower36 2019-03-21
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Feeling lack of emotions-Kadwa
Good morning, I've been experiencing lack of / flat emotions/ numbness. It has been c
Fatigued 2019-03-20
7   simone717 last month

Child small penis
My 5 year child has small penis. Also his pronunciation of some alphabet is not clear.plea
rajanvikash 2019-03-02
1   Kapsdquack last month

Ulcerative colitus
I have ulcerative colitus 3 years back. Took steroids and alopathic medicine about 8 month
imranhaider 2019-03-17
3   homeo_helper last month

clearing lungs of tar and help boost stamina.
hello all respected doctors and experts. I am headed towards a more healthy lifestyle by
calmlife 2019-03-16
4   calmlife last month

Aliserun 7×
Hi, My dog has kidney failure. Creatinine 10.7, has reduced to 6.8. Was suggested aliseru
chikar05 2019-03-19
1   anuj srivastava last month

Tonsillitis problem.
Respected Sir, I have been suffering from tonsills since childhood.I am 30 years Old. No
Usman Majeed 2019-03-18
3   Ibrahim3 last month

One time Loose stool with sometimes little red blood..
Hello , I have been suffering from 1 time daily loose stool(morning) problem for 1 year. L
Amit22 2019-03-17
5   Ibrahim3 last month

numbness and weakness in legs
Hi, I am 32 years old married women from India, had normal BP. For the past one year I fe
neha3031 2019-03-15
3   Ibrahim3 last month

Ear fullness
Hello, my right ear has been almost deaf for a few months now. I had reduced hearing loss
Suzi333 2019-03-17
1   homeo_helper last month

Breast Milk
BREAST MILK Calcarea Carb. : For increasing Milk.LacVacc. Defl. : For reducing Milk suppl
deoshlok 2006-02-20
2   maheeru last month

Extreme Constipated 2 years old
my 2 years old son is having extreme constipation since birth, his mother is having same c

fizspace 2018-11-13
30   fizspace last month

Any homeopathy
Any suggestions on which medicine is good for delaying ejaculation? And anything for impro
Hojahard 2019-03-15
3   Ibrahim3 last month

Clot and bloodish color in Urine
Dear Sir Last week i have sudden pain at right back which ends at right side stomach. Vis

babu123abhi 2019-03-05
13   Soul_Spirit last month

ethiroseclorosis remide
Iam 56 y m diabetic sufring with ethiroseclorosis under went angioplasty in oct 2017, now
h.ahmed 2019-03-14
8   simone717 last month

about medicine
Which medicine can I take for proper blood circulation in brain.... Basically for blood ci
Friack 2019-03-15
3   Ibrahim3 last month

My age 35years old. Sex-male
Lunk 2019-03-14
1   simone717 last month

Sir. I am suffering from sinus. I had 2times surgery. But not sure. I suffering now. DNS t
Lunk 2019-03-14
2   Lunk last month

A healthy heart
Remide for healthy heart and good blood circulation
h.ahmed 2019-03-14
2   h.ahmed last month

Dr Kadwa - pls help for 17 yr old immature and angry kid
There is another thread ongoing for long time. Unfortunately, the situation has become wor

peaks 2018-12-30
13   Soul_Spirit last month

Hekla Lava for Bone Spurs?
Hello everyone, I have a condition called Hallux rigidus on the left big toe. It'

syria 2019-03-01
14   syria last month

Woke up with right parotid gland swollen and earache
Hello, A couple of days ago I took Arsenicum Album 200C one dose before bed due to consta
OhioGirl71 2019-03-08
7   Soul_Spirit last month

menieres disease
i am suffering with menieres disease (triad of vertigo,tinnitus and deafness right ear) fo
drdeepak24gmail.com 2019-03-10
1   Ibrahim3 last month

Swollen Gland On Neck Left Side
Hello I am seeking help with a swollen gland that started last Sunday February 17. I also
Alimp 2019-02-23
9   Alimp last month

Treatment for Hiv?
Hi, I was diagnosed with HIV 1 three months ago. CD4 count of 245 and VL of 100,000+. Am
hobohoseni 2019-03-07
3   Soul_Spirit last month

1 month old with Silent Reflux?
Hello, my 1 month old son has been choking and coughing while feeding, after feeding he st
Maria9one6 2019-03-08
1   Soul_Spirit last month

absorption in the body
which calcium get absorbed easily in the body? A calcium tablet like Sandocal or cell sal
rajapsc 2019-03-07
3   simone717 last month

Mold and toxic chemical exposure
I have been extremely sick for 6 years. I recently found out it was due to exposure to tox
Tgaruccio321 2019-03-06
1   simone717 last month

Cannabis Indica
Two Cannabis Indica stories In a hotel in a remote mountain town. A group of young people
kuldeep 2006-12-15
12   Arsen5 last month

large Uterine Fibroids
There are several threads for uterine fibroids but none of them seem to be a good match fo
mtranch 2019-03-04
6   mtranch last month

Cough from chest
Dear sir My wife 32 years old having cough from a month. It is kho kho type. Some amount
Nitesh Kamal 2019-03-05
1   Ibrahim3 last month

Penis Glans Sensitivity and Premature Ejaculation
I am a 50+ male and facing the above titled symptoms very seriously. Glans feel like heat
royzafar 2019-03-05
6   royzafar last month

Please take this case
Can someone suggest me a remedy to fix this?  I'm suffering from vomiting issue
Shafi1 2019-02-25
4   Ibrahim3 last month

