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What is going on with me
I have been having this chest discomfort going on for about a month now. I went to ER
gudiyachettu 2020-03-06
6   gudiyachettu 10 months ago

Hormonal imbalance-Please take my case and help
Hello, I have been suffering from hormonal imbalance which has come back again after
HoneyKhanna 2020-02-13
5   vishnu4 10 months ago

200C wet dose
I took on dose of Nux Vomica 200c at evening for my different chronic ailments. 2nd and
sajidnazir 2020-03-06
2   sajidnazir 10 months ago

Acne and clogged pores
For the last about year or two, I have developed acne. Occasionally there are cystic
BCanon 2019-11-23
13   freehomeoforall 10 months ago

Allergy to my daughter age 7 yr
my daughter has developed sudden allergy all over her body after returning frim evening
andy_65_in 2016-05-14
6   andy_65_in 10 months ago

Thuja for epiglottis cysts
Hi, I have a cyst on my epiglotis. I have taken thuja 30c for three days which seemed to
Laurence82 2020-03-04
4   drjitesh 10 months ago

Haevy hairfall DR anuj
I am a 32 year old femalr.sir I am facing heavy hairfall from last 2 weeks.even Gentel
Umang 2020-03-03
2   Umang 10 months ago

Postpartum depression
Onset of postpartum depression after birth (3 months postpartum). Symptoms: sadness,
Crusader4him 2020-03-05
1   anuj srivastava 10 months ago

Stuttering problem in 4 years and 8 months boy
Hi, I want an advice about my son, he is now 4 years and 8 months and he is stuttering

Lona 2019-11-07
48   freehomeoforall 10 months ago

seasonal allergy -10 yr old daughter
my 10 yr old daughter suffers from annual seasonal allergies which manifest as small red
andy_65_in 2020-03-03
4   andy_65_in 10 months ago

Is biopsy suppressive?
I have(had)a small lump on my arm. Since taking thuja 30c (5 doses in about 2 weeks) the
HAP 2020-03-03
3   HAP 10 months ago

Intrusive thoughts, sexual obsession, panic attacks depression
Im having severe mental problems for more than 2 months! My problem like this! I thought

pabitra 2019-11-15
86   pabitra 10 months ago

Mercurius Antidotes Thuja
It is given in the Materia Medica that Mercurius antidotes Thuja. Does that mean all
victory786 2020-03-02
1   maheeru 10 months ago

Ongoing period
Hi my name is April, I’m 16 and I started my period when I was 14 . I started my
Apriltowes 2020-03-02
1   freehomeoforall 10 months ago

Autism & Fabry's - 4 year boy (remedy finder + causation)
Hello experts, I need your help with identifying a remedy for my 4 year old boy. We have
kalegaur 2020-03-02
1   drjitesh 10 months ago

Q or 6ch
Morning please suggest what is the better avena sativa Q or 6ch and ginseng Q or 6ch
vkg1 2020-03-02
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Two questions: Sulfur, and Glutathione
1st question Can sulfur be used to antidote, or undo the effects of a previously
brianMP 2020-03-01
no replies yet

Bell's palsy and Homoeopathy
What is bell’s palsy ? (IDIOPATHIC FACIAL PARALYSIS) Named after Surgeon Sir
drjitesh 2020-03-01
no replies yet

Is there any treatment for hand vain swelling in Homeopathy
My Mom 58 year old she saw her hand one of the vain is swelling or it's puffed one
forfeit 2020-02-29
2   vishnu4 10 months ago

Recurring mouth ulcers
My wife suffers from recurring mouth ulcers...shes 47 normalwt,no other med issues except
andy_65_in 2020-02-27
10   vishnu4 10 months ago

Euphrasia for eyes
Is Euphrasia eye drop safe for my 4 years old
Irshad1 2020-02-29
1   vishnu4 10 months ago

Emotional, angry child...
I'm trying to work out what remedy would be best for my 7 year old. She is extremely
Nikky10 2016-02-16
5   SIVASAVARNI 10 months ago

anxiety, urine drops, depression
hello, I have anxiety, slight depression, urine drops after urinating/stool passing. I
longshot 2020-02-27
2   longshot 10 months ago

Occipital frontal and right temporal migraine
I have been suffering with migraine issues for a number of years now and i went to the
M4urice33 2020-02-19
12   Tui 10 months ago

Pilonidal cyst/Hidradenitis Suppurativa
For the last 15 years I have suffered from Hidradenitis Suppurativa. I have had HS

lillybag 2011-09-14
296   HSsufferer 10 months ago