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black lab with black ear discharge

My male black lab has a black discharge from one ear.
His ear was cleaned under anesthesia by the vet and Panalog was prescribed for insertion into the ear for 7 days. After that we were given an ear wash to use. The black discharge has lessened but not cleared over the years. I must use it every day to keep him comfortable. I really do not want to put him under anesthesia again. Is there such a thing as homeopathic ear drops???
  fredkiwi on 2007-09-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
over the years, you say? When did it start and is allopathy still 'in action'?

SIMILISAN makes ear drops with potentized (homeopathic)remedies but I never used them. (their eye drops though are ok)

left or right ear?
thick or thin?
is it always the same or sometimes less/more (depending on weather, season,time of the day,etc)
could it be liquid earwax or clotted blood?
Astra2012 last decade
Astra10 thank you for your reply.
left ear
bad odor
consistency of tar, black
same throughout all seasons
consistency is the same as when treated by vet

it has gone on for many years

Using the cleansing liquid from the vet it will bring forth several 1/4' pieces each time it is cleaned. My dog Fred, seldom lets me forget a day.
fredkiwi last decade
Why did it start? What happened? Do you remember?

Day and night the flow is about the same?
so he scratches it

Astra2012 last decade
I must have pressed something I shouldn't -yet

this is continuation of the previous post

when you -GENTLY -it might be painful-pull his left ear- does he react?

does he like outdoors?
warm and cold are the same for Fred?
Astra2012 last decade
Thank you again for your reply.

Fred came to us as a runaway. According to AKC he is a high quality dog that must have gotten away from his owners. His nails had been professionally trimmed and wore a collar with no I.D. This condition was present when he arrived on our door step.

The discharge seems to be at all times. He usually wants it cleaned early in the day.

He showed no pain when I tugged his ear.

He is strictly an indoor dog and seems to be happy this way.
fredkiwi last decade
Is the ear wash the only medicinal stuff Fred uses? Any drugs?

Are you in the usa? In health food stores here (=close to my house) they have 2 things that I recommend now:

1. ear drops for wax removal by SIMILISAN to use in the morning when you clean his ears instead of the vet.sol.
This is NOT ear wax he has, but the other drops they have is for earache, and I checked the compatibility of all remedies

2. BIOPLASM by Hyland's
the pellets (1000 in the bottle) contain all 12 cell salts- 4-5 tablets 4x/day

write if you can get it/intend to do so.
Although at this moment his symptoms (imo) call for PSORINUM I think you should wait with it at least 2-3 weeks to see if the symptoms change (after #1 and 2)--in which case other remedy might be needed.
Astra2012 last decade
Thank you again Astra2012
Are you a vet or just very knowledgable?
After reading info from pethealth101.com they recommend Panalog(which was prescribed for Fred) if he has a ruptured ear drum. It also recommends not using a cleansing agent if the ear drum is ruptured(which the vet prescribed with the Panalog). This seems to be contradictive to the vet.

I am in Idaho and we do have one health food store and will try to find your recommended items.

He is taking no other meds, only multiple vitamins and condroitin-glucosamine. I have given him acidophilus at times thinking it could be a yeast infection. Perhaps I should continue this for a longer time.
fredkiwi last decade
No, I'm a microbiologist (in PA) (but my mother is a vet- however very orthodox, and besides: retired)

Does he have a ruptured eardrum? A vet said it?
Anyway, clean only external part of course.

(the vet wanted to put to sleep my cat when he had some partial paralysis - recovered after about 3 months with vit. hom. and some circular massage; they wanted to amputate his leg- saved with calendula;
treated my unspayed dog with progesterone, probably knowing that prog.+ estrogen=mammary tumor, which she got-- and unfortunately we listened to my mom and opted for surgery)
Astra2012 last decade
Very interesting.

I am a great believer in natural healing. I have not been to a doctor in 28 years.

I also healed a cat with a head injury with vitamins.
She had previously been treated by a vet. Whenever her injury acted up she would come to me and just stare until I gave her vitamins. She knew what helped.

Thanks again. I still plan to follow your advice if I can find the items.
fredkiwi last decade
That's quite annoying because you really want someone helpful when your pet is in need and I stopped believing it's any vet (that vet supposedly provides 'natural care' which only means that you can sign-up your pet for very expensive accupuncture treatments and I'm not sure they know much about it).

