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Dear Dr Hamid

As per your advice to another use, I was looking for Gelsemium 1000c but the highest potency I found was 200C. Is it effective to replace 1000c with multiple doeses of 200c?

Thank you
ssjkrs last decade
I would like to update on this account. One of my friend recently visited the Neurologist about his son who is also suffering from this diseas. The Neuro.Phys. has prescribed a medicine named AWARDIAN ( one tab. daily) for 2/3 months after taking this medicine his son has improved very much.

dr. mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
My brother is suffering from MS and we are looking for a good homeopath doctor in Chennai who can provide some relief. I understand that there is a Dr. Ramakrishnan in Chennai who has had success with MS cases. Can someone provide me his contact details in Chennai and I would really appreciate if someone who has been treated by him can provide his experience.
raajan03 last decade
Visit his website for details.


gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Mr. Murthy

Thanks a lot for your prompt response. I have sent him an email seeking an appointment. In the meanwhile I would be grateful if you can advise me if you know of any patients who have got relief from MS under homeopathy treatment.

Thanks & Regards - Rajan
raajan03 last decade
I don't have any personal experience nor know any body treated by him.

However he is an internationally reputed doctor and his general reputation is good.

gavinimurthy last decade
I have tried to reach Dr Ramakrishnan but no one replied to my emails. Has anyone been successful in getting a response from him?
ssjkrs last decade
dr.ramakrishnan's phone numbers are 044 2641 2400 or
2641 2533 or 3058 8555
raajan03 last decade
Dear Ms. Roopa

I tried calling you but apparently your phone number has changed. Can you please provide me your new number. I am based in Chennai and my brother is diagnosed with MS and we are desperately looking for a cure. Rajan
raajan03 last decade
my neighbor had chelation treatments, live cell and stem cell injections. No more MS
xtreme last decade
Dear Xtreme,
May I know in details abt the Chelation treatment and where it is available?
I know its not possible in India, but where can I take my patient to get such a treatment
tumrio last decade
As far as I have read everybody seems to be talking about relapsing remetting MS. I have been diagonised with prinary progressive MS and have been taking Avonex injections every week. Don't know if it is really helping me because I know I am getting bad. I am looking to see if homeopathy will help me. Any advise?
shanthi last decade
My wife is suffereing from MS and she is taking both allopaty & homeopathy treatment for the last 2 years ; she is doing fine.

She is taking Betaferon injections twice a week ; when we started giving her these injections, it was very expensive in India (around Rs.6500 in India ) ; hence i used to buy from Europe during my official trips ; but since last week the cost has come down heavily in India due to customs duty exemptions from Govt ; it costs Rs.4000 per injection now. Our Neurologist who recommended this is Dr. SatishChandra,NIMHANS Bangalore.

Apart from the above allopathic injection, my wife is taking homeo medicines given by Dr. Ramakrishnan. He charges around Rs.4000 per month for medicines. Please talk to him immediately at 044 2641 2400 or 2641 2533 or 3058 8555.

Avonex is not a proven succcessful medicine ; i would suggest that you contact both NIMHANS and Dr.Ramakrishnan immediately.

Please do not hesitate to call me at +91 98459 22020 for further queries. I will help you.

SMahesh last decade

My wife had her first attack in the month of Dec, 2006..she had vision drop. Was on steroids. In the yr 2002 she had met with a road accident and due to the head injury she had a scar in her right eye. The doctors firsst thought that it was the post trauma effect and finally they concluded in May that it was MS.

She has been having multiple episodes after Dec 2006 she had it in March 2007, July'07, Oct'07, Jan'08, March'08 and now in Aug'08. After she was diagnosied in april she was put on Avenox fron July'07,we continuted with it till Jan'08 but there was no much improvement, by them we had to change our neurologist and the new Doc prescribed IVIG every month which she took for 2 months. Later we came to know about Dr.Habbu a homeo doc in Mumbabi and she is getting treated by him since April and has completely stopped allopathy medicines. Please let me know if this is safe, also please let me know if we can continue with the same doc or should we see Dr.Ramakrishnan. would like to also inform that with every episode her vision drops and becomes blurr and she does not recover her lost vision. Please help us with the correct measures to be taken to aviod furthur problem.
Fayaz Ahmed last decade
My wife was diagnosed with MS in 1995 and the degeneration was quite dramatically. We tried everything we could to stop or even revert it. Cortisone seemed to slow down the process but didn’t help in any way to cure it - it rather turned MS chronically and made the suffering longer. Her doctor sent her to the hospital, where they only treated her symptoms in higher doses – but didn’t have any approach about treating the causes.
Within 3 years and multiple attacks my wife was paralyzed. She could not move her arms or legs any more. Her eyeballs were rolling off. She had no control over any part of her body anymore. I had to clean the bed sheets, carry her to the bathroom and turn her body every so often. - We were so incredibly desperate and prayed.

But we didn’t give up and beat MS! She now works in her old job again and all her symptoms are gone. Her body motoric is fully reinstalled. She walks, drives a car and even took the risk of giving birth to a healthy daughter in 2002 - who does great at her first year at school. Both are doing great these days!

What did we do?

1) To protect the Myelin around the nerves she did the Evers Diet. It promotes unprocessed food. I didn’t find much in English about it. It is better known in Germany - Vitamins, Omega 3, Oatmeal. Try it with fresh fruits, fish, olives rather than pills. You eat good fats, fresh vitamins, enzymes, minerals - probiotic!

2) Looking for the cause of MS we focused on it as an autoimmune disease. Think about it for a moment – the body destroys itself. Why?
There can be many, individual reasons. Therefore you might want to look for your personal remedy rather than one fits all.

