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Retinal detachment
My father has a problem with his eye, hes having Retinal detachment( eye problem). is ther

nadeem4u 2006-11-27
16   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Numbness of soles caused by Diabetes
Dear Dr. Deoshlok, Iam 73years old male suffering from diabetes type two since last about
libra 2006-12-08
8   libra last decade

severe hair loss and scalp pain
My hair has been falling for the past 1 year. I had so much hair that people use to apprec
san123 2006-12-13
3   san123 last decade

Re: Elevated Alkaline Phosphatase
Dec 13, 2006 WEDNESDAY Hi! Forum supporters We have a unique symptom called elevated alk
radhekrishna 2006-12-14
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Question about eye laser surgery
I need homeopathic medicine for my 82 yrs. old mother to minimise the damage caused by las
omtulsi 2006-12-12
2   omtulsi last decade

Infant/Toddler Eczema
My 13 month old son has mild to moderate eczema. He was breastfed for 11 mos. Began eatin
mayfloweracademy 2006-10-16
7   mayfloweracademy last decade

Chronic myeloid leukaemia
my sister in law aged 24 is suffering from Chronic myeloid leukaemia. is there any remedy
kplavunkal 2006-12-09
3   kplavunkal last decade

effexor xr
I have been on effexor xr about 6 mon or longer. My concern is what will be the right way
sandie 2006-12-12
2   amyphilo last decade

4mth old, rattly chest, cough, runny nose
I have a 4 mth old who has a cold. Rattly chest, productive cough, runny nose (runs clear)
lisamumto2 2006-12-08
12   gavinimurthy last decade

Attention Everybody
OK, sorry moderator that I made 17 posts. I admit that was my mistake. One was enough. Th

pradip2007 2006-11-14
30   gavinimurthy last decade

The nature of autism and the homeopathic approach to it
Friends, I have got this information from some website and sharing with those who are inte
Dipika 2006-12-11
1   ZepOz last decade

Congratulations and Thanks to Gavini Murthy
Thanks and Congratulations to Gavini Murthy for his commanding presence on abchomeopathy

pradip2007 2006-11-19
22   pradip2007 last decade

hard boil in genital area
pls help me fast i have a painful hard boil in my genital area...like near my vagina below
sekir 2006-12-13
2   sekir last decade

Help required........nervous cough
Dear doctors whenever i feel anxious/excited/tensemy cough starts and i start to clear my
hisam 2005-12-14
4   hisam last decade

Excessive ear wax causing vertigo,is there a homeopathic remedy to slow down the formation
Chuck D. 2006-12-13
1   sajjadakram635 last decade

Horrible, red stretch marks
Hi, I'm a 18 yr. female looking for a remedy for some really dark thick stretch mark
Veriss 2006-12-09
2   jentoun last decade

Bronchitis, Sinus
I was diagnosed Bronchitis 10yrs ago and I use Ventolin occassionally. I also have to use
simran13 2006-06-19
10   gavinimurthy last decade

Cat with hyperthyroidism
Our senior cat (13 years old) has been demonstrating all of the signs of hyperthyroidism.
Buchworm 2006-12-12
1   Daisy43 last decade

8 year old concentration problem
hi my 8 year old son was a very good eater till the time a bee bit him on his fore head an
VIPINARORA 2006-12-12
1   kuldeep last decade

Help with 19 month old toddler
I have twins born at 34 weeks gestation they are now 19 months. The one has had issues wi
Johanna00 2006-12-12
3   Johanna00 last decade

urgent- lou gehrig's desease
does anybody know of something that might help with this killer?
paloma 2 2006-12-10
1   ZepOz last decade

Has anyone tried Dutasteride for hair fall ?
Instead of finax has anyone gone for this medicine for hair fall- Dutas Capsules (manufact
monty_080 2006-12-12
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Anti dandruff Shampoo
can anyone suggest me pleaseee some good dandruff shampoo how abt these - fongitar , prota
monty_080 2006-12-12
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For the kind attention of Mr. Rajiv
Here are all the answers to the questionnaire and I will send you brief history in my next
Reiki 2006-12-11
3   Reiki last decade

