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Hylands Homeopathic Remedies

Founded in Los Angeles by 8 physicians back in 1903, Hylands was originally known as the Standard Homeopathic Pharmacy. Sadly though, Hylands are drastically reducing their single remedy offering. This is the letter they sent us
Dear Valued Professionals and Customers,

In 1903, Standard Homeopathic Company (SHC) was founded by eight doctors to ensure practitioners on the West Coast would have access to homeopathic medicines closer to home. Homeopathy was already thriving on the East Coast with several pharmacies making homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy, the art and science of it, is at the heart of all we have done in our 116 years.

We expanded that commitment around 1995 with the purchase of what became our East Coast operation, TxOptions, a full-service homeopathic pharmacy and remedy provider. This facility is a key part of our company that continues that tradition of homeopathy. Through that facility, for almost 25 years now, we have made prescription homeopathic medicines for you and we have made small batch or custom medicines as needed for our consumers, all to ensure we could make any medicine one of your patients may need.

So, it is with heavy heart that I write to share that we have made the difficult decision to discontinue our pharmacy and lab operations in King of Prussia. This closure was not made lightly. As an FDA-regulated business, we invest significant resources to ensure we adhere to current Good Manufacturing Practices. After a thorough assessment, we have made the business decision to invest those resources in our top- selling Hyland’s branded products.

In addition to this news, as part of the same global regulatory assessments, we made the decision to stop manufacturing pellets in all of our facilities and end production of the Luyties-branded products. We know this news is disappointing to many of you, it is to us as well. Pellets and Luyties are part of our identity as homeopathic medicine manufacturers and we recognize this loss. As the homeopathic industry grows, though, we see opportunities for manufacturers to segment into specialties at which they most excel. At SHC, we believe our specialty is introducing consumers to homeopathy through combination medicines and single remedies made in our unique, quick-dissolving tablets.

We will continue to sell existing inventory until depletion and fulfill orders for products manufactured in the lab or the pharmacy until September 9, 2019.

While these changes are significant, we are confident that they will allow us to focus our resources more effectively and see continued growth into the future. We expect to be here for another 100 plus years, making safe, effective and natural health care options available to all. We are grateful to you for allowing us to serve you for these last many years and we hope we can be there for you in the future!

With appreciation,
J.P. Borneman, PhD
Chairman & CEO
Standard Homeopathic Company