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hypothyroidism - anyone that can help

please, anyone that can help.

I have hypothyroidism and I took 10 doses of lycopodium 200ch, once a day. At around the 8th dose I develop some new symptoms that I never had as pain in elbow, shoulder, neck, hair fall (that I had in the past). So I stopped taking it.

I took one single dose of calcarea iodata 200ch since I also have an small uterine fibroid, that's when I felt the biggest hungryness of my life, craving every thing salty and my breast started to enlarge and feel painful. The pain was little. So I was adviced to take thyroidinum 5ch, but after 1 single dose my breast got really really painful. What should I do now?

lycopodium was wonderful for me until the 8th dose
Calc iodata made me weak, cold and with a ravenous appetite
thyroidinum made worse the pain in my breast.

please, some one help. I really think lycopodium is the right medicine for me but maybe not every day.
  sacha1 on 2018-04-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Let me know your detailed ailments right now along with following:
Body weight?
If female, Last Menstrual Period, How long it stays.
When you wake at morning
When yo go to bed
What you do
What's your daily diet
How much water you drink everyday
Any Digestion issue
Any mood swing
Any issue with sleep
Any issue in gaining/losing weight.
Dr R Basu 5 years ago
Body weight 64kg 
Sex female 
Height 1.69 
Age 41 
BP - what is it? 

If female, Last Menstrual Period, How long it stays.  

5 days, I must tell you that I also have a uterine myoma that is small but causes me a lot of pain and heavy flow cause of its location. 

When you wake at morning 12pm 
When yo go to bed 4.30am 
What you do - I am a musician. 

What's your daily diet: 
breakfast: decaf coffee and something to eat that can be: salty biscuits with margarine, banana with cinnamon and sugar or oat with soy milk or a papaya and oat. 

lunch: I normally only eat a fruit and a cereal bar or a piece of cheese with smoked chicken or 2 eggs, or some eggplant but it is never too much. Not very often I eat a proper meal like described on dinner. 

dinner: rice, chicken or fish, salad and vegetable. Sometimes beans or lentils. Sometimes vegetable soap, sometimes a lot of fruits with oat. 
orange juice. 

How much water you drink everyday - almost 2L, but not sure about that. 

Any Digestion issue - tendency to have stomach gas, my liver is sensible. 
Any mood swing - mood swings no, but before taking pulsatilla and lyc I was sad, with no hope, feeling very weak. 

Any issue with sleep - not after taking the medicines listed below. before, yes. I was taking to long to sleep. 

Any issue in gaining/losing weight - yes.I have hypotyroidism and I spent more than a year trying to lose weight with no sucess, than I was prescribed some homeopathic medicines that I THINK it has improve this condition since it is too recent.

These are what I took: 
pulsatilla 200ch 1 dose a week for 3 weeks. 
lycopodium 200ch 1 dose a day for ten days. lycopodium has improved lots of mental and physical conditions in me but after the 8th dose I developed pain in neck, ankle, elbow, hips and wrist and I had hair fall so I stopped taking. 

1 single dose of calc. iodata that gave me a ravenous appetite and tender breast 
1 dose of thyroidinum 5ch that made my breast really really painful.

I really liked to take lycopodium because I didn't felt weak anymore. I feel more confident, and I guess I've started to lose weight but I am not sure since I haven't measure it.
sacha1 5 years ago
First of all I will suggest you take a consultation with a Dietician to reduce weight and have a balanced Diet as per your physical and job profile.
Secondly,Drink at least 3 litres of water every day & walk for atleast 30 min everyday,both is must.
Avoid coffee till you consult Dietician.
Now medication
Take Lycopodium 1M (6dose) one dose in every third day.
Feedback after 4 weeks.
Dr R Basu 5 years ago
Hi doctor!
I do exercise a lot every other day.
And I already talked with a nutritionist and follow strictly everything she told me, that is why it is strange I couldn't lose any gram.

ok. I deeply appreciate your help! I will take it.
1M is the same as 1000ch?

