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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I do have the 30X but I will continue to search locally for the lower doses if you think that is best. I do not like to order online.

Fred is great. We woke to 5 inches of snow this morning and he was romping like a pup. I did discontinue the other pills at the specified times and then his ear became slightly worse. It becAme runny again and has the smell of stinky feet.
fredkiwi last decade
Imo it would be better to use lower potency, but it is better to use a bit higher than none at all!
Use silica 30x the way I described-if any reaction-please stop the medicine.

We have here (the whole Midatlantic) temp. in upper 80s. Yesterday I went to the beach. Snow, you say...
(btw i think Fred likes snow much better).
Astra2012 last decade
Hello Astra2012. Sorry I lost track of you - entirely my fault. Fred's ear was very much better until lately. The discharge is increasing slightly since the last dose. What Now??
Nothing we have used has reduced the lymphomas. Two are quite large and all on his left side also.

Since you are a pathologist might I ask you a question regarding my daughter's dog.
She was recently diagnosed with cutaneous hemangiosarcomas on her tail.
The vet removed the growth and after receiving the lab report wanted to remove her tail. I hope the site does not object to my using so much space. The report reads:
In one cross section and two sections from the lateral margins of a 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 cm excisional biopsy specimen from the tail, the dermis is expanded by a discrete, nonencapsulated mass. The mass is composed of spindloid to polygonal cells that form irregular vascular channels supported by moderate amounts of collagenous to hyaline stroma. The vascular channels range from the size of capillaries to 5 to 10 times that size. The cells have indistinct margins, small amounts of lightly eosinophilic cytoplasm and oval to oblong nuclei. There is a moderal nuclear pleomorphism and anisokaryosis and the chromatin is finely sitppled without distinct nucleoli. There are eight mitotic figures in ten 400x fields. Multifocal infiltrates of a few to moderate numbers of lymphocytes and plasma cells as well as areas of mild hemorrhage are scattered throughout the mass. The overlying epidermis is moderately to markedly thickened(acanthotic) and centrally ulcerated and replaced by a thick layer of fibrin and serocellular debris. Neoplastic cells are within 1 mm of the deep surgical margin and 2 to 5 mm of the lateral surgical margins.
Ultra sound was done and nothing appeared on the internal organs. Do you have any recommendations to aid her in recovery ?? The report comments seem to just recommend monitoring.
fredkiwi last decade
What is the situation with Fred (I mean his symptoms and his treatment-if any)?
I wonder now if Hylan silica 30x which you have is not a tissue salt which -in my opinion, some people even here differ- is just a sugar pill!

Homeopathic remedies are usually made by Boiron. Try to find lower potency.
Astra2012 last decade
You did say to use this thread for Jersey ?
She is a 5 year old white shepard cross. Before discovering the tumor on her tail she had become cross with other dogs. After the surgery to remove the tumor her temperament improved. She became grouchy again at the same time the eye tumor was found. It apparently had started at the back of the eye and later became visible. She has lost part of her vision. She has seen 5 vets, one being an opthamolic specialist, though not an oncologist. She also had an ultrasound which showed no internal organs affected. She is a very special dog to all of us.
Who is 'imperiora' ? Do her or his comments mean the treatment is a lost cause?
Thanks for your concern.
fredkiwi last decade
Since it has been Fred's since a begining let it stay this way and Jersey will have thw other thread.
All dogs are so special (they just could live longer).

Anyway, I stilll think Silica, low potency is best for Fred.

Imperiora is the anonymous poster - from time to time we have here posts like that and learned to ignnore them completely. S/he will probably do not return.
Astra2012 last decade
Hi Fred

Imperiora belongs to the tribe of Sceptics! Even a sceptic when observes from close quarters of the output from the silver bullet-homeopathic remedy become smarter than before:)
maheeru last decade
It sounds like your lab has the same symptoms as our golden retriever. She gets a thick, dark discharge from her ears, even the skin itself turns black and the ears will often feel warm. She will dig at them, etc., and we were given the whole wash instructions etc. from the vet. Turns out that she has food allergies. We have her on an elminiation diet, trying to figure out exactly what she is allergic to. Currently her ears are much improved and we know chicken is a problem for her. About all regular dog foods have chicken ingredients, so we have to purchase special food. Going to a special diet, she did lose weight and lost the shine to her coat, so we've had to add other ingredients to her food for the extra protein and nutrients. Such, as giving her canned tuna and salmon.

Not sure if this is what your dog is going through, but it might be worth exploring and reading about how to do an elimination diet.
cherries last decade
My dog's ear skin does not turn black and he does not scratch - except as I am cleaning them. I make my own food for him - turkey, lean beef, vegetables, rice. At times he also has fish. I have eliminated all commercial food. Astra2012 has been a great help at improving his ears.
fredkiwi last decade
Fredkiwi: you really do not have to encourage me or anything, the goal is a cure, and we all are for it(you too, and Fred, and many readers of these posts).

Anyway cherries has a valid point and Hahnemann said it too: first, remove the cause.

