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My Constitution

What could by my constitution ? What could be the course of treatment ? I have tried to list as much information as possible. Although I was treating myself through different thread, the solution did not seem to be complete, so I am listing the symptoms afresh.

My main ailments are,
1. Nose
a. Blocked nose – on and off
b. There is tendency to blow the nose frequently
c. Discharge thin watery, thin greenish, sometimes yellow or greenish yellow
d. Sinus inflammation, both frontal and maxillary
e. Nasal Polyp- Have been advised operation
f. Left nostril opening is smaller than the right one, bone of septum is skewed. Bony growth in the right nostril from the base of septum.
g. Worse night, lying

2. Headache – Starting around 9-10 AM going up to 3-4 PM
a. Timing
i. Late morning
ii. Forenoon
iii. Noon
iv. Afternoon
v. Daytime
vi. Better evening
vii. Better sleep
b. Location
i. Top of Head
ii. Forehead
iii. Occiput - with pain in the neck and shoulders

3. Suddenly loosing senses/fainting despite trying hard to keep awake, for 2-3 minutes while sitting in the office, THIS HAPPENS DURING THE SAME PERIOD AS THE HEADACHE. Sometimes it happens while discussing things with somebody face to face. It only happens, when sitting in my room.


1. Better
temperate weather 25-28 degree celcius
nose and head better after mild steam like from a cup of tea or coffe
nose and headache better after perspiration

2. Worse
change of weather
cold weather
on becoming cold
wet weather
cold wet weather
warm room
closed warm humid room
heat and cold

3. Inflammation
hair follicle
mucus membrane

4. Do not like deep fried foods like samosas, puries etc,
Prefer roties to rice
Do not take tea, coffee, cold drinks, alcohol
Take 3-4 litres of not too cold water
Like salty, spicy food
Like mutton and chicken
Avoid sour things, like curd, sour juices etc.

1. tendency to catch cold easily
2. neck/shoulders, heaviness/pain
3. gas obstructed – left side below the ribs, pain extending to back, also pressing heart, kidney and spleen.
4. fermentation (rumbling) in the abdomen
5. chest constriction/pressure
6. joint pain – knees, restless legs
7. Skin rashes/itching Extremeties
back of hand and fingers
legs, upper of foot
wrist-front and back
worse scratching, wool
worse morning 7-8 am and evening 4-10

RASHES and HEADACHE/FAINTNESS are mutually exclusive (at opposite times)

Pimples on Scalp
Pimples on face, nose, cheeks, chin
Herpetic eruptions on nose, below and around eyes
Dandruf during winter

8. Moles – Naevi – raised, also flat
9. Warts – Neck – small soft, round, fleshy
10. Wart – Small on right lower eyelid
11. Trembling hands, severe while writing
12. Burning foot soles, more in the evening around 10-11 pm
13. Muscles weak, stiff/tension
14. Cold head – covers during night – rest of the body likes cool temperature
15. Beard very dense, thick and pointing
16. Stool – dark brown, with some gas
17. Urine – Clear, lemon yellow or dark yellow.

Although I do not trust reading my mind on my own, following are the traits, which I have been able to identify.
Great anxiety and fear about carrier & future.
But no action. (Aversion to work)
Want to do business, but leave in between, do not pursue (lack of self confidence)
Forgetful, names, telephone numbers, appointments, words while speaking.
Wants to make friends, but easily gets bored (Aversion to company ??)

Permanent traits
Topper in class and performer in carrier till recently
Good interpersonal and presentation skills
A bit philosophical
Caring and worried about others
Good planner
Single minded – determined
Over Sensitive – Physically as well as mentally.

Had TB in the glands below the neck/near color bone around 6 years back, for which took allopathic medicine for 6-7 months.

From the outer appearance, I look very composed and serious, upright (may be stern) and healthy. Prominent double chin.

Blood pressure is normally 77/110. Sugar level is normal (on the lower side of the range). These readings actually might be going down, when I have headache/ fainting.

I am a male, 44 years, height is 5’7”, weight 70 kgs, built average, a bit stout. Color of eyes and hair – black. Color of skin – wheatish brown. Face and neck darker than rest of the body. Legs, Thighs, Lower Arms, Chest and Abdomen are covered with thick hair.
  sssankhla on 2007-09-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hello dear,
you can try (Pulsatilla-200c) one dose daily only 3 days then stop and after 1 week cantact me back please .
Good luck
faisal qureshi last decade
Since I have already tried some other medicine (which was well indicated), could you kindly explain the findings on the basis of symptoms.

Any reviews from other doctors will be welcome.
sssankhla last decade
your nasal problem. by the way you are teuberculosis and catarrhal pateint due to past history of TB. puls is one of the best remedy for catarral candition there is ars, thuja, are many more remedy cover you but i want start with puls and i want see how is going i don't say you fallow my suggestion you got a right to get some other opinion.
faisal qureshi last decade
dear dr. faisal,
i never meant to offend you. in fact, i wanted a second opinion for the best results.

i did not want to bring the thing in, but, when i put these symptoms, i get sulphur. that is the reason i thought of the second opinion. last time i had put my symptoms, i was suggested phosphorus. it did help quite a bit and my nose and headache are better and worse from time to time.

here is the table of symptoms for your reference.

may i request other consultants/doctors also to have a look and suggest.


sssankhla last decade
Just relax.read in a homeopathic materia medica about pulsatilla and phosphorus and campare with your symptom which one match you.

faisal qureshi last decade
I feel it is more Phos than Puls. But due to old symptoms comming up and some proovings, it seems in between Sulph and Phos. Sometimes I even feel it could be Nat-Mur. But need some expert to guide me, whether the choice is ok or not.
sssankhla last decade
Discuss with Murthy maybe he able to help you if no then there is more homeopath like Dr Sharma,Dr Mafooz,Dr J K mohla,Dr Rajindra and Dr Sajjad and many more .
faisal qureshi last decade
May I again request all the docotrs Mr. Murthy, Dr. Sharma, Dr. Mahfooz, Dr. Rajendra, Dr. Sajjad, Dr. Rishimba to have a look and help.

Dr. Rishimba did a good job earlier and most of the symptoms are not serious now. But I need permanent cure (if it does exist).
sssankhla last decade
Look into either Sulphur (first choice), or Nitric Acid, you will also need something to take care of that TB. Tuberculinum does not seem to be indicated, in which case I would probably go with Baccilinum, and possibly Drosera if necessary.
Jacob2 last decade
Thanks Jacob2

Other opinions from the expert conultants/doctors are welcome.

sssankhla last decade
Dear all,
Any reviews. I am awaiting feedback from the expert consultants.
sssankhla last decade
You have identified the following ailments through this link:-

mind; aversions, dislikes; indolence, aversion to work;
mind; emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition; haughty;
mind; insecure, uncertain, scared; lacking self confidence;
mind; memory; forgetful;
mind; memory; forgetful; of words while speaking;
mind; talking, conversation; critical;
vertigo, dizziness;
head; pain, headache; noon; ;
head; pain, headache; eyes and vision; blinding;
head; pain, headache; recurring headache; every day; ;
head; pain, headache; in forehead; above eyes; daytime; ;
head; pain, headache; back of head; ;
head; pain, headache; back of head; late morning; ;
head; pain, headache; back of head; noon; ;
head; pain, headache; back of head; afternoon; ;
head; pain, headache; back of head; extending to other parts; down back of neck; ;
head; pain, headache; top of head; ;
head; pain, headache; top of head; daytime; ;
head; pain, headache; top of head; late morning; ;
head; pain, headache; top of head; noon; ;
head; pain, headache; top of head; afternoon; ;
head; skin and scalp; out-break on skin; pimples;
head; skin and scalp; out-break on skin; pimples; on back of head; ;
eye; growth, tumour; wart-like growth; eyelid; ;
nose; discharge from nose; thin;
nose; discharge from nose; watery;
nose; running or blocked nose; blocked;
nose; skin or lining of nose; polyp;
face; skin; out-breaks on skin; cold sores, herpes;
face; skin; out-breaks on skin; cold sores, herpes; nose; ;
face; skin; out-breaks on skin; pimples;
face; skin; out-breaks on skin; pimples; forehead; ;
abdomen; bloated; trapped wind; ;
abdomen; flatulence; obstructed;
abdomen; noises from abdomen; rumbling; fermentation;
chest; pain; region of heart; ;
extremities, limbs; movements and positions; trembling; hand; ;
extremities, limbs; movements and positions; trembling; hand; while writing; ;
extremities, limbs; pain; burning; foot; sole; ;
extremities, limbs; skin; itching; wrist; ;
extremities, limbs; skin; itching; hand; back of hand; ;
extremities, limbs; skin; itching; hand; fingers; back of; ;
extremities, limbs; skin; out-break on skin; hand; back of hand; itching;
sleep; dreams; previous events;
sleep; dreams; vivid;
skin; abnormal growths; wart-like growth;
skin; abnormal growths; warts;
skin; abnormal growths; warts; small;
skin; abnormal growths; warts; wrinkled, shrivelled;
skin; out-breaks on skin; herpetic;
skin; out-breaks on skin; like nettle rash;
generalities; daytime; ;
generalities; late morning; ;
generalities; noon; ;
generalities; afternoon; ;
generalities; worse change of temperature;
generalities; faintness, fainting;
generalities; inflammation; hair follicles; ;
generalities; relaxation of muscles;
generalities; tension; muscles; ;
generalities; temperature; worse cold in general;
generalities; temperature; worse after becoming cold;
generalities; temperature; heat and cold;
generalities; temperature; tendency to catch cold;
generalities; temperature; worse cold, wet weather;
generalities; temperature; worse warmth;
generalities; temperature; worse warmth; worse warm room;
generalities; worse warmth;
generalities; worse warmth; worse warm room;
generalities; wet weather; ;
generalities; windy and stormy weather; ;
generalities; in winter; ;
However, it is not relevant to the following. If any of them are central to your case, you should consult the remedy grid (click next again).
head; pain, headache; in forehead; daytime; ;
head; pain, headache; back of head; daytime; ;
eye; growth, tumour; wart-like growth; eyelid; right, lower; ;
chest; pain; region of heart; extending to left arm; ;
extremities, limbs; pain; burning; foot; sole; evening; ;
skin; abnormal growths; warts; round;
skin; abnormal growths; warts; soft;
generalities; worse wet weather;

Identified medicine is 'Sulphur'

If the above facts are correct, then the remedy is also O.K.

