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Baby with eczema

Hi there, my 4.5 month old baby has had eczema (at least, that's what the doc says it is) for about 2 months now. It began looking like an oval, red rash that was just a few spots on the underside of his thighs and then progressed to encompass his legs and arms. I keep a homemade herbal oil on it, and the red has died down, but the skin is a bit scaly and very dry. He gets a "drool rash" on his hands from them being constantly in his mouth. Red, chapped skin there. His cheeks tend to be very dry and from time to time are reddened and warm. He is a big baby, in the 98th percentile in height and weight. Eats very often, is breastfed. I feel that his underlying personality is placid and cheerful, laid back and cool as a cucumber. And so he was at birth. Calm, hardly cried. We thought something was wrong with him, he was so quiet! You'd hardly know there was a baby in the room. But gradually since then he has gotten more demanding, and less content to sit and plat happily. He gets grumpy and will fuss after about 10 minutes or so after setting him down. He's bit terrible, but I feel he could be better, that he's a bit too easily irritated and easily bored (wants distracted a lot) compared to how I know his inborn personality truly is.
When I was pregnant with him, I had a dream that he was just a calm and happy newborn, and he turned out to be just that. I just worry that he's getting imbalanced. He is still much happier, cheerful and calm than my older two are by comparison. He laughs and giggles and smiles a lot.

His tongue has had a thick, white coat since my milk came in around day two of his life. I kept asking the docs if he had thrush, but they don't think it's that.

His feet and armpits tend to smell sour when it's been a few days since he's had a bath. Seems like he sweats on hands and feet most. The skin on his legs, arms, and face is dry and chapped, despite frequent application of herbal oils. (Chamomile, oats, and yarrow infused in coconut and sunflower oil mixed with cocoa butter).
He has a slight bit of scabby crusts behind his ears, in the creases there. He has tons of earwax. I feel his ears need cleaning on almost a daily basis. He has some cradle cap, but not very noticeable unless you look closely.
His skin seems just a bit pale. I would peg him for the "phlegmatic" type, or the Kapha, depending on the model you use.
He drools copiously, soaking his shirts. No teeth seem to be erupting.
He almost always has his tongue out and rolling around, like he's playing with it inside his mouth or chewing on it.
He has lately been rubbing his eyes a lot, especially when tired, but excessively so, as if it itches or bothers him. Seems he rubs his right eye more than the left, and his right cheek seems redder than the right when his face is flushed. Also since birth his right eye looks just slightly wider open than the left.
Sometimes at night he will wake up screaming, usually because he has gotten too hot under the covers. Yet, at birth, he had a hard time maintaining his body heat, and had to be in the warmer for an hour or two. I try to strike a good balance between warm enough but not too hot for him.
When he gets sick, he usually makes tons of nasal discharge, and in fact is still getting over the last cold (been a couple weeks now). He still has green discharge, thick and sticky. During illnesses he gets coughs which sound phlegmy, but that never go all the way down into his lungs, just rattles around in the upper airway and sounds bad without being too serious.
He did have a course of Prednisone around 1 month old to help him with a bad cold he caught at that time. It never got too serious then, but we were nervous and watching him very carefully with being so young.
He wakes up about 5 or 6 times a night. This is something I wish he did better on, so i could get more sleep. I have been sleep deprived by all my kids, the oldest didn't sleep through the night until about 4 years old, just before the middle one was born, who at almost 3 years old still tends to wake up and need me once or twice a night now and then. So I am really getting burnt out and could use a happy baby who sleeps through the night, or who is at least moving closer to that possibility.
  alaskamom on 2016-04-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Will update soon
Zady101 7 years ago
Thank you.
alaskamom 7 years ago
Forgot to add, he loves being looked at and talked to, and doesn't like being alone for very long. He likes to stay busy. Also just recently he has started crying when a stranger holds him, or looks or talks to him for too long. But just fine with our family.
alaskamom 7 years ago
Also, from birth his little testicles have always hung down low, which I assumed meant he is just always relaxed. Well now, it seems like they're always sucked up to his body, like he is either always cold or always tense.
alaskamom 7 years ago
alaskamom 7 years ago
I would like to see what Zady might recommend as well. The remedy you suggested doesn't exactly seem like a good fit. Reading on it, it says that spasms and epilepsy are a big factor and my son has none of those.
As for giving symptoms only, in the past I have been instructed to give as much information as possible to get a full picture of symptoms and the patient's constitution. Homeopathy is not a "this for that" approach, so I would think more info is better.
alaskamom 7 years ago
Anyone else care to take a whack at this? I'm not sure how often Zady visits the forum.
alaskamom 7 years ago
I can try to help your baby.. You have described all the symptoms very well.. Only thing missing is the behavior of your child during the complaints.
Please throw some light about his behavior during the complaints, tell me your observation as a mother during the complaints. How does he behave during the illness with the family members and outsiders?
If possible please email me the picture of the affected parts.
I will try my best to cure this problem..

homeodr 7 years ago
Thank you!
When he gets sick, he is more wakeful at night, but other than a small amount of fussiness he takes illnesses very well and bears up cheerfully, as if it weren't that much of an inconvenience. This is while awake. When asleep, if sick he wakes more often, crying when his stuffed nose keeps him from nursing easily back to sleep, more restless than usual.
With strangers, he started being more wary with them. It's worse when he's tired or has just woken up. At those times, when a stranger gets their face near his and smiles and says hi, he will bust out crying and wailing as if he's just seen the most terrifying thing in the world. He calms down fairly quickly if I hold him to my chest where he can't see the stranger.
When not tired, he's a little slower to get scared, starts off with a shy smile, hiding his face in my shoulder, and is OK if they aren't too loud and don't get too close to his face. If I hand him over to them, he looks at me nervously for awhile and then will start to cry like above until he's given back to me. Then he settles down, yet still uneasy about the "threat".

