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Please help - Hypothyroidism Case


I am writing to seek your help on my condition of hypothyroidism. i have been prescribed Thyronorm for lifetime, 50 mcg at present. I want to get rid of this medicine and hence seeking your help. I am using the format from a previous post to provide the case details.

Thanks for your help and time.



Patient ID: ravi
Sex: M
Age: 33
Nature of work: IT
Habits: No smoking, Drink occassionally, Non-Veg occassionaly, Not much physical activity

Please answer the following questions in a descriptive manner after careful analysis and recollection of previous experiences and happenings.

1. Describe your main suffering?

- Weak memory
- Unable to focus on work / single thought
- get tired by late afternoon
- Lack of motivation
- Bowels incomplete and unsatisfactory.

2. What other physical sufferings do you have in your body?

- Loosing hair
- Dandruff or something similar. White flakes. Also on chest. Sometimes gets reddish. Itchy
- Over weight 85 kgs for 5 feet 8 inch height.
- Eyes become red by evening, itchy sometime.
- Feel lazy the whole day
- Stomach bloats and feels heavy after eating.
- Hair greying at a fast rate.

3. What mental sufferings / feelings do you have associated with your physical sufferings?

- Not confident of whatever I do.
- Feel that I would look stupid
- Feel that I lack understanding of what is being talked about (though not always)

4. What exactly do you feel when you are at your worst? Describe the sensation in your own words.

- Irritable
- Do not feel like doing anything
- Feel dejected and hopeless.
- Worried
- Body feels heavy and lifeless
- Scalp and eyes are itchy
- may have a headache and heavy stomach

5. When did it all start? Can you connect it to any past event or disease?

Not sure when it sarted. Early symptoms might have appeared 10 years ago. (easp the flaky scalp and hairloss). I don't think its related to any disease.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 9 months ago and and prescribed 50 mcg Thyronorm. I did nto get any relief after 6 months. Visited another doctor who increased the dose to 62.5 mcg. No relief still and I got frustrated and stopped taking the medicine. The systoms got worse and I restarted with 50 mcg. I got considerable relief for about 10 days but the symptons reappeared after that.

6. Which time of the day you are worst?

3 pm to 8 pm.

7. What are the things which aggravate your suffering and which are those which ameliorate the same? Example- time, temperature, pressure, rubbing, washing, eating, tight clothing etc.

Not sure but lot of heat, humodity and dry cold weather seems to increase the scalp and chest conditions.

8. Do your think your sufferings have relation to any external stimuli (like, change of place) or any internal biological changes in the body, like, menses (in females)?

Don't think so.

9. When do you feel better, during hot weather or cold weather, humid or dry weather?

Moderate weather - not too hot, not too cold. Same for humidity.

10. Describe your general mental set up? Are you Moody, Arrogant, Mild, Agreeable Changeable, Nervous, Suspicious, Easily offended, Quiet, Arguing, Irritating, Lazy etc.

- Mostly quite.
- A bit Lazy
- Do not stick to one thing. Keep jumping from one thing to another, one thought to another.
- Very well behaved and caring
- Adjusting
- Not sucpicious or nervous (nervousness has started creeping in now)
- Not easily offended.

- How do you feel before or during a thunderstorm?

- Excited. I am not scared.

- Do you like being consoled during your tough times?

Not too much. If at all, only by people very close to me.

- Are you sensitive to external stimuli like smell, noise, light etc?

- No

- Do you have any typical habit or gesture like nail biting, causeless
Weeping, talking to one self etc?

- i keep pulling at my toe nails. Nothing much.

- How do you feel about your friends, family, your children and especially your husband / wife?

- i am happy with my family, children and wife. They are very close to me and i enjoy these relationships.

11. What are your fears and do you dream of any situation repeatedly?

- Fear of future. What to do in life etc..
- Do not remember dreams unless i getup in the middle of the dream. No repeated situations.

12. What do you crave for in food items and what are your aversions?

- Like salty and sour food more.
- Not a big fan of sweet stuff except a few choices.

13. How is your thirst: Less, Normal or Excessive?

- Normal

14. How is your hunger: Less, Normal or Excessive?

Slightly more than normal. i tend to overeat.

15. Is there any kind of food which your body can’t stand?


16. Is your sweat normal or less or more? Where does it sweat more: Head, Trunk or Limbs?

Normal. Trunk

17. How is your bowel movement and stool type?

Most times I am slightly constipated. Stool is on the dry and firm side. Bowels are incomplete and unsatisfactory most of the times.

18. How well do you sleep? Do you have a particular posture of sleeping?

Sleep well. No major issues till now. Sleep on my chest with one leg folded. Hand below the pillow.

19. Do you think you are able to satisfy your sexual desires in general?


20. Do you have any strange, peculiar or unusual symptom or feelings? How are you different from others?


21. What medications have been taken earlier by you to treat the diseases and do you have any particular symptom surfacing after the medication?

