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dt reva / dr kadwa / other respected doctors - desperate cry for help
Respected Doctors I have submitted my earlier Posts under the title " excessive
kks 2018-03-07
2   simone717 last year

Knee Pain
I am 56 year old have right knee pain. Pain is more while climbing up and down the
ts_ramesh 2018-03-08
1   healer21 last year

itching vertigoand hearing impaired
hello everyone, I shall be very grateful if someone can advise me on which remedy to
ak48 2018-03-07
1   healer21 last year

beach flower remedies v/s homeopathy medicine
good day all!!! I have one query related to homeopathic medicine and bach flower remedy.
vkg1 2018-03-09
1   simone717 last year

2 yo Cough/Mucous/Wheezy
My 2 year old daughter has been suffering from a cough since December. We have a large
Blessedwithmany 2018-03-08
1   healer21 last year

Want to make my own Home Kit
I’ve never had any official learning of homeopathy. Everything I know is from

namn 2018-03-03
17   maheeru last year

+++multi-nosode formulas+++
Alister777 2018-03-08
1   simone717 last year

Allergy problem
Hi, I think that I am a chronic urticaria patient.My family doctor advice me to take
Sauvik1 2018-03-07
1   healer21 last year

height trouble
My name is Zohaib. My age is 22yrs. I'm male. My height is 161cm. My weight is
Khanz1113 2018-03-08
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Dear Kadwa ,Your Prolonged Absence Makes Us Much Worried
Dear Sir Where are you? Are you quite fit? The forum is engulfed by total darkness owing
sandy3 2018-03-08
no replies yet

chicken pox
hi i am 24,i had chicken pox a week ago,it left dark spot on skin .how long it takes
priya14 2018-03-08
2   priya14 last year

Mid cycle pain
Hi! Iam experiencing right side pain exactly on the middle of my menstrual period.It will
jeyashree1 2018-03-07
3   healer21 last year

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Hello Dr. My age 32 I dignosed Rheumatoid Arthritis 60. Please suggest me best
Imran30 2018-01-07
4   Imran30 last year

Suggestion for high bp
Hello I am 33 yr old experiencing hikes in blood pressure from past few months and i also
Shilpa rao 2018-03-07
1   Mahfoozurrehman last year

suffering from lipoma ...5 in body all are small
hello i am dheeraj age 24 i m suffering from lipoma... 1. non vegiterian. spicy food 2.
dheeraj2 2018-03-06
1   Mahfoozurrehman last year

to 0antivirus0 plz respond
Need medical astrology solution. 1. Age,sex,weight,country,occupation. ANS.

bhrtbhrdwaj 2017-06-22
30   0antivirus0 last year

Att: Reva, 0antivirus or Maheeru
I came across a remedy I think matches my son. 13 year old boy, oldest child. Most of
Mswest37 2018-03-05
3   maheeru last year

Strange simptoms in ear and head after blocked ears with pressure
Hi, I had both my ears blocked with horrible pressure feelings behind the ears following
zuzi 2018-03-06
2   zuzi last year

Bartya carb
How long bartya carb effect in going on? N how long homeopath medicine take a
Simsarkar6 2018-03-07
no replies yet

Anal fissure
Hi I am 39 year old female. I have recurring anal fissure. 2 chronic and 1 acute. Have
Guc_ran 2018-02-25
8   Guc_ran last year

2 year old loose cough
My remedies have just arrived. They are liquid dilutions. 30c. And I have 1/2 oz bottles
namn 2018-03-07
1   healer21 last year

Homeopathy help required for recovery of health, illness.
I got paralysed through recurrent attacks due to disease CNS vasculitis diagnosed in
khurana76 2018-03-07
1   healer21 last year

constituitional remedy
Im looking for help with a CONSITUITIONAL remedy for
Sarahndipity723 2018-03-05
1   healer21 last year

