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Dr.Thoufeeque - High sexual desire
Dear Sir I am 21 yrs old male, i started masturbation since 15 yrs age for which i
aboy 2021-04-30
5   drthoufeequebhms 6 days ago

Pilonidal Cyst
Hi I am writing for my 20 year old son who has pilonidal cyst from last few years, we

Skhosla1 2021-01-18
45   Skhosla1 last week

Multiple Gallbladder Polyps
I'm 35 years old. Active, healthy. No other health issues. I was diagnosed with 2
Sacrednerve 2021-07-17
1   anuj srivastava last week

Fearful person since childhood, Love disposition, social anxiety
I am fearful person since childhood and always dependent on others low self esteem and
Seampuredg 2021-07-11
13   Seampuredg last week

hepatitis b and c
HEPATITIS B AND C are on increase in Pakistan . is there any homeopathic remedy for
KHATTAK 2007-01-03
4   matinalucia5 last week

Chronic hepatitis B, treatment for permanent cure
Details, This is 37 years male, married, had blood transfusion during accident in year
mumbai 2012-08-15
10   matinalucia5 last week

hepatitis b
hello everyone as i am hepatitis b petient.i would like to welcome any sugestions from
LaaLaa 2013-07-05
2   matinalucia5 last week

High ALT , Hepatitis C
Hi, my mother has been a patient of hepatitis for two years now. I have tried all kind of
ymnamsu 2009-10-06
4   matinalucia5 last week

dani11 2010-12-28
8   matinalucia5 last week

Hepatitis B - need a cure please
I have been recently diagnosed with Hepatitis B. I have no apparent symptoms, but I am
Abul Hasan 2004-11-18
4   matinalucia5 last week

Hepatitis B homeopathy medicine to cure to negative
Dear Sir I am having HBV-B,since 10 years. the results are as follows: HBV DNA was
G.Hari Prasad Redd 2015-01-17
4   matinalucia5 last week

Treatment for Hepatitis C
I am a 60 years old male suffering from hepatitis C and diabetes. I had been taking,
saleem53 2013-12-18
2   matinalucia5 last week

need guidance on hepatitis treatment....pls guide me
i came to know that i am hepatitis b positive in my second month of pregnancy on
divya D 2015-09-11
2   matinalucia5 last week

Is Hepatitis C cureable in homeopathy?
hi all doctors i am male 32 and a patient of hepatitis c. since last 3 years i want to
Fahad_ici 2006-08-04
7   matinalucia5 last week

Chronic Hepatitis B carrier...
I have been in this site reading quite a lot of valuable comments since i found out that
Amlak 2011-09-13
3   matinalucia5 last week

Hepatitis C
Have you so far suggested remedies for treatment of Hepatitis C. Were you able to reduce
kotidara 2008-10-11
3   matinalucia5 last week

My mother is a newly diagnosed hepatitis c patient
Dear doctor Rejendra and Murthy i am starting a new topic here about my mother's

Fahad_ici 2007-09-14
53   matinalucia5 last week

Hepatitis C, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
My daughter was diagnosed with Hep C at 8 yrs old. I have it and drs think maybe rare
Lovelee 2009-11-05
7   matinalucia5 last week

Hepatitis B and C
Dear Doctor Kindly send me a complete Prescription for the treatment of Hepatitis B and C
Dr. Jameel Ch. 2013-03-15
1   matinalucia5 last week

For Ladies. re Hepatitis b treatment
Can I also take Lycopodium 200 for my hepatitis. No symptoms
San1 2016-07-20
1   matinalucia5 last week

Hepatitis A, liver enzymes elevated.
Hello, This is a post I made yesterday :
syria 2017-05-12
4   matinalucia5 last week

Hepatitis C
Can one who is being treated for hepatitis C with homeopathy take ginger? If yes, in what
ralph 2004-09-06
1   matinalucia5 last week

hepatitis c
Sir i am male 30 i have 2leg,s pain doctor says hepatitis C kindly help me i am
rafi_5217705 2010-02-03
2   matinalucia5 last week

Hepatitis C
can hepatitis c b cured by homeopathy? if yes how long does it
ralph 2004-09-12
7   matinalucia5 last week

Oestoprisis and Hepatitis C
Hello doctors, my mother has been a patient of hepatitis c for over two years now and
sallo 2010-03-18
10   matinalucia5 last week