Desperate Help
Dear Sir/Madam, I am under Homeopathy treatment for some skin disease: 1) Sarsap
riddhi 2006-12-12
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sweaty palms and feet
i have this problem of sweaty palm and feet since young, its been really diffucult to writ
pratheep 2006-12-11
1   rishimba last decade

Dentigerous Cyst and Eye
I have an issue with my left eye. It is a case of hyphemia. The blunt injury took place i
Rajesh Nambiar 2006-12-12
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Has anyone else experience this?
My father had a total gastrectomy and a part of his esophagus (sphincter) removed this pas
angel0236 2006-12-12
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Trigeminal Neuralgia
I have ordered Spigelia for my husband's trigeminal neuralgia. Has anyone used Spige
nadoane 2006-12-04
5   maheeru last decade

bronchiolitis in a 5 month old
My 5 month old son has come down with bronchiolitis. It started over a week ago with a run
crand 2006-12-12
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Burning mouth, Tongue and lips
My mother is having burning sensation in mouth. Earlier Doctors treated for acidity where
kalp9 2006-12-06
3   kalp9 last decade

Back/Body Acne
I remember reading here to avoid a certain ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner if
naydies 2006-12-11
1   carlotta last decade

Splitting, Peeling Fingers
First one of my fingers started peeling, then splitting. Then it started moving to my next
latajava 2006-12-11
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Wart on sole
I have had a wart on the sole of my right foot for over 15 years. The wart grows inwards a
Pineda 2006-12-06
7   Telamoon last decade

arthritis - dog
Hi. My German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix is almost 10 years old, and she has arthritis.
Georgex2 2006-12-11
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antidote to ars i
Can anyone tell me what is the best antidote for an overdose of Ars i? is it hepar sulph?
divyaz 2006-12-11
1   maheeru last decade

For Rajiv
Dear Rajiv I was reading the thread by 'mollydalton' and your comments regardin
gavinimurthy 2006-12-10
5   Reiki last decade

can anyone tell me please from which store in delhi i can get saw palmetoo or sernoa complex
can anyone tell me please from which store in delhi i can get saw palmetoo or sernoa compl
monty_080 2006-12-09
1   kuldeep last decade

Nothing w/Arnica - Maybe Sulphur?
My son has been taking Arnica 30c wet form for 1-week for acne on his face with zero resul
leesali 2006-12-11
no replies yet

need *help!* -chronic asthma and acid reflux
hi, please see below I've answered the standard questions i think. i emailed awhile
Reb1505 2006-12-08
2   Reb1505 last decade

cold fingers and toes
I am 58 years old and recently diagnosed with diabetes type 2. In the last month or so my
tonye 2006-12-10
3   erika last decade

A query
I will try to pose this with an example. Suppose a person is given nat m. as a remedy(don&
a_gnan 2006-12-10
1   gavinimurthy last decade

Hello, we are planning a trip to either the carribean or mexico (haven't decided whi
gurly 2006-12-07
8   maheeru last decade

Memo From John Hopkins Medical Center.
A friend sent this to me in e-mail. Others who have information on this, please share. Tha
PANKAJ VARMA 2006-11-29
5   ZepOz last decade

Cirrhosis of the liver
Hi, My father is 65 years old, and he has been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. Is
sriramsm 2006-12-10
1   rishimba last decade

Symptom- extreme love for music?
Hi All, Does anyone know which remedy(ies) have the symptom of someone loving music to th

