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MND & Muscle Dystrophy
Dear Sir I am Rajesh Panchal from Mumbai, Suffering from MND and Muscle Dystrophy. I would
rpanchal 2017-12-21
1   kadwa 11 months ago

Dr Kadwa please help urgent diarrhea 17 month old daughter
stool since 2 days watery yellow stool with smell, 5 to 6 stool in a day and 2 stools in a
mariz 2017-12-21
3   kadwa 11 months ago

att dr kadwa
Dr Kadwa, I am completing the second treatment as advised by you and have seen improvem
john doe1 2017-12-21
3   kadwa 11 months ago

Bartholin cyst not progressing
It's been almost 3 weeks since I detected again a bartholin cyst, I have this cyst on
Suija 2017-12-20
4   kadwa 11 months ago

Coccyx pain while sitting & getting up
My details are : Gender:F Age: 26 Body Type: Slim, Fair Height: 5-5 Weight: 60 kg Gene
kgss0108 2017-12-24
1   nawazkhan 11 months ago

BoooBooo : Ovarian Cysts, Ovary Pain Neuralgia, Ovaritis Treatment
#Apis mellifica. Few remedies cause as many ovarian symptoms as Apis. It has an active c
booobooo 2009-08-24
1   vkstomar 11 months ago

Sinus Headache
Please help need urgent solution for sinus headache. Pain above eyes, feel pressured, he
kohler 2017-12-23
5   healer21 11 months ago

Recurring sinus problems
I am getting regular sinus infections and am yet to find a remedy that helps. I have just
Siyah 2017-12-24
1   healer21 11 months ago

One year Right shoulder pain . After injury in aikido
I would appreciate help on which remedy to take. I cannot train and surely not strain the
Youd 2017-12-24
1   healer21 11 months ago

This is my second attempt to get help for an abscessed tooth. If there is not a remedy for
Veggielover1 2017-12-24
1   healer21 11 months ago

Mallory weiss syndrome
My brother is suffering from Mallory Weiss Syndrome, He is on aloepathy that has other sid
Owais Malik 2017-12-24
1   healer21 11 months ago

mental health
can i use bacopa and ginkgo together for my mental health i feel im having anxiety and st
djsharock 2017-12-24
1   healer21 11 months ago

Desperate for help 3mo old
This is my second baby to have silent reflux. 1st reflux baby was completely cured with Na
Stellamoon 2017-12-23
2   Stellamoon 11 months ago

I am taking thuja occidentalis 200 once a day daily for PCOS since then my hairfall and da
vkstomar 2017-12-23
1   healer21 11 months ago

Anger and abusive
Hi, am 38 yr old, mother of 2 boys. Elder one 10 and younger one 5. Before I go ahead n as
Kamisetty radhika 2017-12-23
1   healer21 11 months ago

painful acne on chin
Hello, I have acne from last 5-6 years. It is on my chin. It is yellow pus acne. It is
Wierc 2017-12-21
6   Wierc 11 months ago

Blocked ears and mucus in throat
Hi, I've been suffering with blocked ears since March this year, eustachian tube dysf

Soirk 2017-12-11
17   healer21 11 months ago

On Sunday I woke up with a sore throat. It was preceded by a tickle in the throat and inte
HolisticMama 2017-12-22
3   healer21 11 months ago

Help for Sinusitis
Hi I have been suffering with Chronic Sinusitis. My symptoms are blocked nostrils and rec
navadeepak 2017-09-11
2   navadeepak 11 months ago

14 month old cough
Hi my 14 month old keeps getting very chesty every month. She breastfeed mainly but is goo
vee1 2017-12-21
5   healer21 11 months ago

Duration of action 10M potency
Hello, I have been prescribed Argentum Nitricum 10M by my homeopath (very good one) and
Creapif 2017-12-18
11   healer21 11 months ago

Increase size of testicles
My testicles are bit smaller. I want to increase my erection harder. Kindly tell remed

baby 2017-11-11
25   baby 11 months ago

baby girl suffering from high fever 102+Coughing(dry)+vomit
1.5 yrs old baby girl suffering from 102 fever Coughing (dry) could not sleep as well (ge
sameergupta1 2017-12-03
4   sameergupta1 11 months ago

