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height deficiency

My seven year old son is the average size of a normal five year old. He does not have a growth deficiency. Other tests have also returned negative. I am short however my other children grew normally within their age ranges. The only other thing I notice with him is that he gets easily tired and can sleep anywhere anytime. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  franki on 2008-02-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please let me know:

1. Is he suffering from tonsil ?
2. Have you observed any worm in his stool,
3. Is he complaining pain in stomach.
4. How is his applitite
5. How is thrist and any other complaint

dr. mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
please answer dr. mahfooz's questions and some others..

- what are his cravings.

- where does he sweat the most, head or trunk.

- what's his personality like, is he shy.

- is his body proportionate.

- what kind of ailments does he suffer from generally.
rishimba last decade
Thank you for your responses. I have not checked his stool however I will make it a point to do that.
He does not have a big appetite...my 5 year old eats more.
He is an extremely outgoing, athletic child. He does well in school.
His body is proportionate but sometimes it seems to me that his stomach may be a little puffed out.
Just from memory I would say his head sweats more and he did suffer eczema on his feet for about 2 years.
Also, he is prone to conjunctivitis on his eyes.
franki last decade
with the above information, i cant zero in on any specific remedy.

if his stool is normal and doesnt have worms or any parasites in his intestine, or any kind of assimilation problems, i dont think theres much you can do with any remedies.

stretching exercises along with proper diet would be worth looking at.
rishimba last decade
If he did have worms or parasites, what kind of symptoms would he be showing? He does get full rather quickly when he eats.
What about the Bartya Carb. i read about on the site? Would that be beneficial? Any info you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
What diet would you recommend?
franki last decade
baryta is not indicated here.

what he needs to do is to take his food slowly and chew it well so that assimilation is proper.

ALFALFA-Q could be given for some weeks which will help in his assimilation.

adequate physical workout suitable for his age would help in his growth.
rishimba last decade
sorry..forgot to answer your first question..

check for undigested food contents in his stool and also parasites like worms and giardia etc.

if all is ok, you dont have anything to worry.
rishimba last decade
thank you again. do i order alfalfa-q mother tincture? also, it was also recommended to me that i give psorinum. I have not done this.
would this also be advice you would give and if so, could you please explain to me how that would help? I await your response and thank you for helping as it breaks my heart when i see him around other children (older and younger that are so much taller).
franki last decade
many homeopaths believe in treating children with strong anti miasmatic remedies like psorinum, syphilinum, medorrhinum etc. in order to remove any miaasmatic blockage.

then they start the treatment on the symptoms. this system is acceptable to some extent if the child has a strong miasmatic inheritence.

this is also sometimes based on the diseases of the parents and grandparents.

the homeopath must have observed that the child may inherited psora and thus he wanted to start with a anti psoric remedy.
rishimba last decade
over the weekend I checked stool which seemed fine to me. I just wanted to tell you some other things that may or may not give you some more information. My son gets frequent nose bleeds and he has a ganglion cyst on his wrist. He definitely sweats more on his head than his body.
Can u please tell me where/how to order ALFALFA-Q and how much/how many times a day i should give it to him.
Once again, I thank you for your assistance and your knowledge.
franki last decade
Phosphorus is the indicated remedy for your son, without a doubt.
Mr Organon last decade
nose bleeds in children may call for phosphorus with the generals you have provided. the time of nose bleed will also indicate which remedy to prescribe.

if you want to treat the nose bleed problem, you may give him PHOSPHORUS 30C every 6 hours whenever there is an episode of nose bleeding. give some 6 doses and stop.

if no response, then we will take a detailed case.

regarding alfalfa-q you can order for it in your homeopathic pharmacy or online from this site.
rishimba last decade
It is more than just 'generals', or the nosebleeds which call for Phosphorus here rishimba, it is the childs entire 'constitutional' presentation. Moreover of course we do not prescribe remedies for specific isolated complaints anyway, right? and I think it is more than known here that this is not a practice I indulge in, or ever would. The remedy therefore should certainly not be prescribed in the acute manner suggested.

