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8 month old with acid reflux

My 8 month old son has had severe acid reflux almost since birth. He spits up between 20-30 times a day and it seems to be getting much worse. During his first few weeks he was diagnosed with 'colic'. He screamed almost all day long even when he was being held. Thankfully, after he was able to get into a schedule and was sleeping a little better, the crying stopped. He now is classifed as a 'happy spitter'. He goes to a Pediatric GI who ordered an Upper GI Barium Swallow, a pH Probe, a Head CT and a basic blood allergy test. The only confirmation was that he had reflux (which we already knew). He was prescribed Prevacid SoluTabs and Reglan. Recently I took him off the Reglan and he was switch to a Prevacid suspension. NOTHING HELPS. He was breastfed (unexclusively) for about a month b/c my supply never came in(touchy subject). He is now soley on formula. We have tried several formulas, including a super hypoallergenic (and super expensive)formula called Neocate. The only 'natural' things that we've tried are chiropractic, gripe water and Hyland's Colic Tabs. I feel like my little one has been run through the mill and I want to help him and get him off the meds. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thank You,

  babyg1rl322 on 2008-02-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
THE FROMULA you use is it dairy or soy?
rana1968 last decade
you could also try eft that works on many things.
it is tapping on meridians and saying a setup phrase. sounds crazy but it works and it just might work for your baby depending on what is wrong with him. our bodies can heal themselves if given the right thing. check it out its free and see if it is something you would/could want to do.
rana1968 last decade
please try (Nux vomica-6c) 2pills daily for week only then stop any change cantact me,Ok
faisal qureshi last decade
The formula he was on was soy and now he's back on a milk-based hydrolyzed formula. Someone suggested rice milk although they did say the weren't sure with infants. I have him the nux vomica and so far he's only thrown up once from his 3:30 bottle (it's now 5:30 yeah!) I did notice however that he did spit up one other time but it barely came out (it appeared that he swallowed it back down) and also I can hear his tummy rumbling. Let's hope this works!!
babyg1rl322 last decade
i am glad the nux is working. when he was on soy did he have the same porblem? you could also try goat milk.
rana1968 last decade
Well he's only thrown up one more time (this time food, not bottle) so I'm still thinking positive! He still has had a lot of 'wet burps' but thus far not much has actually come up.

I looked up the other formula that he had been on (Neocate) b/c I knew it wasn't exactly soy (although there was soy something or other listed in the ingredients)the website says that it's amino acid based. The GI Doc put him on this hoping that b/c it's in such a simple form, he would be better able to digest it. Anyway, to answer Rana 1968 question, no none of the formulas made a difference. I did nurse for a while too and reflux was an issue then as well (however b/c my supply never came in he was supplemented so maybe it was the formula then that was doing it too?)

I'm looking forward to seeing how he progresses and I'll keep you all updated! Thank you all so much!

babyg1rl322 last decade
please keep update me of Nux result,ok
faisal qureshi last decade
So yesterday he only spit up one more time (from foods, not bottle). Then this morning he spit up once around 7am from his bottle at 4:30am. When I picked him up from daycare this afternoon and asked how his reflux was, she said it was how it always is. After prying her a little bit more, she said that he only few up a few times after each bottle (huge improvement from his MINIMUM of at least 5 times/bottle...usually closer to 10!). Anyways, tomorrow I don't go into work until the afternoon, so I can get a better understanding to his reactions to the Nux. Just curious...the Ped GI said that with infants, refluz is rarely an acidic problem, but rather an imature digestive system. Does the Nux help to speed maturity? Maybe it will help address a different issue so that his body is able to use its energy to heal and grow itself? Is there anything else that I should be using for this or is 1 thing at a time the way to go?

Thank You!

babyg1rl322 last decade
Hi Erica,
My daughter and son both had acid reflux. My daughter is now 2 and a half and is fully recovered. My son is 8 months and also fully recovered - The difference between them is unbelievable.. if only I had known what I now know when Olivia had been in and out of hospital during her first year of life (her reflux was severe.. to the point of making her immune system low).
You are correct, it is an immature duct into the stomach and acid comes back up, so it's painful and they have good reason to scream! But it's a testing time for the mummy!
I had Olivia on all kinds of meds, and switched her formulas round every week.. without the very simple key of knowledge that may have saved her, and me,so much pain.. Goat's milk ! you can purchace goat's milk in formula ready mixed, it's more expensive but what the heck! You are really only talking for the next few months of his life. It's worth a try anyhoo. It worked within a week Joshua had stopped vomiting feeds, and he had no more cramping pains so slept much better!!
The Nux Vomica will help heal all the symptoms but it may rear again so I would suggest trying Goat's milk.. it's also closest to human milk and therefore easier to digest, hence great for refluxers until the digestive tract is matured.. usually by 18 months max.

I buy the Nanny Goat's milk from the store I think it comes from new zealand.. Joshy loves it, and it does smell good.. like cream!!

