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Does homeopathy really help cure MS.(Multiple Sclerosis )

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory disease of the Central Nervous System (CNS) - that's the brain and spinal cord. Predominantly, it is a disease of the "white matter" tissue. The white matter is made up of nerve fibres which are responsible for transmitting communication signals both internally within the CNS and between the CNS and the nerves supplying rest of the body.

In people affected by MS, patches of damage called plaques or lesions appear in seemingly random areas of the CNS white matter. At the site of a lesion, a nerve insulating material, called myelin, is lost. I shall explain this process in more detail later. Clinically, MS is a hard condition to characterise because it is very unpredictable and variable. Depending on which areas of the CNS are affected and how badly they are damaged, the type and severity of symptoms can vary greatly.

No two people get MS in exactly the same way and the expression of each individual's disease is as unique as their fingerprints. However, the different courses of the disease, both within an individual and within the whole population, principally differ in their timing, location and severity. Underneath similar processes (including demyelination and sometimes other forms of nerve degeneration) are going on.

Although recent research indicates that the biochemical make-up of lesions may vary between different forms of the disease, this is not the reason why people with MS (PwMS) have such widely differing symptoms - it's because nerve damage to one site usually causes completely different symptoms than damage to another.

In general, people with MS can experience partial or complete loss of any function that is controlled by, or passes through, the brain or spinal cord.
What is Homoeopathy?
Homoeopathy is a system of medicine which has a different approach to disease and remedy from that of conventional or Allopathic medicine. In the Allopathic approach, medicines are used that work against diseases and their symptoms. In Homoeopathy, the symptoms of an illness are viewed as a direct manifestation of the body's attempt to heal itself and a Homoeopathic substance is given that is capable of producing similar symptoms if given to a well person. In so doing, Homoeopathic attempts to stimulate the body's own natural healing capacity with Homoeopathic remedies acting as a trigger for the body's own healing forces.

The disease is intimately associated with the life of the individual and is a result of internally concealed causes and also external causes (environment, viral and bacteriological diseases, traumatisms ).


Specific signs, and symptoms, the form of the body, the attitude: Sthenic or Asthenic or Normal and other phenomena will be the objectives of the physicians researches.

Homoeopathy is based on the law of similar, the word itself is from Greek HOMOION ( Homeo ) meaning Similar and Pathos meaning disease or suffering. Homoeopathy is a system of medicine based on the principle that Like Cures Like. The theory states that any substance which causes an illness or a symptom can, in very small doses, cure the same problem by stimulating the body defense system.

This means that a remedy which creates symptoms and condition in a healthy person will cure a sick person manifesting similar symptoms.
MS can be treated through homoeopathy.
I know few remedies such as :
Do you have any record for cure case of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)please let me know.

thanking you!

Hom.Dr. Saleem Hamid
  shamid on 2003-10-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dr A.U.Ramakrishnan,Chennai,India (website:drramakrishnan.com)has been treating MS patients in India and Europe/USA and seems to have met with some success.
My wife (aged 32) was diagnosed for MS in Apr 2001 and she has been taking homeopathic tratment under Dr Ramakrishnan since Nov 2002,results so far are positive.

Bhaskaran (t.bhaskaran@saint-gobain.co.in)
T.Bhaskaran 2 decades ago

Dear Dr. S. Hamid,
Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Please share more of your knowledge from time to time.

PANKAJ VARMA last decade
As you know there is are no drugs or treatment protocols that can cure Multiple Sclerosis. There are currently treatments which can modify the course of the disease no cure yet. However, research is ongoing to find both effective means of preventing and arresting the disease, as well as developing better ways of treating those who have Multiple Sclerosis. In recent years there have been advances on many fronts. Treatments have been developed that reduce the number and severity of relapses in some people with Multiple Sclerosis. In addition, there are therapies like homoeopathy to relieve many symptoms and improve the quality of life of people with Multiple Sclerosis.

Hom. Dr. Saleem Hamid
shamid last decade
I was dxed with MS March 2003 (well, first recognized attack). I have been on Avonex since April '03 and I had my second known attach (optic-neuritis this time) March 2004. I went on the IV steroids and am waiting for a complete recovery of the blurry vision - neuros have suggested waiting another 2-3 weeks...

I guess I will tgry contacting Bhaskaran T. to see how his wife is doing and then try the homeopathy - no harm in trying.
kamal last decade
I only know from the article on Internet that Andre Saine from Montreal is treating (maybe even curing!?) MS since 1997 with homeopathy (mainly, he is an ND).
He writes about the importance of choosing the peculiar symptoms (like eyeball ext. muscle paralysis: caust. sulph.) and ignoring symptoms more typical for the disease.

