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sudden loss of sight
my mother, 59 years, no high BP and not dibetic,suddenly was unable to see anything with
mariama 2007-06-11
12   drprodip last decade

cystic acne gross! please help i'm desperate!!!!!
I am 27 years old and have cystic acne for at least 3 years. I have trie all the creams
mterhoelle 2007-06-22
3   Ran25 last decade

remedy that suppresses...
what causes a seemingly very indicated remedy to only suppress symptoms? and what might
SeekTheHealer 2007-06-26
2   sajjadakram635 last decade

tired + forgetful + worried
The last couple of weeks I have been suffering from low energy, forgetfulness and worries
aardbeitje 2007-05-20
12   aardbeitje last decade

kind attn: all the drs
if a 17 yr boy have no beards , mustaches, underarm hairs but havin hair in his penis
justchill 2007-06-26
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After takin Sulphur 30C, Erupted in rashes
Dr Dr. After taking Suphur 30C, I erupted in rashes on my arms, my neck and much worse
helprequired 2007-06-26
2   helprequired last decade

Hi, Recently I have noticed Lipomas growing all over my hands and thighs, anf I
charan_n_u 2007-06-25
1   deoshlok last decade

TB testing
I was born in Mexico, and Igot drops for Tuberculosis vaccination. When Mexicans are test
Mara Carrillo 2007-06-26
1   deoshlok last decade

A woman 60 years has sleeplessness sometimes sleeps well from 11 to 2 ,wakes up until
vankelst 2007-06-26
1   deoshlok last decade

**please - urgent help needed with baby**
hi, can somebody please help me as i do not know how much longer i can cope. i have a 23
skhan1972 2007-06-25
3   rishimba last decade

Gastro problems
I have been suffering from abdomen pain on the right upper side since a month. The
vrajesh 2007-06-24
4   Rajendra last decade

Passkey: Aural hematoma in feline
My cat has this on her left ear, the entire left ear is swollen with blood, so much so I
Namaste27 2005-05-06
5   alonso last decade

Acid reflux
Greetings! I am 36 years a old male. in fairly good health. In the last year or so, I
agopala 2007-06-25
2   agopala last decade

pls reply
if a 17 yr boy have no beards , mustaches, underarm hairs but havin hair in his penis
justchill 2007-06-25
1   justchill last decade

for dr. murty
i am suffering with the
Rajendra 2007-06-25
1   gavinimurthy last decade

ovarian folleculosis in both ovaries
Hi all I have been diagnosed with multi folleculosis in both the ovaries. I am taking
sekir 2007-06-22
7   sekir last decade

Mucus in eyes (toddler)
Hi, Our son has had a lot of mucus in his eyes, for three days now, following a cold.

monza 2007-06-04
14   monza last decade

plzz help an Eight year Old Baby
An Eight old baby who is so week and feels pain in her bone she is not developing
shyguy 2007-06-25
1   rishimba last decade

SEVERE gum disease
I am a 42 year old female with severe pyorrhea. My gums have receded in the front to the
gyverbabe 2007-06-23
4   rishimba last decade

voice sos
Hi, I am an opera singer and i suffer for years gastric reflux at night, which damage my
charismlk 2007-06-23
3   rishimba last decade

health weaknes
ali from pakistan age 25, weight 50kg i'm very weak cud u plz suggest any medicine
a4apple1 2007-06-23
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Teeth/gum ache
Dear Rishimba , Dr Mahfooz and friends, Both left and right bottom teeth and gum are
rozanosaad 2007-06-07
10   rozanosaad last decade

i have a friend who has a stammer and he asked me if homeopathy could help him. I found 2
whitts99 2007-06-24
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

gerd ?
Respected Sir/Madam, I have stomach pain.It is more on my right side below the
roseta 2007-06-25
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Hi I'm new here and I am very much in need of someones help. Embarrassingly enough I
lala365 2007-06-24
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arnica 10 m
i s arnica 10m safe to take if i have been exercising and have a hamstring strain or
whitts99 2007-06-24
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very slim i wana be ( --. .-- )
I am very much slim. i want to be thick. I have dark circles around eyes probably in this
kashifjan 2007-06-15
2   drprodip last decade

Pls suggest what could I use from remedies. Right side is blocked, its already painfull
kontje 2007-06-06
6   kontje last decade

pankaj varma attention please.
just yesterday i had one of my upper molar filled.the dentist said its a boderline case

sanvar 2006-09-20
80   sanvar last decade

Dental blues
I have had a long-standing problem which perhaps, unfortunately, is my own creation. In
achilles 2007-06-24
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Dental blues
I have had a long-standing problem which perhaps, unfortunately, is my own creation. In
achilles 2007-06-24
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burning sensation after shaving
Hi I have burning sensation after shaving in face and head and only if i sleep for some
jambo 2007-06-10
7   Rajendra last decade

Dear Drs. I am a woman, 1,58 height and 60Kgs weight. My problem is the sleeping. It is
sandiact 2007-06-23
1   sajjadakram635 last decade

small breast
shall i start use of sabal i have alredy used it before but i think i still need it..plz
qindeel 2007-06-14
5   redrose17 last decade

Excess generation of lactic acid - please Help - urgent
Urgent Medical guidance needed for a 16 year old girl suffering with generation of high
prabu 2007-06-17
2   redrose17 last decade

My constituional remedy is Phosphorus. My main suffering is anal discomfort, burning
iffi123 2007-06-23
3   Rajendra last decade

