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I have MS, I always feel weak, no energy, weak legs, arms, head pain and spinning, feels no balance, blurred vision and more.

I am from london, tried so many homeopathy remedies did not work. can anyone help me and suggest me what to do. Azhar
azhar2011 last decade
Hi! Azhar,
In order to select the best and appropriately indicated homeopathic remedyfor your condition a detailed history need to be taken which includes a profiling of your temperament, disposition in general, since when this problem being faced and what were the major health issues you have hadto face prior to beong diagnosed with MS. Your family structure, how you spent your childhood, your schooling, college or University days. How is condition bothering you at present and how do you compensate when the sickness is going on and lots more need to be explored. It will be better if you visit my web site and send me the answers to the questions posted therein. This will help me to help you through selection of the best homeopathic remedy for you. take care.
sarup last decade
Dear Sarup
many thanks for your prompt reply to my post.

I tried to go to your website, it is not going through.

please advise me what shall I do.
azhar2011 last decade
For learning.
nawazkhan last decade
Hello Sarup

you asked me to go to your website, it does not work when I clicked at it.

Do you want me to answer your questions here.

Please advise me what to do.

azhar2011 last decade

[message deleted by sonu.saini.76 on Wed, 13 Jul 2011 08:23:00 BST]
sonu.saini.76 last decade
Please help my wife she is suffering from more then 10 years years Multiple Sclerosis.,we spent lot of Money and treat her in Pakistan with our best, many times Dr. gave her Steroid IV and also we use Betaserone., but condition going down day by day., now she is completely laying on Bed can not eat by her self, can not sit now she is on Daiper., She can not sit on wheel chair more then 15 minuets., now we stop all English Medicine, only take some Vitamins,
Her Age is 37 Years
Now she is also suffering IBS loose from last 6 months, also Urine balder is so weak so we put urinary tube to pass urine.
PLEASE PLEASE ANY Dr. on this forum help us if any Medicine, you suggest in Homeopathic available easily in Pakistan, to help make better my wife condition, and prevent from new MS attacks.
I am waiting any response from this forum.
Suhail2 last decade
Recently my wife (aged 34 Yrs) had been diagnosed with MS. We referred lot of allopathic doctors and everybody suggested use of long term injections. She is highly demotivated and slowly going in depression after hearing this from doctors. I want to know whether MS is fully cured by Homoeopathy treatment. Further my wife confidence will be regained if she can talk to some MS patient who is under homoeopathy treatment and recovering. Pl. help
rkc17 last decade
Hi ,

My brother has been diagnized with Multiple Sclerosis recently .I heard that Dr A U Ramakrishnan in Chennai has been sucessful in stopping progression of the disease and preventing relapses.Request anyone who has been treated by him to please send me your experience .Please help !!!
amitrastogi77 last decade
I have ms and im having a really hard time right now, I just ordered the Alumina for the numbness in my lower half. I am having alot of issues walking and want to know what or if there is another homeopathic remody I should be taken. also would like to know if t here is something that can get my energy back up?

Mammabee last decade
Hi again,

Usually one remedy is done at a time, and then dr. monitors
the effects it is having on your system. And from that info
he then knows to have you take more of it, take a higher or
lower potency, or change to another remedy.

Homeopathic remedies are based on YOUR PERSONAL unique
symptoms and the main idea is: something is blocking your
vital force-- when remedies are right they unblock your natural
vital force which then clears out disease.

You and someone next door could both have same type MS and
both need totally DIFFERENT remedies -bc your personality,
your food likes, your weather likes, what started this OFF?
etc will not be the same.

Homeopathy is not like allopathy.
simone717 last decade
thank you, im just really trying to feel better, I have ordered the Alumina 30c so once that comes I will start to take that and I will keep you posted.

Thank you again!!

Mammabee last decade
You are welcome!

It does take a bit to wrap your mind around how homeopathy works.
Remedies are chosen by finding the closest match to everything
about you and how you react to things. This then unlocks your
innate vital health to clear out everything that is foreign in your
system. Your own FORCE heals you, the remedy is a trigger.

One good example is 3 real people who went to a homeopath in
New York after 911. Each had severe panic disorder and were not
functioning. Each one got a different remedy which fit their
particular mental and physical symptoms. They were all cured.
Quite a difference from allopathy, where they probably would to
this day be on pysch meds suppressing anxiety.
simone717 last decade
The Tel no. of DR. Madan in Delhi given here is wrong !!
Gautam last decade
Hi-perhaps phone number was given off a Yahoo answers post-
I see that Dr. dhananjay Bupathi is giving a lot of answers homeo
and otherwise on Yahoo answers. He suggested Dr. S C Madan on Yahoo
with phone numbers. Dr. Madan has written some popular books on
homeopathy and is an allopath also.

I cannot find anything on Dr. Madan - website, phone etc. I saw
Dr. Bupathi did a post in June on Banking regulations in Hyderabad-
but cannot find any site for him either.

I guess you could go on Yahoo Answers and ask a question for Dr.
Bupathi- about whereabouts of Dr. Madan and if he is still practicing.

