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Dear sir, My wife had itching psoriasis at scalp, forehead, back of years, arms, and
cvvek 2011-06-15
1   nawazkhan 8 years ago

Need medical advice
Dear sir, My wife is 30 years old. She had itching psoriasis at scalp, forehead, back of
cvvek 2011-06-15
1   nawazkhan 8 years ago

Bach Flower Remedies for fear-based insecurity
I would really appreciate your opinion on deciding what remedy would be best suited to
klara3005 2011-06-08
2   klara3005 8 years ago

swelling of upper left eye lid,
My wife have been suffering from swelling of upper lid since from six months.Their is
vijaymahajan1962 2011-06-17
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Cradle cap and baby acne
My baby also has heat rash or baby acne, not sure which. Small red spots around crease of
Anisa 2011-06-17
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Dr. David Guide to take care of...
Hi, David, I have a 65 yr old male patient who is brought by his 45 yr son. Who narrates;
mamsha 2011-06-14
5   mamsha 8 years ago

lost more than 50% of my hair i wanted it back
any halp any new aidia i lost more than 50% of my hair in 10 years i use to stratend my
Dina okba 2011-06-16
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Erectile Dysfunction help needed
Sir, I am a married man. My sex life was absolutely perfect until abt 15 days ago.
rahulgupta 2011-06-13
3   kadwa 8 years ago

Fearful and tearful
Hi I am 24yr old female, Recently I have been experiencing an intense fear of loss of

Michelle_chick 2011-06-14
16   cvvek 8 years ago

dr please help me,fullness in stomach
i am 30 yrs old i have stomsch problem fullness after lunch,heart burn,acidity,from 2

chandrama 2011-04-23
19   swathy 8 years ago

My baby have two white hair..
My child have 9 months aged.. He enclose two white hairs now ..What is the problem and
balasubramanian 2011-06-13
1   lakenyon 8 years ago

Homeopathic Dove
Is anyone familiar with the remedy 'Dove?' My homeopath just prescribed this for
rlinares27 2011-05-12
4   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

Pls your help is required
Hi i want to ask about some remedy for anal fissure. while giving birth to my eledest
rizwanpsh 2011-05-01
2   nawazkhan 8 years ago

Kidney Stone and nasal Polyps
Salam Every One My name is rizwan. i want an expert opinion from you people. I have
rizwanpsh 2011-05-22
6   nawazkhan 8 years ago

Urticaria (hives)
my problem is that i have urticaria and have had it for 2 years approx. i get it only at

spowell 2005-06-05
15   lilhana1 8 years ago

Urticaria and sinus
Dear members,for the past 7 years I am having severe urticaria, rashes would come all
madhunik 2004-11-22
12   Robert20 8 years ago

I am 30 yr old, mother of 2 children. Started my symptoms first time with lots of itching

Nisha Shah 2005-05-05
16   Robert20 8 years ago

Urticaria in Pregnancy
Dermatologist told me that i have Urticaria but i cannot take medicine since i am

njkeva 2005-05-24
20   Robert20 8 years ago

Suffering from Chronic Urticaria since more than 12 years
Hi, I am suffering from chronic urticaria sice more than 12 years now, initially I tried

sandyraghav 2009-10-20
43   Robert20 8 years ago

Had Chronic Urticaria for over 4 years!
Hi all....Please could i have some information on what homeopathy medicine i cold use...I
Beena 2006-07-31
12   Robert20 8 years ago

Severe diarrhea since last Monday
Hello everyone. I am a 20-year-old boy. I've had severe diarrhea since last

rahman_hope 2011-06-13
21   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

Dr. Joe, I have read yr. Advice on the forum for arthritis.my mother 78yrs old suffers
junawani 2011-06-06
4   junawani 8 years ago

Increase in height
My daughter is 15 years old and she is 5’2’’tall and weight is around 58 Kg she wants to
jaywon 2011-06-16
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urgent help
i am 28 yrs old. married 2 months ago. i tend to ejaculate just before intercourse. i
checkmeout 2011-06-16
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Sinus Headache-Congestion
I have this pounding headache for 3-days now...pressure near eye/nose area, forehead &

leesali 2007-02-10
74   Narayan 8 years ago

my child went worse
Hello everyone! Sorry if I write anything in wrong english, I am not from an
murashka 2011-05-30
5   kadwa 8 years ago

arthritis in finger
I am female, 42 years, I got pain in both hands fingers pain,specially front joints,
hildasig 2011-06-16
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Need help from Dr.!
Thanks in advance for helping me! I had a baby boy a year and 1/2 ago. I nursed and
claireh 2011-06-09
5   nawazkhan 8 years ago

I want to b mom
Hi Im new to this forum plz apologise for any mistake. Im 27 yrs old and my husband is
zeesu 2011-06-03
11   zeesu 8 years ago

The doctor just prescribed antibiotics for bronchitis. I really do not want to take them
jazmine7 2011-06-10
2   jazmine7 8 years ago

I am dieing... David please have a look
My last 2 posts from my other thread To David: I am feeling a bit angry… I feel I
Silicea 2011-06-16
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numb feet
I have had the sensation of numb feet for some time now and it's getting worse. The
lakenyon 2011-06-15
1   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

Greetings. I would like to use collodial minerals instead of ethanol. Is this
freeman9007 2011-06-14
4   freeman9007 8 years ago

penis enlargement
Dr.Shb mera nam nadeem hai 26 yr old hn bachpan ke galat kamoo ke waja se penis size kam
nadiim 2011-06-15
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constipation with hemorrhides
hi iam suffering from third degree hemorrhoides for the past 10yrs.is there any any
sarayu22 2011-06-15
2   nawazkhan 8 years ago

