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Dear friend abhinav76,
Thanks for your reply. The book that I told you about is published by Pustak Mahal.If you can contact the publisher, I think he can help you to get the contact number of the doctor- Dr S.C. Madan. If you get in touch with the per5son please don't forget to give the feedback as I'm also in great need.
tumrio last decade
Dear friend abhinav76,
Thanks for your reply. The book that I told you about is published by Pustak Mahal.If you can contact the publisher, I think he can help you to get the contact number of the doctor- Dr S.C. Madan. If you get in touch with the person please don't forget to give the feedback as I'm also in great need.
tumrio last decade
Daer Abhinav 76,Here is Dr S C Madan's phone number.011 29223344. I hope you can consult your case. If you get any positive response don't forget to send me the feedback. As you are in delhi I think you can personally meet him and discuss your case. Only if you get positive response from his end ,I too can proceed. Bye. Best of luck. Waiting for your reply
tumrio last decade
Dear Tumrio,

Thanks a lot for sharing the information. I will try to get in touch with Dr. Madan tommorrow and will mail you immediately with whatever response I obtain.

Thanks once again for taking the time.

Warm regards,
abhinav76 last decade
My wife has been recently diagnosed for Multiple Sclerosis ; this is her first attack and she has lost vision in one of her eyes.

I just came to know that Dr.A.U Ramakrishnan at Chennai treat MS patients with homeo medicine ; any feedback on the same would be of great help to me.

Please help.
SMahesh last decade
hi i found this story on internet about MS and homeopathy ..

sorry i cannot send this link..

Homeopathy gives MS sufferer new life

From the archive, first published Tuesday 16th Sep 2003.

Sarah Whittaker was enjoying life and work at a prestigious law firm when she began to notice the symptoms of a disease which was to transform her life.

She was working for solicitors Mishcon de Reya, advisers to the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, when she began to lose the feeling in her right side.

She first visited her doctor in September 1995 and he advised she undergo an MRI scan.

The results confirmed Sarah, now 36, was suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS).

Gradually, she lost all feeling in her legs and arms and by June 1996, she was paralysed.

When doctors told her she was unlikely to recover, Sarah decided to look at less orthodox forms of treatment.

Six years on, she claims to have been completely cured after turning to homeopathy for help.

She no longer takes any of the drugs prescribed by her doctor and can walk completely unaided.

She said: 'Before I tried it, I was very sceptical about homeopathy. I didn't think it would work but I had nothing to lose so I gave it a go.

'The results have been amazing. I have got my life back again.'

Sarah's remarkable story has baffled doctors, who are unable to explain her rapid recovery.

But her condition was mysterious even before she began using homeopathy.

Within a year of her original diagnosis, she began to develop severe breathing difficulties.

She said: 'Initially I was put on steroids, which made me very down because I gained a lot of weight and I just kept feeling worse and worse.

'As well as losing the use of all my limbs, I began suffering terrible vertigo. The nerves in my ears were damaged and I kept losing my balance and feeling sick.

'Just when I thought things couldn't get worse, I started feeling I couldn't breathe. It was like I couldn't control my lungs and nobody could explain why.'

She was referred to top doctors at the National Neurology and Neuro Surgery Hospital in London, who initially thought her breathing problems were a product of her MS.

By her second visit however, they discovered she had a second neurological disease, called CRDP, which affected the nerves in her lungs.

She was prescribed drugs to treat both conditions but medical experts told her it was unlikely she would recover.

Aged just 28, she was bed-bound, dependent on carers to feed, bathe and turn her. She lost her job and gave up hope of leading a normal life.

In her despair, she even thought of euthanasia.

She said: 'My whole life had been turned upside down and I could see no future for myself.

'I was told I would need treatment every three months for the rest of my life. I felt I was just waiting to die.'

In a last-ditch attempt to get well, she decided to try alternative therapy, like reflexology, meditation and reiki.

None seemed to do the trick, so she thought she would try homeopathy.

It was then her life took a remarkable turn.

She said: 'As soon as I went in to see the homeopath, I had a feeling I was doing the right thing.

'She seemed interested in me as a person - in all aspects of my life.

'She spent the first six months treating my emotions - my despair, shock and grief.

'For the first time, I began believing I had a future. It gave me my hope back.

'After that, she started treating my physical symptoms. The change was remarkable.

'Now you would never even guess I had MS. I can walk without help and am rarely in pain.'

Sarah, of Inwood Crescent, Brighton, said her doctors have been unable to explain the transformation.

But she was so impressed she abandoned law and decided to train as a homeopath.

This month, she opened her own business, called Phoenix Homeopathy, based at The Drive Natural Health Centre in The Drive, Hove.

She said: 'I could not ignore what happened to me. I felt I almost had a duty to train as a homeopath to help other people as I had been helped.'

Sarah's neurologist declined to comment on her case but The MS Society said her good health could mean she was in a period of remission.

