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Plz help me!!!! Stomach problem, bad sleep, mild depression

Im 28 years male. im very thin from childhood itself, currently my weight is only 47kg , height 172 cms. due to my very thin body i generally remain sad, dont feel happy even for good news also, some of my problems are as follows:
1.. feeling sad whole day, not able to enjoy, continuous thinking about my bad health, worrying for other family members.
2. very bad sleep at night. lots of dreams, sleep at 10pm but wake up around 1.30am after that brain remain alive but physically very tired and sleepy.
3. flatulence, generally acidity, lots of belching, heaviness in stomach after eating oily and some other foods.
4. diagnosed for pressure urticaria.

I dont know if above sysmptoms are interrelated in any manner but im very upset with all tyhese problems. i had lot of treatments , test reports are clear...but im not gaining weight and feeling happy. can you plz suggest me the treatment and for how much time.
  sachin57 on 2007-08-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
What sort of dreamd do you normally get?

What is your occupation? Are you happy with your work environment?

what sort of treatments did you have earlier?

gavinimurthy last decade
read as dreams..

gavinimurthy last decade
1. Dreams: i) some times unrealistic e.g entering to bus.. coming out of train, intermixxing of offcial persons with far relatives, unrealistic happenings,
ii) some times scary...
iii) feeling helpless not able to counter attack, not able to speak out(cry or yell), feeling shocked when some body tries to harm, quarrels or attack myself or family
iv) (Seldom) sudden waking up as if i am going to struck to any vehicle, felling as if im going to fall from my bed

2. im engineer in a public sector in Delhi, i am not too happy nor too sad. my family is also in delhi
3. Not exactly for a very long time. longets was from Dr. batras positive health clinic for [mild depresssion, indigestion, acidity, underweight, recurrent phelgm in throat, feelin of somthing stuck into throat] for 2 years or so. Ayurvedic treatment for same problem, Allopathic treatment for 2 months for urticaria (red weals with swelling on the body, head leg hand toe etc.)

I have a problem of recurrent thoughts sorrounding my minds all the time even in the night also due to which i cant sleep, my mind keep alive.
sachin57 last decade
Do you have any idea about the medicines you took?

What medications you are presently taking?

gavinimurthy last decade
presently im taking
self ayurvedic medication of Ashwgandhadi and Shatavaryadi churna...for the lats one week.. and no other medicines

Thinking of taking NUX Vomica 30C after reading through the problems discussed at abc forums...
sachin57 last decade
Stop taking all medicines including aurvedic ones. Give a gap of 15 days for the symptoms to stabilise, and come back.

gavinimurthy last decade
to me these symptoms are not new... i m suffered from all these problems for so many years.....
sachin57 last decade
If you want proper homeopathic treatment, you have to stop all other medications including aurvedic.

The reason why none of the therapies worked on you is because of your trying too many systems together.

If you want to try proper homeopathy, stop everything and come back after 15 days.

gavinimurthy last decade
ok i'll stop taking all the other medicine and revert back after 15 days..

mean time can any other person review my problems???
sachin57 last decade
now its been more than 2 weeks i havnt takne any medicine...Mr gavini, Mr Deoshlok, Dr rishimba,Mr Muzaffaruhman... can anyone suggest me constitutional remedy..tell me you need any other information..
sachin57 last decade
Take a single dose of Lycopodium 1M. (two drops in about 15 ml. of water).

Procure liquid potency only.

Come back after 15 days and report.

gavinimurthy last decade
Make sure that there are no odors on you(perfumes etc), in the room(sprays etc), and in your mouth before taking the medicine.

gavinimurthy last decade
(Argentum Nitricum-200) only single one dose !!!
faisal qureshi last decade
result after 15 days:
stomach bloating: No change
thick greyish phlegm and chest tightness: No change
sleep: qty some what improved but disturbed by dreams after around 3am so not a refreshing sleep, pain over eyes after waking up and whole day
depression: quick angriness over petty issue and then whole body starts trembling, stomach gets bloated, urge to pass stool 2-3 times
sachin57 last decade
i took lyc 1M as recommnded by Gmurthy
sachin57 last decade
You didn't tell about the thick greyish phelgm earlier.

Give more details about it.

When do you get this phelgum? How frequently?

Does the stomach bloat only after taking oily foods? Do you have any eructations? Do you get relief with eructations? Do you pass gas? Is there any relief after passing gas?

What gives you relief from this bloatednesss? How long does it last?

