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8 year olds behavior

My 8 yr old daughter has been diagnosed with ODD - oppositional defiance disorder. She has been treated by a homeopathic practitioner since she was 3 yrs old. As an infant & toddler she was sick all the time with ear infections, pneumonia, RSV, etc. That is what led us to homeopathy to begin with. Homeopathy helped her tremendously with the physical issues. However, as she gets older, she rarely gets ill but it is the behavior issues that I am most concerned with. She is rude to others - her friends included, she talks back and blames absolutely everything on everyone else and never takes responsibility for her own actions. Lately, she will not say I love you mom and her most recent 'thing' is not wearing underwear. Thats just weird! This morning as she was getting ready for school, I found underwear in her backpack. When I ask her why she won't wear them she can't give me a straight answer. I don't understand her behavior. My husband, son & I are not like that. We are good people and we do not live like that so I do not understand where her behavior comes from. She was given different remedies but nothing seemed to make a difference in her behavior. I attempted to treat her on my own, using the online software program and most recently gave her Lycopodium. This has not helped either. If anyone has any suggestions I would be most grateful. I am desperate! I don't want her to go thru life being a (*&%$. Thanks
  annlivi2000 on 2008-01-24
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Hello annlivi.

Please list the remedies so far given to your Daughter.
Mr Organon last decade
I will start with most recent & work my way back. I gave her Lycopodium 1 week ago. Prior to that all other remedies were give by a homeopathic prac. December '07 Staphysagria, October Hepar Sulph, mid August Hepar Sulph, early August Tuberculinum, July Bacillinum, May Bacillinum, April Bac, Feb Bac, January Cina? not sure what this is, December Lyss (not sure about this one either)
Not sure how far I should go back so I will stop there. If more is needed let me know. None of these have helped.
annlivi2000 last decade
Hyoscyamus and Platina might be good considerations for this case. Ofcourse, we would need to delve deeper to see if they are really the indicated ones.

What do you think Dr. Organon ?
sameervermani last decade
If you have the entire list, this would be good, also the potencies, dosages, and length of time they were taken for.
Mr Organon last decade
Also, did she show any signs of these 'behaviour issues' before her physical problems were alleviated?

Cina btw, is a common children's remedy, particularly used for worms, where such behaviour as your daughters is exhibted, and would have probably been my first choice.
Mr Organon last decade
Personally, I don't really consider Platina a first choice medicine for the affections of children, but it could of course be indicated.

I would also always advise caution when prescribing remedies who's mental abberations are as severe as those found under the full pathogenis of Hyoscyamus, which are of course those of acute mania, and if you have ever witnessed this, you will perhaps understand why. I would consider this especially the case for children.

So, I'm afraid I would not agree with this selection at all given the symptomology of the patient.
Mr Organon last decade
Hmm.. okay , point well taken.
sameervermani last decade
one wk ago Lycopodium 3 doses of 30c December Staphysagria 200 C - 2 doses, mid August Hep Sulph 200C X 2 doses, August 1st, Tuberculinum 10M 1 dose, July BAC 1M, 1 dose, May BAC 200C one dose, April BAC 200C, February BAC 200C 3 doses, beginning Feb 1-2 small dose cina, January Cina 3 doses unsure of potency, December '06 3 doses of Lyss unsure of dose, November '06 Carcinocin unsure of dose, October '06 Lyss 200c 2 doses, August '06 Lyss unsure of dose, in June of '06 she was on a liquid remedy & I believe it was calc phos (forgive me my record keeping is not that great) May '06 3 pellets calc phos, 4-06 2 pellets calc phos 30C, early April '06 2 pellets calc phos 30c She had several doses of calc phos 30c in April & March, and February & January. It looks like she was getting calc phos all the way back to October of '05 with calc phos. She was also treated with other remedies prior to those but unfortunately, I did not keep detailed records. Her personality traits were there even as an infant. I look back at my journal with notes on her behavior & it has always been screaming (even up to today), manipulative, tantrums, whinning, always sees the negative in other people & situations, blames others, she has no compassion for others, steals things, hides things, mean to other children & her brother, she swears, talks naughty, doesn't want to do errands with me, struggle to do homework, when she doesn't get what she wants she blames it on others, screams & has a fit, some other traits about her that really concern me is that when she has hurt someone, emotionally, physically or other she gets a grin on her face, she can be very demanding, wants to act like a teenager, doesn't wear underwear - I have caught her pulling her pants down in front of her friends, she has an attitude like we (her mom & dad) are her servants, she is never grateful for the things she receives & often acts like she 'deserves' them.. Anyways, sorry to be so long-winded but I hope you get a picture of what I am dealing with. Please help!
annlivi2000 last decade
Defiant child doing things with plenty of shock value and the behaviour has sexual overtones. She is also lying , manipulative, violent and screams often. Sees the negative in all sitiations.