Anal Fissure
Hello, My name is Vivek and my age is 29 years. I am suffering from fissure from 2
vivekkumar1973 2018-03-07
11   HealthyWorld last year

Vitamin D deficiency
My vitamin D result-- 25.36 Should I have supplement ? Please
kalyan24 2018-03-07
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Nabothian Cysts at the cervix and Follicles on both Overies
Hello There, My wife had some abnormal bleeding/spotting so we had an ultrasound as
dineshroy 2018-02-23
6   dineshroy last year

Rescue Dogs/trauma
Hello,,, I occassionally take in,Foster and Rehab for a rescue. They’re
Sarahndipity723 2018-03-06
2   Sarahndipity723 last year

Horses with COLIC
Hello,,,, Ive got horses -primarily one/ thats COLICS every 3-6 months AND at times at
Sarahndipity723 2018-03-06
2   Sarahndipity723 last year

Attn: Joe De Livera- Newborn silent reflux
My 2.5 week old 8.5lb baby has been showing bad symptoms of silent reflux for the past
Annajoe 2018-03-05
2   maheeru last year

homeopathic dr wanted
Hello,, Im a Western medical professional looking for a HOMEOPATHIC DR for ongoing
Sarahndipity723 2018-03-05
4   Nishat Parveen last year

sleep apnea
sleep apnea 0.5% controlled, smoking is there and saliva is comming from mouth. please
RadhaKrishnan Nair 2018-03-06
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Inflammated swollen gums and throat on 13 years old
Please help. My son had developed this condition two days after dental cleaning and
Elli 2018-03-05
1   healer21 last year

Good afternoon. My 68 year old father was diagnosed with myleofibrosis approximately 3-4
expressgk5 2018-03-05
1   healer21 last year

lipoma 2018
Hi Is there any cure for lipoma? I have multiple lipomas on my arms , abdomen ,
lipomafighter 2018-03-05
1   healer21 last year

body cramp_acne
hi! im 31. weight 42. B+. married. no kids since last few months, facing body cramps and
jia_friend 2018-03-05
1   healer21 last year

plz provide treatment for hormon imbalance
Hey my name is akshay im 22years old...im suffering from hormonal imbalance...my hairs
akshaysinghrockin 2018-03-05
1   healer21 last year

High Cholestrol,Uric Acid,TSH
Dear Doc, I am a 30 yr old male from Kerala. My blood test (fasting) is attached
laloottan 2018-03-05
1   healer21 last year

Hair loss and dandruff.
I lost 3/4 of hair in 3 years, please help
niki123 2018-03-06
no replies yet

Suffering from premature ejaculation need Help
I am 28 male suffering from severe premature ejaculation. Cannot go more than 10 to 20
Nurz 2018-02-17
2   Nurz last year

Advise me
Can i take cydonia vulgaris 30 c and avena sativa Q together gaps between 20 mins for 3
Oomaib 2018-03-05
no replies yet

PLEASE HELP Whole Body inflammation with huge abdomen
Hi I am 57 years old female and I have whole body inflammation, very large stomach with
roberta 2018-03-03
3   roberta last year

SILICEA usage for oily face
Hi. I found some posts on several forums about silicea for oily skin. I have been
healme 2009-07-19
5   simone717 last year

acne and oily skin
Hello everybody!! I know that my condition doesn't count for a serious one but I
flowrtobloom 2012-06-05
7   Komal12 last year

Strep Throat
My 9 year old daughter had strep throat which turned into scarlet fever. She had a 103
Katless 2018-03-04
4   maheeru last year

irregulat mensis & pcos
Hi I am 37 year old ...and I have a problem of irregular period since when my periods

Unzalna 2018-03-01
13   Unzalna last year

Nephrotic syndrome in baby
My son born on 16 sep 2015, was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome in april 2016,and is on
Gagan4790 2018-03-05
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Constitutional remedy dose
What would be the dose for a 13 year old boy? There is a remedy I feel is perfect for
Mswest37 2018-03-04
2   Mswest37 last year

