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Hayfever Allergies
Hi, I require medication for my nephew. He is 5 years of age, weighs around 20 kg. We
neik 2016-11-19
8   georgewhittington 3 weeks ago

Dear sirs, my cousin (female, 38) suddenly started suffering from constipation 3 weeks
roberta1 2019-05-20
4   homeo_helper 4 weeks ago

lease help to find the right remedy to heal the oozing breast tumor
- Please help to find the right remedy to heal the oozing tumor - female 56 years, mother
Kiran Kumar3 2019-05-22
1   simone717 4 weeks ago

Sexual disorders
Ravi Age-29 Unmarried 1. Penis size 2 inch in normal and erection time 2.8 inch. Penis
ravi1231 2019-05-22
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22 year old needs help with wrist pain not going away
A sincere request to an experienced doctor to take my case. I am 22 year old young man.

suna711 2019-02-25
97   suna711 4 weeks ago

Sweaty butt rash
Hello This year it hasn’t even been a full summer yet and I’ve beginning to
Am123 2019-05-21
1   simone717 4 weeks ago

Acne Scars......remove them yourself
Okay, I know what I am about to say is kind of controversial, but hey!I recently had a

davestar057 2005-03-07
46   jonathanpiner 4 weeks ago

Help Anuj?? Burning in stomach and anal burning like chilly during stool and stomach cramp pain
Dear sir Last month A parasite comes out after taking honey and pipad. After 15 days I
Nitesh Kamal 2019-05-16
2   anuj srivastava 4 weeks ago

Jaw and neck pain from overmasturbation and also very sensitive penis
28 years, male, 74 kg weight, 70 cm height, medium dark complexion, unmarried. From last
SUBHAJIT 2019-05-11
6   Kapsdquack 4 weeks ago

Seasonal skin allergies
Hi, I am a 21 years old female living in Canada. Every spring and summer I have skin
pollen 2018-06-01
6   georgewhittington 4 weeks ago

After fissure laser operation
Hello i had fissure operation last yr.still hve burning in fissure.problem not
Riya3 2019-05-20
1   homeo_helper 4 weeks ago

BXO treatment...
Good morning, I was recently diagnosed with BXO. Right away the doctors want to start

Cloudbase 2010-05-08
450   cato88 4 weeks ago

Doesn't know when to stop - key characteristic.
"Doesn't know where to stop" Which remedy has this characteristic? Or
lifesstudent 2019-05-17
1   moderator last month

Tissue salts 6x versus homeopathic remedy 6x
What is the difference between tissue salt st 6x or a homeopathic remedy strength 6x. Are
Ideal56 2019-05-19
4   kohler last month

left side tonsil hearts
left side tonsil hearts when swallow even saliva for the last 2 weeks need
sitara 2019-05-16
7   HealthyWorld last month

I am being so mean!
Hello I have been very suspicious and mistrusting of my partner lately. It is affecting
pclin 2019-05-13
6   Kapsdquack last month

Need help with undescended testicles
Dear Doctor,  My three and a half year old son has an undescended testicle on the
aborowczak 2014-01-25
4   maheeru last month

Very big hard boil type knot
I m female, 35, single. I have developed two small very hard acne type thing on my back
Meera1 2019-05-19
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PCOS...Irregular Periods...Unwanted Hairs.....Hair Fall..
Hi Respected Doctors Kindly prescribe me.I have mentioned information regarding my

jiya2 2018-02-26
94   jiya2 last month

Query about CARBO VEG potency for gas.
Hi, Carbo Veg is usually recommended for flatulence/ bloating, if someone has terrible

samur420 2010-12-25
15   simone717 last month

Please help: how much Fucus vesiculosus
my herbalist told me to take kelp for thyroid support and weight loss, but I want to take
roberta 2009-04-01
3   Ideal56 last month

lipoma (fatty ball)
i am suffering with lipoma under armpit. I think it is the starting stage. i tried in
subrahmanyam 2019-05-18
1   Info.rahiq last month

