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cell salts

Why use cell salts versus regular homeopathy remedies?

thank you for your time in answering my questions,
  peregrine on 2008-01-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
C this ....


Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
This post is informative, but it still does not explain when to use a cell salt dose versus a higher potency, say, a 6C or 30C.

thank you for your time in replying,
mettagirl last decade
If you have a confusion...start with 6X or 3X potency.

Can also go upto 30X.

Let an experienced person decide for you to take the higher potencies of these cell salts.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dear mettagirl.

The use of 'cell salts' is based upon a completely different philosophy to Homoeopathy, and is not a part therof.

Cell salt therapy merely 'borrowed' our method of potentizing substances through trituration, but this is where the similarity ends.
Mr Organon last decade
I disagree with Mr Organon: cell salts are NOT potentized, imo.

You can take cell saltss like other supplements with food; of course they are not antidoted by mint or camphor etc as eenergetic (potentized) homeopatic remedies are.
Astra2012 last decade
I read the original thread with interest. I did not think it was good only for acute cases. Any way can some one enlighten me on how to take these salts. I was told that they are mopre effective if 8-10 tablets dissolved in a cup of warm water and sipped over an hour or so. Is that the right way to take it? Secondly, I understand that Silicea should not be taken over extended period of time. Is it so? If yes, how long can it be taken in the water(to mak it more effective???)without any harm. I plan to try Silicea for floaters in the eyes, I believe it is deep, slow but effective. Thanks for your help. I have recently joined the forum and already enjoy the discussion.

jpthakur last decade
The apparent confusion over whether trituration has a similar effect as sucussion in the dynamization of material substances may be settled by following a simple experiment:

Simply select a remedy which is known to be triturated up to a 6x/3c (which is before any liquid dynamization has begun), and prove the remedy by olfaction, something I have done many times. It is virtually inconceivable that the infintesimal amounts (if any) of material substance carried by the alcohol vapour could be credited with any direct effect, which must therefore come from the conceptual energy released by the process, hence it's similarity to liquid potentization.

Also, the question must logically be asked, that if trituration is merely used to 'break down' the substance in question, and not dynamize this, why would lactose (a 'dilutant') be used in this process in the preparation of 'tissue salts', where the emphasis of the entire therapy is placed upon nutrition, and therefore the material parts. Why not just grind the substance down, select the desired amount, and then add the lactose at the end as a filler for the tablets?
Mr Organon last decade
1. If the remedy is only trit. in lactose up to 6x (really? not 3x?) where from you are getting alcohol vapors you write about?

2. why lactose is used for trit. and not added later--i'm not sure but i think you need to trit. in something, and 'dilute' in it (we are talking about cell salts)
I have to ask chemist (have one here)but physicist would be probably better
Astra2012 last decade
No, 6x, almost always up to a 1/1,000,000 dilution before potentizing. Hmm, I thought it would be a 'given' I was talking about a liquid potency. You cannot administer a remedy by olfaction if it contains no alcohol.

I see, and this is not logical. If you are asserting there is no dynamization achieved by the process of trituration, then the end product would simply be a finely milled powder of the material substance mixed with lactose, and as stated above, this would be no different to selecting the appropriate amount of finely milled material substance and then adding lactose later (and again, the process used for the preparation of 'cell salts' is exactly the same as that used to prepare insoluble substances, and LM mothers).
I don't think either a chemist or even a physicist (POSSIBLY a molecular physicist) will be able to answer your questions, as we are dealing with a process which has always been outside the current understanding of Physics itself. If they understood this process, there would be no argument from the 'scientific community' as to whether Homoeopathy can actually work in the first place.
Mr Organon last decade
1. Right, oflaction is possible only with liquid - but we are talking about cell salts here and they are never liquid!

2.Unfortunately that's what I think: that 3x or 6x cell salt is a finely gound product 'diluted' in lactose.

Why you do not make 3x or 6x right away but go throurgh 1x-2x etc? _I guess it is because such is a procedure, and labs try not to change much about cell salts preparation. Why in XIX century they did it this way? I guess it is about precision of scales at that time: it is smaller weighting erroe when you weigh more and then gradually dilute it

(I didn't plan asking anyone about homeopathy-only about solubility and trituriation- which I did-but iit is beyond this conversation. Also scientific community is not homogenous. Some of us have no doubt homeopathy works.Some ridicule it. It's their choice).
Astra2012 last decade

Simple dilutions won't have energy imbibed in them.

The rubbing in the mortar adds energy. Lactose is the inert vehicle.

The succussion after dilution adds energy.Alcohol/water is the inert vehicle.

Even simple stirring of the liquid dose adds energy.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Murthy,
Fine.What is Alcohol 1000c.An indian physician mentioned it suitable for cancer pains.
sajjadakram635 last decade
There is lot of philosophical discussion, but my question that I posted on January 24 regarding Silicea for floaters in the eyes is not answered. Could some one please respond. Is it safe to take Silicea 6x/12x(cell salt) floaters in my eyes over extended period of time (3 months) diluted in water. Please see my post alsoon the 24th of January. Thanks

jpthakur last decade
Are you saying that kinetic energy of trituriation is transferred/stored in what?lactose?

