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Re: severe hair fall
vedvyas 2018-06-28
3   HealthyWorld last year

EOE (Eosinophilic Esophagitis)
Looking for information or remedies for EOE, Eosinophilic Esophagitis. The esophagus
Annabelle2 2018-07-01
2   Annabelle2 last year

please help
sir I am 18 year old male... my height is 5.4 and weight is 48 .. I want to increase my
Ienkiej 2018-07-02
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Acne & oily face
hello!! I am male 32 suffering from from almost 7 years, face is extremely oily since my
john_pt 2018-05-26
11   john_pt last year

Dr. Basu ,Dr. Reva please help chronic psoriasis and depression
Dr. Basu ,Dr. Reva please help me to cure psoriasis from almost 12 years and depression,
Nadeem7 2018-06-29
6   Dr R Basu last year

Homeo medicines for High ESR
Sir a female unmarried having high ESR > 70mm/1st hr along with rhumatic pain in Right
Gopabandhu 2018-07-01
1   Dr R Basu last year

Loss of normal lumbar lordosis
Greetings, My wife, 34, have been feeling serious back pain for about a week now.
asim7r 2018-06-28
3   simone717 last year

Testicle ‍skin problem
HI Dear Sir, I am Shemul have been suffering from severe Testicle skin problem for 10
Shemul 2018-06-10
3   anuj srivastava last year

Food for thought
For those in India, google bbc article - why India’s Air looks different from
simone717 2018-06-22
3   maheeru last year

8 months baby exema
Hello, my baby is 8 months and for about a month has very dry skin on her cheeks,
YanaDi 2017-12-11
9   YanaDi last year

Can someone suggest for blackheads and scars
I am a boy of 18. I am having too many blackheads on my nose and acne around my cheeks
Uirke 2018-05-21
8   kadwa last year

sleep bruxism in 9 yr old
Hi, Our son is 9 and has sleep bruxism for a long time and found out recently that
ariesboy 2018-05-20
5   anuj srivastava last year

Ordering remedies not listed
Is it possible for ABChomeopathy to order a remedy that is not listed? I'm trying to
kwgrid 2018-06-28
6   kwgrid last year

What remedies are effective in melanoma? particularly stage 4, a large mass about the
Magoo1 2018-06-27
3   simone717 last year

Dr Kadva , Reva V - Headache and Weakness from Sunlight and heat .
Sir , My Girlfriend is 23 years old . She is very very thin and very tall . weight - 48 ,

Oujejoo 2018-05-29
14   Reva V last year

eye twitching
Hi, My 14 year old son has an eye twitching problem. He has had it the past 2 years.
shoshana 2018-06-27
2   shoshana last year

Penis enlargement (length and thikness) and sexual timing
Dear Doctor I am 31 years old and about to marry but the problem is my penis is 3 inch
luqi.mani 2018-06-09
1   Dr R Basu last year

diabetic, BP and psoriasis
My Husband is 45 yrs. He is diabetic and has Bp. He takes regular medication and will be
ponangi.anu 2018-06-26
3   Dr R Basu last year

Dr.Reva - Need help for my problems...!
Good Evening! I am a 39 yr old female. I am hypothyroid for last 15 yrs, very regular on
ponangi.anu 2018-06-26
1   Reva V last year

Sagging breast with breast lump nodule
Hi, i am neha, 30 yr old, having one child of 5 yr. After delivery my breast sag very
Neha1014 2018-06-27
7   anuj srivastava last year

Sever Performance Anxiety / Facial Blushing
Hi, I'm an 18 year old student in university. I'm studying fine art and have
theturningoftime 2016-02-05
3   Jhomeo2018 last year

Serious issue
Sir I am 18 year old male from uttar pradesh India My height is 5'4 and weight
Ienkiej 2018-06-26
7   Ienkiej last year

irregular periods
Hello doctor I'm Monali upadhyay from Mumbai, India. Rhe topic which brought me up
Monali1 2018-06-23
6   taslim1 last year

Carbohydrate Cravings & Overeating
Quick history: I am in my 40's, starting overeating about 12 years ago, it's
typeogirl 2010-07-22
6   Sanghamitra120 last year

My 41 year old son has developed achalasia. The nerves in his esophogus have become
barb.chadha 2018-06-03
12   Psps1415 last year