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Oligospermia with low testosterone
My age is 29 years. My semen reported 1 million sperm count with 10% motile. My t-level
Jomp 2018-08-04
6   sagheerahmed 9 months ago

Lens Implant vs. Silicea/Hepar Sulphur’s Foreign Body Removal Capacity
In cataract surgery, we generally implant an intra-ocular lens in the eye. And we know
Aromatic 2018-11-26
5   Aromatic 9 months ago

Cold drop water in leg
Hello I Dinesh 43 yrs old ,I feel some days I keep feeling like a cold drop of water has
vethadin 2018-10-18
8   vethadin 9 months ago

Pinched nerve with numbness and pain in right arm and hand
I have an issue that has bothered off and on for several years. It starts in my upper
theonecloned 2018-11-13
5   Tui 9 months ago

Cough 7 year boy
Dear sir My son have problem of cough from 10 days causticum 200 given but not worked.
Nitesh Kamal 2018-11-22
7   simone717 9 months ago

Hello sir, I am 26 years old male. I am suffering from OCD since 2.5 years. My theme
Sam22 2018-11-27
2   simone717 9 months ago

Sciatica pain
Attention Dr. Kadwa Suffering from sciatica pain of n left leg for around one month. Pain
Ramneek 2018-11-26
2   Ramneek 9 months ago

Cat who over-eats
Can I have some help for my cat who is obsessed with food? All he does is sleep and eat
rom109 2018-11-26
2   rom109 9 months ago

DOCTORS: please! hypothyroidism/fibroid/psoriases
would you help me please? I am suffering from lots of diseases produced by

julia2 2018-11-15
38   drjitesh 9 months ago

Anal warts
I developed some warts near my anus around 1 year ago , after six months I used an
Arjunkanjilal 2018-11-22
3   HealthyWorld 9 months ago

fever and vomiting in 2 year old
My son, age 32 months, woke up lethargic with a fever (he felt hot, I did not take
emgee1 2018-11-26
6   Tui 9 months ago

Hip and tail bone pain
Hi,I am 36 years male. Sitting job for 8-10 hours. Pain started in tail bone 8 months

pradeep_k82 2018-09-10
23   pradeep_k82 9 months ago

white hair
Is there any natural or homeopathic way to stop and reverse white
julia2 2018-11-23
4   julia2 9 months ago

1. Age-9 sex-male weight-32kg, height-138 country-slovenia, 2. Main complaints and

Ljiljana 2018-03-16
34   Rahul2018 9 months ago

Exposure to Syphilis
Last night during a sexual encounter, I realised the partner had a firm white raised spot
SecretSanta 2018-11-23
1   drjitesh 9 months ago

Body pain
Hello i am Manoj age of 27 and i am software developer. i had body pain since May 2018
zenevatech 2018-11-24
5   anuj srivastava 9 months ago

4 year old, disturbed sleep
my 4 year old daughter is having very disturbed sleep for last few days, she keeps on

fizspace 2018-07-30
21   anuj srivastava 9 months ago

Uterus Prolapse
My wife suffers from Uterus Prolapse and seems in stage two where tip of the uterus just
Sailani 2018-10-25
10   Rahul2018 9 months ago

Pressure of urine (Doctors plzzz take my case as very serious)
My problem of urine is that my penis became erected and hotted. I have to get up in night
atharkhan185 2018-10-29
8   Rahul2018 9 months ago

Re: Need medicine for hemi hypertrophy
Baby born with one leg bigger than the

Sabaa1 2018-10-30
13   Rahul2018 9 months ago

Knee arthritis
Dear sir, my father aged 70, weight 84kg who is a retired senior loco pilot has been
harimeghadri 2018-11-17
5   drjitesh 9 months ago

I have heard about homeopathy drugs but are they really so effective and good as many
Otibitepar 2018-11-08
9   simone717 9 months ago

3yo cough after the flu
Greetings. When my 3yo daughter started to sneeze, I gave her ferr phos 30 for 3 times in
namn 2018-11-12
9   simone717 9 months ago

Herpes Cure in homepathy
whats is the best way to deal with herpes 2(hsv2) , need help pls suggest what medicine
kalia3344 2018-04-07
2   mencyiron 9 months ago