Did you take any other medicines in the last 15 days after taking a single dose of Lyco 1M?

gavinimurthy last decade
Also give all details about the urge to stool.

gavinimurthy last decade
i told about recurrent phlegm in 2nd reply at sl no. 3 ..anywayz..
The phlegm problem is very chronic to me ...something is stuck up in my throat, when i cough up (some times easily, sometimes with great effort) thick lump of phlegm greyish in color comes out in varying qts. after waking up in mormning my throat remains dry and i have to clear my throat by coughing out, sometimes forcefully...

during treatment i got operated for sinusitis in my right nostril , they told me that it is due to blocking of nostril due to slightly curving(increased) of nose bones inside. but i did not get relief from that also.

then another doctor told me that it is due to recurrent acidity..

one doctor told me that it is due to allergy in throat..

i got diagnosis for Sputm culture, Tuberculin test, X rays, blood test etc but all were clear.

i have observed that this problem is mnore when a) in the morning b) after too much laughing. c) when im free and not doing anything

my bloating problem is more in morning (sometimes after passing stools also), some times after breakfast, night after 8pm, after dinner, after drinking milk, after eating oily food, i have to self belch to relive, i pass gas, there is temporary relef after belching and passing gas but again stomach gets bloated. 6 months back i had GERD and H-pylori infection after upper endoscopy and took antibiotics for that.

in the morning bloating releves by noon, in the night after passing stool, passing gas, continous walking and sleeping

i want to add here that for the last 6 years i cannot eat eggs, pinepple juice etc even with traces in cakes, biscuits etc. i get pain in the left side(stomach) until i vomit.

after bloating i get anxiety, my sadness and depression increases, dont want to work ..enjoy, eat.

some times i feel i may have ulcer, may have cancer, TB, Asthma whenever my symptoms matches with these diseases, i donno may be im hypochondriac.

i did not take any medicine other than mentioned..

sometimes when im angry, frustrated, hopeless, nervous, it starts slightly paining in my stomach and i feel urge to pass stool.. i may have to go 3-4 times to comletely releive.. stools are semi solid, smelly sticky..

for any other clarification etc are u avaialble on Gmail/yahoo etc. that would be better.

sachin57 last decade
I prefer to deal with your case here as other prescribers can chip in with their advices/comments too.

The medicines that cover the totality are

kali-bi. arg-n. sulph. sil. sep. lyc. bry.

Does any vigorous exercise relieve your bloating and make you comfortable?

You said continuous walking relieves the bloating. Does walking help you every time?

Homeopathic medicines that covers the peculiar symptoms have a chance of perfect cure.

Bloating relieved by walking is a peculiarity, and if you confirm it, the choice narrows down further.

gavinimurthy last decade
i have not really exercised vigorously after bloating beacuse i feel lot of uneasiness..
but during bloating i generally walk so that some gas may pass out due to turbulence and i can easily belch artificially during walking. so to some extent but not always walking relives me by passing flatulence. i generally walk for 10 minutes then stop and then again walk for 5-10 mins in this way 3-4 times i walk.
sachin57 last decade
Is the trembling with anger a new symptom or do you have it earlier too?

gavinimurthy last decade
its not new but increased with time..

for the last 2-3 years this problem has increased..may be due to irritation
whenevr i get angry my heart beats gets increased.. revenge thougths (if quarrel with others) keep surrouding my mind aven after many days of the incidents like i could have hit him..complained to police with known approach (source) etc.
sachin57 last decade

Please get Sepia 200c and follow the instructions exactly.

Get a 500 ml. bottle and fill it with 250 ml. of water. Add two drops of sepia 200c to it and shake well. This bottle is called the Remedy Solution Bottle (RSB). No more medicine is to be aded to the RSB till all the stock is consumed.

Take a teaspoonful(5 ml) of the medicine from this bottle, put it into a cup of water, mix thoroughly, and take a teaspoonful out of it as a dose. Throw away the rest of the liquid from the cup.

Cap the RSB securly, label it as medicine so that others won't take it inadvertantly and store in the refrigerator.

You have to repeat the medicine once in a day, before going to bed.

Shake the RSB well before taking a fresh dose.Follow the same procedure of puting a teaspoonful in another cup and take a teaspoonful out of it and throw away the rest from the cup.

Same procedure is to be followed every day.

Make sure that there are no odors on you,near you and in your mouth before taking the medicine.

Continue the medicine for 15 days and report back.

gavinimurthy last decade
i started taking medicine from 17/09 night as per the procedure told...status as of today..
sleep: not refreshing
stomach problem:for the last 7-8 im not able to eat properly, i have no interest in eating, even whatever little bit i eat it is causing lot of bloating and flatulence and uncomfort, i have to pass stool 4-5 times a day, stools are semi solid, smelly.., burnish sensation at pharynx for hours, im feeling sadness and sickness whole day due to my stomach problem

throat: something stuck up in throat all the time, small-small lumps of greyish white phlegm comes out soemtimes with lot of exertion

sometimes feels unstisfaction after breathing..these days im am worried as if a have ashtma.. although i dont feel too much breathlessness also there is no family history.. feels lethargic with little interest and energy all the day.

I feel Mr murthy the medicine is not working 2 me..
sachin57 last decade
Stop taking Sepia. Wait for two days and come back for further advice.

We will review the case and change the medicine.

gavinimurthy last decade

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