Not getting Erection after excessive masturbation for 3 yrs
26 Male was doing masturbation now for 2-3 yrs around 2-3 times each day (don't know
sameergupta1 2017-12-23
1   healer21 11 months ago

IBS Problem With Ear Fluid Problem
I Am Ritesh Singh 34y Old Male From New Delhi India.My problem is Chronic IBS With Ear Flu
Ritesh _Singh 2017-11-23
12   healer21 11 months ago

Eyes tearing in 4 year old child
Hello My son is 4 years old and is prone to recurrent colds , in the winter He also has
Dhana 2017-12-23
1   homeo_helper 11 months ago

high blood pressure
royale6775 2017-12-21
3   healer21 11 months ago

Fear help please
Hello, I am 28 years old, married and have a very happy sex life. I masterbated for 15 y
rockerhell 2017-12-14
3   healer21 11 months ago

absent Breast milk
A 26 yrs female. Absent Breast milk after delivery. Delivery was done for 2 mths ago.but
jilesh tank 2016-02-25
3   maheeru 11 months ago

Lokman hossain
I feel some problem from my side. I have do not sex long time. 3 or 5 minutes, but I want
Lokman hossain 2017-12-22
1   akshaymohl 11 months ago

How many pellets is one dose?
Many people ask me this question. The answer is: One globuli or one drop of the remedy is
Lamary 2017-12-22
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Chronic catarrh blocked nose
Hello, I have been suffering from Chronic catarrh, blocked nose for 12 years. 6 years ago
meernabeel 2017-12-22
1   healer21 11 months ago

keloid after chicken pox any remedy
6 year back i got checken pox and after 1 year it started to increse and formed keloid. no

flatron 2006-09-27
24   Gagannatt 11 months ago

6 year old aggression and zoning out spells earn
Hello I have a 6 year old boy. He gets angry and upset very easily, shows jealousy as wel
Am123 2017-11-22
8   Am123 11 months ago

Help me
To-Doc showrav I am 22 years old and I am suffering from gynocomastia for 6 years .it is v
Hari2 2017-12-22
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Eczema issue! Dr. Kadwa please help!
I have eczema issue on and off since April 2016 after antibiotic therapy. I believe this

leeleee 2017-09-07
20   leeleee 11 months ago

sir, i am suffering from hypothyroidism and testosterone deficiency problem. pls help. i a
keeda 2017-12-21
1   healer21 11 months ago

Child having stammering problem from 6yrs
Dear Doctor I have two kids one girl of 8yrs & boy of 5yrs. Both are having problem of
Ankit.Mishra 2017-12-21
1   healer21 11 months ago

Bed wetting 5 year old boy
My Dear son is 5 years 10 months old boy has always wet through diapers and has the hardes
MarideeMom 2017-12-21
1   healer21 11 months ago

cough and cold
Hi Doctor, This is MJ Hussain from gurgaon. i am suffering from cough and cold from since
mjhussain 2017-12-21
1   healer21 11 months ago

Vertigo, Nausea and Headache
Patient ID: Homeosepian Sex: Male Age: 40 Please answer the following questions in a desc

Homeosepian 2017-12-03
15   Homeosepian 11 months ago

Plz Sir Plz Help My friend PlzFor God
plz Help my friend plz After few months He will marry plz .Allah give You Regard.His Age i
yasir riaz1 2017-12-21
1   healer21 11 months ago

Irregular menses ! Attn : Dr Kadwa
I am 34 years of single women. I am quiet underweight and weak in health. My menses are ir
Jeez 2017-12-21
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plz Help my friend plz After few months He will marry plz .Allah give You Regard.His Age i
yasir riaz1 2017-12-21
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low testosterone, thyroid problem
namaste. i am 26 years old suffering from low testosterone, high prolactin levels. my TS
keeda 2017-12-21
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appendices infection
My son is 7 year old. Last couple of week ago he had pain on stomach. In sonography report
Nikita D 2017-12-21
2   Nikita D 11 months ago

Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy treatment
My 4 years Doughter is last 20 months HIE and CP patient plz help me.
s.manu66 2017-12-20
1   kadwa 11 months ago

