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Severe painful ear infections
My 15 year old son has a painful ear infection Started congestion in nose around13th
Yorkygirl 2021-09-23
6   simone717 3 weeks ago

Struvite Kidney Stones
Hi, Could anyone recommend anything for struvite kidney stones, how can I dissolve them?
Urca 2021-09-23
4   Urca 3 weeks ago

Post covid weakness recovery
My cousin's entire family suffered from covid a month back. Her parents and brother
mayankgates 2021-05-15
4   anuj srivastava 3 weeks ago

Hyperacidity by Lemon water
I have hyperacidity after having lemon water for a month. Carbo veg 30. Nux Vomica 30 and
Joy511 2021-09-23
3   simone717 3 weeks ago

Asthma wet please help
I am seeking a remedy for this ongoing condition that I got for 2 years. Started with
mpopyk 2021-09-20
2   atari2008 3 weeks ago

Eye floaters after dilated eye exam?
So here is a thing that only a homeopath may understand. With all these experiences in
atari2008 2021-09-23
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Maturation arrest of spermatocyte level.
Dear sir I am taking haemamelis, , as per your subscription from last 6 months
sallahibhai 2021-09-23
no replies yet

autism & homoeopathic treatment
AUTISM & HOMOEOPATHY : Autism and Homeopathy Autism is a childhood disorder begins
drjitesh 2019-05-11
2   katsumi 3 weeks ago

loose front tooth
My husband suddenly noticed today that one of his front teeth is loose a bit. not much,
sonja1 2021-09-23
1   anuj srivastava 3 weeks ago

Help with multiple comorbilities
Hi, I have been to the doctor and they say I’m fine but I have some ongoing
Edwar427 2021-09-22
1   anuj srivastava 3 weeks ago

Severe insomnia
I am a male. I bought bach flower remedy (rescue remedy) and passiflora complex
SleepGood 2021-09-20
1   SleepGood 3 weeks ago

Ear or nasal polyps_causing breathing issues and ear discharge
Feline - Recurring Nasal congestion and ear discharge My cat started getting his
plisa11 2021-09-20
4   plisa11 4 weeks ago

My son age 8 is facing Stool Incontinence after surgery of hershsprung disease
Hi, My son age 8 is, was diagnosed with hershsprung disease at 5th day of birth and
myacir 2020-10-17
7   drjitesh 4 weeks ago

Diabetes, Inguinal Hernia, & RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome)
Dear Doctor, Please suggest me medicine according to the following symptoms: Present
Akther_Hossain 2021-09-19
1   drjitesh 4 weeks ago

Bilateral Varicocele with azuspermia nill sperm age 36-37 years
Dear all My age is 36 .I am a male patient. I had been diagnosed varicocele in both of
sallahibhai 2019-12-17
11   sallahibhai 4 weeks ago

Corn in Foot
Hello My name is Manish (29 Years). I have corn in my foot from last 2 Months. It pains
manish99955 2021-09-17
2   manish99955 4 weeks ago

Proving by Argentum nitricum 200
Hi, A Qu*ack in india prescribed me argentum nitricum 200 ( 3 times a day 10 pills each
abc11 2021-09-02
14   abc11 last month

Motion Sickness Be Gone for infant?
Is it safe to give Motion Sickness Be Gone tablets to a nine month old baby who gets car
kathleen3068 2021-09-16
1   anuj srivastava last month

pinkie pain
Hello - the top part of my pinkie on my left hand is swollen, painful and feeling

treezal 2021-06-30
30   anuj srivastava last month

Severe Thigh Pain
My wife has a Severe thigh intermittently on left side. the pain is moving from abdomen
maliks 2014-02-09
2   wellbeingchiony last month

recurring styes in eye
My daughter keeps getting styes in her eyes ( both) one after the other and they last for 2021-09-14
2 last month

Completing cure initiated by Aurum Met
I need advice on how to complete cure initiated by Aurum
Zank 2021-09-14
7   Kaps last month

Remedy Finder -- Input "symptoms I have right now"? or my "usual symptoms, but not currently having"?? ++
I tried to use the Remedy Finder for a few issues, but am having trouble deciding how
Aimarkie 2021-09-04
18   Karlpeter99 last month

CH/C vs CK Dilutions -- Please Clarify Strength of Potencies Compared, +++
I read through a few posts here in re to CH/C potency vs CK. I believe someone spoke
Aimarkie 2021-09-14
1   Kaps last month

Sciatica or not
I had sciatica a few months back probably from a back injury. I went to a homeopathic
Prartea 2018-04-05
4   wellbeingchiony last month