For us, we approached it by the zodiac sign. Each zodiac has its characteristics not only in personality but also in corresponding body functions and disorders. Before looking for a specific cure we wanted to bring back the basic balance. Since she is a Sagittarius we treated with Silica. After 3 weeks she could move her toes again and fully recovered within a year.

Since I didn’t find anything in the internet again, I posted a table about Schüssler minerals and their corresponding zodiac signs at my website (sorry, this forum does not allows external URLs to be posted)

Look up the corresponding remedy for your zodiac sign. These are the main minerals every body is made out of. I would recommend go for the main minerals first and treat this first. Than look for your personal remedy at http://abchomeopathy.com/go.php

!!! It is also important to know that according to the German books, you take only one remedy at the time to let it have full effect. You do not mix! You can vary: one remedy in the morning and another in the evening or one remedy for one week and another for another week – but you should not take different remedies at the same time. Only one at the time!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
torsten808 last decade
Hi! all,
I am a professional homeopath and have to say that all autoimmune diseases including MS are amenable for treatment in homeopathy.The Lanthenides based homeopathic medicines as per research of Dr. Jan scholten,whose seminar i have recently attended in Vancouver,are bringing out good results.The full case history of the sufferer along with different situations specially the ones which have triggered the problem, affecting the Life of a person have to be deeply understood to select the best SINGLE REMEDY for the patient.
rssaini(Professional homeopath)
sarup last decade
hi roopa i tried calling u but your number is changed.

plz let me know is your husband cure with ms and do u have tel number of Dr madan and where about he is located. one of my relative is suffering from ms i want to get it cured.
neerajsharma last decade
Hi everyone,
My sister is suffering from ms last 1 and half years ,she was on steriods before but now she is taking homeopahty madicines,but she is feeling sicker then before,her doctor says that her condition will get worse before she will get better,right now she cannot walk ,cannot do small works .She is very confused that doctor is saying right or not,Can any one tell me that this is true? she cannot balance her self ,cannot move her one arm and leg.
sara12 last decade
hi! sara12,
If the condition of the patient is going from bad to worst with each passing day then certainly it is not a good prognostic sign. If the condition deteriorates after the remedy there should be a reason for it and the Homeopath should be able to predict as to how long the present state is going to last. If there was an initial aggravation then it must follow with amelioration on mental and physical plane,if not, the case needs to be reviewed.
sarup last decade
Thank you very much Sarup for answering my question,can you plz kindly explain little bit more that is homeopathy madicines really cure ms and after starting this treatment ,how long we can see some improvments?
I am so worried about my sister because she is getting weeker day by day. i donot know what to do,this is the 2nd month she is taking homeopathy madicines.
sara12 last decade
hi! sara12,

Your anxiety is understandable.Homeopathic medicines selected according to the tenets of the science of Homeopathy treat the PERSON in SCKNESS and not the SICKNESS alone because 'It is the person who is sick and not one of his or her organs, tissues or limbs alone' Is the case of your sister under the care of a professionl homeopath? If our help is needed then strict individualisation of the patient is needed to selsct the best remedy.Her mental generals along with the discomforts being faced by her need to be grasped and understood in detail.If you are interested in getting the help then please give maximum information about her right from her childhood to school, college ,university level and the present status workwise and family wise also. Speak about her nature,attitudes,aptitudes,hobbies.If there is any problem or had been some problem on relationship axis sometime in the past that may also be highlighted.The major diseases which the person has suffered with in her life.Most importantly how the MS started because there has to be a trigering cause for any malady.For more details please go to my profile on the forum and click on the web site and fill the replies to the questions so that the case can be analysed properly.
sarup last decade

I am interested to know if some one is diagnosed with MS. Will it be good idea to start with AVONEX for immediate relif and also start the homeopathy for long term relif without side effects?
RajeshThareja last decade

Homeopathic remedies are selected on a different plane and act on dynamic level aiding the diseased vital force and do not act like allopathic medicnes which have a direct action. So, the two are not antagonised.
sarup last decade
Hello Dr. Anandrao Amembal/Dr. Hamid

My name is Ankur and I came across your email on the forum (http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/1350/). I would first like to thank you for sharing your knowledge about MS.

My wife was diagnose with ADAM in UK year 2008. She was on a steroids treatment. As I am sure you are aware with those steroids there was a very quick response. With those steroids within two weeks she started walking normally. But as the effect of the steroids wearer off the problem with walking started again. Just for reference when the doctor in UK said it was a disease know as Adam her age was 24.
Since the problem was starting again we decided to go back to India, Delhi and see the doctors. She had an MRI scan and doctor said the problem in MS.
After it was diagnose the doctor asked her to go for the steroids treatment. Because of side effect of steroid and no permanent solution she decided to go for an Ayurvedic treatment in 2008 May.
With this treatment after few months (7 months) she was back to normal. During this period after she had recovered, she had normal lifestyle and was working.
But in 2010 April-May the problem started again. This time she had bowl issue ,walking problems.
Now she is on homeopathy treatment. The bowl issue is now what can I say to this cured but she is still having the issue with the walking. The confusion I have is MS curable for life time, like 100% with homeopathy treatment.
What are medication and line of treatment for MS in homeopathy? Some of drugs that you mentioned in your post, I think she had those or having it.
Also she has not been on steroids at all except initial 2 week when doctor in UK thought of it as Adam.
Sir pleases advice on the issue. I will be really grateful


Ankur Kathuria
kathuriaankur.dr last decade
Dear All
Is there any good Homeo doctors in Bangalore who has had success with MS? Has anybody tried Ayurveda? Kindly let me know asap please

avian last decade

I have MS, I always feel weak, no energy, weak legs, arms, head pain and spinning, feels no balance, blurred vision and more.

I am from london, tried so many homeopathy remedies did not work. can anyone help me and suggest me what to do. Azhar
azhar2011 last decade

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