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Morning Sickness/Headaches during pregnancy


I am almost in my 9th week of pregnancy, and I am suffering from a lot of nausea and headaches. I went to a healthfood store, and got belladonna for the headache (it is in my neck and forehead, and is worse when I exert myself) Is belladonna safe during pregnancy? Can you please recommend something for the morning sickness? (It is worse mid-morning, and evening) Not a lot of vomiting (just once)

  Erin12 on 2007-07-31
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Head, pain, pregnancy, during : bell., bry., calc., caps., caust., cham., cocc., hyos., nux-m., plat., puls., rhus-t., sep., sulph.

Stomach, nausea, pregnancy, during : acon., act-r., ail., alet., anac., ant-c., ant-t., ars., asar., bry., carb-ac., carb-an., cast., cod., colch., con., cupr-ar., ferr-ar., ferr-p., ferr., hell., ip., iris., jatr., kali-ar., kali-bi., kali-c., kali-p., kreos., lac-c., lac-d., lach., lact-ac., laur., lil-t., lob., lyc., mag-c., mag-m., merc-i-f., nat-m., nux-m., nux-v., ox-ac., petr., phos., plat., plb., podo., psor., puls., sep., sil., staph., sul-ac., sulph., sym-r., tab., tarent., verat.

Stomach, vomiting, pregnancy, during : acet-ac., acon., alet., anac., ant-c., apis., ars., asar., bry., cadm., calc., canth., caps., carb-ac., card-m., cast., chel., cic., cinnam., cod., colch., con., cupr-ar., dios., ferr-ar., ferr-p., ferr., ip., iris., jatr., kali-bi., kali-br., kali-c., kali-p., kreos., lac-c., lach., lact-ac., lil-t., lob., lyc., mag-m., merc-i-f., nat-m., nat-p., nat-s., nux-m., nux-v., op., ox-ac., petr., ph-ac., phos., plat., plb., podo., psor., puls., sep., sil., sul-ac., sulph., symph., tab., tarent., verat-v., verat., zinc.

There are six medicines to cover this set of symptoms.

Sulph,sep,puls,plat,nux.m and bry.

To decide which medicine will benifit you most, we need to know what sort of a person you are.

How do you feel when some body scolds you? Do you feel like weeping? Or do you feel like rebelling?

What are your reactions to heat and cold? Which one you are comfortable with?

What foods you like most? What foods you have an aversion to?

Tell me about everything which seems out of normal.

If you have any problems in any other part/area of the body, please tell about them also.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear patient,
please take COCCULUS INDICUS-30 ( 5 drops per dose twice a day) for 2/3 days and report.

dr. mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
The nausea in pregnency has nothing to do with cocuulus.

It is not even a grade 1 medicine for nausea during pregency.

These are the indications for cocculus nausea.


Cocculus needs the combination of vexation, anxiety and prolonged loss of sleep, such as you have in the mother or daughter who is nursing, or the nurse when she takes on the anxiety felt by a member of the family; a wife nursing her husband through typhoid, or other long spell of sickness.

At the end of it she is prostrated in body and mind, she cannot sleep, she has congestive headaches, nausea, vomiting and vertigo. That shows how a Cocculus case begins. One who is thus exhausted in body and mind goes out for a ride. She gets sick headache, pain in the back, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. She gets into the car to take a journey. Sick headache comes on. She goes on a mile or two and will have nausea, vomiting and sick headache. She feels weak all over, feels as if she would sink away.

The Cocculus patient gets into a wagon to ride, sick headache, nausea, vertigo come on. The Cocculus patient cannot endure motion. Aggravated by talking, by motion, by the motion of the eyes, by riding. Wants plenty of time to turn the head cautiously to see things. Wants plenty of time to move, to think, to do everything. The whole economy is slowed down, inactive.


The causation for the nausea is important in selection of the remedy, and the nausea in pregnancy is totally different.

You can't prescribe cocculus simply by hearing nausea and headache.

gavinimurthy last decade
Mr. muthy what you say about this:

by William BOERICKE, M.D.
Presented by Médi-T

Indian Cockle

Within the sphere of action of Cocculus are many spasmodic and paretic affections, notably those affecting one-half of the body. Affects the cerebrum, will not cure convulsive seizures proceeding from the spinal cord (A. E. Hinsdale) Painful contracture of limbs and trunk; tetanus. Many of the evil effects of night-watching are relieved by it. It shows a special, attraction for light-haired females, especially during pregnancy, causing much nausea and backache. Unmarried and childless women, sensitive and romantic girls, etc. All its symptoms are worse riding in a carriage or on shipboard; hence its use in seasickness. Sensation of hollowness, or emptiness, as if parts had gone to sleep. Feels too weak to talk loud.

dr. mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
Dear Mahfooz

This is the sort of discussion I like.It helps all of us to learn.

Now, observe the wording carefully.

'It shows a special, attraction for light-haired females, especially during pregnancy, causing much nausea and backache.'

This is a group of symptoms, and all conditions are to be met, if it has to work. That is what you call 'totality' though in a limited sense in this example.

Cocculus is well known for spinal weakness, and if the nausea is accompanying it, it will definitely work.

It works for everybody, not only for those who are pregnant, if the above condition of NAUSEA AND BACKACHE is present.

However in the absence of backache, cocculus is not indicated.

Nash gives a good summary.

Farrington says: 'Cocculus acts on the cerebro-spinal system, producing great debility of these organs. * * * It causes a paralytic weakness of the spine, and especially of its motor nerves; thus we find it a certain and frequent remedy in paralysis originating in disease of the spinal cord. * * * It is especially indicated in the beginning of the trouble, when the lumbar region of the spine is affected; there is weakness in the small of the back as if paralyzed; the small of the back gives out when walking. There is weakness of the legs, and by the legs I mean the entire lower extremities; the knees give out when walking, the soles of the feet feel as if they were asleep, the thighs ache as if they were pounded; first one hand goes to sleep, then the other; sometimes the whole arm goes to sleep and the hand feels as if swollen. These symptoms lie at the foundation of the symptomatology of the whole drug; they all seem to depend upon spinal weakness.' Dunham says: 'Its sphere of action is preeminently the system of animal life; the voluntary muscular system first, and then the sensorium are the primary seats of action. Nausea extending to the point of vomiting and accompanied by faintness and by severe vertigo when lifting the head is a characteristic symptom.' Hughes says: 'It influences the voluntary muscles rather than the intellectual powers; with this Hahnemann's provings entirely agree.' Pareira says: 'It acts rather on the voluntary muscles than the intellectual powers.' We have given these quotations from different authors in order to find whether they afforded us much help from a practical standpoint. Dr. Hughes says the provings of Hahnemann corroborate these generalizations. We quote from the provings:

'Weakness of the cervical muscles with heaviness of the head, muscles seem unable to support the head.' (Calc. phos, Verat. alb.). 'Paralytic pain in the small of the back, with spasmodic drawing across the hips, which prevents walking.' 'His knees sink down from weakness, he totters while walking and threatens to fall to one side.'

'At one time his feet are asleep, at another the hands.' 'The hand trembles while eating, and the more the higher it is raised.' 'Now one hand, now the other, seems insensible and asleep.' The soles of the feet go to sleep, while sitting.' 'General attacks of paralytic weakness, with pain in the back.'


The emphasis is on back symptoms. Some times pregnant women do get this backache, but that is normally in later months, and by that time there won't be much nausea.However, in a few cases, if the backache is accompanied by nausea , cocculus is the remedy.

But, for general morning sickness, normally associated with pregnancy, cocculus is not indicated, and in the absence of backache it is ruled out.

I didn't suggest any remedy so far in this case, and asked for more details. The medicines I indicated cover the totality as told by the patient.

If she tells us some more new symptoms, we have to take the case afresh and consider the changed totality.

gavinimurthy last decade
I always use a reliable repertory like Kent, to choose the medicine, and confirm it by reading the materia medica of various authors.

I find this has less margin of error, compared to the methods of

depending on our memory/studying only repertory/depending totally on repertory.

gavinimurthy last decade
Please read 'studying only materia medica' instead of 'studying only repertory'.

gavinimurthy last decade
Thank you for all your feedback. Here are the answers to your questions.

1. When somebody scolds me I feel more like weeping.

2. I have a senstivity to cold. I feel better when I am warm.

3. I have aversions to meat right now, especially chicken. I still like pizza, pasta, pickles, breads, fruit, veggies, etc.

I had a bad headache again last night. That gets worse when I move around. It starts in the back of my neck, and moves over, and settles above my eyes. I tried the belledonna, and it helped a bit. But sleep helps the most.
Erin12 last decade
Your general disposition is pointing towards Pulsatilla, and Puls. is chilly in acute complaints. The greater the pain, the more the chilliness.

Take Pulsatilla 200C, twice a day, for three days only.

Mix 1 or 2 drops of the medicine, in about 30 ml. of water and take as a dose.

Succuss the liquid medicine bottle well for about 3 to 4 times, by hitting the capped bottle against a bound book, with a moderate force,every time before taking the dose.

Don't exceed six doses in total, and report back after three days.

gavinimurthy last decade
Recently I had a chance to treat a severe case of morning sickness (first trimister)..the patient is vomiting every 15 minutes..whatever she eats or drinks comes out within 15 minutes. Severe nausea, irritation and general weekness as food is being vomited as soon as she takes it.

Initially I prescribed Sepia 200c two doses within an hour. Relief is not felt.

I asked her and her husband more specific details.

She feels better atleast for a while after vomiting.

She is highly irritated contrary to her nature.

She is almost sleepless since the last 40 hours or so.

Based on the above indications I told her to mix 4 to 5 pellets of Nux.vomica in 250 ml.water and take one dose after vigorous shaking after every vomiting..max. six doses.

She didn't need more than two doses. Her husband reported that she slept peacefully after the second dose.

Even after four days after that, she is free from vomiting except for very mild nausea and eructations if the stomach is kept empty for longer periods.

No more medicines. She is under observation.

gavinimurthy last decade
She had a mild relapse after three days and added to that she had to fly back to India.

She also complained of frequent eructations. I told her to carry Nux.vomica 200c, carboveg 200c on the flight.

She took one dose of Nux.v on the flight. However the nausea was severe due to continuous turbulance and she kept on vomiting frequently till she landed.

Once she was at home I advised her to take a dose of Nux.vomica once again. She took it and felt much better. However the eructations continued and a dose of Carboveg 200, the next day, cleared it.

She is now at her maternal home and free of symptoms except for minor nausea now and then.

She had a scan and everything is normal.

gavinimurthy last decade

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