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Papillary conjunctivitis
Hello. I am thirty years old female suffering from papillary inside my eye lid. The eye

Umang 2018-12-15
17   anuj srivastava 8 months ago

Vein /nerve / pulse issues
Possible MS. Age 45. Suffering with a nerve issues. Also hemorrhage during menses. And
HomeopathyMom1 2019-05-01
5   Kapsdquack 8 months ago

Brown Vertical Line on Nail
Age: 34 Issue: Having Brown colored vertical line on nail Left hand Middle Finger Since
Manas1 2019-05-04
1   simone717 8 months ago

Is Ginseng Q safe for lactating women?
Is Ginseng Q safe for lactating
SMA 2019-05-04
1   simone717 8 months ago

Treatment to be protected from Swine flu: Prior and Post desease
Hello Sir/ Ma'am Is there any medicine in homeopathy to prevent Swine flu or life
vrihad 2019-05-03
1   anuj srivastava 8 months ago

Nux Vomica 15c
My 6 week old is struggling with bad reflux. Our new Dr is a homeopathic Dr and
Zoardirzai 2019-05-02
5   simone717 8 months ago

New remedy interrup action of high potnecies?
Dear friends, I had to take lilium tigrinum in high potnecies daily cause of the strong
lucawi 2019-05-02
4   simone717 8 months ago

Can homeopathic remedy be reversed, neutralized, or removed from the body with something?
I recently took arnica Montana 200ck for 3 days to help dissolve a blood clot in my
Samalee 2019-05-02
2   Samalee 8 months ago

Arnica Dosage for healing brain afetr brain Stroke and haemmorrage?
I read section from a blog posted on Internet site " Whenever a person has been
khurana76 2018-05-08
2   HomeopathyMom1 8 months ago

Dr anuj please help for fat child
Dr anuj My child is 4 year old. He is very much overwheight.he is 30 kg.he craves for
Umang 2019-04-30
2   simone717 8 months ago

Att Dr Kadwa 14 Treatment Over - Please advise
Dr Kadwa, I completed the 14th treatment as advised by you and it has been a few weeks
john doe1 2019-02-14
4   simone717 8 months ago

Rheumatoid arthritis
Hi there I am 30 years, 5ft 3", around 50 kg thin skinny, wheatish complexion from
Prek 2019-04-30
5   Kapsdquack 8 months ago

Serious acne issue - view the thread
Please anyone who see the post , view the thread I'm on with abc homeopathy I am
rshrmawow 2019-04-30
5   Kapsdquack 8 months ago

Few problems
Hi there I am 30 years, 5ft 3", around 50 kg thin skinny, wheatish complexion I
Prek 2019-04-30
1   simone717 8 months ago

Condurango 200 safety?
I have hital hernia and have been prescribed Condurango 200. Website searches tell me
vohra27 2019-04-29
1   simone717 8 months ago

Clarification of remedy descriptions on this website
Hello, I am hoping to get some clarification regarding the specifics of how remedy
neilp 2019-04-28
4   neilp 8 months ago

complicated case
Any knowledgeable opinion about this situation will be duly appreciated. Patient, female,
wheel 2019-04-29
2   wheel 8 months ago

Acute Trombocytopenia 1.0 with heamorrage and lymph.leukemia
Good Day! I am desparately urging for help for my father in intensive therapy ward. The
murashka 2019-04-28
2   murashka 8 months ago

Dear Doctor "anuj srivastava" Plz adress my problem
Body heated as and when urine pressure made. Again Again urine. all medicines used but no
atharkhan185 2019-02-28
12   simone717 8 months ago

Unmarried Male 34 facing after effects of overmasturbation
I am a male aged 34 unmarried. I am suffering from after effects of overmasturbation,

Sinnu 2016-04-16
16   Kapsdquack 8 months ago

Seeking help
Hello, I am wondering if anyone here has some experience/advice for phimosis, tight
Marika 2019-04-24
1   anuj srivastava 8 months ago

Unknown serious problem
Hello Doctor! Since past two years I have been taking homeopathy medicines as prescribed

vrihad 2019-03-14
260   simone717 8 months ago

I am suffering from diverticulitis for last few years, right now I am on antibiotic for
rukidwai 2019-04-27
1   Reva V 8 months ago

Gluten Intolerance
if any person have gluten intolerance mean he cannot eat wheat which homeo medicine i
basitchawla 2019-04-27
1   Kapsdquack 9 months ago

Blood clot in pelvic mysteriously showed up after a fertility treatment. Please help with dosing and remedy.
Hello! I am 33 year old female. 130 lbs with no known past clotting issues. I am
Samalee 2019-04-26
9   simone717 9 months ago