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(flu, Influenza)
Oscillococcinum ® - Boiron i is available in all the potencies, formats and brands specified below. If you do not see what you require, please contact us.

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Oscillococcinum ® - Boiron is available from Boiron in the following:

Combination from $13.15 in : -, 6 doses, 12 doses, 30 doses

Boiron remedies shipped from San Diego, California. Generally cheapest shipping on international orders.

Shipping from $4.25 .

Shipping globally, except Europe, Africa, India and South America. 2nd day shipping available in USA.

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Oscillococcinum ® - Boiron is not available from Hylands.

Hylands and Standard Homeopathic remedies are shipped from Pennsylvania. Wide choice of combination remedies available.

Shipping from $6.00 .

Shipping in USA only. Overnight & 3 day shipping available

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Oscillococcinum ® - Boiron is not available from WHP.

WHP remedies are shipped from Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. Remedies from WHP are generally cheaper for larger quantities. High (87%) alcohol liquid dilutions available.

Shipping from $4.99. FREE for orders over $100 (USA addresses). .

Shipping globally, except Europe, Nigeria and South Africa.

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Oscillococcinum ® - Boiron is not available from Canada.

In Canada, Boiron & Homeodel remedies are shipped from Toronto.

Shipping from $3.00 .

Shipping in USA and Canada only. Prices in Canadian dollars.
Shipping to USA from $23.00