The following are the indications of Alumina, as it relates to this part. Strongest indications are in bold, the next strongest are in italics, and the remaining indications are in a plain typeface.
Low-spirited, fears loss of reason
Confused as to personal identity
Hasty, hurried
Time passes slowly
Variable mood
Better as day advances
Suicidal tendency when seeing knife or blood.
mind, aversions, dislikes, cannot look at blood, or a knife;
mind, emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition, irritability;
mind, emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition, mood, alternating mood;
mind, emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition, unhappy, sadness, mental depression, morning, on waking;
mind, intellectual faculties, impaired thinking, confusion, as to own identity;
mind, intellectual faculties, impaired thinking, weakness of mind, after period;
mind, insecure, uncertain, scared, anxiety, of conscience (as if guilty of a crime);
mind, insecure, uncertain, scared, fear, of evil, evening;
mind, talking, conversation, contrary (see obstinate, irritable);
mind, talking, conversation, obstinate;
Stitching, burning pain in head, with vertigo, worse in morning, but relieved by food
Vertigo, with nausea, better after breakfast
Pressure in forehead as from a tight hat
Inability to walk except with eyes open
Throbbing headache, with constipation
head, pain, headache, affected by certain foods and drinks (improved, brought on or aggravated), after eating;
head, pain, headache, recurring headache;
head, pain, headache, sides, one side;
head, pain, headache, pressing (see bursting, pulling), forehead, while standing;
head, pain, headache, stitching, sudden, sharp, brain;
Falling out of hair, scalp itches and is numb.
Objects look yellow
Eyes feel cold
Lids dry, burn, smart, thickened, aggravated in morning, chronic conjunctivitis
eye, lids, thickening of lids;
eye, lids, stuck together, night;
eye, dryness;
eye, inflammation, wounds, conjunctiva (external lining of eye);
eye, itching, corner;
eye, itching, inner;
eye, pain, burning, smarting, gnawing, biting;
eye, tears, daytime only;
eye, ulceration, conjunctiva (external lining of eye);
vision, colours and shapes in front of eyes, colours, yellow, halo around the light;
Humming, roaring
Eustachian tube feels plugged.
Feels as if albuminous substance had dried on it
Blood-boils and pimples
Twitching of lower jaw
Rush of blood to face after eating.
face, lips, chapped;
Pain at root of nose
Sense of smell diminished
Point of nose Cracked, nostrils sore, RED, worse touch
Scabs with thick yellow mucus
Tettery redness
Oxaena atrophica sicca
Membranes distended and boggy.
nose, discharge from nose, blood;
nose, skin or lining of nose, cracks, tip;
nose, skin or lining of nose, discoloration, redness;
Fluent coryza
Bad odor from it
Tensive pain in articulation of jaw when opening mouth or chewing.
Teeth covered with sordes
Gums sore, bleeding
DRY, sore, food cannot pass, oesophagus contracted
Feels as if splinter or plug were in throat
Irritable, and relaxed throat
Looks parched and glazed
Clergyman’s sore throat in thin subjects
Thick, tenacious mucus drops from posterior nares
Constant inclination to clear the throat.
throat, dryness, evening;
throat, pain, swallowing, on swallowing;
throat, scraping, evening;
throat, scraping, from dryness;
throat, external throat, itching;
chest, oppressed feeling, bending head forward;
chest, pain, night;
chest, pain, pressing, night;
Cough soon after waking in the morning
Hoarse, aphonia, tickling in larynx, wheezing, rattling respiration
Cough on talking or singing, In the morning
Chest feels constricted
Condiments produce cough
Talking aggravates soreness of chest.
respiration, difficult (dyspnea), with cough;
respiration, interrupted, coughing;
cough, morning;
cough, choking;
cough, constant;
cough, dry cough;
cough, dry cough, almost constant;
cough, hacking cough;
cough, suffocating;
Chapped and dry tettery
Brittle nails
Intolerable itching when getting warm in bed
Must scratch until it bleeds, then becomes painful
Brittle skin on fingers.
skin, itching, without visible out-break on skin;
back, pain, sore, bruised, beaten;
back, pain, sore, bruised, beaten, lumbar (lower half of back), sacrum (base of spine);
back, skin, itching, neck;
back, tension, neck (see spasmodic pulling);
Gnawing pain, as if from hot Iron
Pain along cord, with paralytic weakness.
back, pain;
back, pain, dorsal (shoulder level), spine;
back, pain, tearing, lumbar (lower half of back);
Heartburn, feels constricted
Aversion to meat ( Graph., Arn., Puls.) Potatoes disagree
No desire to eat
Can swallow but small morsels at a time
Constriction of oesophagus.
