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Merc, Merc sol and Merc Viv: Are they same or different?
The three remedies: Merc, Merc Sol, Merc Viv I dont know what particularly the first one
abhas 2023-11-25
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Hello I have been experiencing Tinnitus for seven months now. I am currently experiencing

Jenny6 2021-03-22
34   Mrhyperbolic last week

Is it ok to take coffee everyday when you are on homeopathic meds? If so, how far apart
soul123 2023-11-23
2   soul123 last week

Bloating and Fatty Liver
First of all, I would like to thank all of the community here. Im a 38-year-old male
LeoLeoLeo 2023-11-03
4   anuj srivastava last week

Overnight hearing loss
Woke-up and couldnt hear out of left ear. No pain. No elevation shifts, no allergies,
Rerenkush 2023-10-21
10   mrmhm last week

Materia Medica: Skin
Are there any Materia medica that focusses on skin specially and has pictures of
abhas 2023-11-23
1   anuj srivastava last week

Irregular period
Hello Doctor,I am 44 yr old lady.I have hypothyroidism with 7.tsh,under no allopathic
Shaikh1 2023-11-22
3   anuj srivastava last week

Torn tendons in shoulder from heavy chest exercise
Hello experts. I Hope this finds you in the best of your health. so 3 years ago i was in
calmlife 2023-11-20
4   calmlife last week

Nat Mur 50m Menopause?
Hi there, Im going through huge hormone changes and have been given Nat 50m. I have
anunnaki1111 2023-11-21
7   anuj srivastava last week

Dr Anuj attention pls Existing case :Frequent cold cough /larger adenoids/sleep apnea mild in 5 yr old
Dr Anuj I have been consulting you for a few months and I could find the thread in the
Hengere 2023-11-08
13   anuj srivastava last week

Torn tendons in shoulder from heavy exercise
Hello experts. I Hope this finds you in the best of your health. so 3 years ago i was in
calmlife 2023-11-20
3   simone717 last week

Nasal Flux - Cranio-hydrorrhea
GreetingsThe Holistic Anatomy of the Brain's NoseTo breathe is to live and to be
homeopathy 2006-03-17
2   Completefreedomall last week

Male Infertility Issue - Only for Dr Mozammal Hoque (mrmhm)
I am 44 years old male, married from last 18 years but having no child. After one-two
zulfi1 2023-10-22
13   mrmhm last week

Dr Anuj Please Help with Stomach issue of Sister
Hello Doctor, My sister 30 years old living in NCR is facing stomach issue for last few
mayankgates 2023-11-15
3   anuj srivastava last week

Miniscus tear and bone inflation in Left Knee
Hello, Im a 51 y/o male, living in the states. I have an invironmently induced
adamues 2023-11-21
1   Ziomih last week

Breast reduction
I am 45 years old female, height 5 feet weight 55kg. I am healthy no other health
123456ro 2023-11-20
1   anuj srivastava last week

Back side of left knee portion pain
Dear sir I m 37years male from India. My job is sitting work on computer. After
Nitesh Kamal 2023-11-20
1   HealthyWorld last week

UTI problem
I was diagnosed UTI and was treated with antibiotics for initialy three and then for five
Sadhana Singh 2023-11-16
10   HealthyWorld last week

Inflamed finger
Hello, My finger is swollen, red and painful to the touch for 5 days now. I do have the
George5 2023-11-13
7   HealthyWorld last week

excessive urination
i am 37 year old female suffering from excessive urination day and night and scanty
Ainguirdow 2023-11-17
12   Ziomih last week

pigment, mole, Huom! Anuj Srivastava
I created a new conversation about my husband. The previous conversation was gone. Anuj

Taryu 2023-09-14
32   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Dosing to prevent aggravations and proving.
I do have a problem with homeopathic remedies that they aggravate too much to me. Using
abhas 2023-11-15
6   abhas 2 weeks ago

Breast tumour
Hi I have been diagnosed with breast tumor, in the right breast. My allopathic doctor is

Nainananjoy 2023-10-31
27   Ziomih 2 weeks ago

homeopathic Doctor in Chennai
Hi All, Can you please suggest some good homeopathic Doctor in Chennai. Also if anyone
frajan2000 2015-09-09
7   vdrshilpi 2 weeks ago

Mental irritation, ed, inappropriate sexual thoughts and anxiety and depression
In 11 nov, my partner and I went for a day out where i had a sexual intercourse where I

pabitra 2021-12-19
170   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago