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First of all I do not practice medicine for money........ I do it to help friends &
especially poor who are squeezed by allopaths.

A patient complained of severe burning sensation and slight pain in the stomach
area 2-3 hours after meals, especially after 4 or 5 p.m. and late night. His tongue
is clear - Appetite is normal, No complaint of costipation.

First to eradicate Helicobacter Pylori generally believed to be causing
Peptic Ulcer, - I gave him
Metronidazole 400mg+Omeprazole 20mg+Clarithromycin 500mg twice a day
for 14days.

For some time, he was asymptomatic, but he has again started getting severe
burning at the base of the stomach - after 4 or 5 p.m.

Then I put him on ARG. NIT 200 morning & evening.

It did not help so I switched over to CARBO VEG 200 (Twice daily) + NATRUM
PHOS 6X (Biochemic).

He has shown no improvement.


  Man Mohan on 2003-09-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

Please start him on MAG PHOS 6X right away to be taken with warm water. Every hour for first four hours then reduce the frequency.

Please give me more symptoms on his pain (colic). U can use my e-mail id as done earlier by you.

See the variations of colic on ABC or in a homeopathy book.

It is very important to register the nature of the pain i.e. dull-continous, intermittent, sharp, at a point or radiating to other parts of the body from the abdomen area etc. etc.
Time period when it is severe, periodicity etc.etc.

Other symptoms thrown up like diarrheoa, constipation, dry skin , dry lips,skin disorders etc etc.

Also note emotional symptoms.

Ulcers are normally formed when a person is going thru a highly emotinal phase and is confronted with a problem to which he is unable to find a solution for long. More likely a family problem or a law suit etc.
See drug picture of the following:


There are other medicines too.
PANKAJ VARMA 2 decades ago
2 aloe vera gel capsules before meals for 1-2 months should cure your problem,it worked for me and I
was chewing anacid tablets at least 3-4 times a day.
terryf1500 last decade
Agravation between 4pm to 8pm >>>>LYCOPODIUM can be an appropriate medicine. however, co-relate other symptoms with the drug picture.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
As already suggested, for stomach ache MAG PHOS 6X can be given immediately without waiting to ascertain other symptoms. It will definately give results.

some suggest to give MAG PHOS 6X and NAT PHOS 6X together.

PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hi! verma,
I would like to discuss my acidity problem with you. I need some help.
Could you send me your e-mail address
Thank You,
sai365 last decade
Hi! verma,
I would like to discuss my acidity problem with you. I need some help.
Could you send me your e-mail address
Thank You,
caskani last decade


It is rigth there in the replies above (at the end of reply posted on 2003-9-18).

PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I have been burping almost non-stop for 3 months. I took Prilosec with no results. Upper GI did not show anything. My regular dr & specialist both think it is acid reflex. However, the specialist can only prescribe a medication that has a 30% chance of giving me the shakes for life. Is there anything I can take over the counter for acid reflex to see if my results diminish? Of course, I would like them to stop completely.

teakaytea last decade
Anyone with serious acid reflux that will not respond to any meds or homeopathy should be tested at length for Diabetes. I cannot give medical terms, but these types find relief with carbonated water.

No, not sodas!!! and beware of Aspertame in any food or drink! It causes dullness of thinking, weakness and many more debilitating symptoms...SABRA
sabra last decade
I had terrible acid relux and irratible bowel syndrome, I came across a website and found a home remedy that helps me. If you would like to try this you can go to

[url removed by moderator. If you have information, share it, don't ask $9.95 for it. Thank you.]

It really has helped me and I hope this will give you all some relief.
happy last decade
Good news :

The patient I had referred to in my first post, returned to me few
days back and said, he infact took nothing after taking full course
of :

First to eradicate Helicobacter Pylori generally believed to be causing
Peptic Ulcer, - I gave him
Metronidazole 400mg+Omeprazole 20mg+Clarithromycin 500mg twice a day
for 14days.

As suggested by Mr.Pankaj Varma, he was given Mag Phos 6X.

The patient said that for about a month or so he would feel slight pain
which now he thinks was perhaps his imagination.

He was very happy that he is now completely asymptomatic.


Manmohan last decade
i have a serious acidity problem. i tried nux vomica, carbo veg, but no result.

what should i do ?

amitavam last decade
You can try Natrum Phos 6x after a meal. It promotes peristalysis and thereby prevents acidity in the stomach.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks Joe for the reply.