Alcohol amels. all symptoms?
Hello! Are there any remedies with the keynotes alcohol amels. all symptoms? thank you
Stefoo 2017-12-20
2   kadwa 11 months ago

need advise to increase sex time
i am 30 yars old. still i am not married. i did masturbation since 14th. and i did very re
kader.jamil 2017-04-01
2   john8998 11 months ago

Healer21. Why so much negativity?
Hello friends, I have been following the forum and my own case has been followed by a lot
syria 2017-12-20
1   healer21 11 months ago

Reflux for 2 years
Hi All, Male, 49 years old. Two years of daily reflux, not severe but very constant. It
ppalma00 2017-12-20
1   healer21 11 months ago

A very difficult & complex case of many food intolerances and IBS !!
Name, Sex, Age: ***/ Male/ 37 years Height: 172 cms Actual weight/Current weigh
Boynotwell 2017-12-20
1   healer21 11 months ago

3 week old with Acid Reflux and Gas
Hello, Please can someone advise the dose of Nat Phos 6x for a 3 week old baby with Acid
Welshhom 2017-12-20
1   healer21 11 months ago

Aggressive jerking of legs whilst sleeping
Hi, I have had periodic leg movements(medical term) for about ten years and it seems to b
vee1 2017-12-10
3   vee1 11 months ago

Long use of homeopathic remedies query
Hello, I have been taking homeopathic remedies for over five years to treat symptoms asso
tonester 2017-12-14
4   maheeru 11 months ago

Liver cleansing with Homeopathy and tissue salt
Hello, I would like to know Liver cleansing procedures and doses with Homeopathy and tissu
dear 2017-12-17
2   dear 11 months ago

Insanity due to heavy metal intoxication.
I have been suffering from constant heavy metal exposure since long before November 2016 a
kersasp 2017-12-19
2   kersasp 11 months ago

I have hydrocele. Recently I have taken Arnica 200 (globules) more than 15 days, no chang
tajem 2017-10-06
7   akshaymohl 11 months ago

Dr Kadwa sir please help me ( Tinnitis & Hearing loss )
Dear Dr Kadwa I have problems of hearing loss and tinnitis in both ears from 3 months. Tin
zaffar_consfela 2017-12-11
9   zaffar_consfela 11 months ago

About posology
Hello! I am looking for information about posology in homeopathy... I have read about the
Sugaron1 2017-12-19
2   Sugaron1 11 months ago

Possible Enlarged Adenoids in 3 yr old?
My son, who rarely gets sick, got a cold in late October. After a few days, seemed to get
Draemina 2017-12-20
2   Draemina 11 months ago

Premature ejaculation
Hi. I am married and 25 years old, only problem I have is premature Ejaculation while int
Iovue 2017-12-19
1   HealthyWorld 11 months ago

Help with regimen for reducing adenoids
My 4 yr old, 46”, 45 lb daughter has enlarged adenoids that are affecting her breat
Homeomama 2017-12-19
5   Homeomama 11 months ago

Getting Chills with migraines
It is snowing where I live and its -5...Lately each time I go out I get chills easily. Wh
Quail Neer 2017-12-19
3   healer21 11 months ago

Slight headache, fatigue, stinging needely throat upon rising in the am, very thick yellow
Esharmony 2017-12-19
2   dr Akshay 11 months ago

Sex Drive
I am 43 year old male . Quite healthy and who eats well and exercise routinely..From past
ashsingh 2017-12-18
2   ashsingh 11 months ago

My 7 year old son always complaints vomiting feeling in the morning
My 7 year old son always complaints vomiting feeling in the morning. Some time he woke up
shadablko 2017-12-19
1   healer21 11 months ago

PE, kindly advise me
Hi. I am married nearly 1 year and 25 years old, only problem I have is premature Ejaculat
Iovue 2017-12-19
1   healer21 11 months ago

For the extraordinarily kind attention of Dr Kadwa.
Dear Doctor, For the past six months I have been been vomiting facing chronic weight los
kersasp 2017-07-21
4   kersasp 11 months ago

Prolonged Menstrual & Blood clots
I am a house wife, age 38, wt is 79 kgs and suffering from thyroid for past 3 years. My cu
tusharkanchan 2017-12-17
3   Nishat Parveen 11 months ago

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