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I am looking for a remdy for my little girl who will soon be 4 years old. She is under the autistic spectrum disroder. Please help! She has been vaccinated. She loves to jump and climb and is constantly thirsty. And is a very picky eater. She also so likes to mouth things to feel texture and also bears down sometimes to feel the deep pressure. Please refer a remedy that I can give to my little girl. I know she can get better. Should I give her thuja? thank you!!!!

  Ginger587 on 2004-12-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
There must be a reason you chose Thuja? I see, the vaccination. But, Thuja has too many other symptoms. It would not hurt for you to try it. If she turns up with a few unrelated symptoms, you will understand she is proving the remedy. Not dangerous. One dose 30X

We need many more "sick" symptoms. If she is not actually sick, why give her a remedy? It would be far better to work with her.

Thirsty is an important symptom and do you mean she likes to "bear down" herself to experience the feeling? These are the things we look for.

I hope you are being directed to her care. I know two grown men that were somewhat autistic as children and grew up to be quite capable.

One never knows what will turn up next to help people in some way or another.

Touch/hold your child and pray over her. Say, "Thank you God, for the perfect health and happiness for my daughter in mind, body and spirit, now and forever."

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade

Thanks for replying. I am currently working with a local nauturopath, however, he doesn't have much experience when it comes to autism. I was looking for something that I could work with him on. We just finished a vaccination detox. And nowwe are doing a Lymphatic Drainage. I can't afford to buy everything right now butit is a slow and steady process. My daughter was born at 40wks 1 day(I was induced with pitocin) She kinda got stressed a little from the pitocin and they had to slow it down. Finally, when she was delivered, they used forceps. She had scores of 8, then 9. Shehad a little jandice but nothing to be ospitalized for. She recieved hr first shot in the hospital. After that she received all her vacinations on time(unfirtunately) She spit up tremndously but our doctor did not change her formula. also, after her vacc at 2 months, she was very feverish and sleepy. We had to wake her up just to feed her. I think everthing started in the hospital with her. She never babbled the way infants do or imitated patty cake, bye-bye, etc. (If I had only knew then what I know now!!!!! ) This now describes my little girl. Her eye contact is getting better slowly. She still doesn't turn her head when you call her name. She loves to watch videos and jump on her mini trampoline while she is doing it.(very visual learner) When she gets frustated she wants to bite.(but I ususally catch her before she does it.) she is not potty trained, but she doesn't want me to bother her while she is going. She likes to feel of diferent textures, like peoples hair and their beard(paint, glue, water) but she doesn't like to walk on wet grass. She loves her
bath. She loves to swing as well climb and has no sense of danger. She has a high tolerance for pain as well. She is very clumsy and trips on her own two feet at times. Her feet turn in a little. (this adds to the clumsiness)Her language is not good. She has gotten a little better lately about saying islolated words but they ar not consistent yet. She is affectionate to people she doesn't even know.(nowthis is scary!!!!) I would appreciate anyone's advice on what to try with my little girl. I will discuss it with or Natuopath. (by the way, we just started this week with him ) One more thing, she is a very finicky and picky eater and is constantly thirsty.

Thanks for your support!!!!!

Ginger587 last decade
Another thing I wanted to explain is she has always mouthed objects(just about anything) I think she likes to feel the texture. ALso, she likes to chew on objects as well, she hs a little chewy tube(for therapy) but she likes objects better)

Ginger587 last decade
Judging from your post , she is not what I would class as seriously autistic - the type likely to develop out of it , but needs to do so before age 7.
My own knees are seriously scarred where I was clumsy as a child , but by 7 yrs I could trip up and not fall over - the sense of balance adjusts.
Questions - thirst , does she want cold drinks?. Food does she want rich fatty things or just plain foods. Can she wear wool garments next to skin?. Does she get hot in bed and not want food early in morn?
When born did she have bluey whites to the eyes, does she suntan easily. Does she like booiled eggs?.
passkey last decade
Yes, she wants what she drinks to be cool or cold. She eats junky foods(no vegtables)chicken nuggets, peanut butter&jelly, pizza(once a week)biscuits, pringles, pretzels(here lately she is liking these less) vanilla wafers, tostito chips, sometimes popcorn, somtimes french fries, bananas is basically the only healthy thing she will eat. This morning she ate a waffle(which she had gotten out of eating)so I was suprised. I have been using juicer to get her some fruits and vegetables in her diet. Not sure about wool garmets, i know that they bother m. She seems to be hot natured. It seems like she doesn't have to eat first thing in the morning.(she wants something to drink first most of the time) yes, i think i recall that she had bluey whites to her eyes. She has a fair complexion like her dad. She won't even think about eatng eggs.
Ginger587 last decade
Cleared the ground a bit. Does she suntan easily. Does she have any moles?. Seems she does not like rich fatty foods?. Likes carbohydrates. Is she easygoing up to a point and then very stuborn?. Does she have long fine eyelashes and a triangular face shape with a pointy chin? .
passkey last decade
I do not think that she suntans easily. Yes, she is easygoing and can be stubborn. Her eyelashes are of moderate length and fine. I think she has one mole on the back of her leg. I'm not sure about the shape of her face. I don't think her chin is that pointy either. I don't know if I mentioned this but she has problems with her fine motor skills.(usig a spoon,coloring, etc.)
she is starting to use them some.While in utero I think she got some heavy metal toxins from me(I have 6 fillngs and I was also vaccinated as a child. I was also developmentally delayed)

Thank you for your input!!!!

Ginger587 last decade
. Does she bleed extensively from small cuts, like being massaged/rubbed. Has she any auburn tint in hair . Is she fairly thin back to front of chest. Was there any TB, cancer in the hereditary back ground of you or her father?.Likes salt ?.
passkey last decade
Sabra, are you there? Is there anything that you can recommend? Just Wondering. Hey passkey,thank you for your input, it is greatly appreciated. By the way shehas a mole on her back, not her leg(sorry)and also one on her abdomen. And now that I think about it she does have a little odf a pointy chin. I am not sure about te cancer thing. She likes chips and chicken nuggets(thoe can be salty I guess)She loves to be massaged.It does I remember when she was an infant, she bumped her lip on the coffee table and it bled a lot. I do ot think she has an auburn tint(he hair is kind of a light wheat color.

Ginger587 last decade
hello Ginger,
There is book by Amy Lansky "Incredible cure:A promise of homeopathy" in which she describes how her son, Max, was cured of autism
(they used CARCINOSIN LM -potencies).
Astra2012 last decade
Yes, I noticed that book and thought about buyng it. I wonder if I should try the carcinosin with my daughter???? I am so confused!! this gets overwhelming sometimes!!!

Ginger587 last decade
The things you post all suggest Phos. But personally I always preder to start with a Nosode [ carsinosin] if that is indicated . The decision is , of course , yours - but Astra seems to agree . NB this sit doesnt seem to carry carsinosin . So you may have to obtain locally ,
passkey last decade

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