JMalik 2006-12-05
24   CodyD last decade

I have recently been diagnosed with IC.(Interstitial Cystitis). I am curently receving med
jensen 2006-12-09
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Tinnitus after Firecraker Burst
Dear Sir, I am Male, 33 years old. In Oct'2001, A kid had thrown a small firecrake
rbmleo 2006-12-07
7   MSphar last decade

trigger finger in both hands
I am suffering from trigger finger since last one year.I do not want to go fo
ARKBISWAS 2006-11-16
5   tweetystone last decade

help please! hypopigmented scars
I've got 5 - 5 cm diameter hypopigmented scars as a result of a job accident back in
Almasty 2006-12-08
2   gavinimurthy last decade

can we do abortion with homoeopathic drugs?
khajuria 2006-11-30
2   gavinimurthy last decade

Arnica Wet Question...Anyone?
For my 14-yr. old's skin problem (acne)...have been dropping 3 pellets of Arnica 30c
leesali 2006-12-07
10   gavinimurthy last decade

2 yr old with croupe
My 2 yr old daughter has what her dr. calls croupe...chronic cough, fever, VERY low appeti
youngmommy19nc 2005-11-06
3   ZepOz last decade

herpes help
Dear all I am 26 yrs old male. When my wife kisses my reproductive organ, she gets sores o
basurai 2006-12-06
2   Seena last decade

urinary tack infection
Hello, Please help. I am 28 y.o. female,student, diabetic type 1 since 19y.o.,hypo- thyroi
halyna 2006-12-09
1   halyna last decade

For Joe De Livera- Female hair loss
Dear Sir, Before I begin I would like to thank you for sharing so generously your knowledg
paloma 2 2006-12-07
2   paloma 2 last decade

stress fractures
My daughter is a long distance runner in a college program and periodically deals with str
Laurakey 2006-12-08
2   gavinimurthy last decade

surgery to remove fibroids in the breast
Hi iam a 29 year old female pregnant with my second kid. I had a surgery in my right breas
nimisha 2006-11-27
7   erika last decade

Arnica Wet - Newbie Question
Have read the archives (Joe De Livera posts) regarding Arnica 30c -- wet application for s
leesali 2006-12-06
3   erika last decade

please respond .periods not normal,.drastic weght increase and hair fall
my forehead is incraesing due to acute hair fall.my weight has increased from 58 kgs to 70

sekir 2006-12-01
21   rajivprasad last decade

Thanks to Joe De Livera
Joe, I have been suffering from asthma for about 10 years now and living in Australia. La

asadkayani 2006-09-30
21   ZepOz last decade

itchy scalp ,thinhair and hair loss
joe pls help me my hair is thin and grey and falling .my scalp is some times itchy.scalp i
sandeepty 2006-12-06
3   sandeepty last decade

for dr deshlok sir
sir my pennis has been showing improvement in size now its 4 inches in length , , should i
indianboyby 2006-12-04
9   last decade

Accidental Burning due to fire
The cloths of my eldest daughter cought fire when she was some 14 yrs old and got deep bur
Santosh44 2006-12-06
10   last decade

GERD...no acid, no pain...meal comes back
Hello, Maybe you can help me. I live in bolivia. I was diagnosed with GERD 3 months ago.
MAJITO 2006-12-08
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back head ache
help needed my cousin has pain in back side of the head since last week.the pain comes for
asimattar 2006-12-07
1   last decade

Sudden Tinnitus From Jet Noise
On October 7th of this year I was exposed to jet noise for a brief moment and have tinnitu
MSphar 2006-12-06
2   last decade

Helicobacter Pylori Chronic Gastritis
Hi! I am 33 y/o male. I have a H.Pylori induced Chronic Mild Gastritis for about 2-3 years
ateeeq 2006-10-05
2   last decade

cold sore, breakout....all on left side
It started with a sore under my left eye, to a cold sore on left side of my lip & now I ha
namastenat 2006-12-07
no replies yet

follicular infection
I have an internal bump in my groin. I used to get this when I was in my 20s and my obgyn
mahagv 2006-12-07
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