Hay Fever
Looking for the right match for my Hay Fever - spring allergies which just hit me like a
Annabelle2 2019-05-18
1   simone717 last month

Runny nose and cough
I had runny nose coupled with cough about a month back that started after eating curd.
ashoksangita 2019-04-02
3   ashoksangita last month

ADHD, Social Anxiety, OCD, Depression, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Insomnia
I am 28 years old male from India. I am suffering from the following symptoms from many
Ivo 2019-05-16
3   simone717 last month

Severe toothache
Sir, My last teeth (last ) of upper right hand jaw was broken one year before all of
yogesh baijal 2019-05-10
2   yogesh baijal last month

Chronic fatigue
I am a woman 45 years, I am overweight in the lower part of my body. My legs are heavy
Livy 2019-05-04
7   Livy last month

6x or 6dh
Dear All, I have been presribed a remedy for a mental problem at the D6 (6x).-I
Albert 2019-05-14
2   Albert last month

mom had stroke, blood thinner?
my mom had a small stroke on the right side, she has atrial fibrillation and congestive

ajerara 2013-04-22
16   simone717 last month

Eid ul Fitr Mubarak
Hi, I would like to wish Eid Mubarak to all members. May our creator accept your
nawazkhan 2016-07-06
3   sitara last month

Adhd and zoning out
My 7 year old son has adhd combined. He is on meds but still has issue focusing. The

Am123 2019-04-11
26   Kapsdquack last month

Right knee pain
My 15 yr old son has had unexplained right knee pain for 4 months. The pain is located
Closee 2019-05-14
1   anuj srivastava last month

shrink prostate
Can you please suggest me medication which can help shrink
Niiev161 2019-05-15
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Consultation required from Dr Jitesh only for ADHD patient (with a brief history of tonic-clonic and absence seizure)
Dear Dr Jitesh, My name is Aqueel, and with this post, I seek your support for my son
Muzammil ADHD 2019-05-15
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Can homeopathy help? Request for advice from experienced practitioners.
My grandmother, Theresa, 83 yo, was admitted to hospital with acute cholecystitis in a
Lukasz Liniewicz 2019-05-10
4   maheeru last month

ear ache in air plane ( air travel )
Hi I have my family and kid gets sever ear pain while taking off or landing whenever they
bkushwaha 2019-05-13
1   maheeru last month

Gene and medicine
Doctor i am 19 year old male height 5 feet 4 inches weight 50 kg I have been taking
Anjali4 2019-05-13
5   drjitesh last month

5 year old stomach issues
Hello My 5 year old son barely eats. When he does eat he eats few bites then complains

Am123 2019-04-11
16   Am123 last month

Tinnitus and dizziness
Looking for insight to help heal my tinnitus/dizziness. Back in January I was involved in
Kenifer 2019-05-10
7   Kapsdquack last month

Stomach gas problem
Hi, My daughter 8yrs old is suffering from acute gastric problem. When we tap her
pgajraj 2019-05-11
6   pgajraj last month

Hi, I was wondering if I could get any advice on schizophrenia. I would like to use

jimbates 2019-04-01
14   lucawi last month

bipolar disorder & homoeopathic treatment
What is Bipolar disorder? Bipolar disorder is a condition in which people go back and
drjitesh 2019-05-11
1   simone717 last month

autism & homoeopathic treatment
AUTISM & HOMOEOPATHY : Autism and Homeopathy Autism is a childhood disorder begins
drjitesh 2019-05-11
1   simone717 last month

shrink prostate
I suffer from enlarged prostate. Allopathy doctors are suggesting for operation. But I am
Niiev161 2019-05-11
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avascular necrosis & homoeopathic treatment
Role of Homoeopathy in Avascular Necrosis ! What is Avascular Necrosis ? Avascular
drjitesh 2019-05-11
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diabetes & homoeopathic treatment
Homeopathic treatment does not target a disease, an organ, part of the body or a symptom,
drjitesh 2019-05-11
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Urine track infection
Suffering from UTI Age-36 G-
pgajraj 2019-05-08
7   pgajraj last month

