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20 months old baby - eczema

I have 21 months old son and he has been suffering from eczema since he was 5-6 months old. Typical symptoms are:

1) Eczema and extreme itching on lower legs, arms and outer thighs. Had on back as well, which is healed now.
2) Itching is really intense in the night. around 3 AM. Disturbs sleep.
3) Eczema comes and goes..up and down at least 2-3 times a week. Once its better, he scrapes again for itching..
4) Allopatheic doc prescribed cortisone cream, which we didnt use more than once or twice.
5) We have him on homeopathy treatment from India - Psorinum 1M has helped and at one point, the eczema was completely gone. Did come back on again...doc gave him 1 dose each of 1) Psorunum 1M 2) Sepia 1 M 3) Morgan 1M 4) Bacillium 1M. Again has helped but it keeps coming back again after every couple of days.
6) In general, our son is a happy baby. He is smart, active, quick learner and growing at normal pace. He eats normal, likes salty food more than sweet. Still on mom's milk. Does not like cow milk. Likes yogurt.
7) Family history of allergies and light eczema.

any suggestions or feedback on treatment so far will be highly appreciated.
  Homeopathy_fan on 2008-09-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please describe the kind of diseases suffered by the childs father and mother, paternal and maternal grand parents.
rishimba last decade
Thanks Rishimba for picking up my son's case.
Father and paternal grandparents:
1) Recent biggest ailment father has had (since last 5-6 years) was Spring and fall allergies. I was diagnosed allergic from pollens, ragweed, cats and some other plants. Since this past spring, with your help, I found consitutional remedy as Ars Alb and it has helped me immensely.
2) When I was growing up - I recall I was allergic to certain foods - raw onions would give me sore throat, raw tomatoes would give be blisters on tongue, mouth.
3) When I was 8-9 years old, I had eczema on my right leg (one big spot on right thigh). It was healed by certain naturopathy cream and I have not had any skin eczema since. However, I do have very light eczema on my eye lids - little white flakes which need continuos cleaning/scraping from the eyes. Cause eyes to be itchy as well.
4) For grand-father, I recall he is prone to cold and light cough. He has had habit of clearing his throat ocassionally. He had slight diabetes a few years ago, which he was able to control with diet changes, exercise etc. I do not know of any eczema issues with my father.
5) My kid's grandmom (my mom) has been very healthy as well. I do not recall any long term issues. other than occasional cold here and there.

Mother and mother's parents:
1) There have been no chronic issues with my wife's health. No eczema or allergies family history. Slight cold here and there..nothing chronic.
2) She was diagnosed low iron levels and high thyroids before she conceived our son. She was able to fix with help of naturopath with diet changes. I have not heard of the same issues since.
3) There are no known health issues on mom's parents side.

I should add a few more personality charateristics for my son:
1) He is not a morning person at all. He can be up late in night playing etc, but getting up int he morning is not his favourite thing.
2) He is a little bit shy. If he doesnt know someone, he would try to hide behind mom or dad and would keep smiling.
3) He is a very quick learner. Doesnt take a lot to make him do not not do something. He is a bit a naughty and has his own way of doing things. Doesnt always follow instructions.
4) I notice, he gets bored pretty easily. needs attention and if doesnt get it, gets cranky.

Looking forward to hear back from you.
Homeopathy_fan last decade
he needs one dose of TUBERCULINUM 1M.

note response after one dose and report after 30 days.
rishimba last decade
Thanks Rishimba.
As part of his last recent treatment, we did give him the following: The last dose was probably 3 weeks ago.

the 4 dose treatment was -
1) Psorinum 1M
2) 2 weeks after Sepia 1M
3) 1 week after Bac 1M
4) 1 week after Morgan 1M.

As mentioned, the treatment did help him. I thought, Psorinum was most effective and cleaned out eczema on the back and limbs for some time. After follow-on doses, eczema kept coming back on legs and arms (note back is clear now)every 2-3 days and as a result, he scratces and it makes it even worst. One thing, I am not sure if the follow-on doses are helping him or not.(periodic aggravation for sure)..

My specific concerns are:
1) I am not sure if we should have given him 1M potencies of these 4 high power remedies at such quick time difference. We were told that they are follow-on remedies and are OK to use in this sequence. I am not fully convenced of it. Your comments please?
2) My personal belief says, if a particular remedy helped him - why not stick with it and give him higher potency. and Psorinum would have been that remedy.

Please let me know your thoughts.
COnsidering this, shall we go ahead and still give him Bac 1M. and if yes, before we give him that - do we need to antidote earlier trMorgan 1M?
if yes, with what?

I appreciate your indepth study and wisdom with this case.

Homeopathy_fan last decade
Just to add a couple of more points to my earlier message:

- We have been giving our son Cal Phos 6C to help with teething. even now, if he is cranky and hurting coz of teething, we would give him a dose or two of Cal Phos 6C.
- in my earlier message, I mean Tub 1M when I said bac 1M. just to clarify and confirm.

Homeopathy_fan last decade
Hello Rishimba,
Your advise on above details, please.

Homeopathy_fan last decade
considering the family history and the personality of your son it seems that pseudo psora or tubercular miasm on the top may be blocking the cure due to psorinum.

you can discuss this with your homeopath and tell him that one dose of TUBERCULINUM 1M is required before PSORINUM to complete the cure.

further, if you look at the MM of tuberculinum, you will find it covers chronic eczema of children which is worse at night.

now, regarding the follow up remedies, homeopaths have different views based on their experience.

i really dont know why he prescribed sepia and other remedies.

if the eczema is getting cured after psorinum and then coming back, it means that there is a misamatic blockage which has to be addressed first.

thus, tuberculinum would clear the blocking layer and then a dose of psorinum should be able to provide a complete cure.
rishimba last decade
Thanks Rishimba,
What you are suggesting makes a lot of sense.

Now, just to confirm; do we need to give him an antidote for earlier treatment before TUB 1M. I can't really find much info on Morgan and am not sure what was it given for. My homepath is in India and I'm in Canada; and would rather prefer a treatment which I can understand and am convinced of.
Your thoughts, please.

Homeopathy_fan last decade
when did u last give him psorinum and other remedies.

if its past 30 days and the eczema has come back, antidoting is no longer required.

you can just give a dose of tuberculinum and if it helps in the first 15 to 20 days, it would be repeated a few times infrequently.
rishimba last decade
Thanks Rishimba,
Last dose of the treatment was given almost 3 weeks ago.

I will order TUB 1M and hopefully will be here within a week and we will start treatment then.
Shall report back after one week of giving him the first dose of TUB 1M.

Homeopathy_fan last decade
Hello Rishimba,
Hope you are doing well. To report current status of my son:
I gave him TUB 1M one dose on Wednesday night.
He responded very well to the remedy. He has been able to sleep well since Thursday and itch is considerably less as well.

I feel that his eczema spots on legs, arms and back are drying out as well and in last 3 days, it hasnt come back..

So, all in all, I think he has responded well to the remedy.

What would you suggest as next course of action:
- Shall I give him one dose of TUB 1M in a week or so?
- OR Psorinum 1M in a week?
- OR no dose for some time yet?
Look forward to hear back from you.

Homeopathy_fan last decade
we need to wait and see the progress.

its possible that he will get cured fully gradually and we dont have to give anything else..

please update every 15 days.
rishimba last decade
Thanks Rishimba,
Shall report back the status in 15 days.
Homeopathy_fan last decade
So how is your boy doing now. I have 12 months old and have same eczema issues, have been using steriods since he was 2 months old. He is on neocate, hypo allergic formula. Some days he is really bad with his rash..arround his mouth, arm pits, arround eys, knees, wrist...really bad. I dont know what to do. Please suggest me with your past experience...please help me.
Manjit last decade
Hello, i really need to know the progress of you son with TUB 1M. I am having so much problems with my little one with eczema...please anyone help me.
Manjit last decade
Hello Manjit,
sorry for not been able to pick up your message earlier.
Our son is doing well.TUB definitely helped him.
I suggest you get in touch with an experienced and insightful homeopath such as Rishimba and have them analyse the full history, symptoms - physical and psychological etc before going for TUB. For same physical symptoms, there may be different remedies effective for different individuals, depending upon overall constitutional makeup, envionment, family history, etc. Homeopathay is a very 'deep' science and can cause miracles when followed with support from a good mentor and with faith in this science. This forum is extremely helpful as well.
Good luck and please report back your experiences.
Homeopathy_fan last decade

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