Treatment for Kidney (Increased microalbuminuria)
I mailed some of my querries about 2 hours back. But I thought this was insufficient
glverma 2007-06-23
2   glverma last decade

Feeling Sad/Stiff Neck/Heaviness in Head/Slepplessness
I am a 32 year old married male. I have been feeling sad for about 10 days with stiff
raip74 2007-06-01
12   Rajendra last decade

Post Nasal Drip + mucas from nose (w/ 1 y.o.)
Details: -16 month old son -think mucas discharge from nose -over 2 weeks long -congested
wendinewjersey 2007-04-10
2   Rajendra last decade

What homeopathic remedy can be used for a slightly enlarged prostate gland? Thanks for
Chuck D. 2007-06-06
7   Rajendra last decade

Penis infection?
Hi, I am having this issue for a month now. It started with little itch on the right
cotcam 2007-06-05
6   Rajendra last decade

There is peculiar problem with me. there is ringing sound in my right ear. this sound
pgoel 2007-06-04
10   Rajendra last decade

Allergy Asthma in 7 year old
I am very new here so please bare with me.My 7 year old daughter has been diagnosed with
Lola527 2007-06-06
3   Rajendra last decade

hair loss
Hello, I am 21 and I have been researching this site about a number of issues I have. I
staind 2007-06-22
1   Rajendra last decade

When i use Hot , sore & spicy food.
1. I need some help for this problem. I have noticed that when i eat hot/sore/spicy
kashifjan 2007-06-22
2   Rajendra last decade

any treatment for colur blindness
Iam 32 yrs ,male and in perfect health(no halth ailment).I was detected for colour
vijayppt 2006-07-09
11   Rajendra last decade

premature white hair
I am 35 years old and suffering since 19 years from white hair ,now my breast and arms
adris 2007-06-18
6   Rajendra last decade

feeling dizziness
i've been to doctor many times,first they find out i have gastrities which cause me
sweetbabe 2007-06-21
2   Rajendra last decade

poison oak
i just found out the rash i have all over my body is poison oak. the dermatologist said
irenek 2007-06-22
2   Rajendra last decade

I had posted earlier on this site but then i wasnt diagnosed with this problem
HI well i just wanted to say that I had poste earlier n this site. I have a job now so
sekir 2007-06-22
1   Rajendra last decade

excessive hair on face
i forgot to mention this;........i have very thick beard growth....in two ares under my
sekir 2007-06-22
1   Rajendra last decade

Cervical Disc Herniation/Cervical Spondylitis
1998, I was diagnosed to have a 'Suboccipital Triangle Syndrome with Vertebrobasilar

knowell 2006-10-03
16   Rajendra last decade

Desire for change
In the rubric 'desire for change' there are: bry(2), cham(1), hep(1), sep(1)
ellenbee 2007-06-20
6   Rajendra last decade

nerve nutrition!!!
thanx to all of you! i am entirely new to homeopathy. What would be the best
ggloria 2007-06-22
1   Rajendra last decade

nerve nutrition!!!!!
hello everybody. just came home from hospital where a cervical radiculopaty has been
ggloria 2007-06-21
7   Rajendra last decade

Top 10 Hair Loss Myths
akon25 2007-06-23
1   Rajendra last decade

Does anyone know of a natural remedy, tea anything other than IVF or Tubal surgery to
Jennie 2007-06-15
8   sajjadakram635 last decade

UTI, to Deoshlok
I could not find the remedy, E. Coli, but started her with Solidago. I am posting again
anamika_gulati 2007-06-21
3   anamika_gulati last decade

overdose on natrum sulf.
hi there. i took a couple of doses of natrum sulf 1m. i believe it is my constitutional
irenek 2007-06-19
5   Rajendra last decade

Thyroidinum Bad for Tubercular Patients?
I read some posts on this web site that made me think Thyroidinum could be quite useful
4Love 2007-06-21
no replies yet

Teeth and facial scars problem
Dr Mahfooz , I have been taking Hecla lava and calc Flour for my loose teeth for the
anon1234 2007-06-19
4   neelam kapil last decade

how many remedies can i take
can i take 3 or 4 remedies provided they are taken say at least half an hour apart or is
whitts99 2007-06-21
1   andres last decade

site not a substitute for proper homoeo treatment
dear site users, this is the best site for homoeopathic information sharing with many
sanvar 2007-06-19
1   rishimba last decade

Allergy to Silk Clothes
Hi, I have noticed that whenever I wear Silk Clothes my skin starts to itch, I Sneeze and
arathi 2007-06-20
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

testicle trauma- low test and sperm count along with some atrophy
i am a 15 yr old active boy. about a month ago, when playing basketball, i got racked in
iluvkujbball 2007-06-20
4   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Eczema in 8 month old
Hello, I am looking for some help with my 8mo son. At about 4 months he developed eczema
mom2lkandd 2007-06-16
3   Rajendra last decade

coronary and carotid arteries, heart attacks
My uncle had the 2nd heart attack last week. The first one was in 2005. age-55 likes
anon 2007-06-13
10   anon last decade

Provings/Healing Crisis/KNOWLEDGE!!!
Hi All, Brand new to the forum. I just felt the need to write this. Homeopathy can be a
thp815 2007-06-20
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Remedy, Potency and Dosing
How are the potencies and dosage decided ? How do you know whether the remedy is proper
sssankhla 2007-06-20
1   gavinimurthy last decade

Excess Hair Growth
I'm a female in my 20's looking for something to help with my excess hair
Glitter888 2007-06-20
7   Glitter888 last decade

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