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Guess I should proofread.
That should be a skinny pup of 1 1/2 YEARS old.

fredkiwi last decade
For a purebred lab... considering he is on the large size I would expect to weigh 90 to 100 lbs... so without actually seeing him... I would think that at 125 he would be considered overweight... Which if he does have hip dysplasia can increase his problems as he gets older...also extra weight can stress knee joints...

He may lie on the left side b/c of the problems with right hip/leg... It is an interesting observation that the lumps appear on the same side her lays on... Not sure what if any the significance is so your guess is a good as mine...

As to the selection of the remedy....Bar carb does have, some obesity as well as pain in the right hip and sleeps on left side as specifics... BUT Calc carb is more strongly indicated for Hip pain in general as well as obesity...

Bar carb tends to be indicated in under statue... whereas your guy is a big boy....so even though Bar Carb might be the remedy... by process of elimination I would still go with the Calc. carb first and see what the results are....

and I would only give the Calc carb and stop the Silicea until we see the results...

I know you have been working with another poster on this and we have a difference of opinion as to the best course for you to pursue... I have tried to outline why I believe my course to be best but it is open for discussion.... Given your limited knowledge in homeopathy....it would be nice to reach a concensus with the other poster as I believe them to be a knowledgable and caring person as well....

Hopefully we will hear soon....

Something else I might inquire about is the condition of your dog's teeth?

Is there any other information about your dog you can tell us.... What questions do you have?
Monty1 last decade
Actually I have nothing to add to my recommendation.

To Monty: if you give the right remedy but in too small potency it also might not hold long--and what looks like palliation-is not one.
We know that ear discharge has been decreased under silica 6x and his ears are fairly clean as long as it is given---however you can't say if it is a pall. without knowing what happens when silica is stopped!
if the discharge increases but is still smaller than at the begining-then I would say it is not a PALL. BUT we need higher potency.
(only if the discharge increaes to the initial level it was a pall. and remedy should be changed.

this is my opinion only.

About the rubrics: I do not treat all symptoms equally. And I do not place nuch emphasis on general rubrics-which have many remedies. Also -important to me is disposition. I know Kent--and it is not necessary to confuse fredkiwi.

Anyway I'm sure fredkiwi appreciates additional help-esp. that I can't be here that often.
Astra2012 last decade
I do appreciate help from all who offer.
Since I have silica 30x I will try it for now. I have looked for calc carb with no luck as usual. I will try to order some if the silica 30 does not help. It sounds like calc carb is helpful for many things.
I may have overestimated Fred's weight. He does not look terribly fat to me but I have not had a means to weigh him since his initial vet visit at 90 plus lbs. As in humans, dogs seem to put on a few pounds with age. His teeth are pretty good. No signs of red gums. I do brush them regularly and use a dental tool to scrape any plaque.
fredkiwi last decade
If you have the Silicea then work with it and see how it goes... If no improvement or it is not lasting then you can safely switch to the calc carb... or if no success the baryata carb... You should find that one of them will remove the problems...

Glad to hear his teeth are in good shape... that will contribute to a long life...

How are his anal glands... any problems there? If so these remedies will help....

Best of luck to you...Please let us know how you make out.
Monty1 last decade
I have stopped the silica 30 as I have seen no improvement. I heard somewhere if there was no improvement in a few weeks that you should stop. Hope that is correct. It seemed like he was feeling a little dull so I thought it might be upsetting his stomach. I tried to order calc carb locally and they neglected to inform me that it was not available to them. So now I will begin looking elsewhere.
Ever since he was neutered Fred has had a slight discharge from his anal glands, only leaving spots on my white carpet. I have seen that with all my dogs, male or female. Don't know if it is the vet we used or just luck as I know some dogs do not suffer from this. As long as I massage the glands they do not seem to be a problem for ME. He never seems to notice any discomfort.
fredkiwi last decade
I have calc carb now and will begin the suggested dose of 3 pellets weekly for 1 month.
Fred's ear seemed to stabilize for a while after stopping the silica. It is now more watery but seems to be bothering him more. I thought maybe it was just itching so tried Similisan ear drops but they seemed to make the discharge worse.
Thank you
fredkiwi last decade
Thanks for the update...

The Calc carb covers the watery discharge... so I would not use anything else...

Just clean the ear with a cotton ball or soft cloth...

