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Best topical application for Genital Psoriasis?
Hello everyone. My case is followed by Dr Tui here but he asked me to make a new post to
syria 2018-10-24
4   Rahul2018 9 months ago

GERD and itching dandruff
Hi sir/madam, I have GERD sand acid reflux for past 10 years and also have itching
Saranya2 2018-10-25
4   HealthyWorld 9 months ago

GERD and sleeplessness
My mother is 53 years old. For past 15 years she is suffering from sleeplessness due to
Saranya2 2018-10-25
1   HealthyWorld 9 months ago

Cactuna 12x medicine about guidance
recently our city doctor given me cactuna 12x homeopathy drops ,, when i find this
anky2010 2018-10-25
1   simone717 9 months ago

azoospermia with Continous reduction in testis size
sir my age is 26.height 5ft 11inch..weight 76 kg..unmarried..since may 2015 i was
harry250513 2018-10-14
7   Tui 9 months ago

TMJ/TMD problems and health anxiety
Hi, I have been suffering with health anxiety for approximately 4 years. Last year I lost
Soirk 2018-10-24
7   Tui 9 months ago

Glaucoma with Vitreous hemorrhage and floaters
Hello my name is Faizan i am suffering form diabetes from last 10 years i am taking

EngineerFez 2018-09-17
23   anuj srivastava 9 months ago

Sexual illness
I am Sahinur Rahaman, 27 years old, I used to be a frequent mastributor ,once in a day or

Sahin91 2018-06-29
58   Mister4 9 months ago

7 months old waking whining multiple times/ night
Is there a remedy for babies who wake up multiple times/ night whining but then they go
bluesky77 2018-10-23
4   bluesky77 9 months ago

Flu vaccination
Will getting the flu vaccination antidote the remedies you are taking
Brittany 2018-10-18
3   Gilmour99 9 months ago

Pain in wrists
I am 43 year old women and I started having wrist pain on both wrists for the last few
Simran25 2018-10-23
3   Gilmour99 9 months ago

Black Spot/ecchymosis
i am 32 year old male. Fallen from motorbike some 4 years ago. Shoulder/back injury.
naru86 2018-10-02
10   Gilmour99 9 months ago

Dr Basu...Please advice on the accidental case
My husband met with an accident...Right knee is swollen...And paining Has taken Arnica
sakshirohra 2018-10-17
4   Sneha3 9 months ago

Pls guide on the accidental case
I had Arnica 1m 3 doses 6 days back... The leg was swollen ...and was paining There is
Sneha3 2018-10-23
2   Sneha3 9 months ago

Very often my nasal stuffiness turne the mucus become thicker or stickier
Dear Doctors, I have very often my nasal stuffiness turne the mucus become thicker or
forfeit1 2018-10-23
1   homeo_helper 9 months ago

is it alternative to r41
can i mix acid phos+agnus castus+china+damiana as these are mentions in r41 composition
kjamal 2018-10-23
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Dr R Basu please help
My daughter is suffering from follwoing; -Menses (periods) still not
sajidnazir 2018-10-14
1   Dr R Basu 9 months ago

Bugs bite... itching... marks... 2 years old baby
my son almost 2 years old is having bug bites on his leg, the marks are hard and dark in

fizspace 2018-08-12
26   anuj srivastava 9 months ago

My daughter is 2 years and 4 months old. she is teething, her jaws are swelled from the
Sanam16261 2018-10-22
4   Tui 9 months ago

PLzzzzzzzz Most Urgent "Sperm Report and Medicine if any please"
Dear Doctors, Here is my sperm report received yesterday Sperm Count: 45
atharkhan185 2018-08-10
2   atharkhan185 9 months ago

Dr Kadwa help for my Sister
Dear Sir, Can you please go to below link and help my

busa2007 2018-03-22
17   manaser2005 9 months ago

Loss of libido after using Dr. Reckwag R 85 Drops
I am a male (age - 53 years) having blood pressure reading as 154 / 100. From last 15
veenaajay 2018-10-10
4   veenaajay 9 months ago

For Dr Kadwa- Vericose veins.
Respected Dr Kadwa, Good Morning! Need your help to treat my recent ailment vericose
Nehaaadya 2018-04-22
5   kadwa 9 months ago

Male w/Rapid heartbeat
I am interested in hearing thoughts from homeopaths regarding remedy selection for a 61
HAnalysis42 2018-10-21
1   kadwa 9 months ago