Dr. Hamid: you are doing a great job here - the amazing power of homeopathy shines best with cases discarded by the allopathic medicine which calls them incurable to cover its helplessness. Thank you for writing about such difficult cases as MS.
Astra2012 last decade


Thank you for your remarks and appreciation.

Hom. Dr. Saleem Hamid
shamid last decade
Does homeopathy really help cure MS.(Multiple Sclerosis )?

Hom. Dr. Saleem Hamid
shamid last decade
Dear Dr Hamid
That's a provocative question! We can go into esoteric discussions about "what's Cure". As a newbie homeopath I am uncomfortable when someone says I cured such and such with homeopathy. We can say at best that the patient used homeopathy during an MS episode and had relief.

I have had one MS case that responded very well to Alumina.

Thanks for your interesting articles / questions.

Vish / New Zealand
vishnz last decade
Thank you.
shamid last decade
dear doctor, i am an acupressurist and at present treating a patient with ms since 7th may 2004. initially the patient showed symptoms of recurrent attacks every 15 to 20 mins and each attack lasted for nearly 1-2 mins. this patient was diagnosed for MS about 8 years ago and the symptoms have accelerated now for the last 15-20 days.
i have found that thru acupressure, i was able to contain the recurrence of attacks and now my patient feels fresh and moves much freely. she has been bed ridden for more than 15 days. i have found a trigger point on the elbow which when stimulated during an attack, reduces the severity and vanishes in abut 5-10 seconds.
i would like to know if there is any other specific homeopathic remedy for this disease. my patient has her right side affected more and there is loss in vision in her right eye. my patient is 41 years of age. she is also suffering from constipation.
thank you very much.
anand rao, bombay.
anand rao last decade
4 months ago I got first symptoms of MS. I took Gelsemium 200K with success: no more symptoms in the 24 hours.

Symptoms are back every months. I take another pill of Gelsemium 200K. Same result: symptoms go away in 24 hours.

At each comeback symptom level is lower than previous month. I hope to get rid of this.
norguet last decade
Dear norguet,
Thank you for asking advice, please take Gelsemium 1000 c after 10 days 3 doses only for a period of one month.

saleem hamid
shamid last decade
Can homeopathy treatment be carried out as long as Mytroxantrone is administered? Please help.
tumrio last decade
you might find it interesting:
Astra2012 last decade
Thank you Astra,
Yes the following site is very useful:
shamid last decade
Does homeopathy really help cure MS ?

Homeopathic medicine takes an alternative approach to MS treatments. Since everyone is different, homeopathic techniques favor tailoring the treatment to the individual. This can include simple things, such as exercise, meditation, or deep breathing techniques. But it can also include dietary, nutritional treatments, and vitamin supplements.

Homeopathic medicine tends to favor all natural methods of treating a disorder like MS. The idea is to get to the root of the problem by exploring the nature of the human body itself, rather than dependence on chemicals or drugs.
shamid last decade
Does homeopathy really help cure MS?
homeopathy cured cases of MS.
To show your support for Homeopathy, enter every CASE of MS you have cured OR observed.

hom. Dr. Saleem Hamid
shamid last decade
Anand Rao, I read your paragraph about your patient and how your patient’s symptoms are similar to my moms. It made me ask questions like: Where is she from? How her MS started? And what kind of treatment is she taking right now? And how is she doing right now? I know these are very general questions. But it is important that we know how her MS got started. Maybe there is no answer for this, but a history of a patient can help. What has she been thru in life and why MS now.
I am sharing this pace of information with you people. This way this can help us to share information about your loves ones.
I am not exactly sure how long my mom is suffering from MS. She was first diagnosed with MS in UCLS Medical Hospital back in 1992 about 13 years ago. Her body might have fighting MS for times prior to 1992. And she was the first patient who took Betasoren injection those years. Once again, we are not sure if Betasoren at that time did help or did not help because with MS you don’t know – We are not sure if it slow down from progressing or it inflated MS?
She was always a very active person back home in Kabul Afghanistan. She taught Math for over 20+ years and raised four children. She was an emotional person but she never felt tired or perhaps she never told us. Her lifestyle changed when we came to US in 1990. And after two years she got diagnosed with MS. She noticed and we noticed that her coordination changes months after that. For example, there were times, she could not hold a cup of tea, and it would fall from her hands and break. Or sometimes at the beginning while she was walking on a sidewalk she would sort of fall because her left foot would lose control and could not balance her. As months and year passed, her walking got worse and worse. About 5-yrs ago, she stopped walking even with a walker. She just had no control to stand and balance herself. Recently, almost a year ago, she lost both of her eyesight. First she lost her left eyesight and after months she slowly lost her right eyesight. I also want to mention that she always had very good eyesight. In a very short time- less than a year, she lost them. She never had any physical pain in any part of body. But fatigue is a major pain itself. Emotional pain. Pain that she can’t talk well and pain that she could not go to bathroom, pain that you can do daily things like any other human being, pain that she does not remember things from a day before or weeks ago. She does have a good long-term memory. She remembers things from 20-30 years ago but for instance she does not remember who visited her today or yesterday. My mom and her side of family, most of them are diabetic. She has tried many different medications for diabetic that also cause fatigue in her case. Other symptoms she has are: she had sleep problems; depression, stress but she never had any back pain. She did have headaches time to time. We know she does not like heat very much. She is more relaxed when the weather is cooler. She is very sensitive to heat. I know that heat has to do with fatigue. As body temperature rise increases fatigue. They say MS is so complex. You ask anyone they relate hundreds of things to MS. We don’t know maybe MS is not that complex. Maybe there is only one thing that trigger our brain – I call it command and decision. And this ”command and decision” get disconnected from all other element of our body.
What makes this trigger? We don’t know. A shock. But what shock? Where this shock came from? When? How? We don’t know.