Take it in 200C potency 2 drops in one spoon of water in the morning after taking bath and wait for 60 days to respond full recovery.
Rajendra last decade
The symptoms are correct. I am sure of the physicals. I have only included the prominent mental symptoms, which disturb me and others. I have marked others in the 'permanent traits', which i think are not part of the desease.

A small variation on the discharge from Nose - at times it is also clear/white ropy.

However I have some doubt
1. I do not get hungary at 11Am, but almost faint.
2. I am not so thin, my BMI is around 25, almost ideal, has always been in the range of 23-25.
3. Earlier Rishimba had suggested Sulph-200 twice a week. Any clarification on this ?

Thanks for the suggestions.
sssankhla last decade
I have been feeling the gas obstructed on left side. I was having a look at the structure of intenstine. I feel I should also include 'decending colon, with constipation' in this symptom, which further points to sulphur.

The table I sent was based on my knowledge. Let me confess I am not a life science or homeopathy expert. So I might have done some mistakes or omitted certain things, while translating from the case to repertory.

sssankhla last decade
Follow what is advised earlier. No change in medicine is required.
Rajendra last decade
Report after one month of taking Sulphur 200. It has led to frequent and many changes in most of the symptoms.

1. Nose
The nose became dry within 2 hours of taking Sulphur. On second day it became stuffy, tendecny to blow nose, but no discharge. Third day it became better after thick yellow discharge. Since then it almost been this cycle of dry nose, better without blocking and then blocking, better after yellowish discharge. Some times the discharge is ropy, thin, whitish. Mostly nostrils are blocked alternatively. Left nostril blocked more oftner and more sever than right. The discharge is burning. Before taking Sulph, the discharge did not have any effect on the skin, but now it leaves it burning. The color of discharge changes from thin ropy greenish, yellowish-green to bloody yellow. Sometimes scabs inside, sometimes veering away from the skin and sometimes forming a net like structure inside on blowing.

YESTERDAY NIGHT THE NOSE BLOCK WAS TOO BAD AND I COULD NOT BREATHE(9-11pm). Had to use nasal drops to ease it.

2.Headache and fainting/sleepiness - 2-3 times sudden and sharp headache, WHILE SITTING in the office. Unable to control and sleep/fainting. Lasts for 2-5 minutes. Mostly happens at around 10am-3pm. SHALL I GET CT SCAN DONE ?
3. Abdomen - Severe piercing pain on left side of abdomen. Worse 10-12 pm. Obstructed Flatulence. Better by drinking cold water. Kidnies some times seem to retain urine, again better by drinking cold water.


4. For 3 days, there was severe burning of anus, with hard stool. Now ok.

5. For last 4 days, mouth and tongue have become ulcerated, now getting better.

6. For few days the mouth was dry, now that is ok. But lips are now dry and cracking.

7. Urine color changes from watery to greeinsh and sometimes dark yellow.

8. Trembling of hand has improved.

9. 2-3 cycles of erruptions on forhead and margin of hair. Now getting better. Drying up with scabs. The scab comes off after 2-3 days. Skin DRY. HAIR has become dull. Also falling a bit.

10. Itching on limbs has gone, but the skin is a bit dry. Dandruf. Also neck bit itchy.

11. Size of warts seems to go down.

12. Opressed feeling of chest. Aching pain in lungs.

13. Dreamt of big snake on the first day. I was fighting it. Dreamt of a dead bullock lying on a village street, people trying to remove it. (This areresembles scene from village life when I was a kid).

SOMETIMES I feel much better, but sometimes terrible.

I suppose I have to wait for next 20-30 days ?

FOR information I had taken phos-1M, which was recommendedby rishimba around 1 month before taking sulphur.

SS Sankhla
sssankhla last decade
Also, Abdomen pain (Colic)alternates with nose block/Coryza.
sssankhla last decade
first you will take one dose of psorinum 200c before going to take any medicine...

dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
White, Yellow and Grayish, particularly in the morning.
sssankhla last decade
Can you kindly also consider the symptoms regarding expectoration (grey is a new development) and colic alternating with coryza ?

Or you feel that I should go with Psorinum as suggested earlier ? and how long shall I wait ?
sssankhla last decade
you should wait atleast 15 days , after that the other medicine may require to cure your problem .
deoshlok last decade
My skin affections are actully not so serious. My main problem is nose block. YESTERDAY ALSO I HAD A VERY BAD NIGHT DUE TO THIS. Could not breathe.
SS Sankhla
sssankhla last decade
uou need to take heper sulph 30 (4 pills three times a day) for a day.
Rajendra last decade

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