How many times, should we take this medicine. After lunch & after dinner ???

what do u mean by peristalysis ???

Also, can u tell any food, we should take to cure this acicity ??

amitavam last decade
please reply ...

amitavam last decade
Sorry Amit, I did not see your response as ABC did not inform me of any new emails after my post.

You can take 3 tablets of Natrum Phos 6c after each meal and check the result. If you still do not have any positive result please contact me by email.

Peristalisis is the natural action of the gut which propels the food from the stomach to the colon or large intestine.

You should stay away from acidic foods like tomatos to keep the gut performing normally. Acid usually creates a knot in the gut and this blocks the preistalysis leading to more acidity which is most uncomfortable.
Joe De Livera last decade
thanks for the reply.

how long should the medicine be continued. Already been taking for the last 1 week.

can u also tell us, what are all acidic foods, other than tomatoes to be avoided >>

amitavam last decade
Have you noticed any improvement in your condition after you started on the Nat Phos ?

You need not take it after your problem has been resolved but you may take it quite safely for 2 weeks on a daily basis, when you will hopefully find that you do not need it any more.

It is difficult for me to indicate what specific foods are acidic but your own sense of taste should give you the answer.
Joe De Livera last decade
I have been taking Nat Phos 6X for more than 3 weeks. There is a slight improvement, but it has not been completely cured. Mostly acidic symptoms happen in the evenings. So should i continue for some more weeks ?.
Please advice.
amitavam last decade
no --stop --reaccess case

any new symptoms occur during nat-phos usage?
John Stanton last decade
John Stanton is correct. If Nat Phos was going to help you, it should have done so by now.

I have had a similar case here which was not reacting positively to Nat Phos and I thought that the problem may have been caused to an infestation of worms in the gut.

I used just one dose of Cina 200 and the problem resolved itself in a few days. I am not suggesting that you take this remedy but this worked here due to the heavy infestation with worms which is quite common here in the tropics.

You stated that your acidic symptoms occurred in the evenings. Can you tell me how long after a meal and whether this occurred when you went to bed ?

It would be useful if John Stanton could also please advice you on this problem.
Joe De Livera last decade
Acidity appears in the morning after breakfast at about 7:00 AM and continues for 1 hour. It disappears till 15:00 hrs. Between 15:00 hrs & 18:00 hrs, again acicity forms. Thereafter till going to bed in the night , there is no acidity. Feeling of hungry is also present.

amitavam last decade
What exactly do you feel with your acidity problem? Does your stomach burn and does it get puffed up? Do you get hunger pains before lunch or dinner ? Are you subject to any stress and if so is there a tie up with your stomach acidity ?

I note that you now state that your problem is after breakfast and not in the evening as you first stated. Can you describe your problem in greater detail ? Do you eat a big meal for breakfast ?

Also what is the consistency of your stools? Formed, soft or watery ? Colour ? Float or sink ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Neither the stomach burns nor it gets puffed up. However sometimes feeling of hungry is there. It is only some sour water like substance coming in the mouth.
Yes there is some stress always present but not much. The acidity problem is after breakfast, as i have already informed you and the quantity of breakfast is very little, like one cup of light tea & one piece of wheat bread(roti or chappati).
Meal also taken very light without any spicy or oily foods.
Stool is normal and soft. Colour is yellow.
amitavam last decade
Yours is a difficult problem to treat without meeting you in person. I feel that your problem is due to the acids and enzymes in your stomach that are usually released when food enters it are being released before, and as a result they start to erode the mucus lining in your stomach thereby causing you discomfort. It is also possible that you have an excess of these stomach juices which can cause your problem.

One way of overcoming this problem is to keep your stomach acids under control and to do this you will have to eat something like a biscuit, a slice of bread or fruit like a banana, or an apple every two hours to keep these stomach acids occupied with the food, thereby preventing them from eating into the mucus lining of your stomach.

You can continue to take the Nat Phos 6x if it relieves you but I feel that if my diagnosis is correct and you try out this eating regime for about a week, you may succeed in overcoming your problem.

The idea is to eat little but often with no heavy meals which can cause distress and I would like to know how you react to this treatment.
Joe De Livera last decade

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