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Humble Request to prescribe Homeopathy Medicine as per the post
Respected Doctor, I am came from India and staying with my daughter's home. I was
sanjeev2020 2020-10-26
2   thakurhimanshi 9 months ago

Why does 6C potency work better than other higher potencies
Hi there: I have a condition (chronic body pain) where I find that 6C of various
ngtoronto 2020-10-28
1   simone717 9 months ago

Persistent Throat itching silent reflux since 3 months and skin fungal infection
Hello, I am 43 yrs old male. Since May end this year have constant itching in throat

User_1276 2020-09-02
36   simone717 9 months ago

falling ill
Hi if someone undergoes ongoing homeopathy treatment and suddenly has a stomach bug or 2020-10-27
2   thakurhimanshi 9 months ago

Premature Ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction and very sensitive penis and taking staphysagria
I shared my problem here and a
Ronthedavil 2020-10-23
2   Ronthedavil 9 months ago

Artist with environmental illness and longterm traumas unable to focus or have interest in life
Could use clarity and guidance here. Very long experience with homeopathy but it has
Beca 2020-10-28
3   drjitesh 9 months ago

Sneezing with fatigue
Sneezing with little chill. Feeling fatigue in evening. Having pain in calves. Pre
anuragfed 2020-10-27
1   homeo_helper 9 months ago

An alternative for Vitamin B12 injection
Hi, I need an alternative for vitamin B12 injection. Can you specify me any fruit or
Moorty 2020 2020-10-16
5   mayankgates 9 months ago

Gas in abdomen
Is china officinalis used as a back up if carbo veg and lycopodium does not remove gas 2020-10-26
3   simone717 9 months ago

advice please
hello, advice needed, i was advised to take merc corr 10m, for 4 weeks, although i only
paula1 2020-10-25
6   paula1 9 months ago

Ganglion on right wrist with pain
Age 38, Male, waight 62, height 5 ft 6" TSH : 5.18 Serum CR : 1.4 mg/dl Hb% :
Wuerzowsh 2020-10-04
7   Wuerzowsh 9 months ago

Small purple veins on left leg post partum
Hello I am looking for a remedy for small, delicate looking purple/blue veins on my left
Cat33 2020-10-20
3   A.Singh 9 months ago

Help with remedy suggestions for my 3 year old, bladder, potty training
Its been about a year and half potty training my daughter. She pees alil in her underwear
Pearl21 2020-10-26
1   anuj srivastava 9 months ago

Acidity problem my children
Daughter age 6.5 yrs, weight 15 kg, thin, fair. From last one month she is suffering
Wuerzowsh 2020-10-25
5   simone717 9 months ago

Mania side effect?
Is it possible for mania to be triggered by homeopathy? I ask this because I took
PeacefulOldSoul 2020-10-25
2   PeacefulOldSoul 9 months ago

hairfall and sweating
i have hair fall issue even with little force hair comes out. my family had male pattern
newhere1 2020-10-22
3   newhere1 9 months ago

Lose weight quickly
I have recently started taking a mixture of Fucus vesiculosus, gigantea and Phytolacca
anjalisri 2020-10-24
3   simone717 9 months ago

Headache and motion disturbance re occurred after taking Corona preventives.
We have followed corona preventives as per below post. We have already given Camphora 1M,

speddiraju 2020-03-29
62   anuj srivastava 9 months ago

Chest pressure and neuro weakness
Chest pressure and neuro weakness
Vourkoaph 2020-10-20
2   Vourkoaph 9 months ago

Summer heat causing body heat and reduced sleep
Hi, since the start of summer, my sleep has reduced to around 4-4.5 hrs per day. My
ramaswamy01 2019-06-16
15   maheeru 9 months ago

Severe Anxiety
Hello, I have been suffering from severe anxiety since many years. It starts from morning
Reck 2018-10-16
9   freddylegen 9 months ago

MDS and Trisomy 8
I am above 80 years and have recently been diagnosed with MDS Trisomy 8. My CBC is very
sskps 2020-10-24
1   anuj srivastava 9 months ago

Uneasy feeling
Age 37 yrs waight 66 kg male Last two days i am feeling weakness, bodyache, headache, eye
Wuerzowsh 2020-10-24
1   anuj srivastava 9 months ago

Unusual feeling in Middle of chest
Hello Everyone, Hope you all are in good health. Just to discuss one case with forum
Nikkie 2020-10-22
1   A.Singh 9 months ago

Lymphoma in 69 years male
Minhajul Islam (Age: 69 ) Location: Australia Having diabetic and on insulin, having
minhaj 2020-10-22
7   minhaj 9 months ago