Animals have great instinct (people too, when they manage to push intellect off the way for a while) - that cat whose hind legs were suddenly paralyzed (spinal stroke probably) liked circular massage (licked my hand) but didn't think much of vit B (so I stopped that),
They have the way to communicate.

let's see how Fred likes tissue salts.
Astra2012 last decade
Sorry I forgot to answer your question about the ruptured eardrum. The only comment I recall is 'If you do not surgically clean his ear he could lose his hearing.' Because of what I had read about Panalog on Petmeds.com I was assuming that with this prescription he did have a ruptured eardrum.
I have stopped flushing his ear with cleanser and am now just cleaning the visible area. He does not seem to be any less comfortable.

fredkiwi last decade
Look into a product called 'Nzymes'. It worked miracles for my greyhound. He had blackish, brownish discharge in his ears and it would hurt him for us just to touch them. Not to mention he had greasy, itchy skin. This product worked for him and I recommend it to everyone I know. I take it myself and I give it to all of my dogs and my kitten. Even my holistic vet recommends it to all of her clients after seeing the success that we had giving it to Maximus. I am very glad to see that you are looking for a holistic solution for your dog. Conventional medicine only puts a band aid on the problem instead of truly healing from the inside out!! Best wishes to you and your fur-kid!
bluj3803 last decade
I did check ingedients (vit A C E selenium, rice bran, sprouted soy) of nzymes.

Although there is nothng special in it it's better than giving any drugs.
Compare with multivit Fred gets.
Astra2012 last decade
THANK YOU bluj3803
and astra2012

I have just located Bioplasma but Similisan has been ordered. They tried to sell me another type but it consisted of oils. I will see how this works before moving further. Since I cook his food maybe I could just add rice bran and soy to the meat and veg I prepare.

Since stopping the flushing Fred's drainage has gotten more runny. Really no chunks except where it dries on the other edges.
fredkiwi last decade
Rice bran yes, but with the soybeans the point is that they are raw and sprouted - the enzymes 'awake' and seed germinates - and that's what they think is beneficial (I don't know it).

(btw oil from mullein flower has also been used in ear problems-maybe that's what they have.)

Did his discharge changed in color, consistency, timing, anything?
Astra2012 last decade
The drops they had listed quite a few oils. I believe one of them was calendula.

The consistency was not runny before. The color is lighter, possible because it would be 'diluted' by the runniness. The dried edges are the same dark as before.

fredkiwi last decade
does he protest when you give him a bath?

do you think it itches more when he is warm?

is his fur ok or he has some problems?

i hope you still clean his ears (just not flushing), right?
Astra2012 last decade
HELLO Astra2012

He seems to like a bath. I am careful not to get water in his ears.

He always welcomes a good scratch, although he rarely scratches himself. Cleaning seems to be enjoyable, which is when his back legs begins to thump. The ear seems to have improved greatly since I eliminated the flushing. I now use a cotton pad to clean daily.
His fur is thick and shiny, unusual for a dog of approximately 11 years. He does have one bare spot on his tail about 1/2' by 1'. I see no problem with the skin in that area.

fredkiwi last decade
I'm so glad it is not Psorinum any more! Your answers confimed that! (Psorinum is a nosode and to buy it in the usa one needs a prescription which is funny considering that the official position on homeopathy is: just sugar pills. There is one company in the uk that sells it without prescription-but fortunately the remedy he needs is readily available: SILICA)

Get silica 3C (or 6x), drop one dose (usually 5 pellets) in the half liter bottle half filled with water, mix well until pellets dissolve,-this is your ss=stock solution, or rsb=remedy solution bottle.

Every day, half an hour at least after his night meal, succuse ss 10x (pound at the palm of other hand- this 'funny' way you potentize the remedy making it a bit stronger), take about teaspoon to half glass of water, mix, give him a teaspoon of that and discard the rest.

Now, silica is also one of tissue salts. Since they are prepared in different way it will not interfere. Just give salts last time with that night meal.
Astra2012 last decade
Let's give it 1-2 weeks - come then.
Astra2012 last decade
I suppose I might have added that he has a few fatty tumors. They are soft and smooth and they do shrink some when I massage them.

Is the silica also for his ears?

Thanks again
fredkiwi last decade
Silica is FOR HIS EARS.

Other remedies that equally well would cover his ear symptoms are psorinum (would generally have unkempt fur) and sulphur (would hate bathing) - and both would be further confirmed by problems with his skin/fur.

And in Hering's 'Guiding symptoms' under Silica is that he actually likes his ears cleaned!
We will see if lipoma changes as well
Astra2012 last decade
I have only been able to locate Hylands Silicea 30X.

Does that change the mixture of the stock solution ?

fredkiwi last decade
It doesn't change the recipe, however I really think material (lower than 24x or 12c) doses would be better. 30X are kind of high.

(It doesn't have to be Hyland's of course. This site sells all kinds and potencies!)

How is Fred?
Astra2012 last decade
I do have the 30X but I will continue to search locally for the lower doses if you think that is best. I do not like to order online.

Fred is great. We woke to 5 inches of snow this morning and he was romping like a pup. I did discontinue the other pills at the specified times and then his ear became slightly worse. It becAme runny again and has the smell of stinky feet.
fredkiwi last decade

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