Colic, like painter’s colic
Pressing in both groins toward sexual organs
Left-sided abdominal complaints.
abdomen, pain, from lead poisoning;
abdomen, bladder, urination, feeble stream (slow);
abdomen, bladder, urination, feeble stream (slow), morning on waking;
abdomen, bladder, urination, delayed, difficult, must press, a long time before able to start;
abdomen, bladder, urination, delayed, difficult, must press, morning;
abdomen, stomach, appetite, reduced;
abdomen, stomach, indigestion;
abdomen, stomach, indigestion, after potatoes;
Stomach, Abnormal cravings - chalk, Charcoal, dry food, tea-grounds
abdomen, stomach, vomiting, on coughing;
rectum, constipation;
rectum, constipation, difficult stool;
rectum, constipation, difficult stool, soft stool;
rectum, constipation, inactivity of rectum;
rectum, diarrhoea, urinating;
rectum, pain, burning, during stool;
rectum, pain, cutting;
rectum, pain, soreness, during stool;
Hard, dry, knotty, no desire
Rectum sore, dry, inflamed, bleeding
Itching and burning at anus
Even a soft is passed with difficulty
great straining
Constipation of infants (Collins., Psor., Paraf.) and old people from inactive rectum, and in women of very sedentary habit
Diarrhoea on urinating
Evacuation preceded by painful urging long before stool, and then straining at stool.
stool, like balls;
stool, like balls, like sheep dung;
stool, bloody;
stool, dark;
stool, hard;
stool, knotty, nodular, lumpy;
stool, small (see long and narrow);
stool, soft;
stool, thin, liquid;
Muscles of bladder paretic, Must strain at stool in order to urinate
Pain in kidneys, with mental confusion
Frequent desire to urinate in old people
Difficult starting.
genitals, urethra (urinary part of genitals), discharge, sharp mucous or pus;
genitals, urethra (urinary part of genitals), discharge, yellow;
genitals, urethra (urinary part of genitals), discharge, yellow, chronic;
genitals, female, vaginal discharge;
genitals, female, vaginal discharge, strong and sharp (acrid), wearing away skin;
Male, Excessive desire
Involuntary emissions when straining at stool
Prostatic discharge.
Relieved by washing with cold water.
Female, Menses too early, short, Scanty, pale, followed by great exhaustion
an., Coccul.) Leucorrhoea Acrid, profuse, transparent, ROPY, with burning, worse during daytime, and after menses
Pain in arms and fingers, as if hot Iron penetrated
Arms feel paralyzed
Legs feel asleep, Especially when sitting with legs crossed
staggers on walking
heels feel numb
Soles tender, on stepping, feel soft and swollen
Pain in shoulder and upper arm
Gnawing beneath finger nails
Brittle nails
Inability to walk, except when eyes are open or in daytime
Spinal degeneration and paralysis of lower limbs.
extremities, limbs, hands and feet, corns, stinging;
extremities, limbs, heaviness, lower limbs;
extremities, limbs, heaviness, lower limbs, while sitting;
extremities, limbs, heaviness, leg;
extremities, limbs, heaviness, leg, while sitting;
extremities, limbs, heaviness, foot;
extremities, limbs, movements and positions, incoordination;
extremities, limbs, movements and positions, incoordination, ataxia;
extremities, limbs, pain, fingers, nails, under the nails;
extremities, limbs, pain, gnawing, biting, fingers, under nails;
extremities, limbs, pain, sore, bruised, foot, sole;
extremities, limbs, pain, sore, bruised, foot, sole, while walking;
extremities, limbs, pain, as if sprained, shoulder;
extremities, limbs, pain, as if sprained, shoulder, raising the arm;
extremities, limbs, pain, stitching, sudden, sharp, shoulder;
extremities, limbs, pain, stitching, sudden, sharp, hip;
extremities, limbs, pain, stitching, sudden, sharp, knee;
extremities, limbs, pain, tearing, lower limbs;
extremities, limbs, pain, tearing, thigh;
extremities, limbs, pain, tearing, knee;
extremities, limbs, pain, tearing, knee, extending to other parts, downward;
extremities, limbs, pain, tearing, knee, knee cap;
extremities, limbs, pain, tearing, leg;
extremities, limbs, pain, tearing, leg, extending to toes;
extremities, limbs, paralysis;
extremities, limbs, skin, skin cracks at bends of joints, hands (see chapping);
extremities, limbs, skin, itching, toes, toes that had been frozen;
extremities, limbs, skin, out-break on skin, foot, herpes;
extremities, limbs, weakness, tottering;
extremities, limbs, weakness, lower limbs;
chill, evening;
chill, evening, in bed;
chill, in bed;
chill, after sleep;
chill, on waking;
fever, perspiration with heat;
fever, one-sided;
fever, one-sided, right;
generalities, lethargic, tired;
Restless, anxious and confused dreams
Sleepy in morning.
sleep, dreams, anxious;
sleep, dreams, robbers;
sleep, sleepiness, tiredness;
sleep, waking, frequent;
generalities, evening;
generalities, physical exertion;
generalities, faintness, fainting, while standing;
generalities, lying down, inclination to lie down;
generalities, pain, pressing, together;
generalities, periodic, recurring;
generalities, pulsation, internally;
generalities, symptoms not symmetrical, symptoms on one side;
generalities, temperature (felt and effects of temperature), tendency to catch cold;
generalities, temperature (felt and effects of temperature), warmth;
generalities, walking, in open air;
generalities, warmth;
generalities, weakness (see lethargic, weariness), from talking;
generalities, weakness (see lethargic, weariness), walking;
generalities, weakness (see lethargic, weariness), walking, in open air;
generalities, weariness (see weakness);
generalities, weariness (see weakness), after talking;