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Constipation problem from many years
Hi Helping community I am 39 years old , 6 feet tall , overweight (95kg) having a day
earthangel 2020-10-14
5   earthangel 9 months ago

Collapsed Arch left foot - presenting symptoms - suitable remedy
Good day everyone, My left foot arch is collapsed and following are the symptoms it is

yamarty 2020-08-27
29   anuj srivastava 9 months ago

Pain in throat due to belching and gas
Dear Sir, madam, Could you please suggest me a remedy for pain in the throat (larynx
yamarty 2020-10-19
5   drjitesh 9 months ago

How long until the symptoms gone? (For a chronic problem)
I've had 3 remedies so far for three weeks (1 remedy/week). They eased my symptoms
Freya2 2020-10-15
9   Freya2 9 months ago

Any dr pls help ....Itching after taking sulpher 200
My mother age 45 yrs, has taken sulphar 200 for 4days thrice a day due to headache,
Wuerzowsh 2020-10-19
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Free homeopathic case taking
Hello , I am studying Homeopathy in USA . I am looking for detailed free case work on
vimaljan 2020-10-19
1   moderator 9 months ago

Sour food cause problem
My 65 years old mother has developed issue where sour food causes her all sort of
mayankgates 2020-10-18
3   drjitesh 9 months ago

Any classical homeopath pls help regarding nasal cattrah
I would like to draw your kind attention regarding my little daughter chronic nasal
Wuerzowsh 2020-10-18
2   Wuerzowsh 9 months ago

Very Early Ejaculation with watery semen
hey Doctors.. please help..i ejaculate very early ..i ejaculate before the complete
ZZ007 2013-12-12
2   ZZ007 9 months ago

Anxiety induced stuck air in the chest and stomach problems
My anxiety is too high. When I worry I ingest more air through my mouth at the same time
Violet9 2020-10-16
3   simone717 9 months ago

Lichen planus
How long we can take nux vomica 30c?
Vince1 2020-10-16
4   Vince1 9 months ago

Stress and scalp acne
Dear Dr Anuj Can you take my case of extreme chronic scalp acne since 8 yrs and stress
netwiz87 2020-07-20
15   anuj srivastava 9 months ago

Cyst on the left side of neck
Hi. I have a cyst on the left side of the neck, below the ear. It's position is
KrishnaMk 2016-05-29
9   Gock 9 months ago

Depression in teen
My 17 year old son is depressed and acting erratically, out of character, and has anger
smpwk 2020-10-11
10   smpwk 9 months ago

Stargardt Disease (Macular Degeneration)
Please Help! Looking for remedies on this genetic disorder, which has affected my friend
straylight121 2020-10-05
6   Pramod Jha 9 months ago

Please suggest remedy
Symptoms in Female aged 30 years Height : 4'11" Job : Govt. School Teacher 1.
Soumick Basak 2020-10-16
1   simone717 9 months ago

Dear Sir, I am getting headache and eye pain when I use perfume/cologne. Please suggest
pravric 2020-10-13
2   thakurhimanshi 9 months ago

premature ejaculation , need medicine
I am 38 y having 2 daughters.I have 2 problems, One of my problem is that from 3 months i
khanjikhan 2017-03-02
13   JoseSmith 9 months ago

Homeopathic tinctures vs homeopathy remedies
can external homeopathic tinctures such as jaborandi and arnica Q be used normally 2020-10-02
1   drjitesh 9 months ago

Dry nose and throat allergy
Hi.. My son is 7.5 years old. From few months he is having an issue of dry nose at night.
Sanam16261 2020-10-16
2   Sanam16261 9 months ago

complex anal fistula
Hello. I have a complex anal fistula and I consulted 2 homeopaths on an Indian
etsyelam 2020-10-14
5   drjitesh 9 months ago

Toddler constipation
Hi, I need help regarding my 3.5 year old daughter. She has struggled with constipation

akira 2020-06-16
32   akira 9 months ago

Black spot development on skin
Hello homeopaths, Help needed. My father of age 65 has long history of skin problems. Now
RJ121 2020-10-14
14   drjitesh 9 months ago

Cramps in Legs and decreasing senses in hand finger
Hello, I am seeking medicine for my mother. She is 59 yrs old and her weight is 85 kgs.
Kartik1 2020-10-14
4   Kartik1 9 months ago

70 yrs old -- Lungs fibrosis -- 60 percent damaged due to corona
Hi all My father in law is 70 yrs old. He has no BP Or diabetes.. Around 40 days ago, he
earthangel 2020-10-05
3   drjitesh 9 months ago