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Anti dote of Sulphur? ECZEMA Related post

My son was treated for eczema and given sulphur in LM1 potency in diluted form and also by making it more potent with vodka. The last dose of sulphur was almost 6 months. His eczema kept getting worse and repeatedly infected - as a result we had to stop homeopathy. We always had good faith in our homeopath but my son had to go to school and we could not let him go there in his bleeding/peeling state.

Although we have stopped his homeo meds, his eczema keeps spreading - it keeps erupting in new places and his skin bleeds almost everyday.

His ears (which looks very raw), back of the knee, curve of his arms, neck and face is worse affected. We do not use steroids but no matter how much we moisturise him, the eruptions continue. Is it possible that he is still reacting to Sulphur? He is 2 yrs old now and we did homeopathy for almost 8months. If homeopaths on this forum feel that he needs an anti-dote of sulphur to stop the body's reaction, please write and suggest what I need to do.

I wanted to add that he never had eczema and his initial Homeo treatment was for his ear infections. Although he does not get ear infection right now, he is in a lot of pain due to his eczema. I am not a homeopath but my observation tells me that it is because of the homeopathy meds that his eczema is still so aggravated. He is still given homeo meds for his cold, fever or any other ailment but I am not any more for his skin. I will appreciate if someone can explain why homeo meds make the body react so violently for eczema patients. I know it is all about bringing the disease out to the surface, but there was no suppression with any steroids in my son's case.

I look forward to your posts.
  nineclouds on 2008-04-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
First of all, a remedy is not made more potent with Vodka. Vodka just preserves the remedy.

And, there does not have to be suppression with steroids for skin eruptions to appear with homeopathic medicine. If the miasmatic state is psoric (which can be transmitted through hereditary means), an anti-psoric medicine will at some point of time bring out the complaints to the skin. This kind of situation however is easier to handle with LM potencies where you can repeat very often , 'incase' the patient is developing skin eruptions (ofcourse repeating ONLY if his other complaints are improving).

So the main question here is , did he improve otherwise on Sulphur , mentally and physically? If the skin eruptions came with improvements on these fronts, it was right to give Sulphur, otherwise it is pointing to a treatment with a wrong remedy.

ONLY in case he did not improve with Sulphur on other fronts, should it be anti-doted.

sameervermani last decade
Thank you for your response. When we started his treatment for eczema the eruption was in his face only. With time and repeat doses, it spread to other areas like his limbs, neck, and ears. Mentally and physically it did not help him much because he became more clingy and a very unhappy child. He did not have any other ailments but he was very restless and not content with anything - his food habits too deterioted and his food intake became minimum. After stopping treatment, he started eating more, sleeping better and played and laughed like all toddlers. But the eruptions kept on spreading - as reported earlier.
Please let me know if I need to provide any other detail - I appreciate you taking the time and explaining.
nineclouds last decade
Hmm.. then it was obviously the wrong choice of the remedy.

Describe his current behaviour and we will try to anti-dote.

sameervermani last decade
He is a happy kid most of the time. His sleep pattern is a little erratic right now since he started school and has separation anxiety. Apart from that, he is eating well and developing like any 2 yr old. He is not putting on any weight because I think his calories are spent in repairing his skin damage.
His only ailment is his eczema which is spreading fast. His arms, knees, neck, face, back is full of rashes - some bleeding due to scratching. Whenever he is irritated he scratches. He digs his nails and fingers in his skin and keeps scratching. Its getting hot here and I do not know how long he can wear long pants and full-sleeved shirts.
Will anti-doting sulphur stop the spread of eczema? I ask because I do not know and would like to know if it will bring about any other changes in my son? DO you think the eczema is spreading because of sulphur?
Thank you.
nineclouds last decade
Anti-doting should stop the spread the eczema as we are sure the problem got badly aggravated with Sulphur.

Now tell me , is he a warm blooded person ? Does he prefer warmth or does he prefer cold ?