I realize I forgot to tell that sometimes I have stomatitis on tongue.

Could you clarify something for me? Another doctor told me lycopodium is a very dangerous medicine since it can violently detox the organism, causing a lot of disconfort. Is it correct? He got me a bit scared since I am really sensitive to homeopathy.

an another question: all the pain and hair fall I had with so may dose of lycopodium, doesnt say it need to be antidote before going on a higher potency? maybe with pulsatilla? I am not a doctor and I will do what you say but I only wish to make these questions to avoid misunderstandings before taking the medicine.

thanks a lot!
[Edited by sacha1 on 2018-04-09 05:16:43]
sacha1 5 years ago
I have gone through your case and found that lyco is best suitable for you.
I don't have such knowledge to mark lyco as dangerous.
If you interest to study more please study meteria medica on this forum.
Don't worry,follow my prescription.
Dr R Basu 5 years ago
ok. I will read it. Thanks a lot for your attention!
sacha1 5 years ago
I have another question : I am about to get my period, should I wait until it is finished to take it?

and also, since thyroidinum made my breast enlarged and painful should I antidote it before taking lyc? is there an antidote to thyroidinum? If so, I would love to take it right now.

and you havent answered my previous question: since lyco made my joints painful shouldnt I antidote it with pulsatilla 30ch in order to antidote the excess of the 200ch doses? and then going to a higher dose of lyco?

I appologize for so many questions.
[Edited by sacha1 on 2018-04-09 06:59:20]
sacha1 5 years ago
Follow my prescription only.And report me any change you feel thereafter.
And I assure you that if any aggravation arises I will take care.
But Don't take more than one remedy right now as I am starting to treat your Case.
This does not mean that multiple medicine can't be taken simultaneously.
But to start with I always select single remedy.
And you must know that as the number goes on increasing, that is 6c,30C,200C,1M,the dilution is higher and medicine part in lower ratio.
Dr R Basu 5 years ago
ok doctor Basu. Thank you so much! I will take it. I will wait until my period is finished to take it. Thanks a lot for your help!
sacha1 5 years ago
Hi Dr. R. Basu!

Because of another post I´ve written, I got some answers that scared me about lycopodium, so only now I got the guts to take lycopodium 1000 ch and I feel WONDERFULL!!!

I took only 1 dose yesterday and here is what I felt:

I feel willing, with more energy, really happy! I feel myself again!!!!!! :):):):):):)
Today I woke up with no effort, with no cold (lately it has been really difficult to get out of bed because I feel tired and cold)

my muscular strength has already increased! (I noticed this in the gym where I not only increased the number of exercises I do, but also the weight I lifted).

my appetite is more balanced

I don´t feel weak or despondent anymore

I slept better

but my hair has fallen a lot, when I washed it.
Should I take some medicine to it?
I know my hair respond really well to natrum muriaticum 6ch, 1 drop.
What are your thoughts about it?

Thank you so much!
I will be posting about my reaction towards lycopodium.

Please help me with next steps!

God bless you!
[Edited by sacha1 on 2018-07-13 23:13:01]
sacha1 4 years ago
Nice to hear that your condition is improved.
No.you don't need any other medicine.
Follow the prescription.
Dr R Basu 4 years ago
ok Doctor!
My hair has already improved it's condition. I guess it was only a quick agravation.

I will follow your prescription!

6 doses
1dose in every third day

Thanks a lot!
God bless you!
[Edited by sacha1 on 2018-07-15 05:35:27]
sacha1 4 years ago
Dear Sacha1,
Thanks for the feedback. Hope you will be cured soon.
Dr R Basu 4 years ago
Hi doctor R. Basu!

Tomorrow I will take third dose of lycopodium 1000ch but I have a question:

I will have to take a vaccine against yellow fever and I was told that thuja 6ch 3 times a day would decrease reaction towards it. How should I proceed? Can I take it?

I heard
silicea30ch or 200ch,
thuja 30ch or 200ch,
hydratis30ch and
belladona6ch are also good.