Prostatorrhea, weakness and Erectile Dysfunction
Sir, I am 25 years old male. For the last 6 months, I have witnessed that whenever I talk

Shaksham 2018-12-01
147   Shaksham last month

Need help with hypothyroid!
Please help me with hypothyroid. I'm 37 y.o. hypothyroid (TSH 3.8.)and its
Jlee 2019-05-11
no replies yet

Anal Fistula after Radiation
Hi, I'm new here - I had radiation a few years ago and received 37 targeted
CatB1 2019-05-10
1   simone717 last month

gas ball stuck lower left side Of navel ..plz help
I m 36 yr old unmarried woman A gas ball is stuck just next to my navel , lower left
monny82 2019-04-27
5   anuj srivastava last month

Bursitis / Tennis Elbow
Does anyone have suggestions for bursitis/tennis elbow? I could not find my specifics in

tshallow74 2006-04-05
37   Cincwood last month

Cichorium intybus to conceive male child
hello all, i have read somewhere that cichorium intybus Q can help in conceiving a male
jay1 2019-05-09
4   jay1 last month

Postpartum depression (PPD)
HELLO, First of all thanks for making this forum for hopeless people like me. I am

zaaf11 2019-04-08
25   Soul_Spirit last month

Mild autism ..Chamomilla
My son has mild to moderate autism.He is 4years..need based verbal ..uses two words to
sunny19 2019-05-04
10   simone717 last month

Remedy enquiry
I am in need of Carboneum CM. Where can I get that. I am from India. I have searched
gopal18 2019-05-08
1   moderator last month

Urine Albumin
I am 44 years old, from Chottogram, Bangladesh. from 2008 I am with Diabetic. last few
Tuly06 2019-05-05
4   Kapsdquack last month

Can't read book for long hours(even 1 hour). Don't have concentration and focus
Dear Xperts My age : 31 years 9 months Sex : Male(Non-Veg) I am not able to read any
Soumick Basak 2019-03-27
9   simone717 last month

prostatorrhea, ed, pe
I'm 23 year old male. Failed to enter vagina on first ever sex due to erection loss
Shaksham 2019-05-01
2   simone717 last month

Re: breast enlarge ment
MODIRA1 2019-05-08
1   simone717 last month

peas4 2019-05-08
no replies yet

Bufo Rana - Son Excessive Masterbation
My son is 17 and continues to excessivly masterbate which I think is not good for him. A
Gugan 2019-05-05
12   Kapsdquack last month

Toddler holds food in mouth
Hi.. My almost 4yo daughter holds food in her mouth nd doesnt swallow even the purees. Im
Ostoo 2019-05-02
1   maheeru last month

Pregnancy constipation
I just want to know if luzy tablets are safe to use during pregnancy Luzy
Saddy1 2018-04-02
11   maheeru last month

serious pain in middle of the shin (below of leg)
dear doctors, dear sir i have been requested that my sister facing very serious pain in
Maurj 2019-04-23
3   Kapsdquack last month

Cat needs remedy
Hello, I am very grateful with anyone who can give me advise on my cat. He is a large

penny3 2019-02-24
64   Soul_Spirit last month

Dr Kadwa Please Help. It's urgent. (Allergy cough)
My mother having a problem last one year. She suffering from cough every month. 20 or 25
Arijit3 2019-01-23
4   simone717 last month

Papillary conjunctivitis
Hello. I am thirty years old female suffering from papillary inside my eye lid. The eye

Umang 2018-12-15
17   anuj srivastava last month

Vein /nerve / pulse issues
Possible MS. Age 45. Suffering with a nerve issues. Also hemorrhage during menses. And
HomeopathyMom1 2019-05-01
5   Kapsdquack last month

Low testosterone and premature ejaculation(sometimes). Questionnaire attached.
I understand and respect homeopathy and hence using this questionnaire template to detail
fakename 2019-04-19
7   Kapsdquack last month

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