At night, I've noticed he seems more and more agitated on trying to fall asleep. He will almost angrily rub his eyes, scratch his hand on his scalp, pick at my clothes or in other ways have his hands being in motion. He seems to need a lot of convincing to finally surrender. It also seems he wants to fall asleep, but something is bothering him, preventing him. When he wakes in the night, he flails his arms, as if trying to see if I am there perhaps, and may go back to sleep but more likely will need to be nursed to get back to sleep. He generally will wake about 45 minutes after going to sleep, then wake around 11pm, 1am, 3am, 5, 6, and then 7 is when he generally wakes for the day.
As for pictures, he is sleeping now, but I can take some tomorrow.
Thank you again!
alaskamom 7 years ago
Thanks for answering the questions and sending the photos.

Just quick questions -
1) Does he fall asleep alone or you have to be around him all the time to make him sleep ?
2) How does he behave with his father? Does he has any siblings? Describe his behvaior with them?
homeodr 7 years ago
another quick question,
How does he react when he passes stool or pee in the diaper?

Please let me know
homeodr 7 years ago
He needs me with him to fall asleep, and usually has to nurse to go to sleep. Once in a great while he will fall asleep alone, but this is rare. To me it seems he needs calming distractions to go to sleep, like his mind or his body are too busy to do it himself, or perhaps slight discomfort somewhere in his body.
He is always happy to see his dad, gives a big smile and likes dad to tickle him. He always looks happy with his two older brothers, who like to smile at him to make him smile. He likes the company, I think.
As for diapers, we just started on solid foods, and he's showing great effort and some discomfort to pass stool, even though it's still soft (although more firm than when only breastfed). He dislikes being in a dirty diaper, or one that it too wet for awhile. He prefers to be dry and clean.
alaskamom 7 years ago
After studying your child, I will go with Pulsatilla.
Here are the few things that pointed me towards this remedy -
- Wants his mother to nurse him to fall asleep. (kind of clingy).
- Usually happy, cheerful and mild baby but gets bit cranky during the illness.
- Will avoid going to the strangers, not much comfortable with strangers.
- Need calming distractions.
- Doesn't like dirty diapers, likes to be clean and dry.
- greenish discharge from nose with thick consistency.
- Superficial eczema.

Based on these indications, I prefer to give him Pulsatilla 30C single dose.
Add 1 pill or 1 drop of Pulsatilla in a teaspoon of water and give 2-3 drops of it in the evening.

Report back in 4-5 days.

Let me know if you have any other query with respect to the remedy.
homeodr 7 years ago
Great! I have pulsatilla 30c at home already. I will give him a dose tonight before bed and report back in 4-5 days as you said.
alaskamom 7 years ago
I have noticed a big improvement in his fear or strangers. I went to a ladies' retreat for a day, and all the ladies were standing over him and talking to him, and all he did was smile at them. He was very calm and happy. I'm very pleased.
His eczema seems a tiny bit worse.
alaskamom 7 years ago
Sounds good..
I am hoping the eczema to reduce as well in a week or so.
How is his comfort level at night while sleeping?
Is there any cough right now?

Kindly let me know about it.
homeodr 7 years ago
No cough, and he is waking less frequently at night. Thank you!
alaskamom 7 years ago
Ok that's really good.
Eczema will reduce as well in a week or so. So just wait and watch, no need to repeat any more doses.
Report back in 4-5 days.
homeodr 7 years ago
One thing is, he is more prone to fussing now that we're home. I figure that's related to me, though. While I was on the ladies' retreat I felt calmer since I was away from the housework and two extra kids to care for, and could focus more on baby and meeting his needs more promptly. Now that I'm home againy oldest is driving me crazy and the house is a mess.
alaskamom 7 years ago
So the baby just caught his older brothers' cold. He now has copious, thick yellowush-greenush snot. Anything we can do?
alaskamom 7 years ago
Give him one dose of pulsatilla 30c 1pill diluted un 1 teaspoon of water give one to two drops from it..
Report back tomorrow
homeodr 7 years ago
ok i will.
alaskamom 7 years ago
I gave the remedy yesterday afternoon. The copious nasal secretions died down, still a bit but it's a bit thicker and not much coming out of the nose. He seems stuffy in the nose with some wet and dry boogers.
He has an occasional hoarse, barking cough. Sounds slightly wet from time to time.
Occasionally he gags, I'm assuming from post-nasal drainage. Spits up a bit more than normal (as is his tendency when sick--I'm assuming it's from swallowed mucous).
His sleep last night was the best yet. He already was showing improvement from the first dose, sleeping a solid 6 hours at the beginning of the night, waking only at 3am and 5:30am. Last night he slept straight through to 5:15am. I am thoroughly impressed! I feel so much more rested in the morning and have more drive and energy during the day.
alaskamom 7 years ago
Also I wanted to say I appreciate your help so much, and your being so quick to respond as well. It's been a huge help for me.
alaskamom 7 years ago
Good to know he is doing well.. Don't give any more doses now..remaining symptoms should improve as well.
Let me know if symptoms come back or else update me after 4-5days

Is there any improvement in eczema?
homeodr 7 years ago

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