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4 y.o. with eczema

Physical: small for his age. Slim. Fair skinned.

Vaccination: Unvaccinated until recently he had polio shot. Had fever for 2 days followed by bad cough for 2 weeks.

Eczema : on legs - around knees, ankle, backside, sometimes on privates

Food allergies : possible dairy and gluten. He gets hives.

When he scratches his stomach, he gets hives there.

When he eats oily foods, he gets hives around his jaw, under the ear.

Eczema : improves with cool water
Eczema worse : offending foods, warm clothing

He doesn't like wearing socks or underwear. Aggravates his eczema.

Likes to sleep on his stomach.

Food likes: slightly sourish and sweet. Eg. strawberries. Loves bread and noodles.

Dislikes : soft pudding textured food.

Behaviour : likes to talk and play. Will talk to strangers too. Doesn't like to share. Hits out when angry. However, after he realizes he will not get his way, he'll want to be held. Likes affection and hugs. When he doesn't get a certain toy, he becomes angry. Even when I finally give him the toy, he'll continue to be upset. He'd feel better if I apologize.

When he catches a cold, he will always get stuffy nose.
  dragonsaur on 2008-03-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please describe the look of the affected area and sensations on the skin.
rishimba last decade
Skin is slightly raised and pink. It's a bit dry but not so dry that it flakes. All I can say is that it itches and we need hydrocortisone or he will scratch till it bleeds. The only word he uses is 'itchy.'
dragonsaur last decade
Please take Sulphur 30C, just THREE doses at 30 mins intervals,and no more doses after this.

No eating/drinking/brushing of teeth for 1 hour on either side of doses.

Report status, 5 days after these doses.

sameervermani last decade
please give him LYCOPODIUM 6C or 12C one dose ( some 5 drops in 20 ml of water ) every day for some 2 weeks and note changes in the sensation and texture of the affected skin in 15 days.

once you see some changes, just give him one dose of 12c for some more days till a significant relief is seen.
rishimba last decade
Lycopodium might be the indicated remedy, however,
14 continuous doses of a single potency is not the correct way, unless you are using LM potencies.

Aphorism 242 of the organon

The Single Unit Dose

'As long, therefore, as the progressive improvement continues from the medicine administered, so long we can take for granted that the duration of the action of the helpful medicine, in this case at least, continues, and hence all repetition of any dose of medicine is forbidden.'

The same point is also stressed in Aphorism 245.

'Even one dose of the same medicine which has up to now proved beneficial, if repeated before the improvement has begun to stand still in every direction, will, like an untimely interference, only aggravate the state.....'

sameervermani last decade
skin diseases cannot be treated by any other way.

low potency doses are required for many days. repetation of low potency doses is perfectly normal in clinical homeopathy. lycopodium needs repetition at well spaced out intervals.for 6c and 12c potency, 24 hours is quite good.

finally,its for the patient to decide what and whome to follow.
rishimba last decade
also, let me tell you that lycopodium IS the indicated remedy here as this eczema is only the manifestation of the internal pathogenesis which is production of toxics which cannot be detoxified ny the liver.

thus, working on the principles of elemination, low potency doses of the indicated remedy, considering the disease picture has been suggested.

some people here are confused between clinical and classical homeopathy.
rishimba last decade
I very well know that it is an internal derangement .

Are you trying to say that Sulphur cannot help the liver ? As I said, it might be Lycopodium too as both Lyc. and Sulph. are very strong anti-psorics. But I still disagree with the dosage.

Only, in LM potencies u throw doses at the patient in skin ailments but not in C potencies. Untill you have assesed the sensitivity of the patient, a C potency is not to be repeated.

I point you, to Aphorism 245 above. How do you know that action of a 12 C will stop in one day ? And, the repetition is also never of the same potency , u need to ascend through the scale even in skin ailments.

Yes, you are right , the patient can decide.

sameervermani last decade
And, Mr. Rishimba there is nothing called 'clinical' homeopathy. There is just acute prescribing and chronic prescribing.

I am sure, we both are prescribing for a chronic ailment here. And, there is ONLY ONE way to prescribe, and that is the hahnemannian way.

Some people are confused between the correct way to prescribe and the incorrect way to prescribe.

sameervermani last decade
If the patient is sensitive enough , 14 doses of Lycopodium 12C will be enough to give him plenty of accessory symptoms, and he might start proving the remedy.

It is always prudent to determine the sensitivity of a patient rather than just prscrbing a mechanical repetition of doses of the same potency. This is especially true in an online setting because you can never be sure that we hit the simillimum in the first attempt as we have not met the patient.

Slowly and surely is the way to go.

sameervermani last decade
for skin ailments you never go higher as its the process of elimination.

lower the better. but 6c is also found to work ok for elimination.

yes, there is a remote chance that the patient may be extraordinarily sensitive and can show up aggravation even in 6c or 12c. in that case, the patient has to stop the dose and seek further advise from the physician.

but 6c or 12c one dose a day is considered safe by any standards even for a child of 4 years.

however, i would not recommend 3 doses of SULPHUR 30C to a child of 4 years. his eczema can flare up and become out of control if he is really sensitive.

but, if you space out low potency doses, the eczema will not flare up under any circumstances, if it aggravates, it can be controlled by spacing out the doses further.
rishimba last decade
read the materia medica of SULPHUR.

you can never start with 30c potency in case of skin eruptions. the best potency to deal with skin eruptions is 6c.

also, just because sulphur is a strong antipsoric, doesnt mean that it is indicated here.

see the modalities,

- better with wash,
- worse with warm application
- perspiration aggravates

sulphur is worse with washing.

also, when it comes to toxification duse to some specific food intake, like milk or gluten etc, lycopodium takes precedence over all others.
rishimba last decade
FYI, the vitality of children is stronger than older people and they tolerate higher potencies better . The choice of 30C was because there are some very good mental indications as well. Note that the 3 doses are spaced by 30 mins and hence it is just received as 1 strong dose.

