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High Uric Acid -> Gout

I am hoping a homeopathic practitioner in this forum can help me out with my Gout.

I am a 28 year old male, living in Canada. I have very high serum uric acid levels, generally 550umol/l (9.2mg/dl) and higher, that is leading to regular episodes of painful gout attacks.

The attacks do not occur at any particular joint, but is generally contained within joints of my feet (right & left) and sometimes in my knees (right & left). The pain may move from one joint to another during the attack or in different attacks.

Most of the time the pain is very intense and I have to take lots of Ibuprofen or Indocid to control the pain, and it lasts for about a week or more. Sometimes, when the pain is milder, I have been able to use Arnica to control the pain.

I have been suffering from these attacks for 2 years now. I have been taking a variety of herbal supplements/remedies and generally following a low purine diet (and no alcohol) hoping to get rid of my gout, but it keeps coming back!!!

Please advise what homeopathic remedies I can take to cure my problem – to reduce the pain during an attack and also to prevent further attacks.
  canada3000 on 2008-04-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
arg met 30c once daily and benzoic acid 30c once daily along with urtica urens q 10 drops in a two table spoon of water at bed time j k mohla
akshaymohl last decade
Thanks Dr. Mohla. Should I take Arg Met and Benzoic Acid together or separately? Any particular time of the day? Also what dosage and for how long?
canada3000 last decade
I do agree with dr. j.k mohla about Ben.Acid and Urtica Ure.these are very useful in such cases but propose COLCHICUM AUTUMNALE-30 in please of Arg.M. if dr. j.k mohla agrees.

Mahfoozurrehman last decade
yes i agree with you j k mohla
akshaymohl last decade
Thank you Dr.Mahfooz and Dr.Mohla.

Can you please also let me know if I should I take Colchicum Autumnale and Benzoic Acid together or separately? Any particular time of the day? Also what dosage and for how long?

canada3000 last decade
Thx tendercity for the detailed list of remedy.

But I'm still looking for a response to my earlier question to Dr.Mahfooz & Dr.Mohla.

'Can you please also let me know if I should I take Colchicum Autumnale and Benzoic Acid together or separately? Any particular time of the day? Also what dosage and for how long?'

Thanks for your help.
canada3000 last decade
Hello doctor,please follow the advice of Dr.Mahfuzurrehman.You can take the medicines as follows.1.Colchicum autumnale 30c in the morning 2.Benzoic acid 30 in the noon and 3.Urtica urence Q 10drops with 30 ml of pure drinking water in the night.Its better to take those medicines before at least half an hour of your food.Drink sufficient water,though urtica urence is a good diruretic medicine.It also good for uric acid diathesis,gout(podagra) and rheumatism of the muscles.You have to adjust some dietary plan as all kinds of meat help to increase uric acid,so better if you can avoid it.During use of medicines after 2or 3days if you feel comfortable you can continue it in the above way or you can take those medicines in alternate day.Wishes you best of luck,malaker
Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade
First, thanks to tendercity73 for mentioning my site. All mentions are welcome, and I mean no criticism when I say that the best place to start is not my remedies page.

Asking which homeopathic remedies will help gout is a bit like asking which remedies will help a headache.

Is the headache due to migraine? Is it due to stress? Is it a result of being hit on the head for asking too many questions?

There are many reasons for gout. Most commonly, bad diet and/or lifestyle. Gout as a result of kidney disease, other diseases or traumas that affect the metabolism, and hereditary issues are also common.

Gout also affects people in different ways. From the mildly annoying to the cripplingly painful. Uric acid levels might be slightly elevated, or so high that nothing short of the most potent treatment will work.

The first step must be to consult a rheumatologist for a proper assessment of why you have gout, and recommendations for how you can monitor uric acid levels.

The rheumatologist may recommend medications, but it is up to you to decide whether to use them or select alternative treatment. The important thing is to know exactly what you are treating.

Uric acid is the only true measure of whether you are dealing with your gout. There is a common tendency amongst gout sufferers (which I must admit to myself) to treat short term discomfort and forget long term urate build-up.