Let me know in a weeks time as to how his ears are doing.
Monty1 last decade
Fredkiwi- you were right to stop it if there were no changes after so much time.
Hope Calc. carb. will work.
Astra2012 last decade
Fred's ears are better after giving him his 3rd weekly dose on Monday. I see a few small dry flakes. The calc carb does not appear to have changed the cysts(?) on his side.
fredkiwi last decade
As long as he is improving then continue on with the Calc Carb and hopefully this will clear his ear problems....

As for the fatty tumors or cysts... it will likely take as long to get rid of them as it took for them to develop....Is there any way for you to measure them and record the size...

Let me know how he is doing in 4 weeks time and we will evaluate his progress...
Monty1 last decade
Fred's ear was almost totally healed until I gave him the 5th week dose. In two days time it became worse and in 5 days it is much worse than when I was giving Silicea. There are now large wet 'globs' and much head shaking. Today he would have been due for his 6th dose but I am not sure that is a good idea considering the developments.
It seems that I have read in the past to stop giving the meds as soon as the problem was gone. Maybe I should have stopped at week 4.
fredkiwi last decade
Stop the Calc Carb... and clean the ear with warm water and a cotton ball. Don't poke into the ear... By stopping the Calc Carb it should clear on its own...( so don't do anything else)...Any possibility that this is something different brought on by the heat... Has he been swimming lately or bathed?

Is the discharge still black?

Have you noticed any change with the lumps on his side?
Monty1 last decade
Thank you for your quick response.
We are in SE Idaho and the weather has been unseasonable cool. We are lucky to see 70 degrees most of the time. He is strickly an inside dog. He has not had a bath for a couple of weeks and no change in diet. The discharge is a watery black. The lumps remain the same - sometimes they go larger and sometimes smaller.
fredkiwi last decade
I live in Toronto Canada and the weather here has been hot and humid...and I'm seeing a lot of ear infections.

Given your current weather and his care it is unlikely that anything different is going on with the ears...

Instead he is probably proving (exhibiting the symptoms) of the Calc Carb... in which case stopping it should allow this to clear up with no re-occurances...

As to the lumps they could either be lipomas (fatty tumors....not malignant...so nothing to worry about) or another possibility is cysts.

Give the ears a chance to clear up and then consider giving the Bar Carb.

DO NOT use anything but a little warm water on a cotton ball to clean the ears... they should clear on their own and using anything else will only interupt the bodies own healing.

Let me know in a week how he is doing.
Monty1 last decade
After not giving Fred his 6th dose on Monday his ears slowly started to improve. On day 5 they started to go downhill again. Today they are gushing globs of black. I do believe his 'cysts' may have gotten a bit smaller.

Thank You
fredkiwi last decade
I have a lab with cutaneous histiocytomas. I have been told that they will regress after a time on their own. Is there something I can do to hurry this process along? What is the cause of this condition?

Thank you for any suggestions.
fredkiwi last decade
Is this the same lab as mentioned in your first post?
The histiocytomas are located on the ears?

If yes,apply Vitamin E. Available in 4,000IU strength from the beauty aids section of health food stores. Look for pure Vitamin E-nothing with any additives.

If you cannot locate this, prick open and apply the contents of one 800 IU Vitamin E capsule several times a day until the histiocytoma is dissolved and the area heals.

Note: the above can only be used in areas where the pet cannot lick it off otherwise there is the chance of eventually ingesting an overdose of Vitamin E which has serious health consequences.

If not already done so, you may wish to switch your dog over from a commercial pet food diet to a more natural raw food diet, adding several tablespoons of cold-pressed flaxseed oil once a day to the food( or add to one-half cup of low-fat cottage cheese-whip the combination together very well before giving) as well as two to three capsules of Transfer Factor Plus(start with one and work up to two or three a day).

Also include two teaspoons of wheatgrass powder and one-third cup of fresh organic carrot juice each day to the diet.For the carrot juice start by giving several tablespoons and work up to one-third cup.

orian last decade
Yes this is the same lab. I was attempting to start a new thread for this topic but I must have done something wrong. He does not receive commercial pet products of any kind. No wheat. He received lean ground beef, ground turkey(cooked), vegetables and rice, oatmeal or barley. I even prepare homemade treats.
Thank you for your suggestions which I will try.
fredkiwi last decade

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