Franki, my recommendation would be to give your child Phosphorus, 30c, three doses on one day, evenly spaced, and then report after 3 days-1 week.

'Good luck' with your son.
Mr Organon last decade
Mr. Organon,
Is the phosphorus only for his nose bleeds or is it for his deficiency in growing? Do you think it is all related? I appreciate your comments and good wishes. He is nearly 8 years old and is just little over 44 inches tall and weighs 42 pounds. I have ordered the alfalfa q and will start with that when we receive it.
franki last decade
Phosphorus will cover all the symptoms you have mentioned, and fits his outgoing, athletic personality.

His somewhat small size is not a COMMON feature of Phosphorus, but it does sometimes occur. This is not of so much importance here though, as it is his entire presentation on which we are prescribing, and anything such as height will usually be corrected under the action of the correct remedy.

I would try this remedy, and see where we go from there.

If I may also ask, describe yoru sons eyes. Are these of normal size and movement, or are they slighlty bigger than normal, or with constant quick movement?
Mr Organon last decade
bleeding from the nose is termed as acute and it HAS to be treated in the acute manner and contnued till there is a relief of symptoms. it could be anything between 3 to 6 doses.

this needs to be repeated with 200c if the symptoms return or dont get relieved in a weeks time.
rishimba last decade
No, epistaxis is only termed acute during an acute exacerbation, it is of course a chronic problem if it is recurring, as is the case here. I am also not prescribing Phosphorus simply for nosebleeds, nor am I suggesting this be taken during an acute exacerbation thereof.

Again, I do not prescribe remedies for isolated complaints, this is the mongrel way.
Mr Organon last decade
i'm sorry if i have confused things. he does get nose bleeds, mostly at night unless he gets hit with a ball or something during the day. it doesn't happen every nite. it actually comes and goes, for instance, it will happen a few times in one or two weeks and then not again for two or three months. should i still give the phosphorus 30c? all i want is to maybe give him something that will spur his growth.
i received the alfalfa today and have bought the phosphorus from a local health store. before i begin giving it to him, i just want to make sure i should give him both?
franki last decade
i forgot before to tell you about his eyes. he has normal eyes, light in color, he tends to get conjunctivitis easily. Also, he can not sit still, he rubs his hands together while watching tv (usually while watching sports but not continuously) overall, he is a very happy child. he has started asking me why everyone asks if him and his 5 year old brother are twins.
franki last decade
well franky.. yes it looks like he is a phosphorus child.

constitutionally phos will help him in all his problems.

you can give him a dose of PHOS 200C once in a month for some 3 months.

he will get some benifit.

if his nose bleed is occasional, that is once in two or three months, phos 30c will help him as and when the remedy is required.

for good growth, alphalpha is a good tonic to be continued for some weeks. you will know the difference yourself after a few days.

his appetite will increase and he will sleep well, be more cheerful and thus help in his growth.
rishimba last decade
one more question. the directions for the alfalfa state '25 drops in 4oz. water. for acute cases 1 tsp every half an hour. Non acute cases, every 3-4 hours. Which should I do? He is in school from 8am-3pm.
i have the phosphorus 30c. I shouldn't give him that? I should go get 200c? And that is only once a month? I just don't want to do anything wrong and i thank you for bearing with all my tedious questions.
franki last decade
do i buy phosphorus in pellet or liquid form?
franki last decade
this is not an acute case as far as alfalfa is concerned.

you can just give him 3 times a day. some 15 drops at one times with some water.

if you want constitutional treatment for your son, you may buy phosphorus 200c in liquid form and just give him once a month.

nose bleeds without injuries could be treated by some repeated dose of phos 30c for a day or two max. dont give more than 4 to 6 doses in one episode.
rishimba last decade
Thank You so very much! I will let you know his progress. God bless!
franki last decade
Hello rishimba,
i gave him the alfalfa this morning in water. he did not want to drink it because he did not like the taste. can i put in juice or does it have to be water?

Also, i just ordered the phosphorus. I should receive it tomorrow. How many drops of that do i give him? I am very excited to see if this helps him.
franki last decade

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