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Bartholin cyst and pregnant
hi I had been havin my third b cyst for the past 6 days, painless, medium size, yesterday

Daisy1234 2015-03-28
26   fitness 4 years ago

Nux Vomica 30c
Hello! After years of GI doctors and discomfort I finally went to see a wonderful
hope0492 2015-06-26
3   simone717 4 years ago

Seminal fluid leaking when passing stools
Sir, I am male aged 42 years. I am getting white seminal fluid when passing stools. In

ANETGEAR 2015-06-26
20   ANETGEAR 4 years ago

pcos and trying to concieve
hello dr., I am sweta from Delhi and diagnosed pcos in left vary in 2010. I am a mother
Sweta Aggarwal 2015-06-26
7   sabkamalik1 4 years ago

Hereditary Spherocytosis
I have hereditary spherocytosis and underwent spleenectomy. Now my son aged 9 years also
bhargavab6 2015-06-26
2   telescope 4 years ago

Craze for Neatness.
My wife has craze for neatness, she will wash her hands repeatedly, change clothes time
cartoon123 2015-06-17
11   cartoon123 4 years ago

Premature Ejaculation... please help
i am 24 year old male . unmarried . i am having problem of premature ejaculation i only
freaking 2015-06-26
2   sabkamalik1 4 years ago

please save my life.. help me. (depression,anxiety and agarophobia)
Hi any kind doctor please help me out from my life. I am begging to any homeopath here

Brokenman1986 2015-06-25
13   yogiram 4 years ago

Seborriac Dermatits
i am 24 year old male , in good state of health. having problem of SD from last 2 years,

freaking 2015-04-10
16   simone717 4 years ago

eating problem cp child
Sir my daughter is cp child .she is 4 years ..she dont eats any solid item she drink only
Satendra pal 2015-06-25
1   telescope 4 years ago

I cannot get erection
Sir, I am 55 years I am having two big kids .I have tremendous sexual urge .I dont get
sstish 2015-05-07
2   sabkamalik1 4 years ago

Anal Fissure
Hello, My Name is Rohit Sharma. age 31. I have very small anal fissure, but its
nondust 2015-05-15
2   sabkamalik1 4 years ago

High Blood Pressure
Dear Sir, i am 36 year old and suffering from HBP since last two years for which i am
snaeem 2015-04-21
6   sabkamalik1 4 years ago

Argentum nitricum for ED
Hi, My husband is suffering from performance anxiety - he does get an erection but then
trixx 2015-05-19
2   sabkamalik1 4 years ago

CUPS in dogs
I have another question....my daughters dog has an autoimmune reaction to the tartar and
betsysezzz 2015-06-25
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Doctor kadwa I beg you please save my life..
Hi doctor kadwa,I seen many people are cured by your prescription and treatment. I posted
Brokenman1986 2015-06-25
5   Brokenman1986 4 years ago

Dear Dr. Maheeru, I have been writing in this forum after a long time. How do you do? I

ravikiran.cv 2015-05-15
15   maheeru 4 years ago

Doctor nawaz you are my last hope please save my life
Hi doctor nawaz, I posted for doctor kadwa but I think he not online today. I have some
Brokenman1986 2015-06-25
3   Brokenman1986 4 years ago

Calcium, Silica and Magnesium
I would like to start this discussion on these three mineral, Calcium, Silicon and

bhuptgu 2015-04-30
13   simone717 4 years ago

Genital Warts, HPV
Dear Dr, I'm looking for a homeopathy remedy for my genital warts that showed up 1

chromeroses 2015-06-14
14   telescope 4 years ago

sabkamalik1 2015-06-25
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milk allergy and smoke allergy
I have diagnosed with a milk and smoke allergy ..i also have gastic and reflux .and skin
samthakur 2015-06-24
4   samthakur 4 years ago

Generalized Hyperhidrosis
Hi all. Seeking some advice for my hyperhidrosis :) 1. Name Hfive 2. Age 33
Hfive 2015-06-10
7   telescope 4 years ago

(For Dr. Rishimba) Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome and unwanted same-sex attractions
28 year old male 1 Describe your main suffering? suffering from the so called "Post
pois1987 2015-06-25
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please help... deep and big cut in tip of penis
Good evening sir... My name is vijay lakshmi magaji From india Age 25 Male Sir I wear
vijaymagaji23 2015-06-22
2   vijaymagaji23 4 years ago