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Hair fall and hyperpigmentation
I am 42 year old and in the past year have been told that I have started to menopause.

mom6yearold 2020-02-20
29   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Psoriasis Help Needed
I am posting this in the hope of finding a cure for my daughter's psorasis. Details
sam133 2020-03-21
3   freehomeoforall 2 weeks ago

Urgent help No periods
I'm 35 female single, I've been dealing with bad acne with puss for longtime,

Meera1 2020-02-12
59   Meera1 2 weeks ago

doctor say high blood pressure hypothyroid
Dr hear in us say I have high blood pressure and under active thyroid, no homeopath here,

badaboodaar pair1 2020-02-23
28   drjitesh 2 weeks ago

Cervical Pain - Homeopathy Doctor Please Help
My wife has cervical pain (cervical spondylosis) which is causing her much pain. She is
DH-Homeopathy 2020-03-22
5   DH-Homeopathy 2 weeks ago

Need some urgent inputs / help
Currently I have the following complaints Abdomen Bloating - Sometimes with
Lakshmi3 2020-03-22
6   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Depression and Dissociation
I have depression for along long time, for about 10 years and during this time I tried
Mr nair 2020-03-22
1   simone717 2 weeks ago

severe toothache
My wife, 44 years old, had her filling procedure in one of her tooth around two months
RashidMunzur 2020-03-22
no replies yet

Diabetes and dryness
I have been diabetic since 15 years. On allopathic medicine. Now dryness is increase
Manish13 2020-03-22
no replies yet

Elderly Mother suffering with Wet white cough for years in south India
Problem: Elderly Mother suffering with Wet white cough, thruout day and night for years,
ariesboy 2020-03-01
5   drjitesh 2 weeks ago

Typhoid fever
My question is to dr Kadwa and all senior doctors Sir my nephew was dignosed with typhoid
Netspider 2020-03-21
2   Netspider 2 weeks ago

Alopecia areta in 5.5 years old child. Bald spot on head
Hi My child has bald patches on his head. Bald pathches on the hair above the neck and on
Ridhavsingh 2020-03-18
5   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Regressive Autism Biomed
Hello! I'm hoping to get some homeopathic advice for my almost 6 year old boy.

Skyblade 2020-01-02
77   freehomeoforall 2 weeks ago

Surfing thro' the contents headings and selecting/opening one case and closing it
vishnu4 2020-03-20
no replies yet

My mother aged 82 years is suffering from severe cough. She has sugar complaint. She gets
Ousiaph 2020-03-05
7   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Acid reflux/GERD
Hi, I have been living with this reflux for the last one year. Recently, I started to
Chote 2020-03-20
1   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Malonic Acid Detox?
How can you detox Malonic
alschneider 2020-03-19
no replies yet

IBS from last 5 years
I am suffering from IBS since last 5 years and have tried Ayurvedic treatment but no
Mandeep4u 2020-03-18
12   Mandeep4u 2 weeks ago

make your own remedy?
Is it possible to make your own virus remedy from your own sputum? If so how would you
winnieandco 2020-03-18
1   maheeru 3 weeks ago

Feeling of heavyness in the eye post operation.
I am 65 years mild nature woman and my weight is 50 kg . I got my left eye operated for
Sadhana Singh 2020-03-17
1   maheeru 3 weeks ago

repeating allergy 10 yr old daughter
posting this thread again under a new 10 yr daughter getting allergy patches
andy_65_in 2020-03-12
5   anuj srivastava 3 weeks ago

stomach disorder (ibs)
age:44, weight 54kg.i have stomach problem since 20 years, i feel stomach heaviness and
matifsh1 2020-03-17
2   freehomeoforall 3 weeks ago

Black Skin
Dear Sir I have black skin this is because of use of some tubes. I ask you sir can that
sugal 2020-03-17
1   vishnu4 3 weeks ago

Chronic epididymis
Hi. I have chronic epididymis however it seems massage can make it better day by day.

Jmm07h 2020-02-29
17   Jmm07h 3 weeks ago

interference of remedies
My friend says using dish soap made from grapefruit extract can interfere with
Kiana 2020-03-15
1   simone717 3 weeks ago