(what do you mean by 'inert'?)
Astra2012 last decade
Paul: I don't think there is any harm in taking silica over extended period of time.
I also think that it may be taken in water or in dry form-any way it is ok in my opinion--however some boys here disagree saying it has energetic component build in like homeopatic remedy.
Let's hear their opinion.
Astra2012 last decade
Dear Sajjad

Alcohol 1000c??. Interesting.

What is the vehicle used to potensise alcohol? Could be water.

I will not be surprised to hear about water 1000c. I think there are already some 'exotic' water potencies available.

gavinimurthy last decade
Hi Thakur

Wait patiently till someone can answer your question.

Better still open seperate thread. That is likely to attract more attention.

gavinimurthy last decade

(chemistry) having only a limited ability to react chemically; not active.

Inert means it won't get affected itself either by trituriation or by succussion.

The energy is obviously stored in the pellets/liquid dilution which gets released when it comes in touch with mucous membranes.

This is only unsubstantiated theory, but we need some sort of explanation to convince ourselves.

It is a fact that there is energy in 6X pellets. There is energy in 30c dilution.

How it happens is still a million dollar question.

gavinimurthy last decade
Hmm. Okay. Let's try this again. I am fully aware that these 'cell salts' are never liquid, but how do you think triturations are prepared for further dynamization? the lactose doesn't magically turn into alcohol/water. A carefully measured amount of the trit powder is 'dissolved' in alcohol, a process known as suspension, and then this alcohol is used to medicated liquid potentcies. As I was referring to administration by olfaction, and therefore obviously by liquid remedy, I really didn't think I would have to explain this process. I wasn't suggesting anyone try to snort the trit powder...

Which of course it is, just in the same way a 3x or 6x potency is a 'broken down' product diluted in alcohol/water, but they are also both dynamized remedies.

So you are saying Schleusser adopted a process which takes 3 hours in total to prepare these 'cell salts' simply because of poor weighing methods used at the time? But this process was developed by Hahnemann, there is no other science, medical or otherwise which triturates in milk sugar, so it is a 'homoeopathy-only' process.

You work in the field of science?
Mr Organon last decade
The medicinal alcohol which is used in the preparation of remedies is completely medicinally inert, as is lactose. These so called provings which claim otherwise are in my opinion severely flawed.

Only alcohol which contains other substances, i.e unrefined, such as spirits (vodka, whisky etc etc) have the ability to cause symptoms, and therefore to be used as remedies. I have actually experimented quite extensively in this.
Mr Organon last decade
Do you think that silica for example, is more 'reactive' than lactose (not to mention alcohol-but let's focus on cell salts and lactse)

Do you think that energy from tritur. affects somehow (how? you may not know that---however a lot of discussion was about memory of water after succusion, but NOT memory of lactose afteer trit. In fact there was no discussion about that because nobody ever noticed it!)

Are you saying there is energy in 6x or 30 c cell salt tablets? That's exactly the point: I do not think so!
(it is in homeopathic remedies-but they are potentized through succusion).

But really, this is philosophy, not practice. In practice I think 3x or 6x cell salts make sense but 3ox are just sugar pills wheather silica or calc-f or some other cell salt.
(do you know how the butter is made from cream? does kneading the bread, which also means using energy, 'energizes' bread? I don't think so- why then energy of trit. be different?)
Astra2012 last decade
Great! I think I'm going to prove wine mother tincture tonight. (Mr. O is experimenting in vodka and Murphy, if I remember it right is doing his extensive research on whiskey).

Happy experimenting!
Astra2012 last decade
Lactose isn't reactive at all, it is inert, which is why it was the medium chosen for trituration, so yes, of course Silicea is more 'reactive'?

Affects what? I also do not hold with the 'memory of water' theory, which is most unsatisfactory, and unscientific, and also not of course the theory presented by Hahnemann, so there was nothing to 'notice', at least not on my part.

There is energy in both, this is how they work, but again I must state, I have never heard of 'cell salts' being made using the centesimal scale. I am aware of your point, but this has no logical basis if one fully understands the process of dynamization. Again, trituration dynamizes a substance in a similar manner to liquid potentization.

I would have to disagree, it is purely basic logic, not philosophy. (oddly enough, I did! I did not state substances were dynamized by the transference of kinetic energy, Mr Murthy did, and of course, there is no dilutant involved in the kneading of bread, or further serial dilution involved, which is neceassry to potentize a substance. Both of these points are the reasons why trituration is 'different').
Mr Organon last decade
'Great! I think I'm going to prove wine mother tincture tonight. (Mr. O is experimenting in vodka and Murphy, if I remember it right is doing his extensive research on whiskey).

Happy experimenting!'

Hmm, I'm afraid you may be a little late there, as Wine was proved almost a 100 years ago, and is known as the remedy 'Vinum'.

I said experimentED, not experimentING. I have long since carried out such experiments and reached a conclusion.

But thank you anyway, experimentation is of course the basis of all science...
Mr Organon last decade
You may want to carry out the experiment I suggested also, which would alleviate once and for all your doubts as to whether a substance is dynamized by the process of serial trituration, but this is of course your choice.
Mr Organon last decade

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