I am here to learn more about Homeopathy. Regards, Farzan
khairzaf last decade
I have treated successfully my patient suffering from MS and she responded so wonderfully that her brother who is a doctor himself, was dumbstruck. A patient who suffered for 8 years and hospitalized, put under steroids, did not respond to their best treatment, and she stood up in just 2 sittings within 24 hours. This is an individual case. The treatment is still on as the patient told me that the attacks recur in about 2 years time. I am keeping my fingers crossed. This may not be necessarily true for all patients though. The responsive area is the patient's acceptance and mental preparedness for alternative medicines. Homeopathy, on the other hand works wonderfully well, if the patient can give all the symptoms accurately. Unfortunately, this is not possible, as usually there is a drop in memory and alertness. Please give me the details if possible and i will see if i can do something. Try an acupressurist or an acupuncturist. There is definite relief to the patient with these alternative therapies. Magnet therapy also is a complementary and an associate alternative therapy, which i found to be helpful.
I have administered homeopathic medicines too.
1. Aurum met
2. Argentum met
3. Cuprum met
4. Ferrum met
5. Plumbum met
6. Gelsemeium
All in 200 potencies mixed to gether and asked the patient to take 4 pills twice daily for a week.
My patient also suffered from depression and psychological breakdown. I advised her to take Rescue remedy mother tincture 2 drops on the tongue.
I also advised her to drink magnetized water whenever possible.
The overall result was that today she is on a job working from 9.30 to 6.30 monday to friday and very active in her life. I have a complete history of her recovery with many ups and downs during her treatment. But atleast as of now she is perfectly alright.
I am keeping my fingers crossed because my efforts to talk with reputed universities in Canada and New York were in vain as they ridiculed the idea of treatment with alternative medicines for an ailment of such magnitude.
If anyone is genuinely interested in knowing the therapy in acupressure, please be in touch with me. I do not charge for advise. I will be only glad to help people suffering from MS.
amembal4444 last decade
I would like to stress on one important factor about treatment for multiple sclerosis. This ailment is a complex ailment with no etiology. Any therapy, especially alternative therapies which work best for the patient should be accepted and the patient treated with an aim at getting desired results and alleviating the pain and misery of the patient.
Thank you

Dr. Anandrao Amembal
amembal4444 last decade
I recommend reading my site at reversedms.blogstream.com

...as I look into the gut-nervous system connection and I show how I beat chronic progressive MS and am running again.

beatms last decade
Dear Dr. Hamid / Dr. Amembal,

A friend of mine has just been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and we are looking at alternative medicines for a cure.

We are based in New Delhi, India and are desperately looking for homeopathic doctors here that have treated multiple sclerosis. We would be very much indebted to have your opinion or the contact of any doctors in New Delhi who are experienced in homeopathic treatment of multiple sclerosis.

If it is possible for you to provide your opinion, we can call you or send the symptoms in an email.

Warm regards
abhinav76 last decade
Dear MrAbhinav 76. I have learnt of a Delhi based doctor , Dr S. C Madan (MBBS), writer of the book 'Homeopathy cures where allopathy Fails' But I am sorry to say I don't know his Postal address. I am in search for his contact number, as my husband, aged 42yrs, is also an MS patient. One of my friends have promised to get it for me. As soon as I get it, I'll surely let you know.
tumrio last decade
Dear Tumrio,

Thanks a lot for your mail. We will be anxiously waiting for any news regarding his contact number, and will let you know if I find out about any doctor with such experience.

Warm regards,
abhinav76 last decade
Dear friend abhinav76,
Thanks for your reply. The book that I told you about is published by Pustak Mahal.If you can contact the publisher, I think he can help you to get the contact number of the doctor- Dr S.C. Madan. If you get in touch with the per5son please don't forget to give the feedback as I'm also in great need.
tumrio last decade

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