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sinus infection/tear sac infection

I have a very bad sinus infection only in my right sinus and tear duct/sac in inflammed. The pain is stabbing, throbbing,aching. My nose is stuffy and my tear duct filled with tears. This happend on a regular basis. I infected myself with herpes in the tearduct 2 years ago, I have had these symptoms on and off the whole time.eyelid is constantly very swollen( under eyelid) and very blue underneigh the eye. This is only regarding the right eye. What can I do???
  malibumaiden on 2007-03-18
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4. What exactly do you feel when you are at your worst? Describe the sensation in your own words.

5. When did it all start? Can you connect it to any past event or disease?

6. Which time of the day you are worst?

7. What are the things which aggravate your suffering and which are those which ameliorate the same? Example- time, temperature, pressure, rubbing, washing, eating, tight clothing etc.

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rishimba last decade
Thanks so much for responding,
1, genital herpes that I accidentally got into my right eye, only tear duct/sac.Not on cornea.Always swollen undereyelid, dark circles, and a very sickly looking eye. Extream pain in tear sac, going into the cheek and a constant throbbing feeling in sinus on the right side.
2.Genital herpes and vulvodynia.
3.very very sad, it has destroyed my life it feels like, have lost my looks, dwelling on the past. Suddenly insecure. withdrawn.depression.
4,i feel that it is all over for me. can not get happy no matter what.My face is so important to me as I am an actress, I can no longer get work, I look like I am on drugs because the eye is so bad, devastated!!!!!!
5,it started 2 years ago, got infected with genital herpes, did not have classic symptoms, no blisters only a horrific burning sensation in the vaginal /vulvar tissue. I examined myself with a small mirror to find nothing but red burning skin, cried hysterically, rubbed my finger into the right eye, to take ayay tears that I just had used to examin myself with and got the virus into the tearduct. Next morning I wake up with EXTREAMLY swollen eyelids, gritty feeling in eye, inflammed ,red colour of eye.
6,worse in the afternoon evening
7,aggravated by stress, cold damp weather.
8,weather yes.
9, feels great with warm dry weather.
10,I have become hypersensitive,easliy offended, nervous, argumentative,moody,bitter somewhat aggressive,withdrawn
when it is at it's worse I just go into my room and dont come out, don't speak to anyone, don't write emails, don't answer the phone, no contact with anybody! I talk to myselfall the time telling me off for having gotten so sick, daily, can not be positive anymore.I basically don't know who I am anymore, non of these are my regular emotions.My family is annoying to me,the slightest thing they say can make me throw a temper tantrum.?????
The personal care for myself is very bad, normally I am very aware of loking good, and eating very healthy foods, now, I have put on 12 pounds in 2 years. I am not in the mood to exersize since the eyepain gets worse with strainious activity.
11,my fear is tat I will never get married , my life is over as I knew it, I dream of the exboyfriend alot, the one who infected me, I dream that it is a reversable situation and that I do anything to leave the place, I dream that over and over.
12,I have suddenly become crazy about sour things, like vineager, have more of a sweet tooth as well.
13,thirst is less,
14,hunger less, but it out of sadness,
16,sweat normal,
17,stool, hard and somewhat constipated,
18,Sleeping is strange, somedays I can sleep until 3 pm,( i think that is the depressed me) very often I am an insomniac.
19,in general yes, I have been celibat now for 2 years, and start to miss sex.
20,I am not sure how I am different from others other than that I am alone in my ailment, no one has ever heard of a person getting the virus from the genitals to the tearduct. Doctors just say I am a very strange and unusual case in every sense.
21, I have been treated with varuious natural therapies, like strong doses of goldenseal and ayurvedic herbal rmedies, none have worked. Doctors put me on strong dose of Acyclovire, I got herpes blisters all over my right eye from them, doctors say that that is IMPOSSIBE! No, it is not, I suffered tremedously from that.5 large blisters above my right eyebrown and the sinus ( right side) was very inflammed and I looked very sick!
22,no diseases
23,I am 5,5, blonde. green eyes, 135 ponds( overweight now with 10 pounds)light skin
24,periods normal, sadness before period,
hope this is helpful to you and thanks so much for caring.Namaste,A~
malibumaiden last decade
i remember we had prescribed SEPIA for your genital herpes earlier.

if you have started taking the remedy, it would be worthwhile to know the results.

your present symptoms are not very different from the earlier ones. based on the generalities, SILICEA and DULCAMARA are coming up very close.

take SILICEA 200C one dose every morning empty stomach for some 7 days and note the results. if no improvements, go for DULCAMARA 200c.

if you observe that any of the remedies are giving positive results, you need to take it continuously every alternate day for many days till the infection is totally cured.
rishimba last decade
Thank you!
Yes, I have started to take the sepia 200c for the vulvodynia ,but nothing is happening so far. I will try the silica 200c and report back to you.
kindly A~
ps, it looks like you have posted breaf information about vulvodyna on another letter, that was nice to see , many peple have never heard of this horrible dis-order. You write that with homeopathy it is compleatley curable?
bye for now.
malibumaiden last decade
Hello again,
here is an update on the homeopathics I have been taking. I have taken silica 200 c for over a week now, at first the sinus infection got worse, much worse, thenafter 3 days I felt so much better and even the swelling of the eye went down alot. Yesterday it was raining here and the weather was very damp and moist, the whole thing flared up again. I am in serious pain today. The Trigeminal nerv has also been inflammed for some time and there is nothing on earth that I have tried that helps the pain. So, today, it is back, the pain in the sinuses the eye is swollen and the tear sac is inflammed again and the Trigeminal nerve is giving me tremendous pain.
Now, I have also been taking Sepia 200c for my vulvodynia with no results at all. I have read everything about Homeopathic remedies and was wondering if a strong dose (200) of Hepar sulphur could help my vulvar pain? since it is a skin disorder I thought hepar sulph was good for that? I do understand that you treat the whole body not the symptoms. Please help if you can, can not live like this any longer. My right eye is throbbing, the face nerv is throbbing, I am not myself ..
MAny thanks and I hope I don't sound like a martyre, (pain makes one cranky)
malibumaiden last decade
please take dulcamara if your condition gets worse with cold and damp weather.

meanwhile, let me look into the suitability of Hepar sulphur in your case.
rishimba last decade
hello Dr Rishimba,
So nice of you to write. Just letting you know that I now know for SURE that it is Trigeminal neuralgia that acts like a sinus infection.YOu see it has gone on for 2 years now and everytime it is cold and damp weather I get extream pain in my face, all the teeth in the upper jaw feels like they have cavaties, and the cheekbone is throbbing.Since I know for sure that I got herpes in my tear sac it has most probably developed from there. I will get some Dulcamara , just don't know the dose and how long? The lower eyelid in my right eye is very very dark and swollen. I am also taking Apis mellifica 200c for the swelling, saw some improvement and now it is back again. One question? What is the difference in symptoms when it comes to Trigeminal neuralgia and Post herpetic neuralgia? Just want to know if they behave the same way?
many thanks,
A~ :)
malibumaiden last decade
in homeopathy, the symptoms and the modalities decide the remedy.

as long as it is facial neuralgia which gets worse due to cold and damp weather, DULCAMARA will be able to cure it.

start with DULCAMARA 30C every 4 hours and then once you get some relief, you can take DULCAMARA 200C once every 2 to 3 days for some more days if the symptoms still persist.
rishimba last decade
Thank you so much!
I will start on Dulcamara asap. Will get back to you soon,
have a wonderful day,
malibumaiden last decade

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