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natrum muriaticum 6x as a antidote now I have huge weaknesses
Hello help me iam on antidote Agnus castus using natrum muriaticum 6x now huge weakness
dheeraj721 2022-08-27
1   mrmhm last month

itching , irritation in soft palate of throat at night
Please suggest male 43, on and off symptoms speicaly with change of wather, mostly at
Geeb 2022-08-27
1   mrmhm last month

I’ve been using homeopathy for a few years now with a lot of symptoms resolving but
Bonbear 2022-07-11
6   Wiezoox last month

Platinum reaction
A friend had some trouble with vaginal prolapse/scarring about two years after giving
Purple3214 2022-06-15
17   mrmhm last month

Dry eyes due to Sjogren's
Hello. I am posting for someone else who has very severe eye symptoms. Gets worse in the
Blossom3 2022-06-17
17   telescope last month

Dear Doctors 1. My Daughter is 21 years old 2. She is epileptic since 2000. 3. She was

Sher Afzal 2021-11-04
35   mrmhm last month

Help Hair density reduced in the front
Hello my hair started falling rapidly sometime 2-3 years, it was accompanied by a lot of
homeopathyLover1 2022-08-24
2   homeopathyLover1 last month

Buy Modafinil Online from Generic Meds Australia
Hi, my name is wiiliam lisa, and I have completed Post-Graduation from the University of
wiiliam 2022-08-26
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potassium deficiency
I am 51 year old male. I have severe potassium deficiency and mood swings, tiredness and

Derfla 2022-02-25
60   anuj srivastava last month

Severe Arthritis
Hello, I'm asking for a friend of mine, She is 85 y/o lady, with severe arthritis.
adamues 2022-08-24
5   anuj srivastava last month

shallow cough
10 yr old boy. asthmatic type cough, coughs in 2 short burst a little wet sounding,
WHIPAT 2022-08-23
7   anuj srivastava last month

Allergy, Recurrent sneezing then Cold then cough
Hello All, I need help for my 3 years old boy. Past 4 months , he is getting recurrent
Dsahu 2022-08-16
20   Dsahu last month

Bartholin cyst / abscess
Hi there. I'm currently 34 years old and have suffered for several years with

BCanon 2019-11-11
27   anuj srivastava last month

Mother suffering Varicose Veins leg pain will homeo work or need surgery
Problem: Elderly Mother suffering with varicose veins. Tried hammamillis 30, pulsatilla

ariesboy 2021-02-18
74   anuj srivastava last month

Unsettled baby
I am currently fostering a 10 week old baby he was removed from mother at birth placed
Gem 2022-08-23
3   Gem last month

Does sepia help bloating? Does it really help balance women's
Ideal56 2021-11-03
3   agriz1 last month

hot flashes, hair loss, fatigue perimenopause
Hello, I'm 48 and in the perimenopause stage. I am really struggling right now, so
imisanon 2022-08-22
3   Kaps last month

genital warts
Hello I need help my baby(6years old) got genital warts. We take 1M sulfur, I can see
AABB13 2022-08-10
15   AABB13 last month

GERD, Esophagitis
Hello, I’m hoping that someone could help me with GERD and esophagitis. I am on a

Bamp 2022-06-11
105   Bamp last month

Hot flashes
I am in perimenaupasue and I trited one dose of sepia 200c to help with mood, but it
Lola1234 2022-07-29
18   anuj srivastava last month

Need help pinpointing the right remedy for my son!
Hello, I recently was trying to pinpoint the correct constitutional remedy for my son
Alizou13 2022-08-19
3   anuj srivastava last month

Hi, can anyone tell me what the antidote to Sanguinaria is? Thanks in
Purple3214 2022-08-15
3   Kaps last month

Noise in Ears (Tinnitus )With Hearing Loss
32 years old and I am suffering from sound in my right ear since 7 years but now my
Ahsan5 2022-06-13
22   anuj srivastava last month

hayfever/rhinitis (evocationer)
sir would you please take up my case and get me cured from this condition. pollen season

allergic69 2014-03-20
127   allergic69 last month

Sensitivity / side Effects ???
Hello, I turned to homepathy last yr when I got no relief from GERD w/conventional meds.
messages321 2010-02-17
12   Wiezoox last month