For HBP and kidney stones
Sir I am suffering form HBP and kidney stones for HP i an taking tencey and for stone
tukaram 2011-06-15
1   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Fatty Liver
I was just diagnosed with fatty liver (non alcoholic) am obese. What is the best diet to
lakenyon 2011-06-15
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Reagarding mother tincutre of sabal and Chimaphila Umbellata
Hi my husband has been prescribed mother tinctures of Sabal and Chimaphila Umbellata 10
pirani21 2011-06-15
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Help with my cat- she's attacking me multiple times a day.
Hello, I would love some ideas about a remedy for my cat. Background info: She's
heatherb 2011-06-14
5   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

high cholesterol
I have done lipid profile test the result of which is as under - Totl Cholesterol is
nonu711 2011-06-15
1   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

intrnal carotid artery occulsion
my fathar aged 63 suffered ischemic stoke 2009 november and developed right hemiplegia
vara_prasadp 2011-06-15
1   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

3 year old with a cough
hello, i have a 3 year old girl. yesterday morning she woke up and she couldn't open
lvl80 2011-06-13
11   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

looking for remedy[probably sinusites]
Hey guys, I'm very new at homeopathic forum. I have problems with my health since
abcvenkat 2011-06-14
2   abcvenkat 8 years ago

Chronic Constipation and IBS
I have IBS with Chronic Constipation for about 30 years now. I have added fiber, seen
John612 2011-06-14
1   kadwa 8 years ago

girl2010 2010-05-05
12   girl2010 8 years ago

Plz Help!!! Serious Cantharis Reation
I took Cantharis 30c twice daily for a week for pain/burning urine problem on advice from
indumit 2011-06-14
4   nawazkhan 8 years ago

To Control Overeating?
I am really reluctant to try 'conventional' diet pills/appetite suppressants
honeyjack 2009-12-07
10   Symbelle 8 years ago

greenmama 2011-06-14
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Zero sperm count
My friend 34 years age, married 7 years back, has no children. On undergoing different
nitturguruprasad 2009-06-05
9   naaz1234 8 years ago

Erection is not for long time
I am 31 yrs male from india. recently married. The erection is not for long time & it
india01 2011-06-14
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We are 2 brothers and 1 sisters we all are having ADPKD Kidneys Is there any treatment
sandeepdas79 2011-06-14
1   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

increase in height
a girl is about 18 years old. his height is only less than five feet. how can she
tescopsh 2011-06-14
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Pre Cum all the time
Dear Doc, I've been travelling a lot and when I came off the airplane I had pre
Maktari666 2011-06-13
2   Maktari666 8 years ago

Stool Passage problem.....
Sex: M Age: 29 Weight: 80KG Physique: Muscular 1. Describe your main
sshussain 2011-06-03
7   kadwa 8 years ago

Acne after having sex
Hello Doctor, I am getting acne on my back and chest after having sex . I recently had
setty 2011-03-23
12   kadwa 8 years ago

Dental Issues with 3 year old
My three year old son had his first real dentist visit last year at which point the
Golnessa 2011-06-14
1   kadwa 8 years ago

overweight 12 year old
My daughter has been overweight since the age of 8.Before that time she was completely
miryana 2011-06-11
9   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

dr.mehfooz plz help
A.A dear dr. i am a 28 male unmarried firstly i was suffering from prostatorrhea which i
uzi82 2011-06-14
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attention brisbane homeopath
[message deleted by pattysue on Wed, 15 Jun 2011 17:35:22
pattysue 2011-06-10
2   pattysue 8 years ago

Need help - Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Hi All I need help for Generalized Anxiety Disorder which I've experienced since
slmnpk 2011-06-12
3   slmnpk 8 years ago

An Overview Of Candida Yeast Infection dieting
The perfect Candida yeast infection dieting should comprise of foods that build the body
Efecureyeast 2011-06-13
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sagging breast
Respected Dr Hassant I am 35 yrs old lady/ I want the solution of my breast.I want
Mammam 2011-05-17
2   nawazkhan 8 years ago

stomatch disorder and spermatorrhoea
I have the problem of spermatorrhoea with much stomach disturbance. i. Flatulence,
chnisarali 2011-06-13
3   kadwa 8 years ago

Acid Reflux / GRED in 5 month old
My 5 month old daughter is irretable and poor eater. Allopathic doctor has identified as

apsingh365 2010-07-26
24   avishek009 8 years ago

please advise
any advice on remedy to help food addiction/avoidant personality
sunnyj 2011-06-12
3   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

acne on neck
hello. i am a 36 year old woman. recently i started to have acne on my neck, it is
amaraya 2011-06-12
3   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Can Homeopathy Medicine cause relapse of another disease cured by Homeopathy
Can Homeopathy Medicine cause relapse of another disease cured by Homeopathy some years
baparna1 2011-06-10
5   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

About dosage and potency
I have a surgery (dental surgery) to do and I want to use Arnica for the pain and for
lvl80 2011-06-12
3   nawazkhan 8 years ago

Infant (one and half year old) Fever
My son is suffering from fever. i have already given Aconite 200.peculier symptoms is
gopal18 2011-06-09
3   gopal18 8 years ago

Blood Pressure.
Hello, Two Days back at around 5pm in the evening all of sudden there was a jump in my
Nikkie 2011-06-11
5   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

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