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7 1/2 month old son with eczema and teething

My son is 7 1/2 months old and has a mild case of eczema on his elbows and on his back down his spine. He is also teething at the moment (excessive drooling, biting everything and hot to the touch) and is very irritable and restless (usually very happy) and cannot sleep at night unless I give him infant tylenol before bed to help with the pain.

His history and info:
7 1/2 months old
28 inches long & 20 pounds

He was born naturally with no complications. He had some jaundice when born, but the Dr. said to take him out into the sun for a few minutes every day until it goes away (and it did). He had cradle cap for a month or two starting around 2 months old until 3 or 4 months. He started getting some rough patches of skin on the back of his arm around 2 months and I didn't think it was anything
bad until it got bigger and spread to his other arm and down his spine. He had really bad colic from 6 weeks to about 3 months old. And he recently got sick with some sort of flu (diarrhea, vomitting & fever). He was sick for about 10 days and I took him to the pediatrician and they said there was nothing they could do so I gave him some homeopathic flu tablets and he was well within a day. Other than that he is a very healthy boy. He has never taken a bottle or pacifier, but likes to drink water out of big cups.

The eczema doesn't seem to bother him, but it does get worse from heat and baths (so now I keep baths very short and luke warm), but it gets very hot where we live and I'm afraid it will spread or turn into asthma (as I've read it can). He is usually a very happy and social baby, but since he's been teething he's like a totally different baby. He is very irritable, hot, demanding, impatient and clingy (he will not let me put him down) but at the same time whining when I hold him, he has started yelling and grunting very loudly, and fights taking naps and tosses and turns at night. He also rubs and scratches his eyes until he hurts himself.

I have exculsively breast fed him until 2 months ago when he started solids and the breast, then he got sick and I stopped all solids so now he is only breast fed. Now he does not want solids at all.

I did not have eczema as a child and neither did my husband. But I do suffer from very sensitive, dry skin and something called keratosis pilaris aka chicken skin (the skin on my arms develops small red bumps that have hard white stuff in them if you scratch or squeeze them). My father, brother and sisters also have this.

My history and info:
24 years old
6 feet tall
188.5 pounds

I had a very healthy pregnancy with no complications. I ate very healthy and had no cravings for stange things. I exercised until my 7th month because I had no energy left. I had morning sickness until my fourth month. I gained 50 pounds during and have only 2.5 pounds left to loose. I gained most of it while I was experiencing morning sickness because I felt better when I had a full stomach. I had no complications, but I did have my son a month early. I had him naturally. I recievrd an epidural (which did not work very well) and had to have an episiotomy. I healed quickly and had a lot of energy, but I bled for 9 weeks after (I was told I should only bleed for 6). I did not have any depression, but the day after giving birth I started to develop a rash. It was very itchy and it started on my arm and spread everywhere. I thought it could be from taking so much ibuprofen so I stopped taking it, but the rash did not go away. I tried everything from anti-histamine pills to creams and ointments to get it to go away, but nothing helped. It finally went away on its own after about 3 weeks. It was not contagious, but it was very annoying.

Currently I eat mostly healthy foods: salads, meat, cheese, nuts, juices, milk, ice cream, chocolate (sometimes), lots of water, vegetables, sandwiches, rice and smoothies. I do not eat fast food, soda, alcohol, caffeine and I do not smoke or take any drugs or medicine aside from the occassional dose of ibuprofen or naproxen sodium for my migranes. I am not allergic to any medications, but I am sensitive to cow's milk (and so is most of my family). I have to drink lactaid milk. I try to exercise regularly. I have lost most of my baby weight (only 2.5 lbs to get to pre-baby weight), but I still need to loose about 15 more pounds.

Mentally & emotionally:
I am an outgoing person, sometimes very aggresive. I like things done a certain way, sometimes obsessive about it. I love my family more than anything in the world, but I get annoyed with them easily and then feel bad. When I have had a fight with someone I dwell on what was said and think of things I should have said (good and bad). I have always had problems with my self image (I think I'm fat). I am a very thoughtful person when it comes to my family and freinds and I love to buy things for them or make things. I try to stay positive , but I say a lot of negative things about people I see on tv or out in public (I don't know why).

I need a lot of sleep. I am a very active person. I walk fast everywhere (even when I'm not in a hurry). I suffer from severe migranes. They can come on and go away suddenly or gradually. They can be on one side or the front or back or my whole head. Things that set them off include: strong odors, perfumes, lotions, insense, eucalyptus, smog, car exhaust, heat, stress, lack of sleep and loud noises. They can last from 30 minutes to days. Sometimes medicines help and sometimes they don't. When I lived in Arizona I did not have them. I currently live in Central California and we have very bad smog here (almost the worst in the US). I have always had cavaties even though I take care of my teeth. I have a sensitive stomach, but during my pregnancy I could eat whatever I wanted. I have had a headache almost evry day this week.

Please let me know what I should give my son for his eczema and teething and what I can take for my skin and migranes.

I hope this is enough info, Thanks!
  cali_mama on 2008-05-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
for your son you can give him 3 doses of CHAMOMILLA 6C or 12C on a single day.

you will probably see a change in his mentals and he will calm down a bit.

his eczema will also get cured gradually, but you should not hurry in his case. many a times, eczema gets cured by itself in babies.

if the eczema is not creating a problem in him and its not itching or suppurating, there is a good chance that it would get cured as your son grows. however, chamomilla will expedite its cure.

now, about your headache:

please answer the following questions,

- what time the headache is worst.

- whats the nature of the pain.

- how does the pain react to pressure.

- whats the actual sensation.

- when did the headaches start in your life.

about yourself;

- how do u react to consolation.

- what tastes do you crave.

- do you like long drives.

- what other ailmenents do you generally suffer from.

- do you like cold or warm weather.

- how is your digestion and bowel movements.
rishimba last decade
with the information you have provided, it weems that ARGENT NIT will be suitable for you for your headache.
rishimba last decade
-The headache is usually the worst in the evening.

-Most of the time the pain is throbbing. It gets so bad I can barely think.

-Sometimes it feels better from pressure and sometimes worse.

-It feels as if my head could explode. It's hot sometimes.

-They started around 18 years of age.

-I want to be consoled when I feel sick, but left alone when I have a migrane.

-I crave sweets mostly, sometimes carbs.

-Yes, I like long drives as long as I feel good and the weather is good.

-Gas, constipation (ocassionally), obsessive picking

-I like cool weather.

Thank you so much!
cali_mama last decade
please take BELLADONNA 12C every hour during the episode. after some relief, please take a dose or two of 30C.

report back the changes in 15 days.
rishimba last decade
For my son's teething: give him the chamomilla everyday until he stops teething or until he feels better and then as neccessary?

Can remedies be passed through breast milk?

Most of the stores here sell 6x or 30x, is that the same as c?

Thanks again!
cali_mama last decade
you can give chamomilla 30x to your son one dose at night just before sleeping on 2 to 3 subsequent nights.

as soon as he calms down, you are to discontinue the remedy.
rishimba last decade

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