Also, tell me if he is a mild yielding type ?

sameervermani last decade
'mild yielding type' meaning does he listen? Well, he does but he can be very stubborn as well. He can throw a fit or tantrum if he is not willing to listen.

'warm blooded or cold?' Well, he likes to have his blanket on him while he is sleeping and he likes his food warm. He is wearing mostly long sleeved clothes to cover his eczema and he doesnot mind yet (but its getting hotter everyday and we do see him sweat). He loved to bathe but now he just scratches and i think his skin burns because of so many cuts, so he cries. He has good thirst. But he has constipation - I try to give him lot of fiber in his diet because he has a hard time in having a bowel movement.

Tell me what else I can answer.
nineclouds last decade
Tell me more about the stubborn behaviour with examples if possible.

Also, tell me if he has any fears ?

Is he very self willed where he wants to do things himself ?

Tell me about his food preferences. His desires and aversions in food..

Also, where on his body does he sweat more ?

How generous/selfish is he ?

sameervermani last decade
Also, tell me if he gets so itchy that he MUST scratch till he bleeds ?

Does he get relief from scratching at all, or he gets even more itchy ?

sameervermani last decade
I am giving you an example of him being stubborn - we go out to eat in a restaurant, as soon as he is done eating, he wants to play with water. No matter what we say or how much we talk, he will not listen. Most of the time, I take him outside and wait for the rest of the family to get done. When he wants something he wants it, he is very strong willed.

He has separation anxiety. He had a very hard time adjusting to school, he cried all day for the first 2 weeks and then settled down gradually. While we were treating him for his eczema, he was extremely clingy, would not get down from my lap and cried endlessly if left by himself.
He is not afraid of the dark and he is very fearless of insects, bugs or creepy creatures, he will run after them and chase them.
Yes, he is self willed, tries to wear his own shoes and cleans his own mess, throws away his own diapers.

He is a good eater. He likes sweets (such as indian sweets)as well as salty (like pizza)snacks. Prefers to eat his food warm rather than cold. Eats a lot by himself. He likes trying new food.

He sweats mostly around his neck and also some on his head and forehead. He has an elder brother and he doesnot like sharing with him, but he is pretty generous and giving in school. He plays well and is very outgoing. He is usually a very happy child unless he is bothered by his eczema. He is in such a state right now that he needs relief and creams and ointments do not help at all.

His skin is so dry right now that his itching usually breaks it up and he starts bleeding. He bleeds from his ears, face, neck, arms and legs. I have to keep him in bandages or else his clothes get soaked in blood (and I am not exxagerating).
Scratching creates new wounds and it leads to more scratching. Whenever he is irritated, angry, feeling hot, hungry or sleepy - he scratches. Scratching has become a constant activity.

I think he is allergic to milk and nuts although I have not got him tested yet. But whenever he has milk or cheese, his eczema gets worse.

I hope I have answered most of your questions. Please ask more if I am missing something. I appreciate your time and help.
nineclouds last decade
Okay , give him just 1 dose of Arsenic Album 6C.

And, then report status in 48 hours.

sameervermani last decade
I do not have arsenic alb with me right now but will get it. Before I give him any medication, I would like to know what reactions to expect - and most importantly, will there be more aggravation? I ask this because I have had negative experiences with Homeopathy meds and my 2 yr old is already in a bad state. I would like you to understand that I do not have much support at home with trying homeopathy any further after what has already happened. But as you can see, I still have faith in this or else I would not be posting here.

Another question that I have is what other medicines will I need after this? If I am buying medicines, I would like to get them together if possible.

Thank you.
nineclouds last decade
We are going to approach this very cautiously, (that is why just 1 dose of 6C), so the chances of aggravation are not really there. Don't worry, we will proceed very slowly and surely.

It is difficult to say about the medicine that would be needed after this, as that can be ascertained only after the response to Ars.

sameervermani last decade

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