Post-Micturition Dribble
Hello Age: 37 years Sex- Male Height- 5ft 10 inch Weight- 90kg For last 5 years I
sinusman 2018-03-05
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The best medicine for dandruff?
Dandruff and hair loss, dry skin Is here anything for
niki123 2018-03-05
no replies yet

Dental Hell
In June six of my teeth were treated unnecessarily by a greedy dentist. They were
Magu 2018-02-27
8   Magu last year

Remedy for short stature
Dr. My brother is 7 year old and having height problem. So please help me to do
Dhananjay11010 2018-03-05
no replies yet

Knee and Back pain with some Past Disease History
Sex: Male Age: 40 Years Weight: 54 KGs Height: 5’ 10” Food Habit: 95%
ma92 2017-12-14
11   ma92 last year

Stammering with uneasiness at top of head
Hi All, I'm of 35 years, male, height 5'6 feet and weighs 57 Kg. In my
macky 2018-03-01
12   macky last year

New Forum Issues
Anybody having any issues with the forum? If so, please post below. Or

moderator 2017-05-30
42   healer21 last year

Blepharitis, inflammation in eyelids
I have a blepharitis few year. Does the homeopathy can cured permanently?
niki123 2018-03-04
1   healer21 last year

Treatment for child’s pneumonia
My child had a high fever for 3 days and a cough. I focused on treating the fever and
namn 2018-03-03
4   namn last year

Treatment for Masturbation Effects, Sexual Weakness, Night Fall, Masturbation Effects... - Second draft
Contributors: Dr. Priya Darshini, Dr. J K Mohla and Dr. Kadwa. Thanks to every others who

Reva V 2009-12-13
93   fahchin last year

Only for Dr mohla. dont reply other doctor
Hi Dr mohla, its regarding my uncle Age -51,he has a anal fistula near anal opening.
sadman1986 2017-11-24
8   simone717 last year

Cough while sleeping
My wife is have this problem of coughing while sleeping every night since few months now.
Ajay malaotar 2018-03-02
1   healer21 last year

Homeopathic Remedy for Paranoia
Hi, I'm non practicing Homeopath, but have asked to help a friend's husband
Creativecate2010 2018-03-01
1   healer21 last year

Sexual and Mental and body weakness
A,a sir mai masters student hu, meri age 25 years hai, mai 5 saal say masturbuting kr rha
sarwar67 2018-03-01
3   healer21 last year

Bioplasma wet dose
Hello, I would like to start giving bioplasma to my 5 years old for overall and dental
bluesky77 2018-03-02
3   simone717 last year

Bacopa monnieri
Please give guidance that the Bacopa monnieri is more effective in Q or 6 potency
vkg1 2018-03-01
2   maheeru last year

My baby accidentally ate homoeopathy medicine powder but it was less amount of medicine..
Komathnimmi1 2018-03-01
1   maheeru last year

Regarding breast enlargement
I'm Nithya.. 35 yrs old..my breast size is 33 ..I want to increase the size.is there
Nithya123 2018-03-01
5   simone717 last year

Mind Diverts or Bored After Some Time
Hello, Am 40. I was facing problem like following. I gets bored after some time. For
Arif2 2018-03-01
1   healer21 last year

About masturbataion
Aoa...sir...I am doing mastubration from last 3 year but I am reducing it..last month I
Talha2 2018-03-01
1   healer21 last year

Excessive masterbation since childhood.
Hi respectable doctors. I have been doing masterbation since childhood from age of 10
brave 2018-02-27
3   healer21 last year

Reoccurring facial sepsis, sinus infection and ear infection
My five year old has not been able to kick an infection since Jan 2nd. We are on our 3
ConnectiveResource 2018-02-25
8   healer21 last year

Brain strock
Sir meri maa ko brain strock huaa hai . aur unka right side kaam nahi kar raha hai .
Raju4 2018-03-01
2   kadwa last year

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