He said: 'It is interesting to know what this lady has experienced but MS is a very complex condition and we cannot necessarily apply what might have happened to her to everybody else.'
greensparrow last decade
any website address can be posted as long as you leave out the www. and the .com portions of the address.

Please post the website as I would like to take a print out of it from there.

fredandwilmaflinst last decade

greensparrow last decade
he he no brain no pain :)
greensparrow last decade
dear friend, Its really nice to learn about Sarrah, mentioned by Greensparrow.But it is not clear what type of MS patient Sarrah is.Please confirm. I find a light of hope after reading this post. I'll eagerly wait. My patient is a secondary progressive MS patient. Though I am trying Homeo,for the last three months, I don't find any improvement till now.
tumrio last decade

i have done some reading and here is adress to



try to contact them ?
greensparrow last decade
i now one women on the internet she use colloidal silver to cure MS takes about 2 hard year ...
greensparrow last decade
HI all:)

My sister has been recently diagonised of MS and is advised to be on B-Interferons. I am here looking for some names of HOmepathy doctors who in your opriion is well versed with MS treatments in BANGALORE. Can you please help me with the same? Thank you
sindhusrivatsa last decade
I am 30 years old and was diagnosed June 8th 2006. I have a lymp in my right leg and loss of bladder control, and also my balance is not very good. I have had one course of steroids, never again. I am currently seeing a homeopath, but all that she has given me is Hemp oil, Lecithin, Vitamin b50, and Vitamin C. what should I take that would help? the first thing that my husband made me do when I was diagnosed was to change my diet. I do not have any pain in my body. I have five children, and just want to do the normal things parents do, like walk them to school without tripping over. can any one help me? my doctor is usless.
zopyloo last decade

My brother is having the same conditions as Zopyloo is facing.
He is having major effect on his right leg and urgency in urine, also problem of balance while walking. He is 27 yrs of age and is sufferig from MS since 2004. He is taking rebif from the time of diagnosis. But there is not much of recovery. Can anybody tell me about a homeopathy doctor in Delhi?? Or can u suggest some medicines.

Thanks & warm Regards,

kanika last decade
Gelsemium and Tarentula Hispana are the two medicine that may show some effect in MS.
kuldeep last decade
Can anyone help? I have been scanning the net for information on M.S and a possible cure that I may not have been told about (just wishful thinking I know), and I came across a website that lists info on M.S and what are in certain vitamins and why we need them, and I note that in some parts of there article they mention a possible mis-diagnosis. they mention that in some cases pepole have been diagnosed with M.S when they really only have a deficiency with certain B vitamins. can anyone tell me how this could be? I just want rid of this horrible disease, for my family's sake, as well as my own.
zopyloo last decade
Is there no one out there that is using Causticum? That is specific for paralysis and blurred vision.
neveshalom last decade
Dear zopyloo,

Do not be too quick to dismiss your doctor as useless. Sometimes a simple diet change or supplement could make a world of a difference.

If MS is already confirmed then some of the suggestions made so far in this thread would be of help.

Like in most chronic ailment there's a need for close supervision so finding a good homoeopath in your area would be a good first choice. If you do not have one or could not find one then this free online homoeopathic clinic will be useful :


The people manning/womanning the place are qualified homoeopaths.

Hope this helps and all best
chiongguo last decade
'A Big thanks to all out there reading my questions'.
I am living in the United kingdom.
Neveshalom posted a reply saying to try 'Causticum' for paralysis and blured vision.
Does anyone have info if this remedy is avalible in the United kingdom?, and is there anyone out there who has tried this? Does it work?
thanks again for helping.
zopyloo last decade
Hi friends, I have tried Homeopathy medication under one of the famous homeopaths in Kolkata. He is International Man of the year 1998 and also a cancer Specialist. He last treated my patient with plumbum Met.
But sorry tosay It didnot work well. My patient's condition went down day by day and his movements were totally restricted.In gist He was totally confined to the bed.My patient became totally wrecked physically and mentally. Recently I came in touch with an Ayurved Doctor,90 years of age, yet strong and steady, who is treating my patient and I can feel a big improvement in the patient's condition.Even my homeopath Doctor, advised me to carry on the medication along with Homeopathy......As soon as I find some more Improvement, I will surely let you all know my dear friends so that we can together fight this dreadful disease and save our dear ones..
tumrio last decade
hi again everyone,
some positive news since I last wrote(I pray),I seem to have misunderstood what my homeopath was trying to do. she would like to give the mylin sheath every possible chance of remylinating by cutting out all the rubish in my diet so that the oils that she has prescribed have every possible chance of getting to where they need to go, without things like sugar and junk food blocking them. I have been back to see her and asked that she explain exactly what she wants me to do. she has given me vitamins and minerals which i listed in an earlyer posting as being, hemp oil, lecithin, vitamin c, vitamin b50,magnesium and she advised that I take omega 3,6,9. she also advised that I changed my diet, eat fresh fruit and veg everyday,one boiled egg a week, no fryed food, plenty of lean white meat,e.g chicken breast, turkey breast grilled etc, eat two brazil nuts per day for selenium, eat stawberries for zinc, cut out sugar altogether in every form,drink plenty of water and have four meals a day.I was not fealling any difference, until I went back to see her again, and she explained that maybe I was getting too much of the same oils. so she advised that I take cold pressed evening primrose oil in liquid form, stop taking the hemp oil, continue taking the lecithin,and she then perscribed flax oil, and advised to continue with vit b50, vit c and magnesium. I went to see her 1 week ago and i havent lymped half as bad as I usually do. my urgency to go to the toilet is still there but not as bad. is this just the end of a relapse or are things changing? I know I have to give things time but I feel really positive at the moment as I have been getting progressivley worse over the last two years with no positives. Does anyone belive that this can work?
zopyloo last decade
Dear zopyloo,