You can also google low dose naltrexolone for Ms help-and I 'think'
check out www.ldners.org about people having results with this.
simone717 last decade
Dear Sir,

My niece living in Bangalore, she is affected with MS and taking treatment in alopathy for past two years. Now she is taking REBIFF- 44 MG twice a week. Can you tell me homeopathy doctor in Bangalore to treat her she is 24 year old.

sangeethasanyal last decade
doctor name : prof.dr. r. lakshmi narasimhan
m.d. (int.med) d.n.b (int.med) dm. (neuro) dnb (neuro)
consultant neurologist

address & phone : sri sr neuro clinique
'kamalam park'
57/109, ground floor, r.k.mutt road, mandaveli, chennai - 600 028
94443 80409, 94443 80409, 2461 8442.
sangeethasanyal last decade
I found this contact information for Dr Madan at Sama hospital website. I cannot post urls yet so search for the website.
hasanmkhan last decade
Can anyone plz tell me if you are taking copaxon or betaferon, we are planning to take..our neurologist dr. p.satishchandra suggested to take this...so i just want to know which one is better and its really use to decrease the relapse....

and plz i want to know about if anyone is taking medicines from Dr. Madan...and its helps or not...

Thanks in advance...
pankaj444 9 years ago
YES! Homeopathy can cure MS!

My ex-wife was diagnosed with MS and within 3 years she lost all mobility. It became so bad that she couldn't walk any more or even move her arms. Even here eye muscles were rolling back. I had to roll her over in the bed to change position. She was basically paralyzed and we were expecting that here heart muscle would follow soon. No need to say that we were very desperate in trying anything.

Western medicine particular cortisone made things only worse. I already had bad experiences when treated with cortisone against psoriasis. For my wife it was the same. Cortisone worked great at first stopping the inflammation but than it came back with a vengeance. Of course the doctors with their tunnel vision and 'liabilities' where holding on to what is pharma industry approved... So the downward spiral was spinning faster.

What helped her were 2 things. First: the Evers diet and second: Homeopathy. In her case she used SILICEA. Within days she got better, after a week or two she could move her fingers and hands again and weeks later she had enough strength to sit upright in a wheelchair again. Months later she started walking again.

She went back to work to her old job and years later she even gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

These traumatic events are now over 20 years ago. It is like a miracle! And we are very blessed. This was definitely a life changer in every way. Homeopathic remedies are now a stable in our households.

In regards to treating MS please keep in mind this is an autoimmune disease and treatment should be depending on the individual person. We simply used the Schuessler Salts (Cell Salts) that matched her zodiac sign.

We want to give hope to anybody who might need it. You can beat MS!
TorstenJ 9 years ago
To: Torsten J

Sir I am very happy to read your
about your wife beat MS.
the same situation I am facing with my wife. Please help me to inform about the Homeopathic Medicon Name: SILICEA you Use. How you Use it and what Power Please send me details., I also want to start this earliest posible and how long we should use this?
Suhail2 9 years ago
my son is 14 months old and he has no vision due Demyelination of deep white matter his optic discs are pale/dry and no blood supply is going to eye.This was due to premature delivery.Is there any remedy?
Lahore ,Pakistan
sarmadadv14 9 years ago
Hello Suhail2,

Sorry for the late reply. According to my research MS is an auto-immune disease, where T-cells attack the Myelin Sheath around the nerves. In the case of my wife we believe viruses attached themselves to the myelin after a not fully cured viral infection she had years before.
So whenever she got sick and T-cells got activated she got another MS outbreak.

Back than we knew little about homeopathy and we simply followed a book titled 'Astro Mineralogie' (in German) which linked the 12 zodiac signs to the 12 Schüssler Salts. Each Zodiac sign was assigned to one Schüssler Salt what was the so called
'constitution remedy', which supposed to improves the general well-being of the person of this zodiac sign.

There are 12 basic Schüssler Salts and 12 extended salts. SILICEA is #11 in this line and the salt for hair, skin and the (ELASTIC) connective tissue, which is assigned to Sagittarius - the sign of my wife.

She used a D6 or D12 potency. The first day every two hours. Than, 3 times a day for about 3 weeks and than occasionally from time to time.

There are many more remedies out there associated with the treatment of MS, she never tried.

You can get started with Silicea or the constitution remedy of your wife's Zodiac sign. If you have problems finding the related remedy, let me know her sign and I'll look it up for you.

It also would be advised to do a more in depth anamnesis.
TorstenJ 9 years ago
Dear Dr. Hamid
It is really nice to know that you have successfully treated ms. My daughter is a ms patient for last seven years. If you can kindly post your mail address or mail me directory so I can mail you her complete history aloongwith MRI reports.
Hope you will reply as soon as possible
parwana 9 years ago
if any knows Dr. Sleem Hamid mail address, phone or website kindly post
parwana 9 years ago
Ms is hard to treat, but it can be done.

How many homeopaths have you gone to? Have they treated
this with success?

Have you checked out low dose naltrexone? Google ldner's .org.
simone717 9 years ago

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