Please take my mother's case
Doctor my mother is 50 year old Housewife In childhood she was attacked by 100s of honey
Anjali4 2019-02-28
12   Ibrahim3 last month

plz doctor listen my problem.
great problem of urine. plz help me
atharkhan185 2019-03-02
3   Ibrahim3 last month

Dr Tui please help with insomnia
Hi. I have almost used all so called natural sleep aids but nothing works. Only ambien hel
OPAL1 2019-01-06
7   Albert last month

Zero sperm count
Hello, I have found zero sperm count in my reports.But there are productive sperm counts i

Sameer Mehta 2016-06-26
18   moore1 last month

Please tell me what meds are good for adhd combined type for my 7 year old son.
Am123 2019-03-02
4   Am123 last month

Pregnancy nausea
Hello. I am expecting my 2nd child. I am currently in my 8th week. I have extreme nausea w
atiyask 2019-03-04
2   Ibrahim3 last month

Gastric issue, white hair , Headache, Sinus
1) Name--Adnan 2) Age--38 3) sex--Male, married , have a kid 4) Height and Weight 5 feet 7
adnan012 2019-02-28
4   adnan012 last month

Internal tremors
Hello, I’m struggling to find my symptoms on the finder. I have internal tremors wi

Peggy2 2019-02-17
17   simone717 last month

Alcoholic Fatty Liver
Hi I have Alcoholic Fatty Liver (age 45,male) with Alcoholic Fatty Liver 91 and Asparta
ch_partha 2019-03-01
1   anuj srivastava last month

2 D echo test report attached
Dear sir I am attaching echo report, problem is diastolic dysfunction, can you give someth
elururajesh 2019-02-22
7   anuj srivastava last month

Several chronic disease in one
I am 42 years, male suffering with Diabetes type2, high cholesterol, high tricyclesides, w

guddu1976 2019-01-08
15   anuj srivastava last month

Anyone successfully sorted bloating out with homeopathy. What remedy did it. I tried loads
Ideal56 2019-02-23
3   ktsuda last month

Vision/Eyesight issues
What is recommended for deteriorating eyesight? Since 2014 after severe liver/gallbladder
alschneider 2019-03-02
2   alschneider last month

Tissue salts + Constitutional homeopathic treatment?
Question: Could it be that a remedy that has not worked in the past, with the help of salt
Albert 2019-03-02
2   Ibrahim3 last month

Doctor Kadwa...help needed in FIBROEDENOMA
Hie, i am Tanusree. 30yrs old.Have been diagnosed with fibroedenoma in right breast. Done
tanusree85 2019-02-18
4   jiya2 last month

Uterine fibroids
I m suffering from uterine fibroid. I want to know which medicine is best and is available
Shazb 2019-02-28
3   homeo_helper last month

Tissue salts for social phobia
Hi there, Hope you are doing fine.I would like your advice in shuessler salts f
Albert 2019-03-01
4   Albert last month

Blepharitis/ dry eyes
dry, burning, redness, sensitive, 20 years old girl I have it 2 years please help
niki123 2018-12-27
8   niki123 last month

ischemic stroke recovery 77 yo male
thank you for reading. ischemic stroke patient. has been given 1 x aconite 30c and 5 days
AusAlly 2019-02-25
5   Ibrahim3 last month

Cracking sound in all body Joints
My age is 40 from India. I am suffering from cracking sound in all my joints either knees
smoha456 2019-02-20
5   smoha456 last month

Uterine fibroids
I am suffering from uterine fibroida since long time and had done surgery to remove the fi
Shazb 2019-03-01
1   homeo_helper last month

Pain in left Testicle due to accident
Recently I got a Bike accident not major one but was hurt on the left Testicle. The Pain i
forfeit 2019-02-24
4   forfeit last month

4 yr old premature
Hi My son is 4 years old he was born 5 weeks premature but had a sound weight of 3.37kg. H

Fatimamehwash 2018-10-30
30   Ibrahim3 last month

Pill Calculator
Hidden in the recesses of the site we have a pill calculator that hardly anybody uses, bec
moderator 2019-02-28
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Blood pressure variation - Severe Headaches and vision issues
Hi, 2 issues. Sudden Chest pains and Headaches/Weakness/Stomach issues (Gastric i suppose)
warrior047 2019-02-27
3   simone717 last month

Sleep apnea
I have given Ars alb 200c to my daughter aged 44years suffering with sleep apnea 5 pellets

Kotalnarayana 2019-01-08
29   Kotalnarayana last month

Headache from cold
Hello Sir, Please help me out for headache, left nose blocked and little watery also. Rig

Great1 2019-02-12
15   Great1 last month

low sound hearing
dear sir i am male 32 years old, yesterday I had gone to Barat(Shadi), Band Noise is loud
Nitesh Kamal 2019-02-26
1   Ibrahim3 last month

Gum problem
Dear Experts, For the last one fortnight I have gum problem/ tooth pain, due to which I ha
acs 2019-02-13
12   acs last month

Bleeding piles
Doctor I am 20 year old female from uttar pradesh India I am suffering from bleeding pile
Anjali4 2019-02-26
1   homeo_helper last month

Dry mouth
My age is 50+ and i am having dry mouth all the day and night. This is a very difficult si
Sanam16261 2019-02-26
1   homeo_helper last month

Burning of stool fissure
Hi m 28 yrs old suffering frim fissure last 2 years.currently burning of stool during stoo

Priya1991 2019-02-01
18   Ibrahim3 last month

Body heated as and when urine pressure comes. Incontinence urine
Dear Doctors, i am suffering from extreme urine problem as and when there is
atharkhan185 2019-02-26
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