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hayfever/rhinitis (evocationer)
sir would you please take up my case and get me cured from this condition. pollen season

allergic69 2014-03-20
102   allergic69 3 weeks ago

Concentrate on your aim.. to serve people.
Dear Friends, I am a doctor and one day I came to know about this form.Then I decided to
drdineshsharma 2006-05-19
12   punitmittal777 3 weeks ago

Anal fissure/ fistula
Hi, I am Male age of 39 years, Weight- 172 lbs. No , no BP or other diseases. On 22nd
Saq1241 2022-01-02
2   Saq1241 3 weeks ago

Son Growth and Hight stopped last two years
Hello , I would like to consult about my son height growth. My son age 12 year and Hight
Sanjeebmallick1 2021-09-21
3   punitmittal777 3 weeks ago

Liver suffering after lycopodium overdose.
I overdosed lycopodium 2 years ago. Like i took lycopodium 200 for consecutively a week.
baniya 2018-10-21
21   Wiezoox 3 weeks ago

Displacement of the Ribs cage
Is there any remedy for the displacement of the ribs cage. Right chest slightly looks
nk111 2021-12-29
2   nk111 3 weeks ago

When to take next dose(after 2 months) after some relief
Hi, I have been suffering from severe IBS for over 15 years. I have tried to find
Airfairfeeng 2021-12-25
15   Kaps 3 weeks ago

interpreting responses from a homeopathic remedy
Arak 2021-09-02
25   telescope 3 weeks ago

Possible pneumonia down 8 days need experience w CV
Trying to stay out of the hospital Is there someone experienced with dealing with this
wendypape 2021-12-31
2   telescope 3 weeks ago

Gas in abdomen
I have been suffering from gas after corona.I also have indigestion problem but there is
Dr inder lal 2021-12-29
12   simone717 3 weeks ago

Lack of confidence, (only those physician take up case which do not ran away after 2 follow up
Male 31 years. Having problem of stammaring in specific situations. Situations
alik 2021-03-19
10   alik 3 weeks ago

Acid reflux - Nat phos 6x
I started to have Acid refulx problem with cough about 2 months ago. Early on few times

devav 2011-09-21
39   simone717 3 weeks ago

My daughter height please
My daughter age is 14 years .Her height is 143 cms and weight is 38 kg. She has her
punitmittal777 2021-12-29
3   Kaps 3 weeks ago

SLE / Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis : Attn: Simone / Anuj Srivastava
Hello, I am writing about my 20 year old daughter. I will give you her recent medical

venus0743 2021-09-26
60   anuj srivastava 4 weeks ago

Toddler 3,5 years old has very hard time sleeping
Hello, I am looking to get help for my grandson 3.5 years old, who has a very hard time
Magenta123 2021-06-09
14   Kaps 4 weeks ago

Experiencing serious, long lasting aggravations!!
Hello, I have a concern about a Homeopathic remedy that I self prescribed and took. I
Daniel430 2015-05-31
8   Wiezoox 4 weeks ago

18 months old baby boy - cannot sleep
I am a sleepless mother of a 18 month old sleepless baby boy. The baby is in good health
vai_dal 2011-12-13
6   babydona 4 weeks ago

sleep problems - baby
any suggestions as to what will help my baby
andjosh 2005-11-20
10   babydona 4 weeks ago

Frequent urination in Infant
An eleven months old female infant is suffering from frequent urination since her

lovely 2020-04-23
126   anuj srivastava 4 weeks ago

Seeking support for a 3 month old baby.
Hello, I am looking for help for a 3 month old baby boy who spits up after eating. He is
Magenta123 2021-12-28
4   Magenta123 4 weeks ago

Sinus and Nasal congestion without catarrh causing shaky vision and balance problem
Hello Doctors, I am 40 years old male software engineer (95KG). I am also hypertensive
imtiyaz.ansari1 2021-12-21
2   Sugan veera 4 weeks ago

Trouble controlling appetite/weight and sudden rapid hair loss.
Hi. I'm a 22 year old overweight female. I have been overweight my entire life. I
melisma 2021-12-27
3   Kaps 4 weeks ago

Skin allergy
Hello can any one help me I have skin allergy .....i feel prickling or needle like pain
Naveed1 2021-12-12
4   Naveed1 4 weeks ago

Severe Back Pain in our lovely dog-suffering greatly
Hello I am wondering if someone can help me with my lovely sweet 50 lb Dog, Polly. She is
Priscilla 2021-09-27
6   Priscilla last month

Mental irritation, ed, inappropriate sexual thoughts and anxiety and depression
In 11 nov, my partner and I went for a day out where i had a sexual intercourse where I
pabitra 2021-12-19
2   Sugan veera last month