Anyways, 14 doses of 12C is too much , even if he is not hypersensitive. Barraging the vital force with 14 doses without giging any time for the action to develop is not the correct way. So many doses of same potency is never given it is in acute ailments where you can repeat very QUICKLY.
sameervermani last decade
I did not say Sulphur just because it is a strong anti-psoric. I am not one of those people who jump to Sulphur for every damn skin eruption. His talking to strangers is very much contrary to Lycopodium children who are bashful and can be dominant or bossy but only towards family , they never open upto strangers.

Sulphur is also one of the most selfish remedies of the materia medica, and as the child here does not like to share, it also points to Sulphur. Mental symptoms always take precendence over skin symptoms, and even look at skin symptoms below for Sulphur

Sulphur from abchomeopathy materia medica, the skin part:

skin; out-breaks on skin; itching; patches, bleeding after scratches;
skin; out-breaks on skin; itching; warmth;
skin; out-breaks on skin; itching; warmth; of bed;
skin; out-breaks on skin; pimples; itching;

sameervermani last decade
mental symptoms do not take precedence in case of skin eruptions.

its the modalities, appearance and the pathogenesis.

also, skin eruptions cannot be treated by the single dose theory.

just because some mental symptoms are matching, its not correct to start with a 30c potency at the beginning.

you have to start with 3c or 6c and stick to 6c or at best 12c.

also, the symptoms you have listed are general symptoms covered by many remedies and thus dosesnt point to sulphur.

in fact, to cure the eczema, 14 doses are not enough.

the patient may have to take some 50 doses at 12c potency in order to fully get well. however, if the reaction starts, the doses have to be spaced out further and further.

if the child is showing signs of aggravation anytime during the course of treatment, the best solution is to stop the remedy for some days and then talk to the physician. the frequency has to be adjusted. thats how it is always done in case of skin eruptions.

its all part of the treatment process.

but in no case, you can go higher in case of eruptions.
rishimba last decade
its only taught in a homeopathy college, why you cant use high potencies in case of skin eruptions.

formal education in homeopathy helps in such cases.
rishimba last decade
Anyways , let us agree to disagree.

Mentals always take precedence EVEN in skin eruptions.

Treating on the basis of skin eruptions alone in chronic cases, EVEN using homeopathic medicines is as dangerous as applying skin ointments. This is very well laid in the Organon. Never treat a skin ailment alone even with homeopathic medicines.

Mentals take precedence, in every chronic case, and it is true in skin ailments as well.
sameervermani last decade
nahh.. cant buy this after treating so many skin related cases..

anyways, the case is sold to sulphur..i am out of here.
rishimba last decade
Formal education is what I am talking of . Alas ! people dont even read the Organon before jumping onto prescribe.

Here you go, Aphorism 205, the homeopathic treatment NEVER treats the primary symptoms of a miasm, in this case the psoric itch.

'The homoeopathic physician never treats one of these primary symptoms of chronic miasms, nor yet one of their secondary affections that result from their further development, by local remedies (neither by those external agents that act dynamically,1 nor yet by those that act mechanically), but he cures, in cases where the one or the other appears, only the great miasm on which they depend, whereupon its primary, as also its secondary symptoms disappear spontaneously; but as this was not the mode pursued by the old-school practitioners who preceded him in the treatment of the case, the homoeopathic physician generally, alas!, finds that the primary symptoms2 have already been destroyed by them by means of external remedies, and that he has now to do more with the secondary ones, i.e., the affections resulting from the breaking forth and development of these inherent miasms, but especially with the chronic disease evolved from internal psora, the internal treatment of which, as far as a single physician can elucidate it by many years of reflection, observation and experience, I have endeavored to point out in my work on Chronic Diseases, to which I must refer the reader.
sameervermani last decade
Your not buying doesnt change the teachings of the Organon. Truth is truth whether u chose to neglect it ot nor it is your prerogative.
sameervermani last decade
50 doses of 12c potency !!

Is this a proving you are talking about ?

Suppression can only be achieved by such high dosage though. Cure does not need so many doses.

sameervermani last decade
FYI, Aphorisms on local maladies like skin ailments

'All true medical treatment of a disease on the external parts of the body that has occurred from little or no injury from without must, therefore, be directed against the whole, must effect the annihilation and cure of the general malady by means of internal remedies, if it is wished that the treatment should be judicious, sure, efficacious and radical.'

§ 191

This is confirmed in the most unambiguous manner by experience, which shows in all cases that every powerful internal medicine immediately after its ingestion causes important changes in the general health of such a patient, and particularly in the affected external parts (which the ordinary medical school regards as quite isolated), even in a so-called local disease of the most external parts of the body, and the change it produces is most salutary, being the restoration to health of the entire body, along with the disappearance of the external affection (without the aid of any external remedy), provided the internal remedy directed towards the whole state was suitable chosen in a homoeopathic sense.

§ 192

This is best effected when, in the investigation of the case of disease, along with the exact character of the local affection, all the changes, sufferings and symptoms observable in the patientÂ’s health, and which may have been previously noticed when no medicines had been used, are taken in conjunction to form a complete picture of the disease before searching among the medicines, whose peculiar pathogenetic effects are known, for a remedy corresponding to the totality of the symptoms, so that the selection may be truly homoeopathic.

I am out of here too :).
sameervermani last decade
Hello Rishi,

I just saw this thread.

That is a lot of useful information you have given to readers.

Best wishes
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
hi pankaj,

lets hope the child gets well.
rishimba last decade

please refer general dose repetition conventions.

rishimba last decade

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