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Occasional high blood pressure
Hello Experts, I am 31 year old male suffering from hypertension from last one year. I
nadeemawan 2018-05-30
8   nadeemawan last year

Left hand numbness and week grip
Left hand numbness I AM NADEEM 6O YRS OF AGE FROM RAWALPINDI PAKISTAN Since last seven

mnadeemkh 2018-04-25
17   mnadeemkh last year

Multiple vaccine injury
I am not well from Nov 29 2017, that is since the time I took multiple vaccines in a span
Saiabc 2018-05-28
6   Saiabc last year

Baby diaper rash
Can anyone please suggest how to get rid of this diaper rash on the buttocks shown in the
varunb 2018-05-24
4   varunb last year

Plz help me Doctor.....urgent
Namesakar Sir Mera name rehan hai I m 23 years old and I live in Patna.my problem is that
Rehan000 2018-05-29
1   anuj srivastava last year

Extreme dry brittle hair when detoxing
I have Mercury toxicity which has caused issues with my thyroid and adrenals. Anything I
nicole1972 2018-05-29
5   simone717 last year

Very critical eye case
About four (4) years, I started seeing a small circle in center of left eye, with
sourabh24 2018-05-29
1   Reva V last year

Selenium and selenium Metallicm same medicine?
I just wanted to know if these two medicines are the same
anto250591 2018-05-29
1   Reva V last year

Excessive sweating due to heat
Hi, My father who's age is 65 years, has problem of sweating severely during summer
Hari3 2018-05-24
8   Hari3 last year

Sensitive Penis and Premature Ejaculation
Hello, I am 37 year old apparently health male and married. I am facing savior premature
Droumpiwai 2018-05-25
3   Droumpiwai last year

Re: Materia Medica
What is the best books on Materia Medica for Indian
Dr R Basu 2018-05-28
3   maheeru last year

which remedies can i take please
Thank you so much!! Personal Information: ------------------------- Full Name:
Anto75 2018-05-04
9   Anto75 last year

Hi Simone717, please help
Dear Simone717, anuj srivastava has referred you to me for futher help, you can read my
brendac0420 2018-05-28
8   brendac0420 last year

Excessive sweating in palms and feets (hyperhidrosis)
I have been suffering from execessive sweating from palm and feet since childhood and now
Monika3 2018-05-29
5   anuj srivastava last year

Tics/ Tourette syndrome and thyroid
My daughter, 14 years, has thyroid since she was 9 yrs old. She is suffering from
nids 2018-05-28
7   nids last year

Plz help me Doctor
Namesakar Sir Mera name rehan hai I m 23 years old and I live in Patna.my problem is that
Rehan000 2018-05-29
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6 years old daughter suffering from Eye stye since 3 months from now
Hello Doctors, My daughter is 6 years old and she still has redness and a little
imtiyaz.ansari1 2018-05-28
1   Reva V last year

Intolerance of homeopathic remedies
When I take homeopathic remedy .it causes nausea vomiting and diarrhea in me.What should
earth 113 2018-05-22
3   maheeru last year

Lycopodium aggravataion (???)
Hello, I think I really need some help now, about two weeks ago I gave Lycopodium
p455 2018-05-28
2   simone717 last year

Suddenly stopped period after 1 day
Hello Doctor , This month on 18th i got my period but after one day my period suddenly
Noyni18 2018-05-24
3   Noyni18 last year

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation accompanied by gastrointestinal problems
am 27 male .body weight 83kg.no smoking or drinking habit.i am having asthma which is
anto250591 2018-05-26
1   Reva V last year

best brand
hi. i want to buy some homeopathic medicines in usa. and i want to know which brand is
baigskt 2018-05-28
1   Reva V last year

Daughter Suffering from Severe Grass and dustmite allergies
Hi, .my 5yrs 6 Months old daughter is severely suffering from allergies. Arround an
Neetika 2018-05-25
3   anuj srivastava last year

Orbital Pleomorphic Salivary Adenoma
Hello, Am 31 years old and I was diagnosed with an orbital pleomorphic adenoma in my
edieatha 2018-05-27
1   anuj srivastava last year