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Prolonging sex time
I am 28 years old. I have no chronic disease. I had active sex life with my girlfriend 3
Pranto44 2020-06-06
1   A.Singh 2 weeks ago

struck sensation on tongue
I am having sensation as if something is struck on tongue root area. when i touched it by
ton80 2020-06-24
3   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

High Sex Drive Libido Lust
Hi there, Just wondering if there is a remedy to specifically target High Sex Drive
pseast 2020-06-05
1   A.Singh 2 weeks ago

Suffering from PCOS for past 8 years
Hi, I m 29 years old, weight - 85 kgs and married 5 years ago and suffering from pcos
suganya1 2020-06-24
2   suganya1 2 weeks ago

For Dr. Maheeru .. Kindly Advise
Hope u r fine. I have read your posts here, so i request you to kindly advise me for my

faizan81 2019-05-24
29   maheeru 2 weeks ago

Please help to antidote Psorinum
Antidote for psorinum
AH2015 2020-01-21
17   socal79 2 weeks ago

Gall bladder polyps
Hi Dr Anuj Srivastav suggest treatment for polyps in gall
A.Singh 2020-06-23
2   A.Singh 2 weeks ago

Interstitial Cystitis with E Coli and Enterococcus Faecalis Present
I am a 28 year old female who has been suffering from Interstitial Cystitis for 6 years.

Zaria 2020-04-22
64   A.Singh 2 weeks ago

Bleeding gums while Brushing & Puffy gums
I have read few articles that Carbo veg is the best remedy for bleeding gums while
noordgp 2020-06-22
2   noordgp 2 weeks ago

IBS from last 5 years
I am suffering from IBS since last 5 years and have tried Ayurvedic treatment but no

Mandeep4u 2020-03-18
28   Mandeep4u 2 weeks ago

My 7 yr old son seems to have eczema
Hi, My 7 yr old son developed a crusty patch on the front of his hands just below the
rajatg1981 2020-05-15
7   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Bad Reaction to Ignatia
Hello. Last week I had a death in my family and my doctor gave me ignatia for it. It
snrein1016 2020-06-23
2   snrein1016 2 weeks ago

lower back stiff ness and pain
Hi i am suffering with lower back stiffness form long time it can be explained as when
smmh17 2020-06-22
1   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Silent Reflux and Stomach issues since 6 Months
Hello All, I have been suffering from chronic silent reflux (a derivative of GERD) for
mehulmadan 2020-04-04
21   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Dr. Jitesh Eczema/red skin/rash on hand
I am 30 year old female. I am having Eczema/red skin/rash/dry skin on hand(below elbow).
pri86 2020-05-25
11   drjitesh 2 weeks ago

Looking for some help with Tachycardia/Afib
Hey Gurus, looking for solution of Tachycardia, arrhythmia, 140-180BPM, comes on any
geoanjum 2020-06-21
1   drjitesh 2 weeks ago

Healthy 56 yo w/sudden hypertension(167/94 p48)
Hello. I am a relatively healthy athletic 56yo woman currently being treated for
Sarahndipity723 2020-06-18
1   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Eyesight blurred
Looking for a remedy for optic nerve damage in one
Sunflowet 2020-06-21
1   freehomeoforall 2 weeks ago

Fever which is not going away - Please Help
Hi, My wife has been suffering from fever for past 3 days. She had delivered baby boy a
emayank 2020-06-20
3   emayank 2 weeks ago

Query about potency
I've worked out that LM13 is approximately the same solute:solvent ratio i.e.
an_actualiser 2020-06-18
3   maheeru 2 weeks ago

Peripheral neuropathy
I am an 80 year old otherwise a comparatively healthy male. 2. Somtime ago I had
hpadda 2020-06-05
6   anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago

Light headache, body ache
Dear sir I m 35years male from India Bihar. last Sunday I had sore throat and body
Nitesh Kamal 2020-06-20
2   drjitesh 2 weeks ago

5 yrs old girl with high eczema and dry skin not healing [urgent help needed]
Hello if anyone has any remedy suggestion please help. Below case details 1. She will be
Seekar_Dad_39 2020-05-28
12   drjitesh 2 weeks ago

Kindly lead me light
Dear Sir, Warm greeting to all who try their best to alleviate the pains of hundreds of
sandy3 2020-06-20
1   freehomeoforall 2 weeks ago

Penis Foreskin related problem
I have been having an occasional problem of small hair-breadth cuts on the foreskin of my
Shahid8 2020-06-20
3   freehomeoforall 2 weeks ago