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Andrenal tumor
Dr says I have tiny tumor in adrenaline gland what can I take for homeopathy to
patel1 2020-05-15
1   anuj srivastava 8 months ago

Coronavirus, Covid 19 risk factors
The attached image might be interesting to some of you. It shows the relevance of the
moderator 2020-05-13
2   moderator 8 months ago

Dosage of Hypericum Perforatum
Dear Doctors, I am a 31 year old male and have following symptoms: 1. Chronic fatigue 2.

yogafreek 2014-05-28
108   simone717 8 months ago

Stomach uneasiness
Hello, I have acidity since a long time and i always used carbo veg and that worked.
reenadass 2020-05-13
2   reenadass 8 months ago

Irritating phlegm cough
Hi, I am 36yrs mother of 4 children. I gave birth to the fourth, a month ago. During the
LeenaK1 2020-05-11
3   homeo_helper 8 months ago

treatment for increased tone of anal sphincter muscle
hello i have chronic diarrhea(soft without shape but not watery) without stool discharge
rez12 2020-05-12
8   rez12 8 months ago

Frequent night urination
Hi, I am 48 years old. 179 cm tall, 78 kg weight. Slim body build with no other
frequrination 2020-05-08
13   frequrination 8 months ago

urine incontinence in case of 72 year old female
Two days back I contacted the forum for incontinence of urine . Dr Anuj advised me to
ila 2020-05-12
2   ila 8 months ago

Treatment of Peritonsillar abscess and tonsilities
Recently my wife got a few peritonsillar abscesses due to untreated tonsillitis. After
Arak 2020-05-12
2   freehomeoforall 8 months ago

cushing deases (high cortisol)
hello one year ago a homeopath gave me natrum mur 3 and it caused me persistent horrible
rez12 2020-05-07
3   rez12 8 months ago

Severe Depression, Extreme Fatigue & Laziness, Severe Depression
I am 29 years of unemployed person. I am from India. I am suffering from severe
Ziorfit 2020-05-12
1   anuj srivastava 8 months ago

Lycopodium LM1 aggravation or proving
Dear all, A local homeopath prescribed me Brimstone LM1 for physical weakness and
mausam 2020-05-11
3   mausam 8 months ago

Hello, I finally have the complete facts and diagnosis for my daughter's
pollen 2019-11-05
11   pollen 8 months ago

pcos and continuous periods
HI I am Jiya 30 Y/O from UK. My problem is that since 10 years my periods are
JIYAKHAN 2020-05-11
1   homeo_helper 8 months ago

hedera helix
in which conditions hedera helix is
sid123 2020-05-11
1   freehomeoforall 8 months ago

sulphur 200
is it adviseable take sulphur 200 daily for 15 days? my homeopath has
sid123 2020-05-11
1   freehomeoforall 8 months ago

antidote to sulphur
Hi .I hd taken sulphur 30 on 23.09.17. for itching after bathing It works on 29 .09.17 I
pranshu 2017-10-07
14   Pandey_dev 8 months ago

urinary incontinence at age 72
ila 2020-05-10
3   anuj srivastava 8 months ago

Social anxiety
Hello. I need some help regarding the social anxiety of my 14 yrs old daughter. When
afridig 2020-02-15
21   afridig 8 months ago

High blood pressure
Hello everyone. I am 47 yrs female with 3 kids, with several health issues. 1) recently
afridig 2020-05-10
4   afridig 8 months ago

what sphere of remedies fall under shyness - more specific aversion to tell about even
usman_naseer 2020-05-09
5   usman_naseer 8 months ago

Night fall making me skinny
HELLO, AGE - 24, UNMARRIED Weight - 75 I am suffering from PRE-CUM LAST 3 YEARS, went
Asifahmad555 2020-05-10
6   Asifahmad555 8 months ago

head injury not healed after 3 years
i would be incredibly grateful for advice on best homeopathic remedies. hit top/left
feelzezeitgeist 2020-02-29
16   anuj srivastava 8 months ago

to simon the moderator..bringing back integrity to homoeopathy
hello simon/moderator could u place link to oranon of medicine 6th edition in ur intro
John Stanton 2020-05-09
2   John Stanton 8 months ago

For healthy world: Vaginal yeast infection
I m 42 yrs old female with three kids.. I have been suffering from vaginal yeast

mominisb 2019-09-18
59   mominisb 8 months ago