I really thought that I was in for a looong stressful and painful run (it's awful to see them in pain that reflux causes - and the longer it goes on the worse eating can be).. following Olivia's reflux (she's still a very picky eater.. way behind on her foods).. But at 3 months he was great.. still on goat's now.. although I've switched him to Organic cow's milk formula and he's been pretty good on that too!

Love to know how you're doing.
God Bless, Rose
desertrose last decade
nux been clinical known--in any cases give benefit to infants with transition form natural feeding to formulas and such--apllies also to even if babe was started on artificial foods----but if was occuring when totally breastfedding --then need look a litle deeper
--also if nux didnt solve cas etotal--dont be fast to repeat dose--will know after 1 dose if effective ness is apparent--no doubt----if relapse after some benefit look deeper---key is check into --if certain mineral -suplement in forula or other--is trigger--aggiatant--the cealer w eknow --the better
John Stanton last decade
Well, this weekend was almost a miracle. He only spit-up once each day (as opposed to about 30 times). Then come Monday and he starts it all over again (although I'm not sure if it's my imagination or not but the actual amount seems less, just not the frequency. In addition to the Nux, he's been given tissue salts that a beneficial for heartburn (I'm not sure which ones they are w/o looking and the bottle is in the room where he's asleep right now!) I was giving him YoBaby! yogurt for its probiotics but he almost seemed to do worse with that so I've switched him to a probiotic powder for infants and children that goes into a drink once a day.

*Rose, I bought some goat's milk today but I'm waiting for the morning to give it to him just incase of any reactions. I know a few people who have supplemented their children with goat's milk as well and the peds said that's fine as long as they given them folic acid drops as well since it's so low in iron. Have you heard anything about this before?

*John, I never was able to exclusively breastfeed so he was always supplemented with formula. I got the jist of what you were saying but it appears that your keyboard was stuck! Any suggestions would be helpful!

Thanks Again in Advance!

babyg1rl322 last decade
No I haven't heard the folic acid supplementation requirement thing!. The goat's milk is already made into a formula which has all the required nutrients?! Do you have a naturopathic physician you and your son could see?? I've switched and I only wish I'd done so years ago! I gave up with the paedatrician!..(Although you may have a good one?) he laughed when I last mentioned Joshy was doing great on goat's milk and then he seemed angry I'd taken him off the zantac! obsurd! It should have been a revelation to him!

One reason apparently for the onset of the GRE (reflux)is not only due to immaturity of the sphincter from mouth to stomach but an intolerance to dairy alongside. Hence giving formula (dairy)aggravates refluxers. As I said, I never used the goat's formula with my first born and she was bad.. we also took her for series of testing barium etc. and refluxer was diagnosis.. but it was a shocking year. So I was pleased to see Joshua's health change within a week of being on the goat's formula.. and he's been healthy ever since, chamomilla also helps ease pains (teething, colicky, stomach.. best to look up the symptoms of this remedy but usually fits babies in pain needing relief 'now')

How old is your son now??

Let me know if you notice any changes. Also, I'm sure you already aware..the best solid foods are the root veggies, bananas obvious one.. basically skip the acid based fruits and yogurts until better.. the
GER (Gastro Esophageal Reflux, a.k.a.“reflux” simply defined as the backward flow of stomach contents into the esophagus...ouch)Is..usually resolved by 1 year old!

All the best Rose.
desertrose last decade
By the way.. just in case you've purchased actual goat's milk (i.e. NOT Goat's milk Formula for infants!) Then yes you will need the folic acid drops in the milk !! Doh! That only just occurred to me! I get large tubs on the actual goats formula for babies already to mix with water .. from our local organic store. Do you have an organic shop nearby, they would most definitely stock it in the 'baby' section! Otherwise I've heard getting the milk itself is fine and adding 'stuff' to it to make the right formula is ok.. guess you just need a recipe for it??!

Blessu !
desertrose last decade
hi my 8 month daughter has suffered reflux from 3 weeks old, she has just come out of great ormond street after having an impendance study,endoscopy and colonscopy and bi-opsy, they have told me today that the results are 'normal'however she is lactose intolrent and is on percription milk neocate, she is just as sick with any fluid (water.juice) nightmare she is in awful pain and calpoul is not working anymore she has loose bowels or she is constipated!! i cant make sense of her symtoms anymore and iam at my wits end. iam back to docs 2mrw to see what they can do for her iam going to ask for a ct scan as iam worried mayb she has headaches and i was told by a doc that this can be linked.Any help advise anyone> oh she also has gripe water x
lucy26 last decade
day 1 and day 2
please give three doses of nux vomica 12c at a gap of 4 hours

One dose means
If the medicine is in pills form 2 pills. Don't touch pills with hand. Use cap of bottle to take pills.
If the medicine is in liquid dilution form, 1 drop in some 10 ml water. Sip up slowly.

day 3 to day 10
please give the tissue salts as follows

one pellet of natrum phos
after 3 hours one pellet of kali mur
after 3 hours one pellet of natrum phos
after 3 hours one pellet of Kali Mur

Please follow homeo restrictions like no coffee, no raw onion/garlic, no strong perfumes, don't eat or drink anything within 10 minutes before or after taking medicine.

Please report after 10 days.
kadwa last decade

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