Just make sure it isn't any allergy to food or to some cleaning stuff.
And get Fred on low potency homeopathic silica (not cell salt silica!) as described here before.
Astra2012 last decade
I am open to all options. It just does not seem likely to me that it is an allergy since he doesn't scratch, and this problem began when Fred was eating dog food. Now he is getting natural food so it does not seem to be any connection with food. We have a private well so no commercial additives would be in the water. The water is tested regularly by the health dept. I use no harsh chemicals for cleaning, am careful not to get shampoo in his ears when he bathes.
P.S. Not trying to 'encourage you' just stating the facts. I will try anything to comfort my animals.
fredkiwi last decade
Fred could also try that flaxseed mixture!
Astra2012 last decade
I started Fred on flaxseed oil a few weeks ago. I give him 1 Tablespoon per day. I have just found Silica 6X so am beginning to give to him as you previously suggested. The bottle is Hylands Silicea 6X. I hope that is the same as Silica. My knowledge of homeopathy is still limited.
Thank you again.
fredkiwi last decade
I'm afraid it is the cell salt-not a homeopathic remedy-still it might be ok. If you give it in water after succussion it is potentized too.
Astra2012 last decade
Hello Astra2012.I wanted to report Fred's progress to you. His ears are looking good after giving him the silica 6x. Only a small flake or two every few days. There has been no improvement in his fatty tumors, one is the size of a fist. They do not bother him. In fact he prefers to lay on that side. I am wondering how I should now proceed. THANKS AGAIN !!! again.
fredkiwi last decade
Keep giving him silica (and mabe that flax./cheese mixture Jersey has) - as it helps his ears.

Do these tumors change in sizee? Do you know thesse are lipomas (fatty tumors)? Anyone checked them?
Where are they located? When did thy develop- do you remember?
Astra2012 last decade
When you have a chance check what potencies of THUJA are there (but do not buy any yet, I need more info)
Astra2012 last decade
I have not had the lipomas checked by a vet but judging what I have seen in people they appear to be that. They are soft and smooth. They are all on his left side. One on his hind leg, one on his shoulder and several smaller in between. If I massage them they will shrink a bit. In Jersey's case and in human cancer cases I have observed they are lumpy like a knotted rope. He has had them for many years. They seem to grow fairly quickly and then cease to grow. I am leary of vets. I know someone that had a cat with a lipoma which the vet diagnosed as cancer and did $2200 worth of treatments including chemo and when the tests came back it was not cancer. He refused to reinburse her for the charges.
I currently have Thuja 30X that I purchased in the past.
Thank for your help.
fredkiwi last decade
(I am also very disillusioned about veterinary care...)

What is the situation now? About:
-washing ears?
-silica 6x (how many capsules are there in the original bottle?)
-flax-cheese mix?
-ear discharge (is it changing now and not anymore?)
-are you massaging him?

do you think he rather seeks out warm places or cool (or no preference)?
Astra2012 last decade
About flax-cheese mix..-change the ratio 1-2 tbsp-1 cup
he will like it better!
Astra2012 last decade
I have not used the vet ear wash since you suggested that. I just use saline solution on a q-tip for removing the wax I do not pour it in. There are
500 TABLETS in the 6x bottle. I have not been to the store to get cottage cheese but will soon. His ear discharge is slightly worse as I have neglected him the past week. Our little dog had a stroke and she got all of my thoughts. She left us yesterday.
Today I have started the 6x again. I massage the lipomas quite often but do not know how long or hard I should rub. He does not seem to prefer a certain temp. I wonder how
'imperiora' would explain the improvement in Fred's ears. I am sure that Fred did not know if I was giving him sugar pills so he would not be given to believe what I was putting in his mouth was expected to cure him.
Thank you again.
fredkiwi last decade
It wasn't me who suggesrted you stop using the vet ear wash (you concluded that after reading the Petmed.com site.)
I only recommended (and still do) that you wash external part only and use Similisan ear wax removal drops; Q-tips are quite dangerous to use (better to use your own finger in some clean cotton).

When you get a chance fix that mix

I should have asked that question before, now i know you have silica 6x cell salt, which you may give Fred now 3 times a day, 4 pills.

massage in circular motion, gently, when you have time and feel like it, 1-3 timess/day, 1-5 min each 'session'

Give him one dry dose of Thuya 30x (do not handle the pellets yourself, just put them in his clean bowl; at least 1/2 hr after evening meal

Post after 3 days.
Astra2012 last decade
Just to make sure:
finger in clean cotton CLOTH, not cotton balls, instead of Q-tip

About that mix--flaxseed oil becomes rancid (=toxic)when stored (low temp, no light, no air-are best when storing, still it is better to fix it with some lowfat dairy product (protein containing sulphur).
That's why soy milk is not good for that as it does not have much sulphur.
many people use organic lowfat yogurt instead of cottage cheese-i think dogs prefr cheese. but farner cheese or ricotta are ok too (just lowwfat-fat should come from oil)
Astra2012 last decade
You are quite right about why I stopped using the vet ear cleaning solution. But I glad I did. I guess I am getting senile.
I do not actually use the q-tip to dig around. I just wet it to make it more comfortable when I pull out the loose pieces. If I let him try to shake it out for too long the ear looks swollen.
Thanks again.
fredkiwi last decade
The Thuja I have reads:
Thuja occidentalis 30X
HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE. They are not pellets so just wanted to make sure.
Thank you.
fredkiwi last decade
Thuya is ok.
Read on the bottle how much is a dose.
Astra2012 last decade

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