Dr. Organon, I might be wrong here, just for my own knowldge, can you please explain why is Hyoscyamus not indicated ?
sameervermani last decade
Maybe because I am so desperate, I am expecting far too much from a homeopathic remedy. The only hope I have had is a few glimmers in the distant past when her behavior has improved with a remedy - allbeit short lived. I just don't know what to do anymore and its good to discuss with others. Thanks.
annlivi2000 last decade
I do not think you are expecting too much. Homeopathy is probably the only system of medicine which has the ability to 'cure' such behaviour problems. Hopefully, some good will come out of this discussion. Don't lose hope. Mr. Organon is an extremely knowledgable prescriber.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Sameer.

For a remedy to be the absolute similium for a case where mentality is so greatly affected, rather than just a similar, the patient's mental symptoms must match as closely as possible those produced by the remedy in question. This is not the case here. The mental presentation of Hyoscyamus is far more severe, violent, and acute, and again, is usually only seen in cases of acute mania, which is EXTREMELY rare in children.
In 20 years, I have had only four cases where Hyoscyamus was the indicated remedy. One of these tried to gauge out her father's eyes with a knitting needle, two were on the verge of being comitted by relatives, because they would sit motionless in a catatonic state hour after hour, but try to attack anyone who came near them, or attempt to move anything in their room, and the fourth was a previously 'normal' neighbour of my sister, who had become so 'wired' he would run around the neighbourhood at night in soiled clothing screaming that he was being chased by 'demons'.

This is the full presentation of the mentality of Hyoscyamus, and in my 'opinion' it should never be prescribed unless this kind of behaviour, or threatened behaviour is being exhibited by the patient, at least to some degree. Stramonium is another remedy with such extreme mentality, and should never be prescribed flipantly.

Totality works both ways.
Mr Organon last decade
Heh, somewhat ironically, after reading annlivi's further information above, I am actually quite drawn toward your other suggestion of Platina.
Mr Organon last decade
Dear annlivi, your daughter has certainly been dosed some!

Her behaviour must be a great burden on you, but such things are almost always treatable by Homoeopathic means, so don't give up hope.

Tell me, is your son older or younger than her?
Mr Organon last decade
Also, a shot in the dark, but has your daughter ever received any kind of extreme shock, such as witnessing a 'gory' accident etc, or ever received any kind of treatment with Opium (which I know is still used by some Doctors, in some parts of the world, by some, or morphine?
Mr Organon last decade
Sorry, the above post should read:
'Also, a shot in the dark, but has your daughter ever received any kind of extreme shock, such as witnessing a 'gory' accident etc, or ever received any kind of treatment with Opium (which I know is still used by some Doctors, in some parts of the world), or morphine?

No idea what happened there...
Mr Organon last decade
My son (who is adopted) is 2 years older than her - he is 10, she is 8. No she has not witnessed any extreme event. She was hospitalized 2 or 3 times as an infan/toddler and did have surgery to put tubes in her ears. I don't think she ever received morphine to my knowledge - but I cannot say for certain 100%. When I was pregnant, I was very depressed & suicidal at times - perhaps this affected her? Thank you all for your help.
annlivi2000 last decade
Hmm, here we may be onto something. If I may ask, at what age was your son adopted?
Mr Organon last decade
Dr. Organon , I was also attracted to Platina due to the arrogance and sexual overtones in her behaviour.

Thanks for your exposition regarding Hyos.

sameervermani last decade
We adopted him as a newborn - I saw his birth & we brought him home from the hospital when he was 2 days old. He is my 'first' child.
I have suffered all my life from depression & anxiety. I have been treated with medication & did take a very low dose of Zoloft (antidepressant) during my pregnancy - because I was so very very depressed. I think it was such a low dose I don't even know if it was effective - but nonetheless I got thru the pregnancy. Do you think this may have affect? The medication or my state of mind?
annlivi2000 last decade
Also, what is platina? I could not find it on your alphabetical Remedy Finder. Thanks.
annlivi2000 last decade
It might be called Platinum Metallicum here.
sameervermani last decade
Thank you for the further information. I do not think the medication taken during pregnancy would have caused this, I feel it is more likely to be linked to familial relationships.

Sameer, Staphisagria or perhaps even Tuberculinum may be worthy of consideration somewhere along the line, (or) if Platina fails, but if you are in agreement (and as it was your suggestion to begin with), I would like to try Platina first.

Ann, has anyone in your family ever suffered from active Tuberculosis?
Mr Organon last decade
One other thing, can you remember your daughters reaction, if any, to the Lyssinum (which btw is the saliva of a rabid dog).
Mr Organon last decade
Nobody has ever had tuberculosis.
Her reaction to Lyss was horrible. She normally does ok in school but after this remedy the school called me because she was acting out so much. It was awful and that is when her behavior with the sexual overtones started.
Also, I see that there are 2 different types of plantinum - could you pls specify? Thank you
annlivi2000 last decade

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