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peptic ulcer and social phobia


what is the best remedy for peptic ulcer and social phobia
I haven't left my home for a year now. I'm just afraid of being judged or criticized

  julesela on 2008-04-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You presented your detail in not enough or fit for homoeopathic treatment I request you present your sign & symptoms with your expression / sensation / Feeling / Event / so Gesture are required for homeopathic treatment. So please send me your following details given below.

2. Age
3. Sex
4. Married/Unmarried
5. weight
6. Height ….
7. country
8. climate
9. List of your complain first 1. 2.. 3 ……
Is there pain/swelling/tenderness in breast menses before
10. Diabetic or non Diabetic
11. Desire sweets/sour/salt
12. Thirst
13. Tongue
14. Current BP (without medicine and with medicine)
15. What exactly is happening ?
16. How do you feel ?
17. How does this affect you ?
18. How does it feel like ?
19. What comes to your mind ?
20. One situation that had a big effect on you ?
21. How did that feel like ?
22. What sensation do you experience in that situation ?
23. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand.(habits or Action) ?
24. current medicine you are taking
25. family back ground
26. qualification of patient
27.Daily routine detail-
28. desire and aversion of food
29. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatient…and so.. on and how you are peculiar from other person, public speaking or not
30. Is there any fear ( Known fear(exmple fear from exam, public, alone etc….) or Unknown fear.(.i.e. ghost or other thing)

31. Aggravation (increases-time, season,)& Amelioration (Decreases)
32. You can place your photo at forum related to the disease for help in diagnosis.(optional)
Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
deoshlok last decade
To Dr Deoshlok Sharma

Thank you for replying to my post.

I am 1 48 year old married mother of 3. I am 5'2' tall and weigh 95 lbs. I live in Ontario Canada. I work at home doing bookkeeping and answering phones for my husband who has a small construction business.
Climate is mostly humid or damp, but sometimes dry. My main complaint right now is an ulcer. It started bothering me off and on about 10 years ago. Nothing to painful, just a knawing, sore feeling on the right hand side of stomach in the solar plexis area. Sometimes makes it hard to breathe, especially when its hot. There is a lot of rumbling gas and bloating with it. Smmetimes constipation with hard dark stools and more recently very soft yellow stools. The soreness gets worse when my stomach is empty and I I usually have a bowel movement right after I eat, and sometimes first thing in the morning around 6am. Doesn't bother me through the night. Although sometimes around 3 and 4 am I wake up and can't get back to sleep. I take Nat phos for the acid and stay away form most ulcer aggravating foods, although lately I have been eating alot of popcorn with spices. I eat this for comfort when i am stressed. I eat mostly rice cakes, fish eggs , lean turkey rice, quinoa and yogurt organic vegetables and I take acidophilus and calcium. i have never taken anything traditional for it. Nut, seeds glutens,legumes, broccoli, dried beans, milk bread, sugar salt, grease, spices, corn and fruit all aggravate my stomach and skin
This all got worse About 2 months ago went through a stressful situation with my husband who has adult ADD. We have had a really hard time in our marriage because he has ADD and I have OCD, But the ongoing stress that I feel with him not doing his part in this relationship, has left me feeling burned out and overwhelmed. Two weeks ago i just lost it with him and dug my nails into him. I felt really bad. I am not proud of my behavior but I've worked hard to overcome a lot of OCD behaviors and he doesn't do anything to help himself I I felt trapped because I want to leave him but i am too afraid. Every time I think about leaving him I become panic stricken when I think of having to deal with people or being mugged or murdered.
Lucky for me this time, my husband too felt bad for his most recent ADD behaviors and is finally in therapy. But since that day my stomach started hurting more and I.ve had 2 to 3 lose yellow stools per day with hemorrhoids. Previous to this i was constipated with a bleeding hemorrhoid. As far as the social phobia goes, that started 18 years ago, after my third son was born.
I had a lot of anxiety then, My 2 other boys had Tourette Syndrome and when we would go out people would stare at them. The youngest of the 2 with Tourette Syndrome was born without a hand causing further staring. We moved out to the country to live with my in laws and I just began to withdraw from people that i felt were judgmental. Eight years ago it got worse when we lived in a small town where my oldest son was always causing a scene or making a spectacle of himself. We moved from that city without him as he was old enought ob e on his own, but I just never got over the stares and being judged by people. I attempted to go our with my husband but always felt people were staring or judging even if they weren't. One year ago I went to a mall and thought some people were laughing at me, and I never went out again. I promised my son I would get into therapy, and I am planning to as soon as I can get a wig. because my hair is so thin and dry I can't do any thing with it and it makes me cry. I lost my eyebrows about 17 years ago after a regular eyebrow plucking. They just never grew back.
The veins in my hand and forearms swell when i get hot, which makes me very self conscious, now, more than ever. This(the swollen veins) started after my first pregnancy and has gotten worse over the years. cold water and holding my arms up makes it better. I have always had anxiety- even when i was little, my brothers loved to scare me and my mother would never comfort me.
I learned to go to God for help and comfort and it worked until i was 18. It was then that had an abortion and my sister was dying from a brain tumor. I had stopped going to God for help. This is when I developed OCD.
I felt guilty for having the abortion and angry at my mom and God for what was happening to my sister. I mostly got into rearranging furniture and cleaning, sometimes i could go a whole day until i felt things looked right. I have given most of that up now, I have a couple days per year where i may get into it, but never as bad as it was and usually because i feel guilty. I still worry a lot about things going wrong. Hearing bad news makes me scared, I get overwhelmed easily. worry about my family's health. Mold germs, illnesses, performing in public. meeting people, and being judged scare me. I have some learning difficulties and cannot always stay focused especially when reading.. I am far sighted and wear reading glasses only. I have to force myself to drink because i am hardly ever thirsty. I sometimes feel rushed and other times lazy. I hate the cold more than the heat, but i do not tolerate either. Heat makes my veins swell and sometimes i have a hard time getting a deep breath in. Cold just makes me want to stay wrapped up or stay by the stove with all the elements on and never leave or undress. It's very uncomfortable, Sometimes food makes me feel cold, even in the summer i can feel cold. Exercising usually helps but sometimes not, and sometimes i get too hot when i exercise. Heat is is mostly felt in arms and face. Cold felt i hands feet legs arms and back. Nose is cold as well I feel cold and heat more when dampness or humidity is high. I get itchy skin with no rash and other times hives. My skin is very dry and flaky. My periods are heavy, and sometimes too early. I love salty, sweet, spicy and greasy foods, but i stay away from them.I use stevia for sweetener. I have golden yellow skin tones with dark circles under eyes, dry lips with skin that peels off, wet tongue, creamy coating at the back and sometimes down the middle. Discharges are usually egg white and sometimes thick yellow. Nose is itchy and swollen. Illnesses with my parents and siblings are cancer, brain tumor , mental illness, alcoholism, environmental and food allergies. heart condition, and diabetes. With my children it is mostly Tourette Syndrome,ADD,OCD, Borderline Personality Disorder,chemical and food sensitivities and some digestive and candida problems. I know I should see a Homeopath because they have helped my boys, who are now Tourette Syndrome free and doing well, and able to eat almost anything again; but there just isn't enough money left over at the end of the of the month.
If you could help I would aprreciate it
julesela last decade
please take LYCOPODIUM 12C three times a day in empty stomach for some weeks.

once you get relief of the pain and bloating sensations, you can just take a dose of LYCOPODIUM 30C once every 2 days till the time you get complete relief.

this should take care of your peptic ulcer and al other ailments.
rishimba last decade

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