First off do understand that I'm only a student of homoeopathy and am not qualified. So what I'll do is not to diagnose but only endeavour to provide useful and hopefully helpful information.

There's a chinese saying that we dig our grave with our mouth and ayurveda also share the same sentiment that many chronic ailment begins from our food. There's also now a growing recognition that this is so.

But the human being consists of not only the physical body. Our mind, emotion and spirit are all intricately tightup with this body.

The cause of MS is still unknown but there are certain patterns to be found. One of it is that MS is often, not all the time though, preceded by a traumatic event. The event could go back many years right up to perhaps even childhood. Such traumatic event caused some disturbances in the energy bodies or our psychology and that form the basis of the disease years later. If this is the cause as in the case of sarah in the story pasted above then the first 6 months of treating mental symptoms helped and put her on the road to recovery. This is why homoeopathy is such a wonderful treatment modality for this condition.

The other patterns are of course that this tended to happen in countries that up further away from the equator. So climatic factors do have a play. I believe this factor is less important as it is perhaps this factor that affects the susceptible mental factors that cause MS to arise.

There are remedies that are useful to manage the symptoms and there are remedy that will help in the cure. What I'm presenting below is taken from 'Illustrated guide to homoeopathic treatment' by Dr. HS Khaneja. Please note that these are called therapeutic hints which basically helps us to quickly soom in on the remedy that is most relevant. It does not replace a complete and careful case taking.

Aurum Mur 3x - Sclerosis-multiple of the brain and cord. It is a chronic, slowly progressing disease of the central nervous system. Voluntary muscular power goes but the patient is perfectly sensible. It is also useful for sclerotic and exudative degenerations. Severe and sudden pains coming and going like flashes of light, tremors, hypertrophy of fingers.

Cannabis Ind. 30C - Its use may alleviate MS which is an autoimmune disease. The body's immune system destroys a sheath which protects the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Has a great sooting influence in nervous disorders like epilepsy, mania, dementia, delirium tremens and irritable reflexes. Further research is required to reveal the harmful and useful value of this remedy.

Plumbum Met, Plumbum Iod (both 30C) - Scleroatic degenerations , specially of the spinal cord, liver and heart.

These 3 are found in there. Hopefully it provides a good direction forward. Homoeopathic remedy at high dilution are energetic medicine in that it catalyses or influence bio-chemic and organic events in the body. For the body to work it also need the necessary raw material so diet is also very important.

Take care and all best.
chiongguo last decade
Hi Sindhu,
I am new to this group but I surely have good news for you that Dr Madan is an excellent homeopath.My husband is diagnosed with RRMS and is going to Dr Madan. He has treated a lady with MS and she rides a two wheeler today. I have strong belief in him.So, I will give you the details if you can contact me .Best of luck. Roopa contact me at 26721727
Roops last decade
Dear all, I wish to share with you my experience of MS. It started from a sudden and unexpected shocking event. After that I used to feel severe tensions mounting up to my head and I could not control these. Gradually I became a victim to these rising tensions, which damaged my normal mental functioning. I think I have suffered maximum but due to God's grace, the tensions subsided gradually. But the damages are still there even after 9 years.
I have tried Ayurveda for some time, but discontinued as I felt no improvement. I faced coordination problems, concentration and memory got affected badly, i could not eat anything properly, insomnia for many uncountable months, shooting pain on my back reaching head, lack of recognition, strange feelings, discomfort in the head and what not. I even thought of suicide. I think this is the worst that may happen to anyone. Somehow I learnt to carry along with myself. Though I have not had any scan, I am sure that I had MS attack and am living with the scars. Now I wish to try homeopathy treatment and get cure for the sake of myself and my family. Can anybody let me know good homeo doctors in New Delhi who can completely cure me. Also what are the tests to diagnose MS.
i_wanthelp last decade
Dear Dr Hamid

As per your advice to another use, I was looking for Gelsemium 1000c but the highest potency I found was 200C. Is it effective to replace 1000c with multiple doeses of 200c?

Thank you
ssjkrs last decade

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