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Chronic Silent Reflux about 6 years
First of all hello to you all. My name is Dejan, i am 23 years old. For about 6 years

DoubleEdge 2011-01-17
35   Chote 8 months ago

Need help with Sebaceous Hyperplasia & Hair thinning
Can homeopathy help in Sebaceous Hyperplasia. I am 50+ year female, have Sebaceous
suna711 2020-02-23
13   suna711 8 months ago

thinking about past / Mind racing
i have been employed the homeo remedies from the last 15 years . suffered from peculiar
usman_naseer 2020-03-24
20   usman_naseer 8 months ago

No saliva no thirst
Sir My father 77y.Wt 54kg Height 5'3".is chronic patient of weak digestion and
Toal 2020-03-27
2   freehomeoforall 8 months ago

Increased appetite
I am 49 years old male.nearabout one and halfmonth back, my appetite suddenly started
sid123 2020-03-09
18   vishnu4 8 months ago

Frequent urination
Frequent urination and urgency for one month..I am a female pains just pushing

Fatigued 2020-03-14
45   freehomeoforall 8 months ago

Help needed from simeone
Can you please help me solve my hair fall and balding problem. Hair are falling in
ahmedtahir 2020-03-26
1   simone717 8 months ago

Occasional Stomach pain in 73 year old woman
My mom gets gripping pain like a trapped gas located just below her sternum. It is
Cmt 2020-03-26
1   anuj srivastava 8 months ago

Weight loss
ahmedtahir 2020-03-24
10   vishnu4 8 months ago

eczema around eyes
hi, i hope someone can recommend a remedy to help with eczema around my eyes, including
Tommys 2020-03-20
2   anuj srivastava 8 months ago

Cat with stomatitis
Hi, my 12 year old cat has stomatitis. This is a very painful inflammation of the gums
lussi 2020-03-18
6   anuj srivastava 8 months ago

Is there a remedy that we could take to help prevent the
Auracarp 2020-03-24
2   simone717 8 months ago

Need Advice
Is using SBL DAMIAGRA and TRIBULUS TERRISTIS Q togeather safe? If yes, how much time gap
ZAHID2 2020-03-24
2   ZAHID2 8 months ago

I am 64 years female, I leave in South Africa, in Mpumalanga province, tends to be quiet
dlozi 2019-11-24
16   dlozi 8 months ago

Andre Saine webinar on covid remedies mar 27 and 28
Andre Saine is a famous Canada homeopath Well known for dealing with epidemics and Severe
simone717 2020-03-24
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Ars album
I been really ill last two days Explosive diarrohea violent stomach pains gas which is
Ideal56 2020-03-21
17   Ideal56 8 months ago

Typhoid fever (The Enteric Fever) - Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Typhoid fever (The Enteric Fever) Def: It is an acute infective disease characterized by
deoshlok 2006-11-15
14   Netspider 8 months ago

Antidote needed <Urgent>
My daughter 12 yrs old is overweight, with some crowded teeth with uncontrollable
Lakshmi3 2020-03-21
19   freehomeoforall 8 months ago

Chronic condition of my abdomen along with thyroid nodule and gall bladder polyp
Sorry for my long post...but I have a chronic thought write the timeline and
Chote 2020-03-24
1   anuj srivastava 8 months ago

Psoriasis Help Needed
I am posting this in the hope of finding a cure for my daughter's psorasis. Details
sam133 2020-03-21
3   freehomeoforall 8 months ago

Need some urgent inputs / help
Currently I have the following complaints Abdomen Bloating - Sometimes with
Lakshmi3 2020-03-22
6   anuj srivastava 8 months ago

Depression and Dissociation
I have depression for along long time, for about 10 years and during this time I tried
Mr nair 2020-03-22
1   simone717 8 months ago

Elderly Mother suffering with Wet white cough for years in south India
Problem: Elderly Mother suffering with Wet white cough, thruout day and night for years,
ariesboy 2020-03-01
5   drjitesh 8 months ago

Typhoid fever
My question is to dr Kadwa and all senior doctors Sir my nephew was dignosed with typhoid
Netspider 2020-03-21
2   Netspider 8 months ago

Alopecia areta in 5.5 years old child. Bald spot on head
Hi My child has bald patches on his head. Bald pathches on the hair above the neck and on
Ridhavsingh 2020-03-18
5   anuj srivastava 8 months ago