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Mast cells activation/Histamines food intolerances, allergies
Has anyone used aurum 200 along with pulsatilla 200? I have a very complex case and the
Dusty1 2023-04-16
22   Dusty1 last week

Osteoarthritis starting, constipation
Hello, Im a 42 years old Eurasian man, 65kgs, 174cm, spiritual, social, intellectual,
Ramin1 2023-05-18
1   anuj srivastava last week

Birthmark on face 26year old
Is there a way to remove a birthmark like this?
Klimentexe 2023-05-15
9   anuj srivastava last week

Dementia, Sundowners, Delerium how can I help my Mother? Meniscus Tear
Hello it appears as if I have been able to get back into my very old account. I wonder

Andrea50 2023-04-18
58   Andrea50 last week

Lyco abuse
Hello I need an explanation of what happened to me after taking lyco 1m 1 week ago 4
Nana2 2023-05-16
6   JustSayin2 last week

Excessive Hair Loss
Hi, My daughter is 18 years old and suddenly she has started getting excessive hair
baigshehzad 2023-05-17
1   anuj srivastava last week

prurigo nodularis
My self dr.dadha.(m,b;b,s),practicing since 35 years as a general practitioner. I have
Trooth 2023-05-10
13   Trooth last week

4-year-old with Autism and hyperactive
Hi, I need some help with finding the right remedy for my son .He is 4 years old now
OrfetEES 2023-05-16
2   OrfetEES last week

Pro Long IBS With Shoulder pain
Am Suffering From IBS With Heart Burns And Indigestion.Have To Go Wash Room For Long Time
Sumit90 2023-05-16
1   anuj srivastava last week

Seeking Expertise and Guidance for Persistent Eyelid Issue
Hello Community Members, I am writing to discuss a concerning issue regarding my health.
zenevatech 2023-05-16
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Ive been taking staph for years fort self-assertiveness. I feel as though Im being TOO
Wonderwall36 2023-05-14
3   Wonderwall36 last week

Kali phos potency for palpitations & PVCs
Hello, I am 60 years old and have had occasional PVCs in a small number for a long time.
advantis 2023-05-13
6   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Bony growth on forehead
I have bony growth on my forehead since last couple of years ,I m facing no pai or other
Neelabh07 2023-05-10
2   JustSayin2 2 weeks ago

Edema from brain to scalp after surgery to take out tumour
A 25-year-old friend of mine was operated on for a benign tumour in her head and had to
ppalma00 2023-05-14
1   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Enlarged adenoids and tonsils
Hello! I have a son 6 years old and he doesnt sleep well because of enlrged adenoids. All
Kogo 2023-04-14
14   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

18 month old with nystagmus
Hi! I am the mom of an adorable 18-month-old baby boy.I am looking for homeopathic
michaelsmom 2005-05-18
3   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Gynecomastia (enlarged breast in males)
Hello doctors. I am 22 year old skinny-fat male and have gynecomastia since I was 14. I
Believe1 2023-05-07
24   Kaps 2 weeks ago

Grief - Unfulfilled desire for a child
Dear Forum, I´m looking for a remedy (or a list of remedies) which adresses the
Proimi 2023-05-10
4   Kaps 2 weeks ago

Fatigue, persistent eczema and cellulitis
Dear sirs, i am posting again for a dear family member who has some not big but
roberta1 2023-05-10
8   roberta1 2 weeks ago

I was in the emergency room twice...the first I went for high blood pressure high sugar

priyanka123 2023-04-14
39   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

What should I do?
Two year ago I referred to a homeopath for my extreme social anxiety problem his given
Wiezoox 2023-05-09
3   Kaps 2 weeks ago

Body dysmorphic disorder
I am having body dysmorphic disorder .i want to have treatment for

Rashmi arya 2023-01-01
36   Kaps 2 weeks ago

Child with daily stomach pain and nausea
I would really appreciate some help. My kid has always had a sensitive stomach and a
Ariana1 2023-05-09
1   JustSayin2 2 weeks ago

Premature Ejaculation problem
I am 37 year old male facing problem of early discharge during sex with partner. I had
Kamran Sheikh 2023-05-08
2   Kamran Sheikh 2 weeks ago

Kind people, please help- burning mouth and throat, feeling like oil in mouth and red path on roof of the mouth
Hello! Dear knowledgeable, I have struggled with million things in the past 10 years. I
Ariana1 2023-03-14
23   Ariana1 2 weeks ago