Not much except Thyronorm

22. What major diseases are running in your family?

Father - Diabetes
Mother - hypothyroidism, high BP

23. Describe, how do you look like? Describe your overall appearance.

Wheatish color, round face, strong built, wide shoulders, slight over weight.

(For Females)

24. If your menstrual cycles are not normal, please describe the irregularities, like pains, moods, flow type, clots etc.


25. What major diseases have you had in your life and when. Please write them in a chronological manner.

Nothing major till now except the recently diagnozed hypothyroidism.
  gajraaj on 2008-02-05
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
At one place you have written 'Irritable' and at another place you have written '- Very well behaved and caring
- Adjusting
- Not easily offended.'

Can you please clarify on this ? Are you irritable , and is so when ?
sameervermani last decade
Sorry for the confusion.

My general composure is well behaved and caring but at the height of the symptoms, I get irritable. Also this tendency is increasing now.
gajraaj last decade
Take 3 doses of Lycopodium 30C on one single day.

Space the doses by 3 hours.

This is not to be repeated i.e. take medicine for 1 day only and then stop.

Then report status after 1 week.

Good luck,
sameervermani last decade
ravi, sameer has rightly prescribed lycopodium.

please take the remedy and wait for some 2 weeks before you will feel the benifit.

report after a week anyway.
rishimba last decade
Thanks you very much for the prescription. I understand that this is Lycopodium Calavatum 30C. Can you please help me what is meant by a dose. how many pills / drops etc.

Also, should i discontinue thyronorm?

thanks & regards

gajraaj last decade
This is Lycopodium Clavatum 30C.

If you get liquid dilution, 2 drops in 20 ml filtered water is one dose. Sip the 20 ml slowly.

In case you get pellets , just take 2 pellets on the tongue directly, and that constitutes one dose. Do not swallow them.

Do not eat or brush teeth for 1 hr before and 1 hr after the doses.

If you can discontinue Thyronorm for somedays that would be great. But, I would leave that decision to you.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Dr. Sameer and Rishi

I am in europe and went to the pharmacy. I did not fine the 30C potency of the medicine here. The chemist gave me 200K saying that this is close to 30C. I want to check if this is the right potency/strength to take. These are granules...like round sugar grains we ahve in India but slightly bigger. How many should I take.

Please advise.

thanks Ravi
gajraaj last decade
You should try to get 30C , try requesting him to get you the 30C, maybe in a few days.

But if you cannot get 30C, take just 3 pills of 200 on the tongue (suck on them , do not swallow) in morning on empty stomach JUST ONCE. i.e. No more doses after this one dose.

Do not eat or brush your teeth for atleast 1 hour after the dose.

200 will take more time to develop action. Report status in 2 weeks.
sameervermani last decade
Dr Sameer

I found Lycopodium 30C here. Its sold as 30CH. As prescribed I took 3 dozes on Friday and stopped thyronorm.

Here are my observations till now.

- I have a better mental makeup now. More positive.
- The laziness and lethargy has not reduced. I feel quite sleepy now.
- Digestion is slightly better. Flatulence continues..Maybe increased.
- Redness and tiredness of eyes in the evening continues but slightly less.
There are 2 things that are worrying me
1. Occasionally (2-3 times in a day/night) I start feeling extremely hot as if lot of heat is generated in my body. This stays for about 15-30 minutes.
2. I feel a little giddy at times during the day specially towards the evening. Its a strange feeling. I feel insecure and worried.

Both these symptoms are new and happened yesterday and today.

Please advice.

gajraaj last decade
Excellent !

This is how it should go according to the direction of cure. Mental improvements first. And, that with increased flatulence.

Increased sleep is also good.

Rest of the symptoms will resolve on their own with time. Be patient.

Had you taken 200C , we would have got aggravations. We have hit the right potency and dose. No more doses for now. Report status in 10 days and earlier if anything else comes up.

sameervermani last decade
What about my worry points. Body heat and giddiness.
gajraaj last decade
They will resolve by themselves. Don't worry.
sameervermani last decade
Dear Dr Sameer

As indicated, I am writing in to report status after 10 days of taking 3 doses of Lycopodium 30C.

Here are the details

- I definitely have better mental makeup now. The feelings of being lost, hopeless and negative are not there as much as they were. Self confidence has improved.

- Laziness and lethargy is slightly better but not much change

- The feeling of heat at times and giddiness is not there anymore.

- Redness and tiredness of eyes in the evening continues but is much less.

- Not much improvement in constipation. Flatulence has increased.

- Appetite has reduced (which is good).

- Skin condition has remained the same if not deteriorated, it seems. Redness and dandruff in scalp and chest continues with Itching.

- Feeling of getting tired in afternoons is there but is less now.