Would it compromise the treatment with lycopodium?

Thanks a lot!

:) God bless you!
sacha1 4 years ago
besides my question above I have another one:

I would like to know if my grandfather can take a bath (and stay for a couple of hours) in a pool where the water is rich in silica

I am asking it because he has an plastic stent his aorta (I am not sure if it´s in aorta,but I know it is in a very important coronary vein).

He had surgery a year ago because he had a blood clot on his aorta vein, I guess the name for it is thrombus.

Does silica have the function of pulling things out of our body? Would that be dangerous?

It seems unlikely otherwise any silicon would be banned in that pool, wouldn´t it? But I thought I'd better ask.

Thank you.
sacha1 4 years ago
Dear Sacha,
Don't take any other Homeopathic medicine right now.To reduce discomfort after vaccination take advice from Alopathic doctor.
And for the case of your grandfather take advice from Cardiovascular Surgeon.
Dr R Basu 4 years ago
Doctor around here don´t know anything about nutrition. As homeopaths know about silica I thought you would know.

I will make another post on this site to see if anyone can answer it, ok?

Thanks a lot!
sacha1 4 years ago
Dear Doctor R. Basu,

it's been a while my intestine is not so good and today I had an unbeareable pain because of excessive gases in intestines and constipation.

My intestine works but too little.

I don't put the gases out but I can see my stomach is full of it.

I couldn't move for 2 hours because of a severe pain.

Breathing was hurting and I almost cry! It was a really, really strong pain.

In the past I used to solve all my intestine problems with sulphur 30ch, but I know that if I take it, I can not take lycopodium again.

actually, that is a good question: If one take sulphur, how long would one have to wait until one can take lyco again? I always wanted to know that.

The region of my stomach and downwards is really big (full of gases) it has a long time. What should I do?

Thank you :)
[Edited by sacha1 on 2018-07-31 17:46:33]
sacha1 4 years ago
Take Pulsatilla 30c 4 globules at twice daily for 7 days.
STOP Lycopodium.
feedback thereafter.
Dr R Basu 4 years ago
before taking lycopodium I was taking pulsatilla 200 and then 1000ch. I didnt have a episode of pain caused by gases but my belie was stuffed already. so pulsatilla is not the solution.

I am telling you, I have been treating myself with homeopathy since I am 5. And I always have a tendency towards constipation. sulphur works wonderfully for it because it is the only medicine that makes a cleansing of my blowels.

nux vomica is also good but only if I am constipated. nux makes it work and that is it. It will not make my bowels empty.

My intestines are working but poorly.

pulsatilla does nothing.

but regardeless if I am going to take sulphur or not, I just want to know how long a person has to wait until she/he can take lycopodium again?
sacha1 4 years ago
Dear sacha,
As per Dr.Allen lycopodium should not be repeated oftenly.But spending over 8 years in this field I seen that it shows very good result if there is any imbalance in patients endocrine system.
I never seen any complications with repeated use of Lyco.
I think that your gastrointestinal suffering was a aggravation due to Lyco.So I suggested Pulsatilla30 as it is best suited after Lyco.
Dr R Basu 4 years ago
ok doctor. I will follow your prescription but I would like if you could answer my question about how long would a person have to wait to take lyco again, after taking sulphir. I always wanted to know that. would you please answer me?

how many doses of pulsatilla?

actually it was an agravation due to a nutritional change.

after more than 10 years without milk, I drank a glass of it and after 1 hour I felt the pain I have described.

I have discovered that my hypo is due to a severe lack of iodum. My brain and thyroid work well.
[Edited by sacha1 on 2018-08-01 21:43:37]
sacha1 4 years ago
Hi Dr Basu,

a week is gone since I took pulsatilla but nothing has changed.

My bellie is still really big.

what should I do?
sacha1 4 years ago
Dear Sacha1
How are you feeling now?
Dr R Basu 4 years ago
Hi doctor.
I am still the same.
sacha1 4 years ago

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