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Wet Eczema
My wife is suffering from Wet Eczema and its developed on her hand behind her palm. This
baigshehzad 2023-01-11
6   baigshehzad last month

Dry cough non productive
Dear sir, I am getting itching in uvula nasopharynx area which causes dry non productive
pravric 2023-02-22
3   pravric last month

Psychiatric Problem
My mother age 80 years has been suffering from psychiatric problem for last 30 years.
mkh2000 2023-01-28
3   anuj srivastava last month

Stomach pains
I have been having stomach pains on and off for about 2-3 yrs. I have been diagnosed as
rmary3 2022-10-17
14   rmary3 last month

Strophanthus Hispidus 30 ch dosage?
I was advised to take Strophanthus Hispidus for heart health. I ordered some 30ch liquid
vontroster 2023-02-21
3   simone717 last month

9 year old kid having frequent Migraines
Hi all, My son is 9 years old and he has been getting Migraines since he was 4 yrs old.
sagrawal 2023-02-02
9   sagrawal last month

Need urgent help
Respected Dr, I need help from you. I've had a chronic prostrate problem for the 2023-02-17
5   Kaps last month

Homeopathic Urine Formula
Since Joe got me interested in succussing remedies I thought I would add this recipe to
Sparkfx 2005-12-30
7   lin last month

tissue salts for chickenpox
My son (11) had chickenpox spots starting two days ago. He is having oat baths but is
jona3 2023-02-20
12   jona3 last month

TMJ Issues while eating
My wife has TMJ Issues while eating, she saying her jaw is shifting while eating. She has
forfeit 2023-02-05
5   HealthyWorld last month

Dark Ankles Knot on Right Side of Right Feet
I have a Big dark rough spot on the right leg only. It's totally rough and less
forfeit 2021-05-26
12   forfeit last month

remedy/ tissue salts for too much caffeine?
Please could someone advise a remedy or tissue salts or other natural treatment for too
jona3 2023-02-17
2   jona3 last month

Eczema (skin rash) on face only of 7 month old baby
Brother had same issue but went away when his formula was changed. This little

Blossom3 2022-12-13
32   Kaps last month

Stiff body, painful joints, tiredness
Hi guys, I wonder if anyone can help. I am 42 yr old female and my body feels stiff. When
Ivana2 2023-02-19
1   mrmhm last month

Attn: Homeopath - Correct Wrong Remedies
Could someone please help? I’m dealing with MS and GERD. I was working with a
Bamp 2023-02-18
10   Bamp last month

EBV, Chronic fatigue and vertigo
Hello, for the last few years I’ve been dealing with relapse in EBV. I’m
Bethany_4 2023-02-13
7   Bamp last month

Eustachian tube dysfunction
Hi everyone im 23 yrs old female Everything started at the beginning of January 2023,
kaattheryn 2023-02-16
11   HealthyWorld last month

cat geriatric excessive thirst
My cat is 16 and last 6 months has lost alot of weight. Appetite decreased. Thirsty all
bwill13 2023-02-19
1   anuj srivastava last month

Delete post
How do I remove something which I posted in this
Ziomih 2023-02-19
no replies yet

1M potentisation: How often is safe ?
1. For adults (45-50 years old) 2. For intellectuals 3. Not physical labor 4. Νot
Red Hermit 2023-02-13
14   Red Hermit last month

Hello, I am having piles.tightness in anal cavity.sometimes pain after stool.extenal
kusu 2023-02-17
3   Kaps last month

hayfever/rhinitis (evocationer)
sir would you please take up my case and get me cured from this condition. pollen season

allergic69 2014-03-20
129   simone717 last month

Nothing "working" - Chronic mental health and physical tension
Hello, What can be done if homeopathy doesn't seem to "work" for you or
Oiviorv 2023-02-16
8   Oiviorv last month

Female living in darkness for 35years
I always believed in natural path but never tried homeopath medicine until 3days ago. I
Madi 2023-02-14
12   simone717 last month

Deleted post
Deleting and closing this discussion. Thank you Kaps.
Ziomih 2023-02-08
14   Ziomih last month