I have discontinued Thyronorm since I tool the medicine. Please advice further treatment.


gajraaj last decade
This is very good going.

Mental improvements are the key.

Redness, itching and dandruff of skin indicates disease coming to the outer layers.

Also, better energy levels in the afternoon are a great sign.

Wait for 10 more days as it is not yet time to repeat. You are still reacting to the last doses. Lycopodium is a very slow and deep acting medicine and it takes atleast 3-4 weeks for the full action to exhaust.

Flatulence and constipation will also improve as we go further, but right now we must wait.

Please report status in 10 days from now.

Best wishes,
sameervermani last decade
Dear Dr Sameer

I know you asked me to wait 10 days but I thought of reporting some changes to you.

It seems that I am returning to my previous condition. Mental symptoms are back. Negativity, confusion, lack of concentration, low confidence and other mental symptoms I had earlier are returning.

On the physical front... lack of energy, being tired towards evening and lethargy are coming back. Poor bowels (incomplete, unsatisfactory) and flatulence continue. Redness and tiredness of eyes is also coming back.

This is happening since the last 2-3 days. I thought of letting you know. Do let me know what needs to be done.

gajraaj last decade
Wait for 3 more days and then take 1 SINGLE DOSE of Lycopodium 200C on an empty stomach.

Report status 10 days after this dose.

sameervermani last decade
is 200c = 200k (that i have)?
gajraaj last decade
sameervermani last decade
Dear Dr Sameer

Reporting status on 11 day of taking a single dose of Lycopodium 200C, as prescribed.

-Mental symptoms improved considerably in the beginning - clarity, presence of mind, ability to think, mental energy were good. However, for the last 2-3 days, they are returning to previous condition. Additionally, I think I have become a little more irritable.

- The fatigue, redness and irritation of eyes (more towards evening) is almost gone.

- Unsatisfactory and incomplete stools continue. However, on a couple of days, it was perfectly fine.

- Energy levels in the evening improved initially but have started to come down in the last 2-3 days. Infact,there only slightly better than the levels before I started lycopodium.

- The skin condition continues to be bad, maybe increased. More dandruff, itching and dryness.

- There was no feeling of heat and giddiness this time.

i continue to stay off Thyronorm.

Please advise further action.


gajraaj last decade
Dear Ravi,

We need to wait longer to ascertain the response to a 200C. Since there was some improvement, I would advise waiting for 10 more days before we do anything. more dandruff and worsening of skin condition is definitely a good sign.

In the meanwhile, I will go through your case again, and maybe ask you some questions to decide further course of action.

Best wishes,
sameervermani last decade
Some questions:

1./) How are you with money ? Are you careful in your purchases or you make impulsive purchases ? How are you with planning your finances in general ?

2./) How is your thirst ? How much water do you drink and how often ?

3./) How concerned are you about dressing well and appearance ?

4./) How do feel when being consoled ?

5./) How is your confidence level now ?

6./) What is your main fear ?

sameervermani last decade
Dr Sameer,

Sorry for the late response. I did not see your post earlier.

Here are the answers

1. I am not the best with money. Purchase on impulse and do not really think through buying something. If I like it, I buy it (even it means buying on credit). I plan my finance but am unable to stick to them mostly.

2. My thirst is not too good. I drink about 1 liter of water on most days but really have to remind myself to do so. Moreover, Europe weather is not too hot so you don't feel much thirsty. Overall, my thirst is not too much.

3. Not too concerned. I don't really care too much how I look and spend very less time on dressing, grooming etc.

4. I am not too happy when being consoled. First of all, I do not want to be in situations where someone needs to console me.

4. Confidence level is not too good. I would say below average.

5. I am not sure about the fear but of late, I have started worrying a lot about future.. career, family, money. etc. I am always concerned about my personal effectiveness.

In addition, I would like to report that my symptoms have not improved at all. Infact, they are getting worse since my last mail. Stomach is bad. Low evergy levels, confusion. tiredness, lethargy. Not as bad as the levels I had when we started but almost there now.

Please suggest further action.


gajraaj last decade
Some further questions:

1./) Does your mouth feel dry ?

2./) Are your lips more red than normal ?

3./) Are you generally worse by motion and better by rest or is it vice versa ?

4./) Do you think you act selfishly at times ?

5./) How do you feel about indoor heaters ?

sameervermani last decade

1. Not much. It used to feel dry when I was taking Thyronorm but not now.

2. No. Infact they are slightly darker.

3. Yes. Worse by motion & better by rest.

4. Sometimes. 25 %

5. They are fine if its really cold outside but I do not prefer them.

gajraaj last decade
Take 3 doses of Bryonia Alba 30C on a single day.

The dosage is same as done with Lyc. 30C.

Report status one week from these 3 doses.

Good luck,
sameervermani last decade

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