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Abdominal Pain

I have the following posting three month ago under the title Tachycardia and Aching Leg:

1. Name – Sultan Parvez
2. Age - 50
3. Sex - male
4. Married
5. weight – 125 lb
6. Height ….5 foot 9 inches
7. country - USA
8. climate – very hot in summer (over 100 F), 30-40 F at night during winter, very humid and damp.
9. List of your complain 1. tachycardia; 2. digestive problem; 3. aches and pain in the abdominal region and back; 4. Rheumatism

10. Since how long you are suffering for each complain 1. 39 years 2. 33 years (it was better for the last 25 years but got worse recently). 3. 2/3 months 4. Intermittently since childhood.

11. Non Diabetic
12. I have an aversion to sour, like sweet very much, no extra desire for salt
13. Thirst – not strong desire for thirst but I have a habit to drink a lot of water.
14. Tongue – normal, a thin white layer can be seen in the morning
15. Current BP (without medicine and with medicine) normal. I don’t take BP medicine
16. What exactly is happening ? What I remember and know from my parents, I had boils when I was baby, prolapsus anus during childhood. I had one interesting accident: I chewed a millipede when I was a baby and I suffered from blood dysentery for sometime. As far as I remember proplapsus went away by the age of 5/6. From childhood I have been suffering from rheumatism in the leg; there was aching in the leg-muscle below the knee. I remember I used to cry from this ache. I believe doctors told that it was growing pain and would go away, but it never went away. The first episode of tachycardia occurred at the age of eleven. I strongly suspect that there is a relation between that pain in the leg muscle and the palpitation. It appeared to me that the ache in the leg got better and tachycardia started. Since then I have been suffering from tachycardia and sometime aching in the leg muscle. Sometimes the tachycardia is once in a month, sometimes it is once a year. During 11 to 16 years of age, except for the occasional episode of tachycardia and very few leg muscle ache, I was very healthy, outgoing, actively participated in outdoor sports, soccer, cricket etc. At the age of 17, I started suffering from digestive problems, chronic dysentery and indigestion for the next ten years. Nothing worked. I started homeopathy to treat the digestive problems at the age of 20. One doctor (I was in Bangladesh) prescribed me Merc Cor 1M and Acid Phos 1M. One dose of Merc Cor then 3 days after one dose of Acid Phos. That cured everything. All my problems were completely cured. The doctor gave me a lot of restrictions on food, such as beef, spicy food, butter, etc. I remember in one occasion after eating a spicy goat meat in a restaurant, suddenly I suffered from tachycardia. And after that everything— dysentery, tachycardia and aching leg muscle—came back. That homeopathic doctor could not cure them again. Another homeopathic doctor used to prepare himself wet doses. I started taking medicine from him and I believe that helped a lot. My digestive problem became manageable. The I came to America. When I took Digitalis for my heart palpitation, my leg-ache got better, the tachycardia did not go away but it got little better. That happened when I was around 30 years old. In the mean time I was developing back pain and joint pain in the lower back spine. I suffered from this spine joint pain every year in winter. I had to lie in bed for several days until it gets better. One time I had to be hospitalized. Recently, I took Calcaria Carb 30c for that and miraculously that ailment was shifted from spine joint to right knee joint. I kept taking Calcaria Carb then the pain shifted from right to left knee. It was not going anywhere from the left knee, but my other symptoms were cured. I did not have tachycardia during that time and my digestive system was working very well and I felt like I got my youth back, except that I had to limp sometimes for my knee joint pain. I took more Calcaria Carb and also took some 1M potency. Now suddenly the pain from the left knee goes away, I felt that it moved up. Now I have tachycardia and digestive and probably kidney problems. I have pain moving all around abdominal region and back, mostly on the left half of the body in the abdominal region. My question is, what do I do next? Am I getting better or getting worse?

18. How does this affect you ? See above
19. How does it feel like ? See above
20. What comes to your mind ? I think about my health a lot. I always think that I have this or that disease.
21. One situation that had a big effect on you ? That eating spicy food in that restaurant.
22. How did that feel like ? If I had not eaten there, I would probably be free of all problems.
23. What sensation do you experience in that situation ? N/a.
24. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand.(habits or Action) ? N/a
25. current medicine you are taking . I do not take any conventional medicine, not even any aspirin. I am taking Berberis Vulg Q, Lyco Q suspecting that I may have kidney stone or some kind of renal colic. I am also trying the Arnica 30c wet dose for my heart problem, which I found in this forum.

26. family back ground - 3 children all of them are healthy by the mercy of God. daughter - 20 years going to college, sons 13 and 10 years. Father passed away at the age of 77 of heart attack. Mother relatively healty.
27. qualification of patient – Ph.D. in physics.
28. Nature of working – teaching at University.
29. desire or like and dislike of food - Like – Honey, sweets, fruit ( not citrus) and vegetables. Meat, fish, bread, yogurt. Dislike – Anything sour including citrus fruits, I like beef but it gives me trouble.
30. Name of foods which increase your problem. Anything old and fermented trigger tachycardia. For example, eating yogurt can trigger tachycardia, food cooked a day to two or more ago may aggravate tachycardia.
31. Mind-behavior, - Private in my emotions. I think of my relatives and would like to do something for them. Frustrated of the way people are leaving their old culture and value and going after modernity. I like to argue and read. I also have interest in religion and history.
32. Aggravation – During winter. In summer I am relatively well. Old and fermented food. Chlorinated water, Lack of sleep.
Amelioration – Fresh food, spring water, traveling and meeting people.
33. Attached here your photographs of the affected area. n/a

I was prescribed Bryonia 1M onece a week and Colophylum 30C three times daily.

I think Bryonia helped little bit. I don't think Colophylum helped. My tachycardia may be little bit better but I am having severe abdominal pain in the lower left region. Lower left back, lower left front and lower front. Can someone help me with a medicine with this pain? I thought I had kidney pain I took and still taking Barbaris Vulgaris Q. This helps temporarily.
  sparvez00 on 2007-03-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Try the following prescription for 3 month

1. Phosphorus 1M weekly one dosese every sunday morning.

2. Pulsatilla 200c 4 pills three times ina d ay (except sunday)

3. Mag. phos 6x 4 tab thrice ina day

continue the same and stop all the other medicine.

dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Thank you Dr Sharma.
sparvez00 last decade
Sometimes on the right side of my toung, under my toung and in the gum spot like sores come and go. Also right side of my throat feels like there is something there. Do these conditions change the medicines you prescribed?
sparvez00 last decade
I have done cat scan couple of days ago. There is a 2 mm stone found in kidney and passing out. Other thant that it was norma. Now doctor suspects the pain may be coming from colon. And I believe I saw some blood in my stool. Will there be any change of medicine?

S Parvez
sparvez00 last decade
I am taking Phosphorus 1M, Pulsatilla 200c, and Mag phos 6x as prescribed. There is a lot of improvement. The pain is almost gone, although not totally gone. Pulsatilla helped the most I believe. When I started Pulsatilla, it acted almost like a magic pill, but now it is not as effective. Although pain is lot less, there seems to be some blood in the stool, and there is a soreness in the mouth, gum, and all over the digestive track from mouth to anus.

Any suggestions?
sparvez00 last decade

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