This is a bad thing. Uric acid crystals can build-up slowly in tissue without major pain attacks. Suddenly you notice strange jelly-like swellings that slowly grow and get harder until they either burst through your skin or permanently cripple your joints. These are called tophi, and they are not nice.

Deal with your uric acid levels now, at 28 when you can cope with some discomfort. It will be a lot harder to do this in 50 years when, like a friend of mine, you cannot put shoes on without crying.
GoutPal last decade
Thank you Dr.Malaker for the clarification. I will take them as mentioned and let you know of the progress.

Others, thanks for all the additional information.
canada3000 last decade
It is not wise to take two homeopathic medicines together. They are energy medicines and the result of superimposing two different energy patterns may create chaos.

My suggestion will be to try either Colchicum or Benzoic acid alone and not together.

The follow up will be easier if you take a single medicine. In case the medicine relieves briefly but the problem recurs then we can up the potency, go for a split dose etc.etc..

The chances of a proper follow up wil be lost if you take two remedies together.

gavinimurthy last decade
May I request you - all the specialists/experts in this forum:
to please suggest and help people systematically a REMEDY to prevent either the formation of excess URIC ACID or to excretrate the same. People get confussed with different suggestions.
davendrak last decade
I just received the remedies yesterday and have started taking it. But looking at Dr.Murthy's comment, it appears I should not be taking COLCHICUM and BENZOIC ACID together.

So far I have taken 1 dose of URTICA URENS and 1 dose of COLCHICUM. *** Doctors, please advise if I should take more doses of COLCHICUM instead of the BENZOIC ACID now. If so, how many times a day I should take COLCHICUM? ***

Previously, I was asked to take COLCHICUM once a day, BENZOIC ACID once a day, and Urtica URENS once a day.

I should also let you know that I am going through a moderate gout attack for 2 days now.

canada3000 last decade
Dear doctors, I need some more help with this. Without any further advise, I have now taken COLCHICUM thrice daily and URTICA URENS once daily for 3 days now.

My Gout attack is a lot more relieved now. But my serum Uric Acid is still very high.

Should I continue taking the remedies the same way, or should I make any changes?

Hoping to get some advise please.

Thank you.
canada3000 last decade
colchicum twice and urtica urens for 15 days the same way
akshaymohl last decade
Strawberries and cherries have great benefit in reducing uric acid the cherries can either be fresh or tinned and has been hailed in numerous natural therapy books. I hope this is of use to you.

aussiegirl last decade
Dr.Mohla, I've been taking COLCHICUM and Urtica U for 15 days now as directed.

The gout pain is a lot better now. But my serum Uric Acid levels are still very high.

What to do next? Please advise.

canada3000 last decade
pl continue the medicine one dose colchicum and three doses of urtica q for 15 days j k mohla
akshaymohl last decade
pl use Urtica thrice daily and colchicum one dose daily for 15 days j k mohla
akshaymohl last decade
Dr.Mohla, I've taken the remedies as directed for 15 days.

Happy to report the pain has not returned.

But the serum Uric Acid is still very high (9mg/dl).

Please advise.
canada3000 last decade
pl continue with Urtica thrice daily with one dose of colchicum after 15 days only drink lot of water j k mohla
akshaymohl last decade

Just to be clear, I should continue taking Urtica thrice daily and colchicum once daily for ANOTHER 15 days?

Please advise.

canada3000 last decade
dear patient,

Please stop these medicines and take Benz.Acid-30 ( 3 drops per dose thrice a day for a week and report after getting analysis.

dr. mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
colchicum one dose after 15 days and not daily
akshaymohl last decade
if urine smells like horse urine or if some one goes after you in the toilet and observe unusal smell then try ben acid is the best medicine pl try j k mohla
akshaymohl last decade
Dear Doctors,

I stopped the other medicines and took Benz Acid as directed for 7 days.

Unfortunately, no changes to my serum uric acid, it is still at the same level.

Moreover, I have had the pain (moderate level) come back on for 3 days during this period.

Please note, when I earlier took Colchicum & Urtica in different combinations for the previous 30 days, although my serum uric acid did not go down, at least I had no pain.

I'm not taking any medicines currently. Please advise what to do next.

canada3000 last decade

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