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Throat mucus
Hi everyone, Needing help regarding my partner. He is constantly clearning his throat
akira 2020-08-07
3   anuj srivastava 5 days ago

Hyperacidity and left shoulder and Neck pain
I have a very long post the details are in the link I have provided here.

pimathew 2019-08-03
199   freehomeoforall 5 days ago

white hair and hair loss please help !
Hello experts. I hope this finds you in the best of your health and spirits. So I have an
calmlife 2020-09-24
4   Pramod Jha 5 days ago

Dull headache in the rear of the head
I am 65 years old women. My weight is 52 kg. I am lean and thin having arthritis and
Sadhana Singh 2019-08-27
16   Pramod Jha 5 days ago

need medicen name and it's antidote
hi sir, due to some psycological disturbensess i visited a homeo doctor. after taking
Aunow 2020-09-17
5   Pramod Jha 5 days ago

Dental abscess
Hi. Am 65 & retired. I have a dental abscess underneath the jaw on left mandible

mork 2018-06-01
412   mork 5 days ago

Stomach and mental issues
Hello.. Since many years I was suffering from mind and stomach issues, to supress the I
9343780218 2020-09-23
12   9343780218 5 days ago

Kind Attn Dr Udaya Kumar: too much of saliva in mouth
Dear Dr Udaya Kumar, My cousin underwent operation of lower left Jaw and lost sensation.
shaktikroy 2020-09-22
2   anuj srivastava 6 days ago

Headache Right Side
I am having headache on right side from eye to back, side of the ear. It comes for 2-3
prahman 2020-09-23
3   thakurhimanshi 6 days ago

For increasing immune system of my body
Dear Doctor , Actually i want to increase my immune system of my body . my body immune
mminte 2020-09-23
3   Pramod Jha 6 days ago

Dr Maheeru only.
Dr Maheeru, hope you're doing well Sorry for the delay in the post, as you wanted a

syria 2019-09-14
333   maheeru 6 days ago

Nerves of head
The nerves of my head are taut all the time and causes headaches. I also feel as though
Sungho1 2020-09-22
4   Pramod Jha 6 days ago

Higb sugar Kidney and pulse rate problems
I have been suffering from Higb sugar Moderatd blood pressure High pulse rate for the
chaitalichat 2020-09-23
1   anuj srivastava 6 days ago

Burning in legs, eyes and urine
I have a burning sensation in my legs eyes and urine. Is there a cell salt remdey that
Jazminx2 2020-09-18
10   Jazminx2 last week

Natrum phos
Hi which potency is really good for natrum phos specifically 2020-09-17
3   thakurhimanshi last week

For Dr. Maheeru .. Kindly Advise
Hope u r fine. I have read your posts here, so i request you to kindly advise me for my

faizan81 2019-05-24
46   maheeru last week

Alopecia, darkcircel, bat
Mera 1sal ka bachha hai Pregnency ke bad mere hair fall bohot ho raha hai. Forehead ke
bijoy007 2020-09-19
3   Pramod Jha last week

tight right knee
i have tightness around right knee not able to bend or sit cross legged.sometimes while
newhere1 2020-09-06
24   Pramod Jha last week

Dog with rashes and swollen nipple.
Hello, My female dog , 7 yeas old has been itching herself on her paws and in between
Gba 2020-08-17
19   Gba last week

Memory loss and concentration issues
Am a 40 year old, male from India, have been having trouble concentrating and unable
rishia 2020-08-25
17   anuj srivastava last week

Abdominal and rib pain with breathing issues (Mr. Anuj Srivastava pls help)
Hello. My Name is Salman. I am 31 years old. Father of 1 child. Currently i am facing

Salman2010 2020-07-06
39   anuj srivastava last week

Ambylopia treatment
My daughter is 8 and recently identified with ambylopia in right eye Is there any
rajarammohan 2020-09-12
2   thakurhimanshi last week

Snizzing problem in the morning mostly
Hello, almost every morning either of my nose gets blocked or start running water and I
aly.irshad 2020-09-21
3   thakurhimanshi last week

I have fever 10days with coughing
I have fever 10 day back where my body feels cold and sweat. The fever was coming and
forfeit 2020-09-21
2   thakurhimanshi last week

Plz help. Psychological case of two real brothers
I want to discuss case of my two elder brothers. Brother 1: Age about 39 years. Highly
alik 2020-09-20
3   alik last week